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Length: 15 meters
Mass: 30 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; able to fire energy bullets in rapid succession from its cannons
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


A great war between civilizations raged on between the Earthlings and the Xiliens, and a long battle between monster and monster, technology and technology, waged on as the Earth was in continuous peril. As the Gotengo began to approach the Xilien Mothership, the crew realized that it couldn't breach the surface of the giant sphere, due to the extreme defensive power of the battle station's force field. Secretly, a crewmember aboard the Gotengo climbed aboard the Dogfighter, an extremely swift and maneuverable jet fighter. With the ability to dodge the deadly lasers of the enemy fighters, the jet approached the Mothership. Three UFOs followed in pursuit, but one was destroyed as the craft raced to sift through a closing portal too late. The pilot of the Dogfighter observed the generator in the distance as his remaining two foes, still undeterred, followed him deeper into the belly of the monstrous Mothership. In response, the pilot decreased his speed and allowed the opposing craft to soar ahead. After a few shots, one was taken down, as the other managed to reposition itself behind the Dogfighter. As the pilot prepared to fire on the shield generators, one of his ship's wings was damaged. Knowing he could no longer return, he positioned the conflagrant craft on a collision course with his quarry. A roaring explosion marked the end of the Dogfighter and the shield generator, and in response, the force field was deactivated. Because of this selfless sacrifice, the Gotengo was able to make its approach toward the heart of the terrible invasion, in order to halt the reign of terror once and for all...