Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Author's Notes:

So, here is my first (and arguably best, I'm sad to say) attempt at writing fanfiction. I can't believe it never occurred to me to post it here, but now that it has... well, I'm posting it here. I wrote this for the Teen Titans Fanfic Board on Toonzone.net back in March '05. Up until a few days earlier, I'd never realized there was this whole community of teenage and adult cartoon fans on the internet, and discovering this overjoyed me and sent me on a creative frenzy that resulted in what you are about to read.

I had no significant prior writing experience or clear idea where the story was going. Basically, I had ideas for a few scenes I wanted to write, and slapped something together around them. My dad and the handful of TZ users who commented on this helped me make half the story up as I went. The ultimate result was that I wrote myself into a corner and had to cancel the story with an evil cliffhanger.

Misc. Notes:

- This is a crossover between the Teen Titans animated series, and my own interperatation of Toho's kaiju universe.

- The Godzilla featured in this story looks like the '91 version, though with hyper-enhanced regeneration and a slightly more active fighting style influenced by Godzilla: Destroy All Monster Melee.

- The King Ghidorah featured in this story looks and acts like the '91 version, though with an origin based on the Showa version.

- Gigan is basically a slower-moving take on the GDAMM version.

- To clarify and reiterate, the story is not finished, nor will it ever be. It isn't exactly good, either. It was originally intended to be a dead-serious action fic, though works better as a comedy, now. Feel free to laugh at and/or bash it. I certainly do.

- The punctuation, paragraph formatting, etc. are terrible in the first two chapters. They improve after that, though.

- A link to the story's Toonzone page, if anyone would prefer to read it there: http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showthre ... nster-Wars

And now I'll shut up and let you read, assuming anybody still wants to. Enjoy.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Somewhere in deep space....

"The troops are ready my lord, and the fleet is awaiting your orders." "Good, General. And our special weapons? What about them?" "Ready as well, sir." "Excellent. The humans have no idea that soon they will be extinct, and Earth ours....."

Chapter 1

Jump City, California

It was a bright, sunny saturday morning in Jump City, as thousands of people went about their daily lives. On 5th Street however, things were far from quiet. Teriffied people ran screaming as the sound of gunfire filled the air. Several police officers were crouched behind their cars, blasting away at a 15 foot tall living statue called Cinderblock. The monster roared in defience at the cops as dozens of bullets bounced uselessly off his concrete body. Cinderblock stomped forward, ignoring the bullets and effortlessly lifted one of the cars up over his head. "Fall back!" shouted the officer in charge, as Cinderblock hurled the car to the ground. The vehicle exploded, showering the cops with chunks of flaming metal and glass. Roaring triumphantly, Cinderblock chased after the fleeing police, barreling around the corner and into the path of a bus. The bus driver slammed on the brakes, but cinderblock swung a huge fist and shattered the windshield before reaching for the driver. When Cinderblock's hand was an inch from the screaming driver, it was suddenly enveloped in glowing black energy, which rapidly covered his whole body. Cinderblock growled in confusion as he was suddenly thrown backwards and into a brick wall. The Teen Titans had arrived. "Titans, go!" yelled Robin, the team's leader. Cinderblock roared in hatred as he charged toward his enemies, but was stopped in his tracks by a lethal barrage of green starbolts and blue sonic beams. "Happy to see us, Rockhead? It's been a while since we kicked your butt!" said Cyborg, as he fired his sonic cannon at Cinderblock's head. Cinderblock smashed the ground with his huge fists, sending a powerful shockwave flying at Cyborg and Starfire. Star leaped into the air to avoid the shockwave, but Cyborg couldn't fly. Raven used her telekenetic powers to create a forcefield around Cyborg, protecting him from the shockwave. Cinderblock started toward Raven, growling menecingly, but was hit hard in the back of his head by Robin's foot. He whirled around just in time to be run over by a green Tyrannosaurus Rex. Beast boy turned back into himself and said "that one's gonna leave a mark!" Cinderblock slowly got up and attacked again. Beast Boy turned into a grizzly bear and swiped his huge paws at Cinderblock, but the monster grabbed BB's arms and pushed him backward. The bear became an elephant and was a lot harder to push around. Cinderblock dug his feet into the ground and began to shove Beast Boy backwards, but BB morphed into a fly and buzzed away, causing Cinderblock to lose his balance and fall flat on his face. Cinderblock got up again, but was struck by three explosive disks, a bunch of starbolts, a sonic beam, and a car. The weapons blew Cinderblock about a hundred feet back, and this time he didn't get up. "BOO-YAH!" yelled Cyborg, raising his metal arms in celebration. "Good work, Titans. I don't think he'll want to break out of jail again anytime soon," said Robin.

Later, back at Titans Tower (the ten story tall T shaped building the Teen Titans live in), Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing Halo 2 on their xbox. "NO!" yelled BB, as Cy shot his last guy through the head. "Sorry B, but you can't beat Cy. Oh, in case you were wondering, that makes your 278th loss in a row." "Dude, you gotta be cheating or something. I mean, nobody wins this much!" "Cheating?" asked Cyborg. "How would I do that?" "You, uh....you plugged yourself into the game and uh... programmed it so you always win! Yeah, that's it!" Cyborg laughed and said "Actually, you just suck. Good idea, though. Thanks!" "Shut up, Cyborg, at least I can still beat Raven." Raven, who was reading one of her aincient spell books, looked up and said "Yes, you could beat me. You know why? Because these stupid games are pointless. If I cared enough, I could win. But I don't. Congratulations."

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Maximum security prison, in orbit around Tamaran.

Blackfire was bored out of her mind. For months, she had been stuck in solitary confinement inside a hollowed out asteroid that served as a prison for Tamaran's most dangerous criminals. She'd been sentenced to life without parole for trying to take over Tamaran and nearly killing her sister, Starfire. She had tried to trick Star into marrying a disgusting creature called Glgrdsklechhh. In exchange for Starfire, Glgrdsklechhh would give Blackfire the jewel of Charta, which would make her invincible. Her plan had almost succeeded, but the other Titans had discovered what she was doing, and warned Starfire. Star challenged Blackfire for control of Tamaran, and after destroying the jewel of Charta, she easily defeated her sister. Now Blackfire would give anything for revenge, but there was no way for her to escape. As she looked out her extremely tough window, the alarm suddenly went off. "What the....?" said Blackfire, as half a dozen heavily armed guards stormed into her cell. "We're evacuating the prison, but don't even think about escaping," barked one guard, aiming a laser pistol at her forehead. They put specially designed handcuffs that prevented her from using her starbolts on her wrists, and started to drag her out the door. "What the hell's going on?!" asked Blackfire. "That!" yelled one guard, pointing out the window. Blackfire looked back, and the last thing she ever saw was a blinding flash, as an amazingly powerful bolt of energy struck the asteroid.

