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Hover Car
Length: 5.4 meters
Height: 1.4 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Able to hover on the surface
First Appearance: King Kong Escapes (1967)
Series:  Showa  


The hover car was the pinnacle of light-duty surface transport in the late 1960's. It was designed for navigation over a wide variety of terrains. This made for effective transportation from ships to land based expeditions. It also allowed the utmost flexibility to research teams, regardless of their conditions.

The crew of the deep-sea submersible Explorer used the hover car when an underwater rock slide forced the ship to surface. Their location was just off the coast of the mysterious Mondo Island. The highly advanced hovercraft ferried the crew members ashore, embarking from the Explorer. Once inland, the crew parked the hovercraft and walked on foot.

Mondo Island proved to be a scientific miracle. Creatures long thought extinct were among its inhabitants, along with creatures of legend. The monstrous ape King Kong was among those legendary beasts. The crew witnessed the great ape fight off the dinosaur Gorosaurus on behalf of Susan Watson of the Explorer. Realizing the danger, the crew used the hover car to bid a hasty retreat.

As they went back to the waters on a path toward the Explorer, they encountered another danger: a Giant Sea Snake. Kong, recently having killed Gorosaurus, arrived on the scene in time to toss a boulder at the serpent's head. Scoring a direct hit, the snake screeched, its sonic screams knocking out the controls of the hover car. King Kong then jumped in to complete his rescue, wrestling the Giant Sea Snake. This allowed the hover car to finish its journey to safety, docking aboard the Explorer.

Much later, the Explorer returned to Mondo Island. After giving a report to the United Nations, they were expecting to study King Kong. The crew of the Explorer were too late: Kong had vanished. Finding a dead island native, they were able to discover the cause: the sinister Dr. Who had taken the ape for his own purposes.

It wasn't long until the crew received a warning signal. They were told to rendezvous with a plane that would take them to Japan where Kong had been sighted. Using the hover car, three members of the crew boarded the plane, unknowing it was actually taking them to Dr. Who's hideout.