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Halfling Demons
Powers/Weapons: Able to move at blinding speeds; can mentally sense others in their surroundings; can communicate telepathically with Benkei
First Appearance: Gojoe (1999)
Series:  (Distributed)  


Bore from women who Benkei raped, Shanano, the leader of the Halfling Demons approached his father at a young age in a attempt to murder him. The young child was no match for his ancestor, though, and was easily defeated after he struck Benkei with his sword, causing him to strike his offspring in his own rage.

Decades later, the Halfling Demons, now young adults, would end up joining with the Genji clan. They're first sighted by onlookers near the Gojoe bridge, where they begin attacking samurai in an attempt to slay one thousand soldiers. The Heikei clan, the opposing force to the Genji, respond by sending their special forces to the bridge to defeat the monsters, but end up having their entire force killed by the demons. Shortly afterwards, the Halfling Demons meet up with Benkei and quickly retreat to a cave in Kyoto after a brief face off. Benkei follows the demons to Kyoto, but is trapped in the surrounding Devil's Woods by the Halfling Demons. He is then captured by the Heikei clan.

Later, the Heikei clan bind Benkei and returns him to the Devil's Woods. Not long afterwards, the demons appear and kill the nearby soldiers of the Heikei clan, while Shanano fights Benkei and nearly kills him until Ajari, the monk, shows up. Following this intervention, the Halfling Demons once again retreat to the caves in Kyoto.

Upon returning, Shanano insists on putting Ajari's beliefs to the test by fasting for nine days. At the end of his fasting, Shanano confronts Ajari and insists that he has reached enlightenment and that all of Ajari's gods don't exist. Shanano then gets fet up with Ajari and kills him. The Halfling Demons then travel around murdering all the monks in their path.

Following this slaughter, Shanano contacts Benkei and informs him that he has slayed Ajari. With this revelation, Benkei decides to put aside his Buddhist beliefs and avenge Ajari. He then returns to Kyoto and meets the Halfling Demons on Gojoe bridge. Shanano fights Benkei one-on-one again, and greatly overpowers him until Benkei stabs himself in the forward, increasing his own strength and power. However, even then Shanano gains the upper-hand again and manages to stab Benkei in the stomach with his sword. Benkei then raises his own blade to the sky as lightning strikes the weapon, killing them both.

After their death, the other two Halfling Demons venture to the Genji tribe declaring that they are in fact Shanano and Benkei.