Outside, a transport ship was blasting away at top speed when something huge and golden flew past. An eerie, whistling scream ecohed through the ship.

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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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USS Griffin, 200 miles from the California coast

Captain Charles Clipper rushed to the bridge as the collision alarm blared. He had commanded the U.S Navy submarine 'Griffin' since the Gulf War, and had seen plenty of battles. When he reached the bridge, the sonarman said "Sir, look at this!" Clipper looked at the sonar screen and saw that something huge was heading straight at them. "Full speed portside! Get us out of it's way!" "Aye, capta...ahhhhh!" The man's reply was cut short as the enormous object smashed into the sub, crushing it like a tin can. "Status report!" shouted a bruised and bleeding Clipper, climbing to his feet. Half the bridge crew was unconscious, but one man said "We're taking on water, sir!" Before Clipper could answer, another tremendous impact split the ship in half. The Griffin exploded, killing the entire crew before any distress call could be sent. As the debris sank to the seabottom, a huge shape disapeared into the darkness.

Outside Titans Tower, two days later

Robin ran as fast as he could as red lasers blasted into the rocks all around him. He kicked a humanoid robot in the face and ducked behind a boulder. More robots were charging at him from every direction, so he pulled out his bo-staff and attacked. He smashed his way through the first few, and dropped the rest with energy disks. He had killed most of them, when a huge black crab-like robot grabbed him from behind. He struggled to break free, but the crab's grip was to strong. Suddenly, a barrage of starbolts came flying down and blasted the crab apart. It dropped Robin, and he said "Thanks, Starfire. These crabs are pretty strong!" "You are most welcome, and yes, Cyborg built them well." A pair of turrets popped up out of the ground and fired, but a wall of black energy suddenly appeared around Robin and Star, shielding them from the lasers. Black, glowing rocks smashed into the turrets and flattened them. "Thanks, Raven. Why did you come out?" asked Robin. "You two looked like you could use some help, and this beats watching Cyborg and Beast Boy fight about those stupid games," she replied. "The finish line is over there," said Robin, pointing at a tall boulder about 100 feet away. "Let's go!" They ran and flew toward the boulder, but a bunch of holes opened up in the ground and five more crab robots crawled out of them, guns blazing. Robin rolled sideways, avoiding the lasers, and retaliated with two birdarangs. The razor sharp weapons sliced through the crab's legs and it collapsed. Starfire swooped over another crab and shot it with her eye lasers, blowing a huge hole in it's back and sending it flying into a ditch, where it exploded. Two more fired at Raven, but she blocked the lasers with a forcefield. "Azereth, Metrion, Zinthos!" she said, and lifted up the ground underneath one crab, flipping it on to it's back. The other one snapped it's claws at her, but she flew back away from it, and sliced it in half with a black energy blade. Robin and Starfire double-teamed the last crab. Star swooped down and grabbed the robot by one of it's legs and threw it toward Robin, who kicked it in midair, knocking it to the ground and sending it skidding backwards. It had a big dent in one side, but it wasn't beaten yet. It lunged at Robin with it's claws snapping, but he evaded the claws and bashed the crab's head with his staff. It staggered away, sparks and smoke pouring from it's smashed head. Starfire finished it with a starbolt, and the Titans ran to the finish line. When they reached it, the robots stopped attacking and shut down. "Nice work, team. We set a new speed record: five minutes and sixteen seconds. This new obstacle course is great, but Cyborg will need to build more robots."

A few minutes later, Robin, Star and Raven walked into the living room to find Cyborg and Beast Boy watching the news. "What's going on?" asked Robin. "A navy submarine sunk a few days ago," answered Cyborg. "It exploded or something. No survivors." "Sad," said Robin. "Do they know why?" "No, there wasn't much left." Beast Boy said "It must have been pretty bad to sink a big sub like that. Trident, maybe?" Robin thought about it and said "Possibly, but...." His reply was cut short by the alarm going off, and a tremor that shook the Tower. "What was that?" asked Starfire. The Tower shook again, and again, and suddenly, a huge, dark shape reared up out of the ocean. "No way,"said Cyborg, staring in shock. There, looming over Titans Tower like a living mountain, was Godzilla. 300 feet tall, charcoal grey with three rows of jagged white spikes running down his back, Godzilla was a truly awsome sight. He roared in primal fury upon seeing the skyscrapers of Jump City, and started slowly wading towards shore. Robin said, "We can't let him get to shore, team! I know he's bigger than anything we've ever fought before, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Titans, go!"

Prison transport ship, near Tamaran

Jagged bolts of energy blazed through space as a small transport ship fled from the shattered remains of the asteroid prison. Five guards had managed to get on board before they'd had to leave. Now they were running for their lives as something huge and golden shot lightning at them. The pilot was skilled, though, and he expertly dodged the lethal blasts. "I can't keep this up for long," he said. Captain Cherma answered "You have to, Zarbek! Are we going full speed?" "Not quite..." said Zarbek, but he pushed a few buttons and the ship accelerated. The thing behind them was still gaining on them, though, and soon they could make out the details. It was a dragon, with three heads on long, writhing, snakelike necks. Huge wings propelled the monster through space at an amazing rate, as a forked tail swept out behind it. "Are there any weapons on this crate?" asked a hulking guard named Reemos. Cherma looked at the control panels and replied "None that would stop that thing." The dragon was almost on them, when suddenly a huge blue flash cut through the darkness ahead. An enormous, saucer shaped craft appeared from the flash, followed by four smaller egg shaped ships. "Who are they?" asked Cherma. "I don't know, but they aren't encrypting their communications. Listen to this." A deep, growling voice echoed through the transport's speakers and said: "Call back Ghidora. The Tamaranian scum aren't our target, Earth is." The dragon suddenly stopped shooting, and flew toward the ships. When it reached them, it took a position behind the saucer and followed it. Cherma thought for a moment, then said "We should try to get to Earth before them, and warn the people there. And isn't that the planet where Princess Starfire lives?" "Yes, it is," replied Zarbek. "The hyperdrive engines are working now, and we can probably get to Earth first, if we hurry." Cherma said "Alright, lets go." Seconds later, the transport's engines glowed bright green, and it blasted into hyperspace.

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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Jump City

Hundreds of people ran for their lives as Godzilla slowly waded through Jump Bay, shaking the ground with each step. Emergency Alert sirens wailed across the city, warning people to get off the streets.

A CNN news helicopter hovered over the bay, the camera crew filming the gigantic monster. Godzilla looked up at the helicopter and growled. His spikes began to flash, and a bolt of blue, radioactive fire streaked out of his mouth. The beam vaporized the chopper and kept going, blasting the top five floors off of a skyscraper. Godzilla roared triumphantly, but suddenly, something exploded on the side of his enormous head. He screamed angrily and spun around to see a large, orange vehicle hovering in front of him. It was the T-ship.

