Giant Heat Ray Gun 大熱線砲

Giant Heat Ray Gun
Giant Heat Ray Gun

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Heat ray


Battle in Outer Space (1959)

Series // SHOWA

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Following the Mysterian attack, humanity began to advance its weapon development programs. By the mid-1960's, science had created a powerful heat ray gun. This narrowband energy radiation beam proved capable of punching through solid steel. These ray guns were implemented across a range of weapons and vehicles, from handheld devices to the SPIPs.

The creation of this weaponry couldn't have come sooner, as Earth found itself under siege from an alien race known as the Natarl. Sending SPIPs, humanity took the fight to the aliens, attacking their moon base. Damaging the Natarl Mother Ship, the battle in outer space had been won. However, the threat was far from over. The invading race decided to make a final, all-out assault on Earth.

Giant Heat Ray GunKnowing the attack would come, the world's nations prepared themselves. FFE Space Fighter bases were established around the globe as a first line of defense. One of the weapons that guarded these bases was the new Giant Heat Ray Gun. This took the heat ray technology that had been developed and utilized it to shoot off a huge beam.

With the defenses established, the Natarl attack came. This started with a space dogfight involving the Natarl UFOs and the FFE Space Fighters. Although humanity did well to hold back the attack, eventually the Natarl broke through. Meteor Torpedoes laid waste to New York City and decimated the Golden Gate Bridge. Meanwhile, the Mother Ship approached Tokyo, ripping the city apart with a giant absolute zero ray.

Earth's counter offensive re-mobilized, though. The remaining FFE Space Fighters took down all but one Natarl UFO. As the last UFO and the Natarl Mother Ship approached the Tokyo Space Center, the Giant Heat Ray Guns were fired. While the shots missed the last UFO, they sent it crashing into a hangar. Then the Mother Ship was shot down by the Giant Heat Ray Guns right after.

Although envisioned as a last line of defense, the Giant Heat Ray Guns proved to be the key to bringing down the Natarl. Thwarted, the nations could rest easy that the menace had been finally defeated.

Powers / Weapons
Heat Ray

Heat Ray

The Giant Heat Ray Gun could fire a narrowband energy radiation beam. This huge ray contained numerous, jagged beams inside it.

The power of the ray was tremendous. Although the handheld versions were able to damage the Natarl Mother Ship, the Giant Heat Ray Gun obliterated it after scoring a direct hit.

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