Godzilla ゴジラ (Heisei)

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Height: 12 meters
Mass: 60 tons

Powers/Weapons: None

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)

Series:  Heisei  


In the early 1990's, time travelers from the distant future, dubbed the Futurians, appeared and warned Japan of the eventual destruction that Godzilla would bring to the nation. They revealed that in the 1940's a relic from the Earth's path thrived on the remote Lagos Island. It so happened that this dinosaur, called Godzillasaurus, would eventually mutate into Godzilla due to the mutagenic radioactivity of the hydrogen bomb. In order to prevent Godzilla from attacking Japan, they proposed a radical solution: they would return to the past and remove the Godzillasaurus from Lagos Island, thus preventing his eventual mutation. The government was convinced that this was a viable option, and perhaps the only solution...

The Godzillasaurus lived a peaceful life on Lagos Island; however, one day he wandered into the middle of a huge battle between the US soldiers and the remnants of a Japanese garrison. The year was 1943, and World War II was raging at full throttle in the Pacific Islands. The US soldiers took little time to gaze in amazement at the magnificent creature before they sought to annihilate him. The Godzillasaurus retaliated and chased the soldiers to the shores of the island. A US battleship fired on the beast, and for a moment it appeared as though the cryptic creature was eliminated. Just then, the thundering therapod rose to its feet and proceeded to kill more of his enemies. The wounded dinosaur retreated inland, where he collapsed. The Japanese garrison saluted their savior, and hoped that he would make a quick recovery.

The time travelers, who had already arrived on the island, came to the scene shortly thereafter. They teleported the dinosaur to the Bering Sea, and, in the creature's place, the Futurians placed their genetically engineered pets: the Dorats. It was believed that the cold ocean would kill the wounded dinosaur, but the eventual loss of two nuclear submarines in the area would ultimately irradiate the animal and create a new Godzilla, one that was even larger than its predecessor.

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Godzilla ('84)

Height: 80 meters
Mass: 50,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray; super regenerative power; can absorb radiation; Nuclear Pulse

First Appearance: The Return of Godzilla (1984)
Other Appearances: Godzilla vs. Biollante; Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah; Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (stock footage); Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (stock footage); Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)

Series:  Heisei  


In the 1970's, a nuclear submarine crashed in the Bering Sea. A Godzillasaurus, barely hanging on to life in the cold ocean depths, was heavily mutated to a staggering height of 80 meters. This dinosaur had been relocated to this remote area by time travelers from the 23rd century, but little did they realize that their actions would actually fulfill the course of history and create the Godzilla they had sought to destroy...

As time progressed, Godzilla moved southward through the Pacific Ocean and arrived in a remote area 100 miles south of Tokyo. In the tempest storm of one dreadful night, the foaming waves rocked a nearby fishing vessel as Godzilla emerged from the sea and demolished the rocky shore of a nearby island. The sea lice it carried, having mutated to immense proportions, invaded the nearby sailing vessel. All aboard who had witnessed the return of Godzilla were stripped of the internal fluids by the prodigious parasites, except for one lone survivor...

This last crew member of the Yahata-Maru was rescued and returned to the mainland, where his story was revealed to the Japanese government. The Prime Minister learned of Godzilla's reemergence, and in order to fend off a panic situation, the story was kept under wraps. Meanwhile, Godzilla swam through the ocean depths, emitting active sonar to navigate his way through the dark, briny sea. A Soviet submarine came within a kilometer of the monster, and the radiation that the submersible emitted caught Godzilla's attention. Closer and closer the monster approached, until finally it sank its claws into the vessel and absorbed its nuclear core. The Soviet Union, believing that the United States was to blame for the destruction of their nuclear sub, began to prepare for an all-out war. In order to avoid World War III, the Prime Minister was finally forced to reveal that the culprit was in fact Godzilla, and in response, the JSDF was readied for battle.

At dawn, Godzilla finally struck land. It demolished a nuclear reactor and absorbed the energy from the core, but he suddenly departed, following a flock of calling birds. This vulnerability was noted, and a plan of action was beginning to formulate. If Godzilla could be led via avian frequencies to Mt. Mihara, a controlled eruption could be triggered, trapping the beast in the depths of the Earth's crust.

