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A-Cycle Light Ray Gun


Powers/Weapons: Able to block magnetic waves; equipped with speakers that are capable of emitting an ear piercing sound

First Appearance: Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)

Series:  Showa  


Little is known of this weapon, and what its original purpose was to serve. However, during the Xilien invasion, the A-Cycle Light Ray Gun was given one in battle. Learning from Glenn and Tetsuo that the cold and heartless race of aliens were very susceptible to a certain high frequency of sound, the military took action. Already toying with the idea of blocking the magnetic waves that controlled the monsters, the JSDF set out to end the Planet X horror. Outfitting the A-Cycle Light Ray Gun with speakers to emit the screeching noise, and a modified cannon to broadcast magnetic waves, the weapon lead the forces of Japan in an assault. While the Light Ray Guns kept the saucers at bay, the munitions heavy arsenal shelled and bombed the Xilien headquarters on Earth. Withering in pain, the aliens could not stand against the strength of humanity and were forced to end their plot against the planet.