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Space Station JSS-3
Length: 300 meters
Height: 187 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Can fire a rotating pulse heat ray cannon
First Appearance: Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Other Appearances: Atragon (stock footage)
Series:  Showa  


In the year 1965, the Space Station JSS-3 was planning to do a report to Tokyo Space Center. However the Space Center was receiving a stronger, unknown signal. Only seconds later did one of the Space Station's cameras see the source of the signal: a group of three UFOs!

The men on board declared they were under attack and began to fire the heat ray turret on the attacking invaders. A few of the shots managed to hit the saucers, to no avail. The UFOs then countered with their own rays. Within seconds, the Space Station JSS-3 exploded, it's fragments floating all over space.

Later, during the SPIP mission to bring the fight to the invading aliens, the remains of the JSS-3 were witnessed. The two SPIP ships, which were heading to the moon to stop the alien race, saw debris and a dead pilot drifting in the blackness of space. Saying a prayer, the SPIP crew vowed to honor their death. To stop the aliens that had caused the destruction of the JSS-3, along with several other events that took place on the Earth's surface by this new enemy.