Biodroid バイオドロイド

Biodroid [Heisei]

Height : 2 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Shock blast; light torpedoes; tractor beams; cellular reconfiguration


Cell host sentience


Gunhed (1989)

Series // Heisei

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A living robot created through advancements in biotechnology and android engineering. The Biodroid was built as an industrial machine, intended to take on functions that a human would normally perform. The creature would reliably execute programmed tasks tirelessly, while also working in environments that a normal human could not, such as those with high heat, extreme radiation or situations of tremendous g-force. In addition, the robot was configured to repair itself through merging with living cellular tissue. While somewhat unsettling, this was a desirable trait over having to repair the robot by replacing computer chips and other hardware that was becoming increasingly expensive due to resource shortages.

Originally built on island 8JO by the Cybotech Corporation, the Biodroid became their most popular creation and was widely used in industrial roles the world over. This helped ease labor issues that had begun to appear due to a global decline in populations. However, in 2025, the chief supercomputer on the island, Kyron 5, declared war on humanity. Seeing humans as obsolete, the computer sought to wipe them out. Due to the widespread use of the Biodroids, Kyron 5 was able to subvert their programming and send them into a worldwide rebellion. This incident, and the battle that followed, is referred to as the "Great Robot War". To stop the global assault, humanity attacked 8JO, but was ultimately unsuccessful in destroying Kyron 5.

Thirteen years later, in Dallas, Texas, a Biodroid steals a sample of Texmexcium. This is a new source of energy that far surpasses nuclear power. Unknown to humanity at large, though, this source was actually theorized by Kyron 5 in the 2020's. In fact, it was the supercomputer's intent that humanity would have the motivation and resources to create it, after which it would seize the energy source for itself.

The incident does not go without retaliation, as the Texas Air Rangers are sent after the Biodroid. They give chase, leading them all the way to island 8JO. Due to a combination of the island defenses and the Biodroid, though, their copter is not only destroyed but all of the rangers are killed, save for one: Sergeant Nim.

Biodroid [Heisei]Meanwhile, by coincidence a band of mercenaries called the B-Bangers also land on the island at around this same time. Led by Bancho, the group consists of Bebe the sub-leader, Brooklyn the mechanic, Boomerang the engineer, along with members Bombay, Barabbas and Boxer. The group is in search of computer chips, an exorbitantly expensive commodity now. Despite noticing the downed Texas Air Ranger chopper, they continue onward.

The expedition is met with almost immediate casualties. Boxer and shortly afterwards Boomerang are killed by an unseen source, their blood and remains laid near the ship they arrived on. Bancho is the next to go, attacked on the elevator by the Biodroid. The robot rips through the ceiling and the floor in its assault, dragging the mercenary leader with him. Barabbas, attempting to fire on the Biodroid, is killed shortly afterwards. Using a long iron bar, the bio robot skewers the mercenary before overheating the bar with Barabbas' body still on it.

The four remaining mercenaries then come across Sergeant Nim, who has a small iron pipe stuck into her body. Freeing her, the four of them split into groups of two. The Biodroid targets Bebe and Bombay, who in turn fire their weapons at the creature. Ultimately, though, Bombay is killed during the fight, punched onto a hanging hook by the Biodroid.

Brooklyn, Bebe and Nim continue onward, reaching the Kyron Dome on floor 390. There they once more encounter the Biodroid. Opening fire, the creature leaps into the coolant-like substance found inside the dome. It then installs the Texmexcium into a pod in the center, before diving back into the substance while being shot repeatedly. Nim then Bebe takes the Texmexcium, only for Bebe to accidentally fall into the coolant-like liquid. Handing the Texmexcium vial to Brooklyn, Bebe unfortunately is dragged under and further into the liquid.

Despite Bebe's seeming demise, the two carry on. They end up narrowly avoiding the Aerobot, which results in Brooklyn and Nim stumbling upon Seven and Eleven, two children. They are the only survivors of the original staff on the island, offspring of the technicians that were stationed there. A plan is then hatched to repair a Gunhed and escape, but the commotion draws the attention of the reawakened Biodroid. The creature, now merged with Bebe and sporting odd visor-like eyes, damages the Gunhed remains while assaulting Brooklyn. It's momentarily distracted when it sees Nim in the distance with the Texmexcium, giving Brooklyn an opportunity to fire several shots directly into it. All this does, though, is attract the Biodroid's attention, which fires off a laser blast from its eye. Striking Brooklyn's gun, the blast also shocks the mechanic. Going in to take a closer look, Brooklyn suddenly sees Bebe trapped inside one of the visors. Calling out to her, the Biodroid is suddenly shocked and rears back. Losing control, the creature stumbles off.

Later, as Nim and Eleven advance alone, the Biodroid detects the Texmexcium they are carrying. Using a tractor-like beam, the creature secures the vial with the energy from a huge distance away and takes off with it.

Quite some time passes as Brooklyn is able to repair the Gunhed. Piloting the giant mech, he starts advancing upward, back to the top levels where the core of Kyron 5 is located. The Biodroid, located on floor 260, attempts to halt him. Grabbing the Texmexcium vial, it stabs it right into its hand. This causes pain to Bebe, momentarily holding back her attempts to fight for control. Using the surge of energy, the Biodroid fires off a long range light torpedo. Gunhed tries to halt the torpedo with anti-air missiles. These miss, although in turn the torpedo also misses its target and flies right past Gunhed. Deciding on a different strategy, the Biodroid seeks out the island's defense controls. After Brooklyn triggers a motion sensor, the Biodroid uses Kyron 5's systems to pinpoint their location. Using the island's defense mechanism to create a shock wave and then launch missiles at Gunhed. Bebe, sensing what the Biodroid is doing, takes out her weapon and fires a shot from inside the robot. This causes the creature to get blown away from the controls and out a window.

