International Title
The Return of Godzilla
Japanese Title
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1984
  Time: 103 minutes
Initial US Title
 Godzilla 1985
US Distributor: New World Pictures (1985) Time: 91 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
Godzilla: The Return of the Monster [German Title]
Godzilla is Alive [Alternate International Title]

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Three decades have passed since Godzilla, a monster spawned by postwar H-bomb tests, turned Japan's capital city into a radioactive wasteland. Its wrath was brief, and the monster seemingly disappeared from existence. After a long era of peace and prosperity, the horrors of the past return to haunt the Japanese people. A fishing boat, swept adrift in a typhoon, passes the volcanic Izu-Oshima Islands, which suddenly erupt in a series of violent explosions. This is accompanied by a blood-chilling, inhuman screech. The boat is discovered the next day, drifting aimlessly through the sea. All the crew are dead save for one, who testifies to having seen a giant animal rise from the island's strata. Tensions continue to build on an international level when a Soviet nuclear submarine is destroyed. Before long, the Japanese government is left with no choice but to tell the nation—as well as the world—that Godzilla has returned. The creature eventually comes ashore and decimates a nuclear power facility. Godzilla's true goal is absorbing radiation from the reactor core. During the attack it's discovered that the monster possesses a homing instinct similar to migratory birds. Scientists quickly arrange a strategy that could return Godzilla to a subterranean prison. Meanwhile, the military enacts counteroffensive strategies in hopes of destroying the beast. As both sides hurry to complete their plans, it becomes clear Godzilla will make landfall a second time, in Tokyo Bay.

Directed by Koji Hashimoto
Writing credits Shuichi Nagahara
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Music by Reijiro Koroku
Cinematography by Kazutami Hara
Film Editing by Yoshitami Kuroiwa
Production Design by Akira Sakuragi, Yasuyuki Inoue
Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Assistant Director of Special Effects Shinji Higuchi
Goro Maki, Reporter Ken Tanaka
Naoko Okumura Yasuko Sawaguchi
Hayashida, Biophysicist Doctor Yosuke Natsuki
Mitamura, Prime Minister Keiju Kobayashi
Hiroshi Okumura Shin Takuma
Kanzaki, Finance Minister Eitaro Ozawa
Minami, Geologist Hiroshi Koizumi
Emori, Foreign Minister Mizuho Suzuki
Takegami, Chief Cabinet Secretary Taketoshi Naito
Director-General of the Defense Agency Junkichi Orimoto
Gondo, Chief Editor Kei Sato
Homeless Man Tetsuya Takeda
Captain of Super-X Sho Hashimoto
Isomura, Home Affairs Minister Nobuo Kaneko
Kitagawa, Desk Editor Takenori Emoto
Henmi, Secretary Kunio Murai
General Hidaka, Environemental Director Yoshifumi Tajima
Captain of the Yahata Maru Shigeo Kato
Power Plant Guard Koji Ishizaka
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
Godzilla, Shockirus Super-X, F-1 CCV Jets, Type 74 Tank, UH-1B Huey, Soviet Nuclear Attack Satellite, Ballistic Missile Launcher, SH-60J Sea Hawk, Hyper Laser Cannon, KV-107 II Helicopter, HSS-2B, P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Plane, Delta II Class Nuclear Submarine, M110A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer


Box Office
Release Date: December 15th, 1984 (Japan)
Budget: $6,250,000
Attendance: 3,200,000 (Japan)
Distribution Earning: ¥1,700,000,000 / $7,000,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)
Total: ¥2,550,000,000 / $11,000,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)

Release Date: August 23rd, 1985 (US)
Lease: $500,000 (From Toho in 1985)
Budget: $200,000 (US)
Marketing: $2,500,000 (US)
Opening Weekend: $509,502 (US, 235 Theaters)
Total: $4,116,395 (US)

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