Dimension Tide デメンション・タイド

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Dimension Tide
  Powers/Weapons: Able to fire a micro black hole using plasma energy; equipped with a computer controlled targeting system with lock on capabilities
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)
Series:  Millennium  


Years of conventional weaponry had failed Japan as it attempted to dispense with the might of that living symbol of nuclear terror, Godzilla. In response, the G-Graspers devised a bold and radical idea, why not weaponize one of the most exotic phenomena known to modern physics, the black hole? A miniaturized version of this spacetime distortion could theoretically be produced artificially as a means to wipe Godzilla off the face of the planet. The completion of such a weapon swam against a current of struggle before the device was finally operational, and a scientific test was conducted in secret. As the test target and some of the surrounding area vanished, the euphoria of apparent success became a veil over the eyes of the reckless scientific minds who concocted this nightmare weapon. An unusual visual distortion was simply ignored and as night fell, this unforeseen spacetime rift allowed the passage of an organic entity from another plane of existence. A prehistoric dragonfly laid its eggs in our dimension, and these would quickly grow into creatures of malice.

With a seemingly successful test run under its belt, the Dimension Tide was swiftly mounted onto a satellite in preparation for its main purpose, the complete annihilation of Godzilla. The Griffon, the G-Grasper's advanced VTOL craft, lured Godzilla to a remote island where the silently hovering gravity weapon was poised to unleash its power on the world below. Suddenly, the brood of the interdimensional insect swarmed Godzilla and obfuscated the targeting system. Godzilla's might was as potent as ever, and within moments a great many of the insects were put to rest. The Dimension Tide managed to lock onto its target, and a micro black hole fell from the sky. The monster king vanished in a bright flash, and when the dust cleared, it seemed to have fulfilled its function with aplomb. Most of the Meganula and the surrounding landscape were summarily swept from sight; however, Godzilla rose from the ground unharmed and escaped before the orbiting superweapon could cool and make a second attempt.

Godzilla's eventual landfall in Tokyo provided another ray of hope to the desperate humans. The satellite-mounted harbinger of doom was at the ready to rain space-bending destruction upon Japan's bane, but the arrival of a Godzilla-sized insect threw a proverbial wrench into the works. Megaguirus' sonic waves not only interfered with the Dimension Tide's targeting system, but also caused a catastrophic malfunction: the satellite unexpectedly lost orbit! When Megaguirus was finally eradicated, the Dimension Tide was in a sticky position. It could only fire one more shot before it would be lost forever, but the turbulence of reentry made it difficult to target its prey. In a last ditch effort, the Griffon soared into position to allow successful lockon. The unthinkably dense payload fired, and within a few heart-pounding moments, the weapon appeared to do what none had accomplished before. The nuclear saurian was no more, or so it would seem. Within weeks, Godzilla was detected once again. The Dimension Tide, that careless affront to sense, that audacious effort to rid the world of one of its most dangerous denizens, had utterly failed.