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Battle Tank
Length: 9.4 meters
Mass: 38 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Armed with a cannon; equipped with a machine gun
First Appearance: Akira (1988)
Series:  Animation  


The workhorse of the Japanese military, the Battle Tank is a modified design, with increased armament, of the Type 74 Tank developed by Mitsubishi in the mid-1970's. Equipped with both a large cannon and a small fire machine gun, the vehicles were perfect for most ground based offensive or defensive campaigns. So, naturally, when the Self Defense Force found themselves pressed to deal with a small boy named Tetsuo Shima, who was running amok in downtown Neo Tokyo, the armored vehicles were called into action. Setting up road blocks, the war machines prepared to enact a quick strike to solve the current situation. Unfortunately, their weapons proved ineffective as the boy cast aside the tank's heavy fire and proceeded to tear the vehicles apart with his telekinetic powers. Despite this failure, the SDF established another defense point at a nearby bridge, deploying laser equipped soldiers and Battle Tanks to the area. Sadly, the weaponry once again was not enough, as the boy sank the bridge into the water, claiming the lives of the military personnel at the defense line.