On board the ship, Robin and Cyborg cheered. "Boo-yah!" yelled Cy.

"Nice shot!" said Robin. "Now give him the sonic blasters!" Cyborg pushed a few buttons on the control panel, and two powerful blue sonic lasers slammed into Godzilla's face. The dinosaur roared with irritation, and spat fire. Cyborg jerked the control stick, and the T-ship dove down away from the devastating beam. Cy pulled up just above the waves and accelerated, Godzilla's beam tearing into the water right behind him.

Outside, the other Titans attacked Godzilla, trying to draw his fire so Cyborg and Robin could get away. Starfire shot a dozen starbolts at his chest, but the monster barely noticed. Raven used her powers to pull a huge boulder out of the water and threw it into his face. He roared angrily and swung his tail at her, but she ducked under it at the last second. Beast Boy morphed into a pteranodon and attacked Godzilla's face, pecking at his car-sized eyes. Godzilla roared and snapped his huge jaws at Beast Boy, who tried to get away, but was too slow.

"Beast Boy!" screamed Starfire, as Godzilla caught the green shapeshifter in his mouth. She flew towards him as fast as she could, blasting her eye lasers at him the whole way. The T-ship swooped down over the dinosaur, blasting his head and neck with sonic beams and missles. Suddenly, Godzilla coughed and opened his mouth, revealing a green t-rex that was chewing on the monster's tongue. As soon as Godzilla opened his mouth, Beast Boy turned into a falcon and flapped away at top speed. Godzilla roared and blasted his atomic fire at the T-ship, but missed again. Raven and Star shot everything they had at him, but only annoyed him. He was just too big and tough. He ignored them and continued his march toward Jump City. "Cyborg, stop him!" yelled Robin, as the T-ship flew behind Godzilla.

"Alright, he's pretty tough, but I doubt he'll just ignore this!" said Cyborg, as he pushed a few buttons. He locked on to the back of Godzilla's head and fired. The T-ship's last four missles blasted out of the launchers, and streaked toward him. Cyborg fired the sonic blasters and the beams hit Godzilla at the same time as the missles. The explosion obscured the monster's head in a cloud of smoke and fire, and he staggered a little bit. "Yes! I think we finally got him!" said Robin. But, of course, he was wrong. Godzilla spun around and spat another bolt of fire, and this one didn't miss. The T-ship was heavily armored, but couldn't resist Godzilla's devastating assault. Cyborg and Robin screamed as every system in the ship went out, and it spiraled out of control towards a skyscraper. Raven flew out in front of the ship and raised her hands. "Azereth, Metrion, Zinthos!" she yelled, and black energy covered the ship, stopping it ten feet from the building. She set the ship on the ground, and landed next to it. Starfire and Beast Boy joined her a minute later. Cyborg and Robin climbed out of the burnt and battered T-ship.

Beast Boy was still wet with Godzilla spit, and he wasn't happy about it. "That stupid lizard could use a breath mint...." he muttered. Raven took a few steps back from him and said "Tell me about it, you smell worse than Plasmus." Beast Boy glared at her, and Cyborg grinned and said "Actually, you don't smell much worse than usual!" Robin hid a smile, and said "Quiet, you guys. We have to find some way to stop him before he gets here." A huge explosion shook the ground, and a skyscraper collapsed, taking three more buildings with it. "I fear it is too late for that, the creature is already here!" said Starfire, as Godzilla crashed through the buildings' remains.

"Titans, go!" shouted Robin, and they attacked again. Beast Boy turned into a triceratops and rammed into Godzilla's foot as hard as he could. Godzilla didn't even feel the impact, and he kept walking. He unknowingly kicked Beast Boy, and sent him flying up the road, and into a parked car. Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at the monster, but didn't do any damage. Raven picked up a bus and slammed it into Godzilla's knee, and it exploded. He roared and looked around for his attacker. Starfire carried Robin down over Godzilla and let go. Robin fired his grappling hook, and it wrapped around the dinosaur's neck. Robin swung up on to a rooftop and pulled on the rope as hard as he could, trying to choke Godzilla. Starfire grabbed the rope and added her own surprising strength. Raven created an energy tentacle and wrapped it around the monster's neck, squeezing as hard as she could. Godzilla roared and jerked back, trying to break the Titans' grip. He didn't have to try very hard. Robin was dragged off the roof, and started to fall. Star was shaken loose and thrown into the side of a building as Godzilla's pulling snapped the rope like a whip. Raven stopped trying to strangle the monster, and used her powers to catch Robin. The Titans landed on the ground, but Godzilla was mad now. His spikes flashed and he blasted fire at the Titans. They scattered as the beam obliterated the road, sending chunks of rock flying everywhere. Raven caught the rocks and threw them at Godzilla, as Cyborg ran up and fired his cannon at the monster. The weapons slammed into his stomach, but he ignored them. Beast Boy turned into a hawk and flew up to Godzilla. He turned into a giant squid, wrapped his forty-foot tentacles around the beast's head, and squeezed. Godzilla growled, and pulled the green mollusk away. He threw Beast Boy into a wall, and roared angrily. He spat fire, and blew a building apart.

"Dude, what's it take to stop this guy?!" yelled Beast Boy, as Godzilla turned and walked away, crashing through buildings like sandcastles.

"A lot more than we have." answered Raven. "Godzilla is just too big for us to stop. That's a first," she added.

"He appears to be leaving," said Starfire. "I suppose that means we are victorious?" Robin shook his head and quietly said "We're all still alive. At least there's that."

Godzilla stomped back into the ocean, leaving dozens of buildings smashed and others burning. "Yeah, you better run!" Cyborg yelled after him. Fortunately, most of the oceanfront buildings had been evacuated, so casualties were fairly light. Fire trucks and ambulances were already arriving to deal with the damage. Robin sighed and said "Come on, team. Let's go home."

Later, Robin was beating the crap out of his punching bag in the gym. "Why couldn't we stop him?" he wondered. He heard footsteps behind him and turned to see Starfire walking toward him.

"Please do not blame yourself, Robin. The creature was simply too powerful for us to defeat. There was nothing more you could have done."

Robin sighed. "I know, Star. It's just that, well, we've never been beaten...." "But we hit him with everything we have and barely slowed him down. How can anything be that tough?"

"What is a Godzilla?" asked Star. "I do not believe I have ever heard of such a beast."

"He's a mutant dinosaur," answered Robin. "He was created by radioactive fallout caused by the H-bomb. He attacked a city called Tokyo in 1954, and burned it to the ground. The military did their best to stop him, but he wiped them out and killed thousands of innocent people."

Starfire was shocked. "That is horrible!" she said. "Where has he been since then?"

"He was supposedly killed by a weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer, but they never found his body. Apparently, he didn't die."

