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Artificial Lightning Generator
  Powers/Weapons: Can discharge three million volts of electricity
First Appearance: Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
Series:  Showa  


Upon first glance, these massive twisted metal towers resemble normal electricital towers. However, these weapons were in fact the very peak of human intelligence during Godzilla's rampage in 1964. Changing the cables out with high voltage tolerant wires, and adding a small bronze ball like object on their heads, the military transformed them into sentries of death.

Moving forward, tense hands sat on switches and dials, as Godzilla moved. The footfalls sounding like trees falling in the distance, only added to the drama that unfolded. The sands of time finally emptied when the leviathan was in reach, and the levels were swithced. The sound of humming electricity filled the air followed by a discharge of blue lightening. The head of the towers released blast after blast of raining chaos on the fanged saurian. Millions of volts were burned into the behemoths hide; however, the King of the Monster would not give ground, and pressed forward, grabbing the attacking tower and tearing it down. It was from the aftermath of the weapon's destruction that it was realized that a way to keep Godzilla immobile was needed for the Lightning Generators to kill it.

Dawn broke and waves of choppers moved in from overhead. Each group of four were carrying an oversized steel net. Dropping the cobwebbed metal, the tons of neatly woven material covered the trashing Godzilla like a cloak. Following the next orders, the Artificial Lightning Generators were activated again. Gouts of blue energy leapt from the tower, striking the metal net and covering that giant in a bath of electricity. The demon of Japan rolled across the ground, turning over and over, as the emotionless sentries rained their power done upon him. It was only through the ignorance of man, by increasing the energy output, did Godzilla walk away from the fight. Turning up the power, the cables short circuited and broke, cutting off the energy to the towers. Eyes snapped open, like lit flames of hate, as Godzilla stood back up and fired his beam. The towers were tuned to molten slag instantly and the charcoal devil turned back to Japan.