JSS-3 宇宙ステーションJSS-3


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Powers / Weapons

Pulse Beam cannons


Battle in Outer Space (1959); Atragon (stock footage)

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In the year 1965, the space station JSS-3 was planning to do a report to Tokyo Space Center. However the Space Center was receiving a stronger, unknown signal. Only seconds later did one of the Space Station's cameras see the source of the signal: a group of three UFOs.

The men on board declared they were under attack and began to fire the Pulse Beam turret on the attacking invaders. A few of the shots managed to hit the saucers, to no avail. The UFOs then countered with their own rays. Within seconds, the JSS-3 station exploded, it's fragments floating all over space.

Later, during the SPIP mission to bring the fight to the invading aliens, the remains of the JSS-3 were witnessed. The two SPIP ships, which were heading to the moon to stop the alien race, saw debris and a dead pilot drifting in the blackness of space. Saying a prayer, the SPIP crew vowed to honor their death. Their goal was to stop the aliens that had caused the destruction of the JSS-3, along with several other events that took place on the Earth's surface by this new enemy.

Powers / Weapons
Pulse Beam Cannons

Pulse Beam Cannons

The JSS-3 was equipped with ten Pulse Beam cannons, each of which could fire a small ray attack. These were located near the top of the station and would constantly rotate. As a result, one could quickly fire after the other at a target. It was not, however, demonstrated if numerous cannons could fire at once.

This attack was used against the Natarl UFOs. Unfortunately, the Pulse Beams had no effect against the invaders.

Background and Trivia
  • The craft's Japanese name, seen in books like the The Giant Picture Encyclopedia of Godzilla - Toho Special Effects Movie World (ISBN: 4873765587), is "Space Station JSS-3" (宇宙ステーション JSS-3 - Uchu Suteishon JSS-3). The 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) lists a shortened English name of "JSS-Three" for the space station, though.
  • Referred to as the "Satellite SJ1" in the English, dubbed version created for the US market by Columbia Pictures.
  • The primary weapon of the space station is listed as a "Pulse Beam" (パルス状の光線 - Parusujo no Kosen) in Koichi Kawakita's Toho SFX Mechanic Chronicle 1954-2003 (ISBN: 477530142X).
  • Appears via stock footage in Atragon (1963). Although destroyed in Battle in Outer Space (1959), the events of that movie occur in the future, the year 1965. As a result, it could be the same space station seen during the Mu invasion in the 1963 film, as it would not have been destroyed yet. However, there is no indication of continuity between the movies and the Mysterian Station also appears in Atragon (1963) via stock footage. Consequently, both might have been used as simple stand ins to represent general space stations being used in the efforts against the Mu.