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Jet Helicopter
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; equipped with a giant claw that is used for lifting; able to drop a variety of bombs
First Appearance: King Kong Escapes (1967)
Series:  Showa  


Built in the confines of his arctic base, the wicked Doctor Who created an avian armada. Using intelligence from many countries, the international Judas birthed an aerial fleet. The crafts were the primary means of transportation for the genius and his henchmen. Their arctic stronghold was built with one goal: to retrieve a precious mineral dubbed Element X.

Located beneath the earth's surface, Dr. Who needed a method to mine the material. His vast resources, which allowed him to build his helicopter fleet and the robot Mechani-Kong, came at a price. Dr. Who was expected to secure Element X for a rogue nation looking to create weapons of mass destruction from its power. The scientist felt his robotic Kong was the answer. When Mechani-Kong had its initial mission to mine Element X, the Jet Helicopters surveyed from above.

After the mech failed due to exposure to the powerful mineral, Dr. Who began plotting. Rather than outfit Mechani-Kong as originally planned, he instead intended to capture the robot's inspiration: King Kong. Arming the jet helicopters with gas bombs, the pilots were ordered to head out to Mondo island and capture the giant ape. His importance was that Dr. Who determined he was the one creature that could survive exposure long enough to mine Element X.

Reaching the island within a few days, the forces of Who started their assault. Dropping some ammonia filled canisters, the weapons soon weakened the screaming ape. With the gas taking effect, even Kong could not stand against the malice of man. Crashing to the ground, the mass of living flesh was prone and defenseless. Moving in, the Jet Helicopters lowered their steel claw grips, locking on the giant's legs and arms. The machines then took to the air, defying human eyes as they towed Kong onto the awaiting battleship of Dr. Who.