Disaster Movie Listing
Below is a list of all the Toho disaster films. These movies focus on accidental catastrophies, natural disasters and pandemic outbreaks. Movies can focus on the disaster itself or the aftermath. While many of these films contain elements of science fiction, a few do not. Also please note that animated and kaiju films are not included in this list.

By default, the list is in chronological order for their Japanese release with Toho produced movies first. The international titles are listed when available.

Date      Title Type
1961 The Last War Produced
1962 Gorath Produced
1973 Submersion of Japan Produced
1974 Prophecies of Nostradamus (The Last Days of Planet Earth) Produced
1975 Conflagration (High Seas Hijack) Produced
1980 Magnitude 7.9 (Deathquake) Produced
2003 Dragonhead Produced
2006 Sinking of Japan Produced
2009 Pandemic Produced
1980 Virus Distributed
1987 Tokyo Blackout Distributed

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