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Frontier Missile Cruisers
Length: 166 meters
Mass: 8,500 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with four single Frontier missile launchers; has light anti-aircraft guns; equipped with ASW torpedo tubes
First Appearance: Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964) [US Cut]
Series:  Showa  


Rising from the blanketing sediment near the site of a torrential flood, Godzilla began his latest rampage on Japan in the mid-1960's. The Self-Defense Force was forced to locate a new method through which to stop the nuclear leviathan before it crushed the nation, and the US Navy lended its aid. Their Frontier Missile Cruisers would become the first line of defense in the new war against this old foe.

A small fleet of the battle cruisers targetted Godzilla near the shore, and the order was given to fire. Each vessel fired a pair of Frontier Missiles, raining devastation upon the coast. Few, if any, of the warheads directly hit Godzilla; however, the resulting explosions did manage to weaken the Earth around the creature and sent him tumbling into the unstable ground below. Too much dust and debris permeated the air following the fall, and it was difficult to determine Godzilla's fate...

Alas, as time progressed, the atomic abomination was on the move yet again and a new plan of action was required.