Meanwhile, surveillance of the Tokyo Bay area continued quietly, when suddenly the jagged spines that grew from Godzilla's charcoal-gray flesh broke the surf. Evacuation began in Tokyo, as the military approached the docks with a multitude of military technology. Godzilla emerged once more and was faced with a squadron of several jet fighters. They fired their arsenal on the monolith, to no avail. Godzilla returned fire and brought some of his attackers crashing into the ocean as he approached the second line of defense. The military vehicles on the dock fired, but little progress was made. Godzilla appeared unstoppable, and he solidified this perspective when he unleashed his thermonuclear ray, completely destroying the counteroffensive. The monster continued to approach the docks and climbed ashore. He crushed the crowds of people attempting to flee, and continued to march down the main boulevards. During his continuing journey through Tokyo, Godzilla's atomic ray collided with a news helicopter and it fell to the city streets, causing an enormous traffic buildup to erupt into flames, killing those unfortunate people within their respective vehicles. The devastation was only just beginning...

Suddenly, a train collided with the contemptible creature. Godzilla lifted the cars to the horror of those aboard and tossed them aside. The skyscrapers became larger and larger as he continued his trek through the urban jungle, and he finally arrived very close to the laboratory of Dr. Hayashida. The avian frequency device was activated, and the unpleasant hum lured Godzilla toward the building. However, a hyper laser cannon fired from the city streets below, and the furious monster turned to view the cause of this sudden disturbance. Two of these futuristic vehicles led Godzilla trudging into the park as the aerial battle-mech, the Super-X, arrived on the scene. Sensing this new foe, Godzilla unleashed his thermonuclear beam, but thermal shielding prevented any damage to the newly arrived craft. Flares were fired into the sky, and Godzilla reared and roared. A cadmium missile was launched into his gaping maw, and Godzilla roared again. Another cadmium missile was launched, and another flare was sent into the sky. Godzilla roared once more, and a third, and final, cadmium missile entered into his body. As the beating of his heart slowed, the fury of his nuclear core was subsiding. Losing his balance, the massive monstrosity collapsed into a building. Godzilla was presumed dead.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union accidentally launched a nuclear missile from an orbiting satellite. The United States intercepted the warhead in the Stratosphere, and the sky erupted into a crimson aurora above Tokyo. The clouds began to turn a dark and foreboding gray, and nuclear static discharges began to reenergize and reawaken the sleeping giant. Godzilla rose to his feet once more and roared in triumph. The Super-X, disabled from the atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances, attempted to regain lift. The well-armed hovercraft retreated behind a skyscraper, but its savage opponent's nuclear ray sliced a hole straight through the center of the towering building. The Super-X began to fire its full arsenal at Godzilla as it led the monster through the maze of skyscrapers. Beams and missiles were fired, and in the ensuing chaos, the nearby city became a raging conflagration. As Godzilla fired its thermonuclear ray one final time, this would prove to be the last war that the Super-X would ever wage. It lost its lift and it descended to the ground. Godzilla, finally in a position to exact his revenge, tipped a massive skyscraper onto the craft, killing all those aboard. This catastrophe seemed to mark the end of Godzilla's hindrances, for he was now free to destroy the city at will.

Unfortunately for the monster, a familiar call beckoned from a distant island. Obeying his instincts, the hypnotized animal plunged into the sea and emerged on the shores of Oshima Island. Ascending the slope of the volcanic mountain, he came to the mouth of the terrible abyss. Hesitantly, he continued to follow the call from the opposite side of the chasm and fell onto a lower platform. The explosives were detonated, and the ground beneath Godzilla began to collapse, as the King of the Monsters plummeted into the molten rock below. Eventually, the lava solidified and the mouth of the volcano was sealed. Godzilla began to enter a long slumber while trapped in his igneous prison.

