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Ballistic Missile Launcher
Length: 4.5 meters
Mass: 573 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Able to fire two 337mm missiles at a speed of mach 2 and with a total range of 28 kilometers
First Appearance: The Return of Godzilla (1984)
Series:  Heisei  


Modeled after the American Honest John Missile launchers, this generation of war machines were developed in the 1960's before being converted over in 1968. The vehicles excelled at long range combat, as they were able to unleash their arsenal at a distance of around 28 kilometers. It was their prowess in this area that led the Japanese Self Defense Force to deploy the Ballistic Launchers in 1984 at Tokyo Bay, where they would mount a large scale offensive against the advancing Godzilla. Hundreds of brave soldiers and dozens of pieces of arterially flooded the harbors shore, positioning themselves to stop a menace before it could ravage their land for a second time.

They waited for what seemed forever, but eventually death came. The Defense Forces were quick to strike, raining their steel jacketed shells over every square inch of the nuclear terror's scaly flesh. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain as the demon took all that the missile launchers, tanks, and soldiers had to give. In return, the nuclear menace fired back with its own hellfire, as its Atomic Heat Ray racked the shoreline and decimated all the forces that thought to stand in his way.