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Atomic Heat Cannon
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with a large cannon capable of firing a ray
First Appearance: Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


Earth had landed on the moon. They brought the fight to the previously invading aliens the Natarl. Damaging their base, humanity won the battle in outer space. However, the aliens were bringing the fight back to Earth in an all-out assault.

Knowing the attack would come, the world nations prepared themselves. FFE Fighter bases were established around the world as a first line of defense. One of the weapons that guarded these bases was the large form of a new weapon: the Atomic Heat Cannon. After the Natarl attack fleet was victorious in the large battle above Earth, the last of the Natarl fleet moved into Tokyo. They attacked the city, using gravity weapons to rip up the city. Earth's counter offensive re-mobilized, though. The remaining FFE Fighters took down all but one Natarl UFO. As the last UFO and the Natarl mother ship approached the Tokyo Space Center, the Atomic Heat Cannons were fired. While the shots missed the last UFO, they sent it crashing into a hangar. Then the mother ship was shot down by the Atomic Heat Cannons right after.

Although envisioned as a last line of defense, the Atomic Heat Cannons proved to be the key to bringing down the Natarl. Thwarted, the nations could rest easy that the menace had been finally defeated.