International Title
Terror of Mechagodzilla
Japanese Title
 [Mekagojira no Gyakushu]
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1975
  Time: 83 minutes
Initial US Title
 Terror of Godzilla
US Distributor: Bob Conn Enterprises (1978) Time: 78 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
Mechagodzilla's Counterattack [Literal Translation]
Monsters From the Lost Continent [French]
Konga, Godzilla and King Kong: The Breeding of the Devil [German]
Monsters from an Unknown Planet [Norway]
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An expedition, aboard the Akatsuki submarine, is sent to salvage the remains of Mechagodzilla. To the crew's surprise, the seas are barren, not even containing fragments of the fallen mech. What they do discover, though, is a gigantic dinosaur which attacks the sub, destroying it. Interpol launches an investigation, looking into the crew's final broadcast about the dinosaur. They believe the beast is actually Titanosaurus, a creature that a Dr. Shinji Mafune claimed to exist. Those claims go back some 15 years earlier, before the scientist was shunned for his controversial work. This included the claim that he could control the mind of animals, including Titanosaurus. To investigate further, Biologist Akira Ichinose journeys with Jiro Murakoshi to Mazanura Island. There they visit to Mafune's last known residence and meet his daughter, Katsura. She tells them her father had passed away years earlier, although neither Akira or Jiro believe her story. As it turns out, Dr. Mafune is alive and well. In fact, he is working with the Black Hole Aliens, the extraterrestrial race that created Mechagodzilla. The doctor is indebted to the aliens for saving his daughter's life, although he also harbors a twisted desire for revenge against those who shunned him. To their mutual benefit, Mafune has agreed to use his almost perfected mind control on Titanosaurus. Lending the dinosaur to fight alongside a repaired Mechagodzilla in an all-out war...

Directed by Ishiro Honda
Writing credits Yukiko Takayama
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, Henry G. Saperstein
Music by Akira Ifukube
Cinematography by Sokei Tomioka, Yukio Manoda
Film Editing by Yoshitami Kuroiwa
Production Design by Yoshifumi Honda
Assistant Director Kensho Yamashita
Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Akira Ichinose, Biologist Katsuhiko Sasaki
Katsura Mafune Tomoko Ai
Shinji Mafune, Doctor Akihiko Hirata
Jiro Murakoshi, Interpol Agent Katsumasa Uchida
Mugal, Black Hole Alien Leader Goro Mutsumi
Tsuda, Black Hole Alien (Beard) Toru Ibuki
Tagawa, Interpol Chief Tadao Nakamaru
Yuuichi Wakayama Shin Roppongi
Yuri Yamamoto Tomoe Mari
Segawa, Defense Corps Commander Kenji Sahara
Ota, Professor Kotaro Tomita
Mafune's Silent Butler Ikio Sawamura
Kusakari, Submarine Captain Masaaki Daimon
Black Hole Aliens Kazuo Suzuki, Haruo Suzuki, Toshio Kirishima
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
Godzilla, Mechagodzilla II, Titanosaurus, Manda (stock footage), King Ghidorah (stock footage), Rodan (stock footage), King Caesar (stock footage) Black Hole Aliens, Katsura, Black Hole UFO, Type 61 Tank, F-4EJ Phantom II, Akatsuki, M4A3E8 Sherman Tank (stock footage)


Box Office
Release Date: March 15th, 1975 (Japan)
Attendance: 970,000 (Japan)

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Region 4 Terror of Mechagodzilla Madman (2007)
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