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Length: 18 meters
Mass: 15 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at Mach 3; capable of vertical takeoff and landing; can fire dual photon cannons; able to deploy S.G.S. crafts
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)
Series:  Millennium  


A new aircraft created by G-Graspers, the Griffon was built with both combat and reconnaissance in mind. With a stomach-churning top speed of Mach 3 and an armament of dual photon cannons, this VTOL was a force to be reckoned with.

When heat-detecting satellites returned images of Godzilla's thermonuclear ray far out to sea, a perplexing smaller shadow was discovered that appeared to be the monster's target. Several G-Grasper agents boarded the Griffon and disembarked via raft to investigate. Shortly after the corpse of a giant dragonfly was discovered, Godzilla surfaced and one brave member of the team hitched a ride on the mutation, placing a tracker on its dorsal plates before she leapt to safety.

The Griffon's next mission would be to lead Godzilla to an uninhabited island. A nightmarish technology was preparing to annihilate the beast once and for all, the orbiting black hole gun Dimension Tide. The Griffon effortlessly dodged Godzilla's nuclear streams of death as it unleashed its photon cannons, luring the plasma-spewing monster to a remote isle. Once Godzilla had made landfall, the Griffon was to keep the monster steady long enough for the Dimension Tide to fire its gravitationally warped payload. However, an unexpected turn of events altered the plan as a swarm of Meganula attacked! Like a hive of bees, the multitude of monstrous insects surrounded Godzilla and prevented the space weapon from acquiring a clear target. The Griffon was forced to break away, lest it too find itself overwhelmed by the winged creatures. The Dimension Tide finally fired, after Godzilla had eliminated a great many of the invading insects. Alas, the mission was a failure; Godzilla had survived.

Sometime later, Godzilla would make landfall in the flooded streets of Tokyo, seeking out an ample energy source with which to re-energize. The Griffon used its firepower to lure the nuclear saurian into an open area where collateral damage would be at a minimum. The mission ended before it could even start as the puzzled crew noticed their enemy's attention diverted to a mysterious figure behind them: Megaguirus. The creature's sonic wave-inducing wings sent out a frequency that acted much like an EMP, rendering the Griffon unable to remain airborne. G-Graspers could only look on in horror as the monsters battled to the death.

After finally slaying the queen of the Meganulas in a long, drawn out brawl, the monster king made its way to a hidden plasma reactor and began to feed off the deep well of energy. Meanwhile, a damaged Dimension Tide fell from orbit, an unintended victim of Megaguirus' debilitating frequencies. It couldn't quite make a lock on its reptilian foe, so the now-recovered Griffon began a nose-dive toward the feeding creature, allowing the Dimension Tide to lock onto a target. The Griffon's sacrifice would be for naught, as the tiny black hole merely caused debris and Earth to converge in one spot and bury Godzilla. Within weeks, the result of the altercation would be known for certain; Godzilla had lived!