Dragonship ドラゴンシップ


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Monster Hunter (2021)

Series // Reiwa

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Sailing across the sandy seas, the Dragonship ventured into the depths of the great desert, at the beck and call of the Admiral. Storm clouds covered the moonlit sky as the crew of the Dragonship honed in on their destination: the archaic Sky Tower, a structure of the ancients capable of bringing about mass destruction on an incomprehensible scale.

As they traveled through the depths of the vast desert, the galleon was flanked by a pair of Diablos, nearly keeling them over and forcing them to run into protruding rock formations. Despite the danger, the Admiral took the helm and was fruitful in maneuvering around the dangerous wyverns. However, several of his crew were slain, and one thrown overboard in the assault. Unable to retrieve him, the Dragonship carried on, pushing onward to their final destination.

Having docked in the nearby desert jungle, the damage sustained had to be immediately repaired before they could continue their mission. However, noticing the presence of Rathalos, the Hunter’s Guild intervened and saved the Hunter and Artemis from certain doom, taking them back to the ship. While Artemis was initially under suspicion, she was later informed about the nature of the Sky Tower and its ruthless guardian, the Rathalos.

Taking the rest of the trip on land, the Admiral and a number of specialists, including Artemis, strove to end the catastrophe before it could begin. The rest of the Dragonship crew were left to protect the vessel, wishing them celebratory luck on their dangerous mission.

Powers / Weapons


A deadly, serrated spear mounted on the bow, it is fired from a complex steam-pressurized control unit that is designed to puncture the hide of monsters. However, this weapon goes unused.

Background and Trivia
  • It is never referred to by name in the movie. The Japanese name provided is an approximation of what this might be if it was translated as "Dragonship" (ドラゴンシップ - Doragonshippu). Likewise, the "Dragonator" name originates from the Monster Hunter series of video games.