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F-15J Jets
Length: 19.43 meters
Height: 5.62 meters
Wingspan: 13.05 meters
Mass: 25 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 2.5; equipped with a 20mm machine gun; able to fire up to four air-to-air radar missiles or four air-to-air infrared missiles
First Appearance: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)
Other Appearances: Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Series:  Gamera (Distributed)  


As Gamera hunted what was believed to be the final Gyaos throughout Japan in 1995, the JSDF recklessly began an assault on the guardian monster. The F15J Jets were launched into battle, and their powerful payload of missiles badly injured Gamera's body. Gyaos came in for the kill, but luckily, Gamera managed to escape in the nick of time.

Four years passed as Gamera slowly proved his benevolence to the world. In 1999, Gyaos sightings began to pour in from news media across the world. Among the chaos, a new entity was discovered approaching a swirling typhoon. Two F15Js were sent to investigate and repel this new force if necessary. This unidentified flying object was discovered to be a mutated Gyaos, named Iris. This monster outsmarted the pilots and gained the upper hand in battle. Iris would have destroyed his attackers, had Gamera not intervened. The jets barely managed to keep up with the fight and two missiles were launched at Gamera. The Atlantian guardian wasn't down for long, and it continued to pursue Iris as the jets were ordered back to base.