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Honest John Missile Launcher
  Powers/Weapons: Fires a long-range rocket capable of carrying an atomic or highly explosive warhead that has a range of 19,000 meters
First Appearance: Rodan (1956)
Other Appearances: The Mysterians
Series:  Showa  


Developed during the early 1950's, the Honest John Missile brought to man's abilities long-range war. Able to cover spanning amounts of distance, the rockets, filled with horribly powerful explosive materials, are able to wreck complete devastation. Even Mother Nature's summit mountains were reduced to crumbled stone within seconds. The weapon first saw its real assignment when deployed against the Rodans. Coordinating a fragile attack plan, the Launchers were to bombard the volcanic lair of the hibernating monsters. Surrounding the mass of rock and dirt, the Honest John Missiles began their assault. The gigantic sheaths of packed C4 slammed into the mountain. The burial of the Rodans is what the Japanese public cried out for, and so they were bestowing the judgment. However, the earth cried out, and in retaliation from the attack, erupted. The gouts of lava and fire tossed into the air, dragging with their fiery hands, the burning bodies of the Rodans, who refused to live without the other.

The only other time these expensive weapon systems were deployed, was against the Mysterians. But because of the advance long-range beam technology of the aliens, the rockets were redundant. Not even being able to scratch the impenetrable dome, the Honest John's were wasted scrap metal.