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Atomic Burrower
  Powers/Weapons: Armed with five cannons that can fire blasts of intense heat
First Appearance: Gorath (1962)
Series:  Showa  


When the nations of the world combined their intellect, it was decided that the only way to avoid the Gorath star was to move Earth itself. Using hydrogen based nuclear facilities to feed the endless fields of rocket boosters on the North Pole's surface, the plan to move Earth out of harm's way was put into effect. However, in order to complete such a monumental task, tens of thousands of pounds of earth was needed to be tunneled through. This is where the Atomic Burrower came in. Each funnel on it's revolving head has the ability to emit gushing blasts of white-hot fires. Fires that ate through the ice and rock beneath the tundra like a hot knife through butter.