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For discussions covering more than one Toho film or show that span across more than one “era.”
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Origin series

Post by Godzilla165 »

What if LP or Toho were to make a series of movies about the origins of some of the big name, and small monsters. Like the first movie would obviously be about Godzilla since he was the first, and then the last could be about how King Ghidorah came to be, or Gigan or who ever. At the end of each of the movies, we could see how each of the monsters got to where they are now or something. Would you be okay if that were to ever happen?



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Re: Origin series

Post by Tohosaurus »

I'd be okay with it. Legendary isn't gonna do that though. Legendary would undoubtedly only be licensing other Toho monsters for use in Godzilla movies. So this would have to be Toho. Bringing them all together in a DAM-style crossover too would be fun, although today would be called a ripoff of The Avengers (same as how the director wanting to remake Battle Royale said his remake is now impossible as it would be labeled a The Hunger Games ripoff). It'd only make sense to do these movies for the major monsters maybe with small inclusions of the "small time" monsters.

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Re: Origin series

Post by ScootaVaran »

Yeah that would cool.

I think Mothra would make for a great origin story.
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Re: Origin series

Post by DaveTheAnalyzer »

To quote what I said in the Toho Video Game Ideas Topic
After watching the trailer for that Tomb Raider game that is supposed to come out sometime this decade (Whether the source material is good or bad, I get lots of story ideas through watching trailers), and I thought of the idea Godzilla Origins.

Basically, you play the monsters, learning where they came from, what motivates them, making sure they live to be the legendary titans they become. For example, my ideas for Godzilla are following him around in the beginning as a youngling, batting off threats, sticking with his mother and young brother (Spoilers: They both die horribly!). Then switch to the island he came from in the King Ghidorah movie, and his fight with the military and later battling to contain his radiation, as well as test his heat ray. This could be Godzilla '54, but I'm more thinking of the second version of whatever continuity suits him.

Anguirus will be born wrong and weak, so he's perpetually near death at the beginning. His loved ones die horribly, he learns to become stronger, and becomes the badass we Westerners all love today!

Mothra could switch between herself or the Twin Fairies are they explore Cosmos civilization and politics. You watch as the leadership drives Belvera to Battra, who destroys the civilization and everyone dies horribly as Mothra battles her dark counterpart.

Rodan, IDK. Maybe battling Megaguirus and his mate dying horribly.

King Ghidorah would be super grim, with lots of horrible dying. I don't know how he would come into existence, but maybe showing how he destroying civilizations like Venus.
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