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AH-1S Attack Helicopter

Length: 16.16 meters
Height: 4.19 meters
Mass: 4.5 tons

Powers/Weapons: Flight at 231 kilometers per hour; able to fire eight TOW missiles; equipped with a 20mm machine gun; can fire thirty-eight 70mm rockets

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)

Series:  Heisei  


Originally developed by the United States Army, the AH-1 Cobra Helicopter was mass produced as the solution to defend and aid in direct fire support for other aircraft dropping cargo or troops to a battlefield. The helicopters saw heavy use through the Vietnam War, being a key component to the US militaries efforts there. Having proven itself in battle, the allies of the United States soon began to purchase them and construct their own, including Japan who started production in 1984, coincidentally, around the same time as Japan's great tormentor Godzilla reappearing after a thirty-year absence.

Although the craft were not used in the battle zone in 1984, the helicopters were ready for the nuclear menace's next assault a little over five years later.

When Godzilla, who was seemingly unaffected by the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria (ANEB), marched on Wakasa, the JSDF moved in to defend the area, including constructing the M6000 Thunder Control System. As Godzilla fought through the JSDF defense lines, the Thunder Control System raised Godzilla's temperature enough that the ANEB started to take effect with the noticeable result of Godzilla slowing his advance. Witnessing that at their field headquarters, the JSDF Colonel Kuroki ordered AH-1 Cobras in to attack the kaiju. Blazing away with their guided missiles and rocket pods it seemed that the Cobras were having an effect. However, Godzilla surprised his foes by brutally swatting his foes out of the sky with his atomic ray. Stunned by the destructive power that they witnessed, the JSDF were at a loss on what to do next as Godzilla marched inexorably on the nuclear power plant. It seemed that all hope was lost at that moment, a hail of yellow spores landed into the ground all around Godzilla. The spores soon took the form of a very familiar kaiju by the name of Biollante.

Over half a decade later, after participating in the Persian Gulf War, the US developed the next generation of attack helicopters: the AH-64 Apache. Eventually, in Japan, the newer AH-64 Apache helicopter would join the AH-1s in the later stages of the war against Godzilla and the other kaiju.