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Daggra Mother Ship
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; can create portals which will teleport itself or other objects which pass through it; docking station for numerous Daggra ships
First Appearance: Returner (2002)
Series:  Millennium  


The central command for the human named Daggra, an alien race. Hovering in space, the Mother Ship surveyed the Earth below. Ships, able to mimic Earth crafts such as passenger planes, were sent down to investigate. Their target: one of their own kind had crashed on the planet. Through a series of events, that alien had died on Earth. This was enough to convince the Daggra that the Earthlings were a hostile species. A full out war was then initiated. With their advanced technology, the Daggra quickly devastated much of Earth. Craft after craft were sent down by the Mother Ship. Humanity was overrun and realized they had no hope of winning. Eventually their strategy shifted from current offense to a more radical plan: they started to invent a time machine. It took years, but by 2084 the machine was up and working. Their new objective was to send someone back to stop the war.

They were successful. However, their knowledge of what had started the war was wrong. They originally went back in time to kill the Daggra that crashed, not realizing this is in fact what caused the war in the first place. Through a charge of heart, they instead save the Daggra just as the Mother Ship actually ventures down to Earth. Crafts quickly ascend and rescue the alien. Realizing humanity is not a threat, the Mother Ship opens a giant portal and the entire Daggra fleet leaves to continue their trip through the stars. The great war that created an apocalyptical scenario had been avoided.