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Length: 15.2 meters
Height: 4.1 meters
Wingspan: 6.3 meters
Mass: 8.2 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at 650 kilometers per hour; equipped with two cannons on either side each capable of firing a ray
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
Other Appearances: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (cut scene)
Series:  Heisei  


The ultimate in technological beam weaponry for the time, the ASTOL-MB93 was created in the early 1990's. The logical aerial progression of the ground-based beam weaponry such as the MBAW-93 and MBT-92, the ASTOL-MB93 was an elite fighter in the arsenal of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. Equipped with two powerful beam cannons, each capable of projecting a searing ray of plasma energy, these craft seemed to be the perfect choice to deal with even the most invulnerable foes...

In 1993, Godzilla was pronounced dead, having plummeted into the boiling lava flows of the sub-marine environment between Indonesia and Japan. The beast endured the terrible heat, however, and merely swam through the magma flows between the Earth's crust and mantle. It soon emerged at the pinnacle of Mt. Fuji, shocking the world! Godzilla began to descend the famed mountain on a path to Yokohama, and in response, a squadron of ASTOL-MB93s were dispatched. Screaming through the night sky in the Japanese countryside, their beams pounded into Godzilla's flesh. The bellowing behemoth gazed at his agile enemies, carefully calculating his retribution. Finally, Godzilla's high-pitched thermonuclear ray scorched through the sky and illuminated the night with a dazzling display of firepower. After a short battle, the ASTOL-MB93s were annihilated, proving them to be, quite simply, a waste of resources. Godzilla continued his trek toward Yokohama, seething with a desire for revenge against two organic enemies who would prove to be a much greater challenge than the mechanical wreckage he left in his wake...