Bomb Blast ブラスト・ボム

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Bomb Blast
Length: 2.7 meters
Height: 1.8 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Builds with energy and heat before detonating
First Appearance: Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)
Series:  Millennium  


As the name implies, this CCI (Crisis Control Intelligence Agency) developed weapon was a giant explosive device that could be wheeled and setup in a combat zone. The Bomb Blast has a numeric keypad on the side of each unit to engage the machine followed by a remote control to detonate. With a diameter of 2.7 meters, including the expanding legs, the machine had a muzzle of .7 meters in diameter of its own where the energy and heat were stored. Although at the time of explosion the device is totally destroyed, the muzzle works as a cannon: jettisoning the destructive force in a particular direction.

When the Millennian UFO took up residence atop City Tower in Shinjuku, an emergency CCI meeting was held. It was realized that the UFO reacted to the sunlight, becoming active earlier based on how it was struck by it. With this knowledge in hand, and the sun having set, CCI had until sunrise to dispose of the threat. Setting up the Bomb Blasts in the 51st floor of the high-rise, using a French restaurant as their base of attack, the explosives were engaged and ready to use their payloads to destroy the craft.

Unknown to the agency, Yuji Shinoda was inside the building making a startling discovery: the craft had targeted that specific building on purpose and had compromised the super computer on the 48th floor to try and reach a larger network. Despite learning of Shinoda's whereabouts inside, Mitsuo Katagiri, head of the CCI, still detonated the devices which engulfed the UFO in a fireball. As the cloud of smoke dissipated, the Millennian craft remained, unharmed. While Shinoda has managed to remain safe during the Bomb Blast explosion, the UFO quickly retaliated by firing on the remaining 50 floors of the complex, forcing Shinoda to try and frantically escape to the lowest level.