Much later, the Biodroid observes Eleven approaching the Texmexcium it stole. Nim eventually appears as well, protecting Eleven before taking back the Texmexcium. This sends the Biodroid into attack mode, as it effortlessly shakes off bullet after bullet that the Texas Air Ranger fires. As it advances, the robot gets physically on top of Nim before stopping, due to Bebe once more fighting to regain control. The creature then turns around to see Brooklyn, injured from recently defeating the Aerobot. Brooklyn shouts Bebe's name while firing rounds into the Biodroid. Bebe, inside, slowly detaches one of her grenades and takes off the pin. Making the ultimate sacrifice, the explosion inside causes the Biodroid to implode, ending it.

Powers / Weapons
Shock Blast

Shock Blast

Released from its eye, the Biodroid could fire a shock blast. This had a concussive initial impact before shocking nearby targets.

It's unknown if the Biodroid could normally fire this type of blast, or if it was a power gained from merging with Bebe. Earlier, the Biodroid is shown to be able to quickly heat a large iron pipe. The Biodroid is not seen during this, though, so it's unknown how it's performing this.

Light Torpedoes

Light Torpedoes

After thrusting the Texmexium into its hand, the Biodroid was able to fire off a powerful light long distance attack. This weapon was able to travel over a hundred floors toward its target: a slowly moving Gunhed. However, despite successfully reaching the area where the Gunhed was located, it actually missed the mech, detonating a great distance behind it.

Tractor Beams

Tractor Beams

The Biodroid could release three beams from its eye. These would latch onto an object, oftentimes a considerable distance away. It was used by the creature to secure the Texmexium vial from Nim.

It's unknown if the Biodroid normally had this type of power, or it was something gained from the fusion with Bebe.

Cellular Reconfiguration

Cellular Reconfiguration

Thanks to its inherent biotechnology, the Biodroid was able to rejuvenate itself through contact with living cells. This was used in the Kyron Dome when Bebe fell into the vat of coolant where the Biodroid was also located. Brooklyn then notes seeing Biodroid cells swarming her, as she sinks into the liquid and merges with the Biodroid.

This process also infuses properties from the host into the Biodroid, including those that aren't organic. In the case of Bebe, who had a large facial implantation around one of her eyes, the Biodroid's head became immensely altered with the addition of visor-like eyes.

Cell Host Sentience

Cell Host Sentience

The Biodroid's cellular reconfiguration was an incredibly advanced process. It not only allowed it to inherit properties, both organic and inorganic, from those it merged with but also the host itself.

When used against Bebe, the B-Banger co-leader was placed into an almost virtual dimension inside the robotic creature. This vastly hindered the Biodroid's effectiveness as the mercenary constantly fought against the actions the robot was trying to perform. It ultimately led to its downfall as well, as Bebe was able to violently sacrifice herself in a way that destroyed the Biodroid.

Background and Trivia
  • Played by actor James Brewster Thompson, who also plays Barabbas in the movie. There are a few production stills that show Thompson in the Biodroid suit but his hands are exposed. In the movie, though, the actor's hands are always covered by rubber-like gloves.
  • The theatrical pamphlet for the movie describes the Biodroid, using quotes, as a "industrial machine with human form and functions". It mentions facts not stated in the movie, including that it was the most popular product that was created on island 8JO, that it was widely used in industries, and that ultimately it caused a lot of chaos worldwide when Kyron 5 defected and set them into a rebellion. It also notes feats such as being able to perform fine in circumstances of high heat, radiation and under stress of high g.
  • The Giant Picture Encyclopedia of Godzilla: Toho Special Effects Movie World (ISBN: 4873765587) cites that the Biodroid is "around 2 meters" tall, which is noteworthy as most stats in the book are exact figures. It also lists "?" for the mass of the creature while mentioning its point of origin as island 8JO.
  • After merging with Bebe, the abbreviation "DHA" appears faintly on the top of the Biodroid's head. It's not presently clear what this abbreviation means or why it has it, as it wasn't present before or seem to be visible on what Bebe was wearing.
  • The actor bios found in the comic Gunhed #2 mention that Brenda Bakke's character, Sergeant Nim of the Texas Air Rangers, is in pursuit of the Biodroid. It actually goes as far as to state that the pursuit started in Dallas, Texas and led them all the way to island 8JO.
  • In the manga version, the Biodroid is different in terms of appearance and size. Called "Biodroid Type III", this version is larger than the one in the movie. It also merges with Bebe differently, seemingly creating a robotic "shell" around her body. In addition, Bebe does not sacrifice herself to destroy the Biodroid. Instead, the creature is killed due to the falling Gunhed and Aerobot, which are locked in conflict. Bebe does regain control, though, before she dies.
  • In the movie, the Biodroid kills Barabbas by impaling him with an iron pipe and then heating it. In the manga, the Biodroid kills Barabbas by impaling him with an iron pipe and then electrocuting it. The manga interpretation more aligns with the shock-like abilities demonstrated by the Biodroid's other weapons, although oddly enough in the manga it never uses its shock blast or even tractor beams.