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F-18 Hornet
Length: 17.07 meters
Wingspan: 11.43 meters
Mass: 10,810 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 1.7; armed with a 20mm cannon; equipped with 9 hardpoints for assorted missiles and bombs
First Appearance: GODZILLA (1998)
Series:  (Distributed)  


A trio of F-18 Hornets, among the US military's most powerful aerial vehicles, were dispatched to destroy Godzilla's nest in Madison Square Garden. Within six minutes, the nest was completely annihilated. Little did the pilots know, however, that the adult Godzilla was about to emerge from the city streets. Having secretly survived an earlier submarine attack, the thin, thundering leviathan looked down in anger and sorrow at its fallen offspring. As the raging reptile was led to the Brooklyn Bridge, the F-18 Hornets were again summoned to destroy the nuclear menace while it was trapped in the tangling cables. Two missiles from each craft fired upon Godzilla's right flank, but when it appeared as though the lumbering lizard still wasn't defeated, the Hornets returned and each fired two more shots yet again! This time, Godzilla was down for the count. The F-18s had performed their mission and returned to base, as Godzilla fell to the road and slowly closed its eyes on the race of beings who were recklessly responsible for its creation.

The ordeal wasn't over, however. In the aftermath of the Madison Square Garden bombing, one final egg silently hatched among the scattered flames. A new Godzilla emerged; ready to start the chaos all over again!