They didn't say anything else for a few minutes, until the door opened and Cyborg walked in. "I made pizza, so if y'all are hungry, come and get it."

"May we put mint frosting on it?" asked Starfire hopefully. Cyborg smiled and said "I made about ten pizzas, so if you want frosting, you can put some on yours."

"Wonderful," she said. "Will you enjoy the pizza with us, Robin?" He kicked the punching bag one more time. "Sure" he answered. "Let's go."

Later, after dinner, Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing Need for Speed Underground 2 on their Gamestation. As usual, Cy was winning easily, but BB kept demanding rematches. Now, on their twentieth game, BB was finally winning. "YES!" he yelled, as he passed Cyborg's car on the last lap. "Go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy, it's your birthday, it's your...HEY!" The TV screen had just changed into a map of Jump City, with a large red dot moving towards the Tower. Red lights started flashing, and the alarm went off. The other Titans ran into the room, as Cyborg said "It's some kind of U.F.O., and it's heading straight at us!"
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 4

The Tamaranian transport's engines whined, and steam rolled off it's hull, which was extremely hot after it's descent through Earth's atmosphere. On board, Cherma used the scanners to search for Tamaranian DNA. After a few minutes, he found what he was looking for.

"Zarbek, head for that large city near the ocean. The Princess is there," he ordered.

The pilot changed the ship's course, and said "Yes, sir."

Cherma thought for a moment, and said "Reemos, Korsov, prepare your weapons. I am not familiar with Human customs, and we should be ready for a fight." The two guards nodded, and hurried down to the cargo hold, where they had stored a small arsenal before they left the prison. Reemos put a laser pistol and six grenades in his belt, and grabbed a powerful triple barreled plasma cannon. Korsov chose an Incinerater-class laser rifle and three spider-like robot mines.

On the bridge, Zarbek guided the ship down over the skyscrapers of Jump City. He noticed that several buildings were damaged, and along the ocean, many were completely demolished. Human vehicles were clustered around the disaster area, and were attempting to clean up some of the debris. What happened down there? he wondered. Cherma walked up to him, and pointed at a large building on a small island, out in the water. "That is where the Princess's biological patterns are coming from." Zarbek flew toward the building, and saw five small figures on it's roof.

The Titans hurried up to the roof, ready to fight. "Get ready, Titans!" yelled Robin, as a large black triangle-shaped ship came towards them. He pulled three freeze disks out of his belt, and looked around at his teammates. Starfire hovered a few feet off the ground, her hands glowing green. Cyborg pointed his sonic cannon at the ship, ready to fire. Beast Boy morphed into a rhino, and Raven aimed her telekeneticly charged hands. If whatever was on the ship wanted to fight, they'd come to the right place.

Suddenly, Starfire gasped, and said "Wait! I recognize this, it is a Tamaranian vessel!"

"What? Are you sure?" asked Robin. She nodded, and replied "Yes. I believe it is a law enforcement ship."

The craft drifted over the Tower, and started to descend. Four holes opened on the bottom, and short mechanical legs came out. Seconds later, it touched down. A large, rectangular door opened in it's side, and a ramp lowered to the ground. Two armored men marched down, dangerous-looking weapons held at the ready. They stopped at the base of the ramp, and stood at attention. Two more people followed them, and one came forward. He knelt in front of a surprised Starfire, and bowed his head respectively. "Greetings, Your Highness. Permission to speak?" he said.

"Granted, you may rise," she answered. "But who are you, and why have you come here?"

The man stood, and said "I am Captain Cherma of the Tamaranian Police Force, at your service ma'am. I and my companions, Zarbek, Reemos, and Korsov, have come here from the Orbital Prison with bad news."

Starfire looked scared, and asked "What has happened? Is something wrong with my sister, or Galfore?" Cherma sighed, and said "Yesterday, the prison was attacked and destroyed by....." he stopped, looking very nervous.

"What?" she practically yelled. "What was it?"

Cherma continued. "The Destroyer of Worlds. King Ghidorah. As far as I know, only we escaped, and the others were killed," he stopped, and hung his head sadly.

Starfire burst into tears, and fell to her knees. "No," she sobbed. "She cannot be gone, she cannot! You are wrong!" The other Titans rushed over to comfort her, and Robin said "I'm sorry, Starfire. I don't know what to say, I...." Star cut him off, and cried "Please, I must be alone!" and ran to her room.

Robin started to follow her, but stopped. "Are you sure Blackfire is dead?" he asked Cherma. The Tamaranian hesitated, and said "I don't know for a fact, because as soon as Ghidorah attacked, we piled into this ship and ran. It's impossible to fight him, he's much too powerful. He would have killed us too, if not for Zarbek's skills as a pilot. The monster chased us, and nearly caught us, but a fleet of unknown ships appeared out of hyperspace, and he followed them. This is not the first time he has been used as a weapon. Someone, apparently the leader of the fleet, said they were heading for Earth. If that's true, they'll be here soon, and if Ghidorah is involved, I'm sure this won't be pretty."

Beast Boy cut him off, and said "Wait, hold on, let me get this straight. You guys are Tamaranian cops, and we're about to get invaded by evil aliens and a 'Gidara' or whatever you said?" Cherma answered, "Yes, Green One. And Ghidorah is an evil dragon, who is responsible for the deaths of billions. He travels the stars, attacking planets at random, and wiping them clean of life."

Robin sighed, and said "Great, now we have Godzilla and an alien army. Perfect. I guess I'll go try to talk to Starfire." After he left, Zarbek turned to the other Titans and asked "What's Godzilla?"

"One seriously bad lizard," answered Beast Boy. Zarbek still looked puzzled, but didn't say anything else.

"I guess y'all can stay with us for a while, since your so far from home," Cyborg told Cherma. The Tamaranian smiled, and said "Thank you, I suppose we should, we don't know much about Earth." He turned to Reemos and Korsov, and said "At ease, men." Reemos came forward and growled "If we're stayin' here, we can help fight these creeps. Personally, I'm lookin' forward to blowin' some of their brains out."

Robin walked down the hallway to Starfire's room. He wanted to comfort her, but had no idea how to do that. When he got there, he knocked on the door, and said "Star? Are you okay?" A moment later, she opened the door, and fell into his arms, still crying. She looked at him, tears pouring down her face, and said "I...I cannot believe she is gone." Robin said "Cherma said they don't know for sure. They didn't stay to watch, so it's possible that Blackfire escaped...."

Star shook her head, and replied "No, she could not have survived. Ghidorah is the most dangerous creature in the universe, he leaves no one alive when he attacks. But as much as I wish it were not true, it is probably better for her this way. She would have spent the rest of her life alone in that prison cell, now she is free."

