Godzilla Tower ゴジラタワー

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Godzilla Tower
  Powers/Weapons: Can fire a triple-beam laser from the mouth of the tower
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
Series:  Showa  


Constructed through the genius of the Nebulan Space Hunter M aliens, the Godzilla Tower nearly succeeded were so many had failed. Cleverly concealed and housed in the statue's head, an ungodly powerful triple beam laser can be realized. With deadly, pinpoint accuracy, the weapon was fired upon the already weakened Godzilla. Striking near the giant's eye, stunning it, the weapon forced the titan to the ground. And then proceeded to pound it, unrelenting with malicious intent.

Figuring out that the theme park was more than what it seemed, a small band of Japanese friends set out to find the truth. Days past before they found out that the parkland image was a sham. Nothing more than a cloak for the alien's base. Realizing then, that the fate of Earth hung in the balance, and that Godzilla was their only hope, the group filled the Godzilla Tower's elevator with explosives. The hidden attack, when it reached the top of the structure's head, exploded, destroying the laser, the main computer, and the aliens along with it. And it was not long, before the combined strength of Godzilla and Anguirus were able to overturn the losing battle that had plagued them from the beginning.