Akatsuki あかつき

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Length: 20 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with advance radar; able to travel at 70 knots on the water's surface; armed with a supersonic wave ocelator; can dive to depths as low as 10,000 meters and move at 50 knots
First Appearance: Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
Series:  Showa  


When the carcass of the killer MechaGodzilla exploded and showered the seas with its remains, it was up to Interpol to clean up the mess. Hopefully they would be able to retrieve the mass, especially the headpiece, and use the technology for themselves. So, the Akatsuki was outfitted with a highly advanced giger-counter, and mechanical lifting arm, for the operation. However they searched fruitlessly under the waters. No metal was showing up on the radar. Not even a trace. The Akatsuki was about to head back to port, when suddenly the Interpol vessel was caught in a terrible underwater whirlpool. The swirling funnel forced the ship to surface, however it was not alone. Spring from the waves, Titanosaurus rose and grabbed the damaged submarine. Only to drag it down into a watery grave, where he crushed it with his own clawed arms.

After receiving the choppy remains of the Akatsuki No. 1's tape recordings, Interpol was astonished to have the ship's captain quote as saying that there was a dinosaur that attacked the sub. They had to probe further into the mystery. So, they made another submarine, dubbed Akatsuki II. The vessel though, was outfitted with better radar; to give the crew warning of Titanosaurus's appearance. Needless to say it was not enough, and the aquatic monster tailed after the machine. It seemed that the same fate would befall the Akatsuki II. Yet during their frantic emotions, one of the crew members flipped a switch to the Super Sonic Wave Isolator, and drove off the crimson reptile in pain.