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Length: 60 meters
Height: 20 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Can submerge to extraordinarily deep depths
First Appearance: King Kong Escapes (1967)
Series:  Showa  


A massive undersea vessel under the command of Carl Nelson. The crew of the Explorer found themselves in dire straits when the rudders were damaged by an underwater rock slide. Surfacing near Mondo Island, the team traveled ashore while repairs continued on the vessel. As a hobby of commander Nelson, he believed that a giant ape lived in the area. There they discovered his hunch was correct, as it was the home of the soon-to-be-legendary King Kong. The mammoth ape took an interest in Susan, one of the members of the Explorer. It attempted to keep her safe in a tree.

The beast was not alone, though, as Mondo Island was a home to giant, prehistoric beasts. From among the foliage, Gorosaurus emerged: a giant, bipedal dinosaur. Battling King Kong to the death, Susan joined with Carl and and Jiro Nomura. Together they fled the monster-infested isle. Their adventure was not over as a Giant Sea Snake emerged. The beast attacked their hover car, which was in-route to the Explorer. Kong once more emerged to the rescue, battling the serpent.

Once the snake was vanquished, King Kong attacked the submarine in search of the beautiful Susan. The rudders were still ten minutes from full repair; so in a bold move, Susan saved the submarine by pleading with Kong to return to shore. He eventually understood, and the Explorer managed to retreat.

When the Explorer returned to New York, the crew members revealed the existence of the marvel that was King Kong. They stated their intent to return to the island to perform further research. Upon their arrival, Kong was nowhere to be found! In his last breaths, a native, mortally wounded by gunshots, informed the team that the mighty ape was taken. That King Kong had been removed from the island by force. Although sparse on details Carl Nelson understood the situation. He came immediately to the conclusion that the dreaded Dr. Who was behind the heinous operation.

A plan of action was halted, though, as the Explorer was ordered to rendezvous with a Japanese airplane in the middle of the ocean. Carl, Susan and Jiro embarked on a new mission, as the submarine took off as the UN task force regrouped to collect their thoughts.