Giant Electrodes 巨大電極板

Giant Electrodes
Giant Electrodes

Height : 40 meters
Length : 60 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Voltage discharge; energy absorption panels


Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)

Series // Showa

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Shortly after Hedorah's sulfuric acid mist cost the lives of 1,600 people, the Japanese self defense force had to concoct a plan to stop the smog monster before it wrecked further chaos. Luckily, Hedorah had an exploitable weakness.

Doctor Toru Yano discovered that the monster was vulnerable to dehydration. He learned this through exposing a smaller Hedorah to an electrical current. Notifying the self defense force, the construction of giant electrodes was rushed through. Built 40 meters high and 60 meters wide, the weapons were quickly constructed on Mount Fuji. It was hoped they would be enough to evaporate the moisture from the sentient sludge.

The location of the electrodes was well planned, as both Godzilla and Hedorah ended up fighting on the mountain. Unfortunately, in the midst of the monsters' war, the kaiju toppled into nearby power lines. The loss of power rendered the electrodes useless. The military tried in vein to fix the issue, but with little success.

Eventually Hedorah overpowered his nuclear opponent, and ventured toward the electrodes. The self defense force had to carry out their plan, praying that power would be restored in time. The plan including using headlights to attract the sentient sludge between the electrodes. The strategy was momentarily jeopardized by the appearance of a KV-107 II Helicopter. However, Hedorah quickly destroyed it, and was only briefly mesmerized by its explosion. As the flames died down, the giant sludge monster entered the field where it would be dehydrated. Unfortunately, the military was completely helpless. Power was still not restored to the electrodes.

Luckily, Godzilla fired his thermonuclear breath at the electrode. His ray energized the device, and an electrical current crackled its way through Hedorah's unctuous body. When Godzilla tossed a rock at the remains, Hedorah launched into the sky. Surprisingly, Godzilla followed, not by foot, but through flight. He used his own thermonuclear breath to create lift, and he took to the sky. Hedorah was captured, and the creature was returned to the electrodes. Fatefully, power was finally restored to them. The self defense force surged power through it, electrocuting Godzilla and Hedorah. Unfortunately, the power required blew a fuse, leaving the electrodes useless again. Frustrated, Godzilla utilized his breath once more on the panels. The energy feedback caused the revolting sludge he held in his reptilian hands to dry to a crisp. That putrid, polluted organism was no more. Humankind had dodged a bullet, with the help of the King of the Monsters...

Powers / Weapons
Voltage Discharge

Voltage Discharge

The giant electrodes were able to discharge up to 3 million volts of electricity between the two panels. Separated a kilometer apart, this would electrify objects between the panels.

This attack required a tremendous supply of energy, and led to them blowing a fuse when used on their own.

Energy Absorption Panels

Energy Absorption Panels

The front surface of the panels can absorb certain energy based attacks. This ability will power the electrodes temporarily, causing them to release their voltage discharge.

The panels proved to be able to withstand Godzilla's atomic ray with no ill effect. This was a surprising feat given past Japanese Self Defense Force constructs, although it's unknown if it was an intentional design choice.

Background and Trivia
  • Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano noted that the design for the Giant Electrodes was actually based on a toaster. This detail is noted in the audio commentary for the DVD release of Godzilla vs. Hedorah in Japan.
  • Art director Yasuyuki Inoue was responsible for creating the Giant Electrodes.
  • The New Godzilla Walker - The New Legend of the King of the Monsters (ISBN: 9784048956321) cites the history of weaponry. This book places the Giant Electrodes as being created in 1972.