Harushio Class Submarine はるしお型潜水艦

Harushio Class Submarine
Harushio Class Submarine

Length : 77 meters
Width : 10 meters
Mass : 2,700 tons

Powers / Weapons

Armed with a variety of torpedoes


Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)

Series // Mothra (Heisei)

Sound Effect


Plans for the Harushio Class Submarine began in 1987 through Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The crafts were seen as a natural evolution from the Yushio Class Submarines, offering both greater size and the promise of better noise reduction. The sub official launched in 1990 with the designation number SS-583, and was commissioned by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The vessel was known for its sonar capabilities, adopting the ZQQ-5 sonar, the first digital sonar. These capabilities made it a natural choice to patrol the waters around Japan, and served this role for much of the 1990's. During 1997, while patrolling, the attack submarine came in contact with the newly awakened monster Dagarah, who swam through the oceans spawning its terrible Barem everywhere it crawled. Few things escaped the creature's loathing touch. Seeing the smoothed Japanese machine, the aquatic behemoth unleashed its crystalline toxins and Barem. Firing from its shoulders like measured cannons, the organic weapons scraped and dug into the reinforced steel plating. Completely thrown off balance from the rocking assault, the vessel could do little as it started to sink closer toward Dagarah. Bellowing into the waves, Dagarah opted to finish off its prey, and slammed its fleshy-scaled body into the multimillion-dollar machine. Destroying the sub in an implosion of bubbling death. Almost a hundred souls were cast into that sea, and many more would follow in the wake of the genetic creation Dagarah.

Powers / Weapons

torpedo tubes

The Harushio Class Submarine is equipped with six 533mm torpedo tubes. Each tube has a capacity for 20 rounds. Type 89 Torpedoes, Type 80 ASW Torpedoes or UGM-84 Harpoons can be used with the craft.

This armament was not able to be deployed before the craft was destroyed by Dagarah.

Background and Trivia
  • The Harushio Class Submarine has seven vessels that share that moniker: the Harushio, the Natsushio, the Hayashio, the Arashio, the Wakashio, the Fuyushio and the Asashio. The last of those subs, the Asashio, was commissioned in March of 1997, six months before Rebirth of Mothra II was released.