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Height: 6.12 meters (2.47 meters in tank mode)
Mass: 38 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with a rotating machine gun; has a four pod rocket launcher; able to change to a tank mode; traction on the feet for fast movement; equipped with laser cannons; has a precise targeting system; equipped with four grappling hook cannons
First Appearance: Gunhed (1989)
Series:  Heisei  


In the decade of 2030, humanity discovers a new substance called Texmexium; a discovery which revolutionizes the world as city's can now be governed by a new generation of supercomputers. Due to the danger of its misuse, though, supplies of Texmexium are kept under heavy guard at the hyper-nuclear facilities that power every major city.

It is during this period that humanity's continued depletion of Earth's natural resources also creates scarcities in materials needed to build these supercomputers. Consequently, conductive plastics and computer chips quickly become more valuable than gold, as a new breed of treasure hunters emerge to try and fill the demand. Seeking machine parts lost or discarded by earlier generations, these soldiers of fortune are willing to brave any danger in their quest for these parts; even in the forbidden zones...

Despite scarcity, humanity continues to develop more sophisticated computers, with their crowning achievement taking place at the heart of a complex on Island 8JO where Kyron5, the world's most powerful computer, is created. For 20 years after its completion everything goes smoothly. Yet humankind had gone too far with its creation, as the supercomputer then considered the race that created it now obsolete, prompting it to declare war on the world. Its first act was to eliminate the technicians designated to the island. An action that causes the 'allies' to deploy a Gunhed patrol at the island to take out Kyron5. The team was nearly successful in its mission, but was destroyed at Kyron5's last line of defense.

Thirteen years after the incident, a deep silence surrounded the island as, over time, people started to forget its existence. For treasure hunters, though, the forgotten landmass promised a fortune in materials. It was this allure that caused the mercenaries aboard the Mary Ann to stumble upon the island in their quest for computer chips. Unfortunately, the band proved to be grossly unprepared for Kyron5's defenses, as they suffered early casualties resulting in the death of their entire crew save Brooklyn and Babe, who joined up with Nim, a Texas Ranger who was stranded on the island. Venturing further into the complex, the trio are again attacked by Kyron5's defenses, causing Babe to accidentally fall into a pool of liquid, which which merges her with the Biodroid kept in charge of keeping Kyron5 safe. By chance, Brooklyn and the Texas Ranger are saved by two decedents of the workers on the Island, Seven and Eleven. They also manage upon on the remains of a Gunhed, left behind from the 'allies' earlier strike, as Brooklyn takes it upon himself to repair the giant mech.

After repairs are completed, Brooklyn is left with little choice but to swallow his fear of the cockpit as he tests out the mammoth machine. Together, the pair manage to triumph most of Kyron5's defenses, but unfortunately the pair are halted at the supercomputer's last line of defense: the Aerobot. The two giant mechs clash, causing for Gunhed to be almost totally destroyed as Brooklyn abandons the cockpit. Unwilling to surrender, though, the technician manages to hoist up and activate one of Gunhed's fallen cannons, decimating the front of the Aerbot and destroying the machine in the process. Their troubles are far from over, though, as the island is then set on a self-destruct sequence. Thankfully, the survivors are saved by Gunhed, who sacrifices itself to delay the sequence so that they can escape from 8J0 aboard the Mary Ann.