Quietly, Godzilla slept undisturbed for five long years, as Japan scrambled to create measures by which to prevent any future disasters that this monster could eventually bring to the nation. Meanwhile, the American Genetic Corporation (BioMajor) and Saradian oil interests battled over possession of Godzilla cells, procured from the devastation in 1984. The former party wished to monopolize the genetic market across the world, while the latter wished to invest in future genetic technologies for the preservation of the Saradian economy, which was so dependent on petroleum. Naturally, with only so few of these samples in existence, both parties clashed on and off over the 5 year period. This war could not have continued at a worse time, for Godzilla began to awaken from his slumber in 1989. The first alarm protocol was activated, and the government rushed to solidify a plan of action as the second alarm protocol also went into effect. Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, a technology based on G-Cells that would allow bacteria to digest radioactive material, was a technology that was pursued with the joint assistance of the Okochi Foundation. Unfortunately, BioMajor procured the plans from the home of a member of the ANEB team, Dr. Genichiro Shiragami. Using the plans as a means of ransom, BioMajor declared that it would detonate explosives atop Mt. Mihara if their demand for the ANEB was not pacified. The government relented, but a Saradian agent interrupted the trade and stole the bacteria. In the ensuing chaos, the bombs were detonated; Mt. Mihara began to erupt...

The third alarm protocol was put into effect as Godzilla emerged from his fiery tomb. His mouth, lined with two rows of piercing teeth; his eyes, cold and dark, struck fear into those who witnessed his terror. He entered the sea where he was met with heavy resistance. Though the JSDF fought valiantly, the battleships and helicopters were easily forced aside as Godzilla barreled toward his next destination.
Suddenly, what seemed to be an old foe appeared in the sky. The Super-X2, an enhanced version of the airborne mech that dealt with Godzilla several years earlier, arrived on the scene. Its artificial diamond mirror reflected Godzilla's ray back at its source, and gave the gargantuan dinosaur a run for his money. Though effective, the mirror began to melt and its power was severely decreased. Missiles were used instead, to no avail. The Super-X2 failed to make any headway in this initial assault...

From the north, a familiar call beckoned. Godzilla followed this mysterious voice, and it led him into the lake near Dr. Shiragami's laboratory. What it found was a monster! Dr. Shiragami had, in private, used his connections to the ANEB project to procure Godzilla cells, which he amalgamated with the cells of his late daughter and a rose. It was his dream to create an immortal plant species, but what he created was a terrible rose-like chimera instead: Biollante. The botanical beast launched her feral vines at Godzilla, constricting, biting, and spraying acid sap at her "brother". In response, Godzilla released his atomic ray, and several strikes of the monster's terrible breath set her ablaze. Biollante's cells shined with an eerie, amber glow. Ascending high into the atmosphere, the glimmering dust took the form of a helix and briefly showed Biollante's final form before it reassembled in orbit. Godzilla retreated into Sagami Bay, and the JSDF eventually lost track of their quarry.

Preparing for an attack in Ise Bay, the JSDF was stunned when Godzilla reappeared in Osaka Bay. At the Kansai International Airport Construction Base, the skilled psychic Miki Saegusa attempted to utilize her ESP to stop the advance of Godzilla. She released too much energy, and fainted from exhaustion. This peculiar event slowed Godzilla's progress temporarily, but it continued to head straight for Osaka. The fourth, and final alarm protocol, was activated...

As the ANEB was recovered from Saradian oil interests in their Osaka front, Godzilla entered the city and began to approach the heart of the metropolis in the veil of night, ever searching for vital nuclear energy. The Super-X2 returned and fired its missiles on Godzilla, leading him into the center of the business district. The hovercraft's damaged fire mirror was incapable of properly repelling Godzilla's thermonuclear ray, however, and the magnificent mech became a burning pile of rubble on the city streets. Centrally located between four tall skyscrapers, Godzilla was fired upon and injected with ANEB. Virtually unaffected, the invulnerable juggernaut advanced north into the mountains.

