All Monsters Attack
International Title
Attack All Monsters*
Japanese Title
 ゴジラ・ミニラ・ガバラ: オール怪獣大進撃
 [Gojira Minira Gabara: Oru Kaiju Daishingeki]
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1969
  Time: 70 minutes
Initial US Title
 Godzilla's Revenge
US Distributor: Maron Films (1971) Time: 69 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
Godzilla, Minilla and Gabara: All Monsters Giant Attack [Literal Translation]
All Monsters Attack [New International Title]
Minya: Son of Godzilla [Alternate US Title]
Godzilla: Attack All Monsters [German Title]
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In an industrial district of Tokyo, Ichiro Miki lives with his family. The small boy is a self-identified monster fan. He gleefully imitates monster roars for what seems to be his sole childhood friend, a girl named Saichiko. Unfortunately, Ichiro is often subject to bullying from Gabara and his gang. Gabara, another school kid, bullies the smaller boy over items Ichiro finds. These items fuel the child's limitless imagination in sometimes surprising ways. Sadly, both of Ichiro's parents frequently work long hours. This results in the boy spending time with a local toy consultant, Shinpei Inami. Despite Shinpei's kindness, Ichiro still longs for his family, and loses himself in his imagination. Using a small radio and the vivid spectrum of his imagination, Ichiro decides to take off for Monster Island. Soaring to the island by jet, the boy witnesses Godzilla fight a menagerie of monsters. During the course of his adventure, he befriends Minilla, the son of Godzilla. The creature is able to alter it's size, choosing to take a human-like size to communicate with Ichiro. The boy soon discovers that Minilla is suffering from his own bully, a creature that is also called Gabara. As Minilla tries to build up courage to face his bully, Ichiro drifts in and out of reality and his imagination...

Directed by Ishiro Honda
Writing credits Shinichi Sekizawa
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Music by Kunio Miyauchi, Lilly Sasaki, Gendai Kano
Cinematography by Sokei Tomioka
Film Editing by Masahisa Himi
Production Design by Takeo Kita
Assistant Director Seiji Tani, Koji Hashimoto
Director of Special Effects Sokei Tomioka, Eiji Tsuburaya, Ishiro Honda
Assistant Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Ichiro Miki Tomonori Yazaki
Shinpei Inami, Toy Maker Hideyo Amamoto
Senbayashi, Bank Robber Sachio Sakai
Okuda, Bank Robber Kazuo Suzuki
Kenkichi Miki, Ichiro's Father Kenji Sahara
Ichiro's Mother Machiko Naka
Landlord Shigeki Ishida
Saichiko Midori Uchiyama
Detective Yoshifumi Tajima
Assistant Detective Chotaro Togin
Trainman Yutaka Sada
Billboard Painter Yutaka Nakayama
Bartender Ikio Sawamura
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara, Anguirus (stock footage), Gorosaurus (stock footage), Manda (stock footage), Kumonga (stock footage), Giant Eagle (stock footage), Ebirah (stock footage), Kamacuras, Maneater Red Bamboo Fighter Jet, UNSC Moon Base (stock footage)


Box Office
Release Date: December 10th, 1969 (Japan)
Attendance: 1,480,000 (Japan)

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Region 1 Godzilla's RevengeSimitar (1998) Order
Region 1 Godzilla's Revenge Classic Media (2002) Order
Region 1 All Monsters AttackClassic Media (2008) Order
Region 2 Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara: All Monsters Giant Attack Toho (2004)
Region 4 Godzilla: All Monsters Attack Madman (2006)

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November 10, 2005