Green Call グリーンコール [Millennium]

Green Call [Millennium]
Green Call

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Powers / Weapons

Summon Greenman


Go! Godman (2008)

Series // Millennium

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With Godman combating against the monstrous Gaira and Shilarji, both produced from pieces of Tsunojiras, a solid blow knocked the hairy Shilarji into a metal pipe. The force knocked it over and destroyed an old box of toys and parts, and within it laid the Green Call. Mika picked it up and, with her heart, called forth the green hero. Successfully contacting the Envoy of God, Greenman entered the fray.

Powers / Weapons
Summon Greenman

Summon Greenman

By holding it up, the device is able to call upon Greenman, who can instantly appear where the Green Call’s signal beckons him.