Realizing the need to increase Godzilla's body temperature for proper bacterial growth conditions, the JSDF employed the use of the MBT-92 beam cannons and the M6000 T.C. System lightning generators, and an immense final offensive was set up in the countryside near the Takahama Atomic Plant. The exotic weaponry succeeded in raising Godzilla's temperature, heating his body in the humid, rainy conditions. The weakened monster's head hung low, his energy levels were beginning to dwindle. Even still, his immense power was formidable. He annihilated two nearby helicopters as he continued to approach the nuclear plant.

Meanwhile, the sky began to glow with pulsating flashes of light. Golden dust began to descend from the clouds and enter the ground. Rematerializing in the subterranean soil, a far taller and more vicious Biollante emerged to challenge her reptilian counterpart. The final battle was about to begin: Godzilla versus Biollante! Her vines launched, but were quickly severed by Godzilla's nuclear breath. Biollante began to stampede toward her feral foe, violently quaking the Earth as she approached. One of her amorphous tendrils sliced through Godzilla's hand as another ruptured his shoulder. A toothed tentacle began to constrict the monolith of flesh, but he unleashed his nuclear pulse in retaliation. The gaping snout of the towering, mutant plant began to release a potent acid sap, and proceeded to clamp onto Godzilla's skull. His thermonuclear ray repelled the monster, but Godzilla's exhaustion from a lack of nuclear energy took its toll on the beast. He fell onto the shore, its head sinking into the sea. Biollante, meanwhile, began to combust and ascend into the atmosphere. As she returned to the sky, Godzilla's body temperature lowered in the cool water. He rose and roared, but returned to the ocean. Traveling north, the nuclear leviathan rested in frigid depths of the Bering Sea...

The Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, lying dormant in Godzilla's body, continued to act as a hindrance to the monster for three long years. In 1992, Futurians from the 23rd century traveled back in time to the 1940s in order to attempt to wipe Godzilla from the Earth's history. Instead, they only managed to create the Godzilla that presently existed. Amidst the confusion of this misunderstanding, the Japanese government, terrified by the duplicitous Futurians who prepared to destroy Japan with their ultimate weapon: King Ghidorah, concocted a desperate plan of action. They would use a secret submarine to launch nuclear missiles in the Bering Sea, in order to reawaken and transform what they believed to be a relatively weak Godzillasaurus lying at the bottom of the ocean. Little did they realize that this dinosaur had already mutated into the modern Godzilla that had attacked Japan in the 1980's. The nuclear submarine approached what was believed to be a Godzillasaurus, and instead came face-to-face with Godzilla! The savage saurian animal ripped into the hull of the submersible and absorbed its energy. Its cells began to reproduce and its strength increased greatly.

A new Godzilla was born...

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Godzilla ('91)

Height: 100 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray; super regenerative power; able to unleash a Spiral Fire ray from his mouth after absorbing Rodan's life force; Nuclear Pulse; can absorb radiation; can conduct energy through its touch

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Other Appearances
: Godzilla vs. Mothra; Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II; Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla; Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (stock footage); Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)

Series:  Heisei  


Though the Futurians from the 23rd century had sought to destroy Godzilla through the means of time travel, they had failed in this attempt. The Godzillasaurus, which the time travelers had relocated to the Bering Sea, mutated to a towering 80 meters when exposed to a nuclear accident in the 1970's. In 1992, the monster was exposed to yet another nuclear accident, and the already incredible anomaly grew to an even more unthinkable 100 meters in height! As the revamped reptile began to march southward toward the mainland, the Japanese government breathed a sigh of relief. The duplicitous Futurians had released a three-headed golden dragon named King Ghidorah to destroy Japan, and Godzilla was now the nation's only hope. King Ghidorah was ordered to annihilate Godzilla, and the two savage monsters met in a clearing. Though Godzilla did not fair well against his opponent at first, luck would soon be on his side. Two rogue Futurians severed King Ghidorah's remote control, and the tables were turned within a matter of seconds. Godzilla's nuclear pulse repelled King Ghidorah, and his breath proceeded to rend the dragon's middle head from its torso. Though the horrible hydra attempted to flee, a hole was ripped through one of its leathery wings by its foe's thermonuclear ray, causing King Ghidorah to fall into the cold depths of the ocean below.

