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Height: 60 meters
Mass: 500 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Can run at 480 kilometers per hour; adept swimmer; reproduces asexually; burrowing ability; extraordinary jumper; able to exhale a naturally produced flammable gas from its mouth
First Appearance: GODZILLA (1998)
Series:  (Distributed)  


French Polynesia breeds numerous exotic reptiles of many shapes and sizes. Never intended, however, was the oddest creature ever to rise from this tropical paradise. Mankind's bane: nuclear weapons, pulsed with an intense glow, as if to defy the Heavens themselves, and what arose was something from the very pit of Hell. The creature was dubbed Gojira by a Japanese sailor, mindful of legend, as his fellow crew members were killed in a show of intense power.

The creature continued its trek from the Pacific to the Atlantic, ever seeking a nest with which to raise its brood, growing quickly inside the womb of the giant. An island was chosen, a perfect place in which to hide from the unseen and unknown amongst the concrete towers that rose hundreds of meters into the sky. Much to the creature's despair, the species that spawned Gojira inhabited this pristine breeding ground. Their native dialect skewed the monster's legendary name, and it was the name "Godzilla" that was cursed by the tongues of the city under siege. But man was as fierce and quick to destroy as he was to create, and he used fish as bait to lure the creature to his demise. The sting of the missiles and guns pierced through the creature and all it could do was flee. Through the mountains of steel it ran, but Godzilla too was clever. It ambushed a small fraction of the aggressors and made them pay for their crimes.

Godzilla, confused and exhausted, felt the pains of childbirth creeping throughout its womb. It laid its eggs. Godzilla's mortal enemy, teeming with hatred, searched for the creature, but could not find it. Godzilla burrowed deep through the subterranean tunnels of the metropolis, but ultimately the creature was brought to the surface again, lured by fish which its young would so surely need. The lesson from last time burned deep in its mind, it fled to the sea where it was pursued by the silhouettes of a dark submersible weapon. Godzilla's quick wit brought one of the torpedoes crashing into one of the submarines, but alas, its escape was thwarted when it took a direct hit by a torpedo.

The creature would remain "dead" to mankind as the young were sought out and destroyed by humans. Following the devastation, Godzilla rose from the streets, heartbroken at man's recklessness. It pursued the closest group of humans, yearning for revenge. This small group was clever enough, though, to lure Godzilla to the Brooklyn Bridge. Ensnared in the arches and cables, Godzilla could only roar helplessly as it was brutally murdered by 12 missiles. The creature, robbed of its revenge, could only stare at its aggressors as it fell into eternal slumber.

But elsewhere, deep in the bowls of the devastated nest, one offspring escaped. The legacy continued...