Submersion of Japan '06 Trailer Current News - Past News  
Date: 03/10/2006 (Updated: 5/01/2006)
Author: Anthony Romero

The official site for the remake of Submersion of Japan has added yet another trailer, increasing the tally to four in total now. This latest one shows a much more finished look at the film, with CGI and other affects being slowly added in as the film's ¥2,000,000,000 budget is starting to look well spent. For those familiar with the original 1973 movie, this latest trailer also provides the first look at the new Wadatsumi (the original craft can be found here).

The new trailer (called web trailer 2) can be located at:

Update: The site has rotated its trailers, removing the older adverts in favor of two new ones that feature much longer segments ("Teaser 2" and "Web Trailer 3").

Thanks goes out to Morty for the head's up!