Unopposed, Godzilla marched through the urban sprawls of Japan; laying waste to everything he touched. As a mere dinosaur, the beast was almost gentle; now as a mutated monster, it was malicious and savage. Emmy Kano and M-11, the two Futurians who rebelled against their belligerent crew, were convinced that King Ghidorah was the only creature that could stop Godzilla's reign of terror. Emmy and M-11 returned to the future, and managed to convince the scientists of their time to resurrect the brass behemoth.

A cybernetic dragon suddenly appeared in the skies above Tokyo, the very city Godzilla was ruthlessly destroying. It was Mecha-King Ghidorah, and Emmy was piloting this revamped monster. The robotic reptile fired its gravity beams, but they were barely of any effect. Ultimately, Emmy was forced to fire capture cables and a machine hand restraint. Godzilla was airlifted, and King Ghidorah dragged the monstrous menace over the sea. A thermonuclear beam was fired, and both monsters began to plummet toward the waves below. Emmy escaped, but Godzilla was left unconscious on the ocean floor. Within time, however, his strength returned. Godzilla ripped himself free of the capture cables and machine hand restraint. The exhausted monster began to trudge toward the Ogasawara Trench, where he sought slumber.

While Godzilla was peacefully sleeping in the depths of the sea, a meteorite suddenly collided with the ocean. The terrible titan awoke once more, and shortly thereafter, Godzilla emerged from the surf. The menacing monster approached a large vessel, on which a mysterious mammoth egg was being transported. The hard shell of the enigmatic cell cracked, and a mysterious larva named Mothra emerged. Godzilla fought the innocent insect, and quickly repelled all of its physical attacks. It appeared as though Mothra would soon face her destiny, if not for the arrival of another monster... Mothra's dark counterpart, Battra, was also awoken by the meteorite. This new larva attacked Godzilla with its horn, and the two grotesque gargantuan beasts sank into the ocean depths. The seismic struggle continued, even amidst the dangers of an undersea eruption. Both monsters sank deep into the magma, and it was assumed that both had died in an endless sea of molten rock.

All was not as it appeared, for Godzilla simply swam beneath the surface of the planet. It pushed its way through the magma flows, and finally emerged at the pinnacle of Mt. Fuji. It descended from the volatile mountain and briefly battled with the self-defense force. It continued to trudge through the countryside, and it finally appeared in the seaside metropolis Yokohama. The imago forms of both Mothra and Battra were locked in an intense battle in the sky, but the appearance of this new saurian foe prompted the dark moth to reassess his priorities. Battra attacked Godzilla, but the well-armed arthropod was overwhelmed and rendered unconscious. Mothra approached Battra, and infused some of her life energy into her mortal enemy. She communicated with her former foe, and the two monsters agreed to cooperate. Mothra reentered the fray, but she was soon subdued by Godzilla's awful power. As the boorish beast prepared to send the Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel toppling onto Mothra, Battra intervened and rescued her. The two monsters, now allies, began to bombard their enemy with a barrage of beams. Godzilla was finally sent to the ground, and the two massive moths lifted the reprehensible reptile into the sky. Godzilla wasn't defeated quite yet. The merciless monster killed Battra in mid air with its piercing teeth and searing ray. Her ally dead, Mothra was forced to release her grip. Godzilla and Battra plummeted into the ocean below, as Mothra sealed the area with a special energy.

Another year passed quietly, and Godzilla suddenly began to intercept a strange telepathic signal being emanated from Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea. When Godzilla arrived on the isle, though, he was met with a fierce confrontation. A titanic pterosaur, Rodan, was defending a large egg, which was the source of the signal. The flying horror was inconceivably fast, and Rodan proved to be a difficult foe to contend with. Ultimately, Godzilla fired his thermonuclear ray on the crimson creature, sending it crashing to the Earth below. As the monster war was waging, a scientific research team managed to procure the mysterious egg, which they transported back to the mainland. With the source of the signal moving, Godzilla was forced to change his destination. It was imperative that he pursue this egg!