Robin was surprised at how well she was taking this, but he was happy about it.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 5

In space, close to Mars

General Tarkon was nervous, very nervous. He'd just been summoned to the Emperor's quarters, to give him a progress report. Emperor Korm was a great warrior, and a respected leader, but he was also unpredictable. He had been known to reward a follower one minute, then knock them out for staring at him the next. Tarkon had no bad news for him, but if the Emperor was in a bad mood or something....well, he would figure out what to do when that happened.

When he reached his destination, he was stopped by the Royal Guards, the best soldiers in the Simian army. A huge, black-furred guard with an ax raised his hand. "Sorry sir, but if you want to see His Majesty, we need to scan you," the guard rumbled.

"Yes, yes, of course...." sighed Tarkon, as another guard aimed a small, ovoid machine at him. A red beam of light shone from the scanner, and travelled up and down his body, confirming his biological patterns. A few seconds later, the guard shut the machine off, and said "Alright, you may pass." Tarkon nodded, and stepped up to the Emperor's door. It opened, and he stepped into a large, round room. Emperor Korm sat on his throne, clad in his scarlet robes, with a robot servent beside him, ready to do it's master's bidding.

Tarkon walked towards him, and knelt. After a moment's wait, Korm said "Rise, General. I trust you bring good news?" Tarkon stood, and replied "Yes, sir. We are nearing Earth. I estimate our arrival in about an hour."

"Excellent." said Korm. "What about the second fleet? When will they arrive?"

"Within the next day, sir," answered the General. "The troops are ready for battle. As soon as the reinforcements arrive, we will attack and annhialate the earthling scum."

Korm paused for a few seconds, to think. "No," he said. "When we reach Earth, we will strike. I doubt they will be able to put up much of a fight, the primitive fools. No, we will attack immediatly."

Tarkon wasn't sure this was a good idea, but he knew better than to argue with the Emperor. "Understood, sir. I'll go alert the troops. When you give the order, two hundred fully loaded dropships will land in their population centers. Any resistance will be crushed."

Korm smiled. "Good, General. You may leave." Tarkon saluted, spun around, and walked out the door.

Jump City

It had been a week since the Tamaranian guards had arrived. Starfire wasn't quite her usual happy, friendly self, but she was starting to get over Blackfire's death.

The mysterious fleet still hadn't arrived, but the Titans were ready to defend the city at any time. They were getting along well with the guards, who had decided to help fight when the fleet did appear. Cyborg and Zarbek had salvaged and repaired the T-ship, outfitting it with new shield generators and a powerful chin-mounted plasma cannon.

Godzilla had not returned, and everyone hoped it would stay that way. As a precaution, the military had sent in a battalion, including a dozen tanks, twenty Apache helicopters, and ten F-18 Hornet fighter jets. If Godzilla came back, they'd be ready.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven sat at their usual table at the pizza resturant, deciding what to order. "Cyborg, for the last time, WE ARE NOT GETTING TRIPLE MEAT!" yelled BB. The mechanical teen shook his head, and growled "Why do you do this every freakin' time we come here? Or any resturant for that matter! I ain't eating that gross veggie pizza, so why don't you just give up and learn to enjoy meat?"

The shapeshifter glared at Cyborg, and showed him the triple meat pizza on the menu. "Look what's on this: sausage, (he turned into a pig, then back to a human) hamburger, (he became a cow, then human) and pepperoni!"

Cyborg said "Man, for the last time: pepperoni isn't meat!" BB was about to reply, when Raven interrupted. "Why don't you both just shut up, and get two pizzas?" she asked. The two boys looked confused for a second, then Cy said "Um, okay, I guess that would be alright..."

Suddenly, a teenage girl walked up to them, and said "Wow, the Titans! This is so cool, you guys rock! Could I, like, have your autographs?" Cyborg and BB grinned, and BB said "Sure, anything for my adoring fans!" Raven rolled her eyes, and asked the girl if she had a pen and paper. She only had a pen, so they signed their names on a napkin.

Then, a loud gunshot echoed from down the street, followed by screams. The Titans looked towards the source of the sounds, and saw four men running out of a jewelry store, one of them carrying a big bag. Another turned around and fired a pistol at a security guard. He missed, and the guard ducked back into the store, fumbling for his own weapon. The theives piled into a waiting car, and sped away.

"Teen Titans, go!" shouted Cyborg, and Beast Boy morphed into a pteranodon, grabbed Cy, and flew off after the car, Raven right behind them. The girl grabbed the autographed napkin, and said "Cool!"

The driver of the car looked into his rear-view mirror, and yelled "Aw, crap, we got company!" The Titans were closing in fast. The driver sped up, and began to pull ahead. He turned at the next intersection, running another car off the road. Raven saw him turning, and took a shortcut over the buildings to cut him off. She landed a few hundred feet in front of him, and said "Azereth, Metrion, Zinthos!" Black energy burst from her hands, and covered the car, stopping it instantly. Cyborg and BB caught up, and landed behind the car, ready to fight. The thugs leaped out of the car, and started shooting. Raven blocked a shot with a forcefield, ans BB morphed into a fly to avoid several more shots. The bullets hit the window of a store, shattering it. Cyborg aimed his sonic cannon, ignoring several bullets as they bounced harmlessly off his metal chest. He fired, and sent two thugs flying. Raven used her powers to disarm the other two, and BB became a ram. He charged one guy, and slammed him into the car. The other one dove out of the way, but was hit in the face by a glowing, black chunk of pavement, and knocked out cold. The Titans rounded up the other three robbers, just as a police car pulled up. "Thanks, Titans," said the officer, getting out of his car. "No prob, dude," replied Beast Boy. The men were taken to jail, and Cy, Rae, and BB went back to finish their lunch, amid applause from onlookers.

That was when the ground began to shake. Sirens blared through the streets, and four F-18s streaked overhead. A very familiar roar broke windows in the surrounding buildings. "Great," muttered Cyborg.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 6

Robin raced to the living-room/ops as fast as he could. The alarm was going off, and the whole Tower was shaking. That could only mean Godzilla was back. When he reached ops, he saw Starfire and the Tamaranian guards staring out the huge, broken window.

" The Godzilla has returned," said Star. Robin nodded, and replied "Yeah, I thought so."

As they watched, Godzilla stomped towards the city, just like last time. Suddenly, four fighter jets swooped down on him, and fired two missles each. All eight missles struck him and exploded, obscuring him in smoke and fire. Tanks rolled toward him, but held their fire. Their crews couldn't see him through the cloud. Suddenly, blue flashes rippled through the smoke, and a bolt of atomic fire lanced out, and blasted a tank to dust. Godzilla lumbered out of the cloud, and came up onto the beach. The tanks backed up quickly, trying to avoid the dinosaur's huge feet, but two were crushed anyway.

Robin turned to the others and said "Cherma, you and your men get all your best weapons and get down to the beach. Starfire, we're going to find the others. Titans, go!"

.................................................................................................... ...................................

