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FFE Space Fighter
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; rockets
First Appearance: Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


After the successful moon landing mission, humanity was preparing for a counter attack. The battle in outer space would be brought back to Earth. The Natarl would not be deterred that easily.

The moon assault gave Earth enough time to build countermeasures for the eminent attack from the Natarl. Initially meant for an unmanned space patrol ship, prototype ships were turned into the FFE Space Fighters. They would engage the Natarl high above the planet Earth. When the Natarl attack fleet was detected, the fighters were launched immediately into space. A huge dogfight between the Natarl UFOs and the FFE Space Fighters erupted. Ultimately, despite how many Natarl UFOs were destroyed, the Natarl attack fleet was victorious. Few space fighters survived the skirmish.

The Natarl took their attack to the Earth's surface. Their mother ship began to level Tokyo, using its gravity based weapons to tear up the metropolis. The last of the FFE Space Fighters waged another strike, though. They took down all but one UFO, which was destroyed by the Atomic Heat Cannons that guarded the Space Fighters' bases. The mammoth heat cannons focused on the mother ship, obliterating it and ending the Natarl for once and for all.