When Godzilla appeared in Japan, a new weapon was dispatched to deal with the deplorable beast. Mechagodzilla, built using the 23rd century technology found in Mecha-King Ghidorah's cybernetic head, was sent to fight Godzilla. The mechanical masterpiece quickly outgunned its organic counterpart, but when Godzilla sent Mechagodzilla's energy surging back into its bionic body, the robotic reptile became inoperable. With his enemy defeated, Godzilla continued to pursue the psychic signal into Kyoto, where a baby Godzilla had hatched from the egg discovered on Adonoa Island. The scientists telepathically isolated Baby Godzilla, leaving the lumbering leviathan outside perplexed and disappointed. Unable to locate the source of the signal, the confused creature could only retreat.

Meanwhile, Rodan regained consciousness on Adonoa Island. The flying monster transformed into Fire Rodan, and its power was amplified greatly. It rushed to Japan where it sought its "brother", Baby Godzilla, destroying a helicopter in transit and securing the canister that it was towing where the young Godzillasaurus was to be found. As Rodan attempted to open the canister, though, it was suddenly attacked by Garuda, a powerful aerial battle cruiser. Though Rodan quickly tossed the dated machine aside, the terrifying pterosaur was knocked unconscious by Mechagodzilla's plasma grenade.

After Godzilla arrived, searching for Baby Godzilla, a repaired Garuda combined with Mechagodzilla to become Super Mechagodzilla. This new and improved mech brutally subdued its enemy monster. The G-Crusher was fired, and Godzilla was paralyzed. In response to Baby Godzilla's mounting fear, Rodan reentered the fray. Super Mechagodzilla, however, quickly subdued the soaring creature, and in its dying moments, Rodan bequeathed its life energy to Godzilla. The nuclear menace rose once more, and fired its newly acquired spiral fire ray on Super Mechagodzilla, annihilating the once magnificent mech. Having won the war, Godzilla finally located Baby Godzilla. The once merciless monster suddenly showed a softer side as he adopted the helpless creature as his own. Godzilla and Baby Godzilla returned to the sea, where they would locate a new home on Birth Island. There, they would enjoy a temporary peace...

Over the course of the following year, Baby would grow into an even larger form. Now called "Little Godzilla", the playful monster frolicked in its island paradise. However, on one fateful day, a sinister space monster, bent on world domination, landed on the island. SpaceGodzilla, as the monster was dubbed, was the result of the cosmic mutation of Godzilla's cells, and the heartless horror began to mercilessly attack Little Godzilla. Though the young monster's father quickly arrived to defend him, SpaceGodzilla captured Little Godzilla in a crystal cell, isolating him from his paternal protector. The terrible space monster began to fly toward the mainland, with Godzilla following at full speed.

Godzilla arrived in Japan, and the furious animal trampled through several cities in pursuit of his new rival. Finally, he arrived in Fukuoka, which SpaceGodzilla had converted into a crystal fortress. Moguera, Mechagodzilla's replacement, was already overwhelmed by its cosmic opponent. Unfortunately, Godzilla wasn't able to gain very much ground against the hateful monster either. SpaceGodzilla's telekinesis was too strong, and a new strategy would have to be formulated...

It was discovered that Fukuoka Tower had been instilled with a cosmic energy vital to SpaceGodzilla's power supply. As Moguera split into its two lesser forms: Land Moguera and Star Falcon, Godzilla continued his futile battle with SpaceGodzilla. Land Moguera destroyed Fukuoka Tower, and SpaceGodzilla's main energy supply was completely sapped. The two vehicles merged and Moguera was whole once more. It destroyed SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals, but in the struggle, Moguera was severely damaged. As the space monster continued to lose precious energy, Godzilla took advantage of the situation. It fired its spiral fire ray on SpaceGodzilla, destroying that feral fiend once and for all.

In the end, Godzilla returned to Birth Island, where he lived out the coming year in peace and tranquility with his beloved son.

