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Atomic Heat Ray Gun
  Powers/Weapons: Able to fire a ray from its large cannon
First Appearance: Mothra (1961)
Other Appearances: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (stock footage)
Series:  Showa  


As Mothra arrived in Tokyo, leaving a ravaged countryside in her wake, she pushed deep into the heart of the city, searching for her beloved twin fairies. The military continued to barrage the creature with missiles and artillery as she pulled Tokyo Tower to the ground. Within her metallic nook, she enshrouded herself in a soft and silky cocoon. In this vulnerable state, the Japanese Self-Defense Force finally found the opportunity for which they were so deeply longing.

The peanut-shaped shell of the massive pupa appeared smooth and soft, as the ultimate advance in atomic technology was brought to the site of destruction for what was to be a most spectacular show. Several Rolisican Atomic Heat Rays, the only weapons in the world that had even a ghost of a chance at defeating Mothra, arrived. When the countdown had finished, the golden beams of astronomically powerful atomic energy began to scorch the chrysalis and set Mothra's silky exterior aflame, as onlookers witnessed the event in awe behind protective glasses. The Self-Defense Force was already basking in what appeared to be an enormous success, but from the cocoon, the insect-like head of a massive, majestic moth began to peer into daylight. The crowds fled as Mothra's hurricane winds tossed the military vehicles below. Helplessly, the world looked on, for the Atomic Heat Ray was, undoubtedly, a failure. Mothra rushed to New Kirk City in Rolisica, for her fairies still required assistance!