The T-car raced up the street, Cyborg honking the horn to get people out of his way. Up ahead, they could hear Godzilla's angry roars, and a lot of explosions. "Come on, where is he?!" growled Cy. As they passed up a building, they found him. Godzilla was swiping his claws at a swarm of helicopters, as they retaliated with missles and bullets. His tail lashed out, and crushed a building. Tons of debris rained down, blocking the road ahead of the T-car. "Shi*!" yelled Cyborg, slamming on the brakes, but it was too late. They smashed into a huge chunk of concrete. Cy was thrown through the windshield, and slammed head-first into the wall. Raven hit her face on the dashboard, and broke her nose.

Beast Boy became a flea at the last second, so he wasn't hurt. He turned back into his normal self, and helped Rae. "Are you alright?!" he asked her. She groaned, and nodded weakly. "Azerath... M-Metrion... Zinthos..." she managed to say, and blue light covered her face. The blood pouring out of her smashed nose immediatly cleared up, and the broken bones began to heal. Seeing that she was okay, BB climbed out of the car through the broken windshield to help Cyborg. The metal teen was unconscious, and his head was badly dented. "Oh, man! C'mon Cy, wake up, dude!" BB shouted, shaking his friend. He turned back to Rae, and saw that she was mostly healed. "I'll help him, you call Robin," she said. The changeling reached for his communicator, but saw that it had broken in the crash. Raven had dropped hers, and it was under the seat somewhere. He turned into a hawk and flew out the windshield, and up into the sky. He saw that Godzilla was a few blocks away now, but the helicopters lay burning on the ground. BB started to head for the Tower, but saw something flying toward Godzilla. It was Starfire, and she was carrying Robin. BB flapped over to them, and screeched to get their attention.

"Friend Beast Boy, what has happened to the others?" asked Star. BB couldn't answer, so he swooped back down to the T-car. He morphed back into a human, and said "Cy's hurt! C'mon, he's by the car!" When they arrived, they saw Cy sitting on the ground, with his back against the car's door. Raven was crouched next to him, healing his head.

"Are you okay, Cyborg?" asked Robin, looking concerned. Cy nodded, and replied "Aside from some dents and one hell of a headache, I think so." The other Titans sighed in relief, and Robin said "Well, if everyone's okay, I think I know how to bring Godzilla down."

"How, dude? Last time we hit him as hard as we could!" said BB. The others nodded in agreement, but Robin said "Not quite. There's one thing we didn't try: the Apocalypse."

Cyborg grinned and replied "Yeah...yeah that could do it! If we get him in the head....yeah! Why didn't I think of that?"

"Brilliant, Robin!" said Star, smiling. Robin continued, saying "I'll see if we can get the military to back us up, plus Cherma and his guards can help. If it works, it'll be our most powerful attack ever! He's tough, but he's not invincible." I hope, he added silently.

.................................................................................................... .................................

When Cherma and the other guards arrived on the beach, Godzilla had already begun to destroy the city. They chased him, catching up after a few minutes. The monster had stopped, and was fighting a bunch of the rotary-winged human aircraft that Cherma believed were called 'hilicoppers'.

Cherma ordered his men to scale a large building near Godzilla. Korsov used his jetpack and flew up to the roof, where he lowered a long rope with a weight attached to the end. He held the other end while Cherma, Zarbek, and Reemos climbed up.

None of the guards could fly, only a few Tamaranians could. They couldn't shoot starbolts either, but all Tamaranians were super strong. When all four guards reached the top, they took aim with their various weapons, and fired. A multi-colored barrage of lasers, plasma bolts, and missles pelted Godzilla's head, but he barely noticed. He twitched his tail, and struck the building. The guards were knocked down, and Zarbek dropped his missle launcher over the side of the building. It fell to the ground and exploded.

As they climbed back to their feet, Cherma ordered them to hold fire. The monster was just too big for their anti-infantry weapons. Suddenly, the communicator that Robin had given Cherma began to ring, and he answered it. Robin's face appeared on the tiny screen, and said "Cherma, can you and your men get to that skyscraper in front of Godzilla? We have a plan to stop him, but we could use some help."

The Captain considered for a minute, then replied. "Well, we can try, but only three of us can get there on the first trip. Korsov has a jetpack, and he can carry two of us, but the fourth will have to wait." Robin quickly came up with a solution.

"Okay, do that. Starfire will pick up the last guy."

"Yes, sir." answered Cherma.

"Robin out."

Korsov lifted off, and asked "Who's coming?" Cherma and Reemos stepped up, and each grabbed one of Korsov's hands. His jetpack was thought-powered, and he flew off toward the skyscraper. Godzilla lumbered along below him, effortlessly destroying everything in his path. Korsov didn't understand how even the legendary Teen Titans could stop this creature, but he hoped their plan would work.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Thousands of miles above this raging battle, the Simian fleet burst out of hyperspace. The ships moved into Earth's orbit, and stopped.

General Tarkon contacted the Emperor, and said, his voice filled with pride, "We have arrived, sir."

Korm smiled, and growled "Good. Attack."
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 7

