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Level 1: Osaka Attack Command

A horrible three-headed dragon, dubbed King Ghidorah, is leveling the city of Osaka.

Hailing from outer space, no weapon of man can stop the multi-headed creature, so the fate of Earth falls upon the hands of a few. Together, a scientist and a few others gain control of Godzilla and send the leviathan out to stop the terror.

Followed closely by the Super-X2, Godzilla must traverse through the crumbling city to face King Ghidorah, who either lies at Osaka Castle or Tsutenkaru Tower. Can the newly turned defender of the world eliminate the golden beast?

Boss Features: King Ghidorah is an alien super-monster more destructive than all Earth monsters. From his three heads, he shoots gravity light that destroys gravity and pulverizes matter and he can fly at the high speed of Mach 3.

Level 1 Stage Map

Boss: King Ghidorah
Hit Points:
120 meters*
70,000 tons

Level 2: The Base at Mount Fuji

After blasting free King Ghidorah's central head, the three-headed monster is teleported away. It is revealed to the astonished world that the multi-headed dragon was the tool of an invading alien race. The celestial beings warn mankind that they will fall and that they have only begun to see their true power.

Meanwhile, a new enemy has arisen. Mankind moves Godzilla to the forest ridden mountains, but is astonished to find what is awaiting them. Another Godzilla is here. Which is truly the real Godzilla?

Boss Features: His whole body is covered with space titanium, so he has superior durability. He has many different types of weapons, including finger missiles he shoots from his fingertips, space beams he shoots from his eyes, and close attack beams he shoots from his chest. He can make a barrier.

Note: This stage varies drastically depending on which version of the game you are playing.

For the Japanese version, Godzilla's opponent is the Heisei series Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993). However, despite being based on the G-Force version of the mech, the robot monster functions more like a traditional alien invader as part of the antagonist's plan.

For the US version of the game, Mechagodzilla is based on the Showa series character from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974). This version, according to the booklet, hails from Black Hole Planet #3. The robot monster is about twice the size of the 1974 Mechagodzilla in the film, despite having the same weight.

When Mechagodzilla is first encountered, it is disguised as Godzilla. Despite having 200 HP, all it takes is one punch to break the disguise and face the real boss.

Level 2 Stage Map

Boss: Mechagodzilla (Japanese Version)
Hit Points:
120 meters
150,000 tons
Boss: "Fake Godzilla" (US Version)
Hit Points:
100 meters*
40,000 tons
Boss: Mechagodzilla (US Version)
Hit Points:
100 meters*
40,000 tons

Level 3: Hakone, Lake Ashino

On the mountain, it is revealed that the fake Godzilla is a robot in disguise. Once the truth is shown, it does not take the monster long to eliminate his steel clone.

Regretfully, during the battle, the aliens have managed to kidnap Professor Ogata, inventor of the Godzilla controller. The beings hid the man in one of several locations, and it is Godzilla's job to find him while avoiding high-voltage areas. The professor seems to have made an important discovery... but time is running out for the King of the Monsters.

Can Godzilla find the professor, and defeat the beast that dwells in Lake Ashino?

Boss Features: Biollante was created by alien genetic engineering by fusing Rose cells and Godzilla cells. She can attack with her feelers and can shoot acid from her mouth that can melt anything and can severely damage Godzilla. Biollante also has the power to repel Godzilla's body strike attack.

Level 3 Stage Map

Boss: Biollante
Hit Points:
120 meters
120,000 tons*

Level 4: Yokohama on Fire

Godzilla rescues Professor Ogata, and dispenses with the plant hybrid Biollante. In return, the professor injects some King Ghidorah cells into Godzilla, making him stronger.

The King Ghidorah cell experiment proves successful and just in time. A new monster is flying around Yokohama, the city center already a blaze thanks to the insect kaiju Battra.

Godzilla must face against a foe that can dodge nearly all his attacks and must do so quickly or else another cocooned Battra, in larva form, will hatch (first Battra has 550 hit points, second has 500 hit points).

Boss Features: Coming from Siberia, Battra (Battle Mothra) thoroughly attacks and destroys and is a threat to Earth life forms. The prism light he shoots from his eyes is extremely destructive. At 30,000 tons, he is light, but he can unleash rapid aerial attacks and is really agile. Because Godzilla can not fly, the only way he can damage Battra is with his speedy hyper fire breath attack.

Level 4 Stage Map

Boss: Battra
Hit Points:
180 meters
30,000 tons

Level 5: Decisive Tokyo Battle (Part 1)

After defeating the Battras, Godzilla ventures to the final site of conflict: Tokyo.

Professor Ogata has put together a plan to transform Godzilla into a new monster called Super Godzilla using five energy capsules located in Tokyo. However, the aliens send their most powerful monster yet, Mecha-King Ghidorah, to ravage the city.

The player has a choice: Godzilla could either seek out the five energy capsules that would turn the King of the Monsters into Super Godzilla, or stop Mecha-King Ghidorah before 50% of the city burns.

Which choice will lead to victory and which would lead to the end of Earth? Is Godzilla strong enough to destroy Mecha-King Ghidorah, or does Super Godzilla have to stand up to the plate?

Boss Features: Mecha-King Ghidorah is King Ghidorah turned into a cyborg by the aliens. Because he combines Ghidorah's terrifying life force with a thick metal covering, he boasts the greatest power in history. He shoots laser light from his center mouth and gravity light from his left and right mouths. He has sensors to detect attacks by Godzilla, so if Godzilla tries to attack, Mecha-King Ghidorah lays down a powerful wire attack.

Level 5 Stage Map

Boss: Mecha-King Ghidorah
Hit Points:
120 meters*
150,000 tons*

Level 6: Decisive Tokyo Battle (Part 2)

Whichever choice you make, Godzilla proves the victor. However, all is not well as a huge twisting ball of flesh and blood descends, heralding several spores of its matter leveling everything in site. The aliens proclaim that Bagan, a creature from Earth's ancient past, has been injected with cells from Godzilla and King Ghidorah making it the ultimate warrior.

Godzilla must now face the demon, and stay alive long enough for the Super-X2 to retrieve the necessary energy for Godzilla to transform into Super Godzilla. One side will fall... which side?

Boss Features: The original super-monster is making his first appearance in this game. The monster Bagan, born in a super-ancient China shrouded in legend and myth, rules over land, sea, and air. The aliens fused Godzilla and King Ghidorah cells with Bagan to create the strongest, most evil and ferocious monster. He has unimaginable destructive power. The Godzilla and King Ghidorah cells fused with him enable him to use the weapons of monsters past, such as fire breath attack and laser light from his horns and make those weapons even more powerful. The thick Bagan cells are even more indestructible than metal and his super-weight makes his body so sturdy that he does not even notice Godzilla's attacks.

Level 6 Stage Map

Boss: Bagan
Hit Points:
150 meters
280,000 tons
Note: This walkthrough lists the height and mass listed in the game's manual. This varies from the stats that the movie monsters often had.
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