Godzilla: Aftershock Spoiler Thread

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Re: Godzilla: Aftershock Spoiler Thread

Post by GuardianGhido »

But really, shattered spines or no, Godzilla could have dragged the MUTO Prime onto his back on his own without Prime being distracted, sure the humans helped him but didn't need to. Much like what I make of the situation in 2014, where I bet Godzilla could have eventually beaten the 2 MUTOs on his own but humans helping him made the fight quicker.
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Re: Godzilla: Aftershock Spoiler Thread

Post by GojiDog »

Okay, this sucker came in the mail two days ago and now, I've finally read Aftershock.

I liked it more than Awakening, but it still has some issues.

- There are too many instances of shoehorning in aspects of KOTM for forced foreshadowing. For example, Allan Jonah is in the story, and he has absolutely no reason to be there. The only reason to have him there is to establish that Emma Russell knows of him, and that's it. There is another moment where Mark Russell is called but the conversation has no bearing on anything except to include him because he's going to be in the movie. It almost felt like the writer was given a checklist and told "Be sure to hit these points because all of these things are going to be in the movie".
- In contrast to the above point, there seem to be moments that contradict what is in KOTM. For example, in the movie, they make it pretty clear that Godzilla has not been seen since San Francisco. But here, we see him pop up and do things to fight the MUTO Prime, stuff that I highly doubt could have been covered up. Also, if the MUTO Prime only becomes active when all the offspring are killed off, then why is their another MUTO in KOTM? If that MUTO was still alive, then shouldn't MUTO Prime had stayed dormant, and actually, now that the Prime is gone, wouldn't this new MUTO try to become the new prime and be a threat to Godzilla in the future? Oh my head hurts...
- The artwork on the human characters is a little off. I can't quite put my finger on it, but Serasawa doesn't look right at all, and there was one set of panels where it felt like they were trying to sex up Dr. Graham and it just looked weird. I mean I'm no prude, but its weird to see such a non sexual character all of a sudden wearing skin tight clothes and bent over to show off her butt. And on the flip side, Emma looks like Vera Farmiga to a degree that is almost uncanny.

The stuff I liked?

- It was nice to see the ancient paintings depicting Godzilla's history with the MUTO Prime and showing how ancient civilizations viewed him. The mythological aspects brought about in the Monsterverse films has been one of my favorite aspects of those films, and it was nice to see it carried over here with these unique and cool murals.
- It was nice to get an explanations of the fossil in the 2014 film and how the MUTOs are woven into Godzilla's history.
- MUTO Prime, or Jinshin-Mushi, is a pretty neat and grotesque looking foe for Godzilla, and tying the MUTOs into this comic is a nice way to kind of bridge both films closer together.
- Speaking of which, the artwork on the monsters is mostly pretty good with the action sequences covered nicely.
- Godzilla's killshot….whoa! I would love to see that in a movie.
- It was cool to see Emma as the focal point of the story to kind of lend credence to her being among the best of the best within Monarch before her fall from grace in KOTM. It actually would have been better to actually see her get super wrapped up in her work and reach the epiphany she had in the movie, but hey.

Overall, an okay read, but not a must read.
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