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Length: 150 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 2; equipped with the Zero Cannon which can freeze things to absolute zero; giant drill in front that allows the ship to burrow; equipped with four Electronic Particle cannons; can move at 80 knots on the water's surface; has two giant rotating blades above and below the ship; can discharge electricity that will shock anything that touches the ship; able to submerge to very deep depths and move at 50 knots
First Appearance: Atragon (1963)
Series:  Showa  


Constructed from the brainchild of Captain Shinguji, the Gotengo was a submarine in a class of its own. Able to travel through the air, and the water, the vessel knew no bounds. Armed with a powerful freezing cannon, and several particle beam cannons, the ship was more than adapted for war. Building the machine exclusively for the protection of Japan, Captain Shinguji refused to use it to save the countries of the world from the Mu Empire. The pride of Japan during World War 2 was stolen, and he would rather burn in the fires of hell, long before he would use his ship to save the rest of humanity. Very well would he have stuck to that claim, if it weren't for a Mu agent kidnapping his daughter and nearly sabotaging the Gotengo in a landslide. Realizing that his own flesh and blood was at harm, and that the war was over, the Captain finally broke down, and sent out his submarine. Using its drill and toothed saw blades along its body, the machine tunneled through its prison and set out to the ocean, through the wind.

Wide eyes of terrified Mu subs strained against the steel juggernaut's presence. Sinking beneath the waves, they thought they could outrun their would-be destroyer, but the Gotengo followed, plunging into the icy waters. In the inky darkness, Captain Shinguji ran into the Mu God Manda. Thinking it could squeeze its prey, the snake like kaiju wrapped its massive body about the ship's hull. Ordering then, in retaliation, the steel frame of the ship was electrified, sending the viper into retreat, where it was frozen by the Zero Cannon. Diving still deeper, the Gotengo burrowed into the city of Mu, and destroyed their main generators, causing a horrific series of explosions that would engulf the empire in flames. The Gotengo had saved Japan, and humanity from extinction.