Exploration Car 探検車

Exploration Car
Exploration Car

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Powers / Weapons

Maser Cannons; missiles


Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Series // SHOWA

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The monsters of Earth were under the technological spell of the maniacal alien race from the planet Kilaak, and their dominion over human civilization appeared imminent. However, it was discovered that their mind-controlling signal was emanating from a remote lunar base in the Alpine Valley of the Moon. In response, the Moonlight SY-3 was sent to investigate and destroy the Kilaakian's transmitter. As the rocket ship descended into the Cassini Crater, a raging conflagration enveloped the vessel, for the Kilaakians had ignited their massive torches.

Exploration CarThe crew of the SY-3 attempted their best to weather the flames, turning off the fuel valves and activating the cooling system. The attack was too great, though, as the cooling system failed and it was projected to cause the fuel tanks to eventually rupture. The damage from this would have been immense, had it not been for a modest lunar vehicle dubbed the Exploration Car. While the SY-3 was still enveloped in flames, six of the astronauts piloted this moderately sized, all-terrain rover to the entrance of the aliens' subterranean base. Attempting to end the conflagration, the Exploration Car's four Maser Cannons were fired. Although the Kilaak facility proved sturdy, as the aliens watched on confidently, the strength of their defenses began to wane. As the cannons continued their assault, eventually the facility's entrance was destroyed.

Being exposed to the colder conditions outside, the Kilaakian reverted into their slug-like metallic forms. The pilots of the Moonlight SY-3 quickly descended on the base, locating the Monster Control Device. They began to saw away at the device's base to try and free it, but It was of no use: they could not penetrate the stem. The astronauts thought quickly and came to a solution.

Removing a Maser Cannon from the ground car and taking it with them, the transmitter was fired upon. Though it appeared as though the circuitry would overheat, the machine was finally sent toppling to the ground. The mind control was severed, but the war was not yet won. The ultimate battle was still on the horizon...

Powers / Weapons
Maser Cannons

Maser Cannons

The Exploration Car was equipped with four Maser Cannons. This included two large cannons on top of the craft, and two smaller guns located in front of the vehicle. Each was capable of firing a concentrated beam by combining several smaller chambers that could release a ray. The smaller cannons featured three chambers, while the larger ones boasted seven chambers.

The smaller guns in the front could also be removed and used independent of the Exploration Car, as the crew did to free the Monster Control Device.



The vehicle was armed with four missiles.

This artillery went unused by the Exploration Car as it attacked the Kilaakian moon base.

Background and Trivia
  • Koichi Kawakita's Toho SFX Mechanic Chronicle 1954-2003 (ISBN: 477530142X) cites the craft's weapons as being both two large and two small "Maser Cannons" (メーサー砲 - Meisa Ho). The smaller cannons are cited as being intended to excavate rock. It also notes that it had four "Missiles" (ミサイル - Misairu), although doesn't give any detail on where these are located on the vehicle.
  • Noted as being able to support a crew of up to 5 people in the 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525). That said, despite the craft having seats for 5, it could fit more personnel, as seen in the movie when 6 people boarded it.