Robin stood on the roof of a huge office building in the middle of Jump City. He looked out at the wreckage that had once been downtown. Dozens of buildings were gone, and fires were rapidly consuming block after block, even though firefighters were doing their best to contain them. Ahead of him, the cause of all this devestation roared triumphantly. Robin gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in fury at Godzilla. He couldn't wait for Starfire and the Tamaranians to arrive, so they could give the damn lizard what he deserved.
The rest of the Titans were behind him, and he knew they felt the same way he did. Raven was meditating, Cyborg was inspecting his sonic cannon, making sure it was ready for action, and Beast Boy was also watching Godzilla's slow trek towards them. Robin knew that the military was also preparing for this final attack on the King of the Monsters. A few miles away, ten huge mobile artillery rocket launchers were preparing to fire.
Suddenly, Beast Boy said "Hey, look! They're here!" Robin looked up, as Cherma and Reemos dropped down to the roof, weapons at the ready. Korsov came down with his jetpack, and landed. Starfire came down next, holding Zarbek as if his two hundred pound body weighed nothing. Once they had all touched down, Robin pulled out his communicator, and contacted Lt. George Trenton, the officer in charge of the artillery. "Are you ready?" he asked.
"Yes, sir," came Trenton's response. Robin was glad to hear it. "Okay, fire at will."
He turned to his teammates, and said "Titans, go!" They instantly obeyed his order. The Tamaranians opened fire with their guns, blasting Godzilla's chest. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" yelled Raven, and a gigantic bird made of black energy burst from her hands. Robin and Cyborg leaped onto it's back, and it rushed full speed at Godzilla, Starfire and a green falcon flying behind and above it. The giant dinosaur stopped, and roared a challange as a glowing bird the size of a jumbo jet charged toward his face. He raised his claws, and his spikes began to flash.
Robin held three explosive disks in each hand, and he was ready to throw them. This was one of the coolest things he had ever done, and that was really saying something. He narrowed his eyes and grinned in anticipation as the wind whipped in his face. Cyborg was crouched next to him, his sonic cannon fully charged and ready to fire.
Beast Boy flapped hard, and pulled up high over the others. When he was about a thousand feet up, he folded his wings and dove, aiming straight at Godzilla's forehead. In seconds, he had reached his top speed of about two hundred mph. Just as he was going to hit, he became a sperm whale. Half a second later, his hundred ton body hit Godzilla's face. The dinosaur roared in pain, his head snapping back from the impact. BB morphed into a pteranodon and flew out of the way as the other Titans struck. Robin threw his disks, and Cyborg fired his cannon at them. Starfire shot her eye beams and a barrage of starbolts from each hand. Robin and Cy jumped off the bird's back, and were caught by BB and Star. The Titans scattered as missles rained down around them. A second later, every weapon hit at the same time.
The combined force of a Supersonic Boom, fifty starbolts, forty missles, and a huge energy bird blew Godzilla's head apart, and his body collapsed. The Titans cheered. It was over! They'd won, ending Godzilla's reign of terror forever.
"BOO-YAH!" screamed Cyborg, pumping his fists in the air. "Victory!" shouted Starfire. But there was a problem. "Uhhhh, guys? I don't think he's dead..." said Beast Boy. He pointed at Godzilla's 'lifeless' body, which was climbing back to it's feet. Like a fast-growing and extremely ugly tree, the monster's spine stretched up out of his shattered neck. The Titans watched in horror as a skull formed on top of the spine, and scaly black skin spread over it. Eyes appeared in the sockets, a tongue grew in the mouth, and Godzilla roared triumphantly.
The Titans were speechless for a full minute, until Cyborg said "No. Freaking. Way."
"Dude, am I the only one who saw that?!" yelled Beast Boy.
Godzilla roared again, and lumbered away, smashing through a hotel like it was made of cards. Suddenly, he stopped, looked up, and bellowed an earsplitting challange.
Above him, the sky was filled with flying saucers.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 8
In orbit above Earth, thirty miutes earlier

General Tarkon walked along the front row of his troops. A thousand of them were lined up in the Mothership's enormous hanger. A gigantic door was open at the end of the room, and Earth was filled the entire view. Dozens of saucer-shaped transports lined the walls, drop doors open, ready for the Simian army to board them.

Tarkon could barely contain his excitement at finally seeing his soldiers in action. In a few minutes, they would be heading down to Earth to obliterate the human scum, paving the way for a more advanced species.

"Men, you are about to embark on one of the most important missions in recent history. The Simian Empire has conquered a dozen worlds, now we will march into battle on this pathetic planet, and claim it as our own. I have the utmost confidence in you, but let me hear your sworn oath first."

A thousand huge voices filled the ship, saying "ATTACK WITHOUT MERCY! OBEY THE EMPEROR! NEVER RETREAT, NEVER SURRENDER!"

Tarkon was filled with pride. He knew that his soldiers would be able to defeat any resistance that the humans had to offer, and on the off-chance that they couldn't, the most powerful creature in the universe was there to back them up. "That's exactly right, now move out!" he ordered.

"SIR, YES SIR!" bellowed the troops, before splitting off into groups of thirty and piling into the transports. Once they were all loaded, the ships lifted off, and streaked out into space.

Jump City

The Titans watched as dozens of alien ships swooped down over the city. Godzilla roared defiantly at these new arrivals, as several of them came his way. Bright red lasers lanced down from them, pelting the dinosaur's huge body. He answered right back with his atomic fire. The blue beam struck a ship, and despite its tough armor, it exploded, the burning remains falling onto the buildings below. The other ships spread out, and continued their assault. As this battle was raging, many of the ships began to descend to the ground. As they did so, hundreds of small, one-man pods rained down from above, landing all over the city.

Robin saw about twenty pods hit the ground in a street right next to the building he was standing on. Immediately, the team rushed to the ground, and stood in front of the pods, ready to fight.

Beast Boy looked around at his friends, who were aiming their various weapons at the pods. Lacking any ranged weapons of his own, he became a polar bear. The front ends of the egg-shaped devices slid forward a little, and some kind of greenish gas poured out. He raised his huge paws, and got ready to attack whatever fire-breathing cockroaches or rock monsters came out of these things. The doors opened all the way, and out stepped..... "Monkeys?!" yelled Cyborg. "We're being invaded by monkeys?!" But as strange as it was, the creatures were big gorillas with silver armor and laser guns.

One ape with black armor stepped forward, and said, in a deep, growling voice, "Silence, human. We are the Simians. You may surrender, or (he cocked his gun) die. Choose."

Robin prepared to throw a birdarang at the monster, saying "You've obviously never heard of the Teen Titans, buddy. We're gonna go with the third option: take you down!"

The alien opened fire, and roared "Kill them!" Robin threw his weapon, and yelled "Titans, go!" The battle exploded. A wall of red energy beams blazed toward the heroes, who responded with their own powers. The birdarang sliced into the lead alien's weapon, cutting it in half. Robin ran at the ape, hitting it in the chest with a flying kick that knocked it down hard. Another ape lunged at him, but the Boy Wonder's agility saved him from a punch that could have taken his head off. He ducked under the blow, and retaliated with a hard right hook to the ape's jaw. It spat out a broken tooth, roared, and fired its gun. Robin was ready, though, and he spun around, blocking the laser with his heat-proof cape. The alien snarled, but a blue sonic beam caught it in the chest and sent it flying. Robin turned and saw Cyborg and Beast Boy fighting back-to-back against several more Simians. Cy raised a metal arm to block a punch, and swung his other arm, uppercutting his attacker and snapping its neck. BB, still a bear, tackled another ape, mauling its face. Starfire and Raven flew overhead, raining starbolts and telekenetic attacks down on the Simians. Star was fighting particularly hard, blasting the aliens with everything she had. She hit them so quickly and viscously that they could barely fight back. Robin knew she hated them for killing her sister, and wanted to return the favor. He pulled out his staff, and ran back into the battle.

Tarkon slowly climbed back to his feet, his chest aching where the human had kicked him. He wasn't badly injured, but his armor was smashed in. He looked around for the one that had attacked him. There were four humans and one Tamaranian fighting his men. One human was mostly mechanical, and (judging by the way he was throwing Simian warriors around like toys) extremely strong. Another was green, and could become Earthling animals. The next wore a dark blue cloak, and could fly. Strange black energy came from her hands, throwing pieces of the ground at the soldiers. The last human was clad in a red, green, black, and yellow outfit, and was skillfully wielding a long, metal pole. That was the one Tarkon wanted. With a loud roar, he charged the human. He didn't need a weapon, he'd tear his enemy apart with his bare hands. He was only a few feet from his target, when the human saw him and leaped aside. It raised its pole, and said "Bring it on."