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Burning Godzilla

Height: 100 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Spiral Fire ray; super regenerative power; Nuclear Pulse; body emits immense heat; able to instill energy into others; can absorb radiation
Weakness: Body will meltdown once temperature reaches 1200°

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)
Other Appearances: Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)

Series:  Heisei  


On the once peaceful Birth Island, Godzilla's nuclear heart was suddenly disturbed by an unknown cause. The resulting chain reaction quickly burned the isle and boiled the sea, turning the once tranquil setting into a smoldering graveyard beneath the waves. Godzilla and his adopted son disappeared...

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the eerie calm of the still night was suddenly shattered when something fearful arose from the harbor. Godzilla, glowing with a fiery intensity, burned its way through the steaming sea and crashed its way through the bustling metropolis. The horrified citizens could only run in terror, as the burning behemoth trudged along its set path.

As Godzilla continued to wreck havoc, it was discovered that the creature was on the verge of a nuclear explosion. Even worse, as it approached Japan, it was searching for more nuclear fuel. Before it could feed, the Super-X3 was deployed to deal with the situation. The highly advanced craft used freezer missiles, cadmium missiles, and a super cold to neutralize the beast. Preserved at -200 degrees, the frozen reptile tilted and fell into the surrounding ocean. Six hours passed, and Godzilla's mobility returned. His fission began to decline, and the world breathed a sigh of relief.

Shortly thereafter, Godzilla's son suddenly reappeared, now almost half of Godzilla's height. Godzilla Junior was heading for his birthplace of Adonoa Island, and it was determined that Godzilla was following him from a distance.

As Godzilla followed Junior to Adonoa Island, something urgent was discovered about Godzilla's state. It was predicted that the creature would undergo a nuclear meltdown that would bore a hole deep into the Earth. Something drastic would have to be done to stop it. Coincidentally, Tokyo was under siege by a monster called Destoroyah. The monster was, in essence, a living oxygen destroyer. If Godzilla could be led to fight this creature, it could very well share the same fate as its predecessor from the 1950s. The psychics Meru Ozawa and Miki Saegusa were convinced into using their powers to lead Junior to Tokyo, thereby luring Godzilla to Destoroyah and perhaps his demise.

By the time Godzilla had arrived in Tokyo, Junior had already subdued Destoroyah in a brutal battle. Godzilla and his son called out to each other in respect, but their reunion was cut drastically short when Destoroyah's final form rose from a burning building. Godzilla took the brunt of Destoroyah's micro-oxygen spray as Junior was airlifted by the disgusting demon and dropped from an extreme altitude. The fall brought Junior to the brink of death, and Godzilla's anger climbed to a new altitude. Godzilla endured the micro-oxygen spray as it clashed with Destoroyah, but Godzilla was soon dragged across Tokyo like a toy. Though Destoroyah's horn beam sliced through Godzilla in a repulsive display of pure cruelty, Godzilla soon sent the malicious monster spitting up vital fluids with his spiral fire ray. Destoroyah reverted into its juvenile forms, but they too were soon subdued.

Godzilla, ever rising in temperature, trudged over to his fallen son. His attempts to revive him failed, and Godzilla could only give his son a silent farewell. Destoroyah's final form returned, and the indifferent creature shot its micro-oxygen spray at the grieving father. Godzilla was forced to re-enter the fray, and it was once again dragged by Destoroyah's forked tail. Godzilla soon regained his footing and blasted a spiral ray at Destroyah's head. Wounded, the hideous horror took to the sky as the military fired its freezing weapons. The creature plummeted to the Earth, defeated through the exploitation of its one weakness

Godzilla's temperature continued to rise as it contemplated the loss of his one true friend, and his inability to exact revenge on his son's murderer. Godzilla's flesh glowed to a new intensity and began to melt. The Super-X3 and numerous freezing weapons attempted to minimize the damage, but the creature's flesh melted away and its skeleton collapsed. A meltdown was imminent, and it would undoubtedly prove to be the greatest nuclear disaster of all time. The intense radiation suddenly subsided, however. Perplexed, humankind gazed dumbfounded as a fully grown and fully revived Junior emerged from the smoke and ruins, ready to fight another day.