"Your pathetic weapon is no match for me, scum!" shouted the enraged General. He rushed at the human, ducking to avoid a swipe from the pole. He swung a fist at the human, but it backflipped away. He struck again, and again, but the human was just too fast! Suddenly, it swung its pole at his head, but he caught it with one huge hand. He wrenched it out of the human's hands, snapped it in half, and threw the pieces aside. But the human didn't seem to be at all afraid, much to Tarkon's disapointment. It leaped at him, trying to kick him in the face, but he raised an arm to defend himself. The human struck his arm, and dropped back to the ground. Tarkon swung a fist at it, but it easily dodged the blow and attacked with a hard punch to his face. He roared in pain, but now it was the human's turn to go on the offensive. It lunged at Tarkon, attacking with a flurry of lightning-quick punches and kicks. He defended himself as well as he could, but was badly outmatched. A brutal kick to the jaw threw him to the ground and nearly knocked him out. The human saw that Tarkon was beaten, and left to finish off the rest of the shell-shocked troops.

. Tarkon managed to roll away, and used the communicator attached to his arm. "This is General Tarkon! I need reinforcements immediatly!" he yelled. Next, he backed away, ducking into a nearby alley. His whole body ached, and he knew that going back into the fight would be suicide, so he decided to wait for help to arrive. He couldn't believe that his troops, the best in the galaxy, were losing to a few human chidren! Still, though, he knew that his army could eventually wear the humans down with their sheer numbers, and would soon conquer the entire planet.

Robin threw an electric disk, killing the last Simian he could see. Many more lay all around, some dead, others unconcious. He was proud of his team, but he knew that they had been lucky. None of them were hurt, aside from a few small cuts and bruises. There hadn't been many Simians, only about twenty. He knew that there were many, many more, and that this fight was only beginning.

Godzilla roared angrilly as the alien ships circled around him, blasting him with their pathetic lasers. The attacks did no damage, only infuriated him. He fought back with his atomic fire, burning ship after ship out of the sky. Eventually, they gave up and backed off, but not because they were running away. They just didn't want to be in the way when the real firepower arrived.

Miles above them, an enormous fireball blazed down from space. It was King Ghidorah. His normally golden scales were glowing bright red from his descent through Earth's atmosphere, but he wasn't hurt. He'd done this dozens of times, on dozens of worlds. It was what he lived for, and even if, somewhere in his primitive mind, he realized that he couldn't fully control himself, he didn't care. Here was yet another planet for him to destroy, and that was all that really mattered.

Cherma and his guards had stayed on top of their building, and had so far not been attacked. The Captain was a skilled sniper, and had brought a powerful sniper rifle with him. Now, he was using it to devestating effect, downing dozens of Simians, without any of the apes ever knowing what hit them. Unfortunately, that was about to end. A peircing scream echoed across the city, and a huge flash lit up the sky. Reemos looked up, and saw a familiar, three-headed demon descending from space.

"Looks like we got somethin' else ta worry about now," he growled. The evil dragon's heads writhed everywhere, and it's loud, whistling screams made it appear pshycotic. It swooped down over the skyscrapers, attacking with its devestating lightning bolts, and leaving a path of flaming destruction behind it. It continued screaming insanely the whole way, blasting apart buildings with no effort. Now there's a monster that enjoys his work! thought Reemos, wishing he could blast its ugly faces off.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 9

Two hours later

A Simian transport slowly descended, landing in an empty paking lot. As soon as it touched the ground, the door burst open, and three heavily armed warriors leaped out. They scanned the area, making sure it was deserted. "All clear!" shouted one soldier, and two dozen more marched out of the ship, ready to fight. They were looking for humans, so they ignored the green fly that was buzzing around them. It quickly made its way into the middle of the group, and stopped.

The Simians were preparing to search each building for humans, in case any were trying to hide, when a green t-rex appeared right underneath them, sending several of them flying. Beast Boy snapped his huge jaws at them, grabbing one and shaking it like a ragdoll. Three more warriors opened fire, and he bellowed in pain as the heat rays struck him. He staggered backwards, the blasts searing his head and neck, but he wasn't alone. Behind the Simians, the pavement exploded in a flash of black light, and a sewer pipe lifted up, spraying hundreds of gallons of sludge all over them. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg leaped up out of the hole, blasting the apes with their weapons. As the aliens scattered, Beast Boy turned into a tiger. The morphing healed his wounds, and he pounced on a Simian, sinking his fangs into its throat.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

General Tarkon grinned as he watched his troops being attacked. For the last few hours he'd been observing the battle from his personal ship, and had come to realize that the humans he had lost to were far more powerful than most. His soldiers had fought elements of the human military, and had won fairly easily. The super-powered children were called the 'Teen Titans' and seemed to be some sort of advanced law enforcement. Their powers were extemely formidable, but they weren't perfect.

So, he had devised a plan. The soldiers fighting the Titans were bait. Now that they were being attacked, he would send in reinforcements, too many for the Titans to ever defeat. He activated his wrist communicator, and said "Attack!"

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Cyborg braced himself as two Simians rushed at him. One aimed a punch at his face, but he caught the fist in one hand. The alien snarled, and tried to grab his face, but he pushed it backwards, knocking it down, and aimed his cannon at it. Before he could fire, though, the second ape charged into him, sending him flying into a parked car fifteen feet away. The car's left left side doors were smashed in, but Cy wasn't hurt. He got back up, grabbed the car, and threw it at the Simians, smashing both flat. He looked around, and saw that the other Titans were finishing the last few aliens. He started to go help, but a powerful red laser struck the ground right behind him, and knocked him down hard. He rolled over, looked up, and saw a dozen saucers hovering overhead

The bottom of each ship opened up, and Simians poured out. About a hundred drop pods rained down, surrounding the Titans with warriors. A few much larger pods landed, and opened up to reveal gigantic spider robots. The heroes clustered together in the center of the army, ready to fight.

"Titans, ready!" shouted Robin, pulling out a smoke grenade. They prepared their weapons, and Beast Boy became a wooly mammoth. But this time they were completely surrounded, and outnumbered about fifty to one.

"Don't move, scum," snarled a familiar voice. Tarkon walked up to them, flanked by six huge bodyguards. "You've put up a good fight, but now you've lost. Accept it."

"You suck, ya know that, ya piece of shi*?" growled Cyborg.

Tarkon smiled, and said "Go ahead, insult me. It will do you no good."

Robin nudged Raven with his elbow, and whispered "Get us out of here!" Her eyes turned white, and she started to put a forcefield around them, but a red stun laser struck her in the chest, and she fell to her knees.

"No, humans, you can't escape," said Tarkon. He grinned smugly as he leveled his pistol at Robin's head. "Any last words?" he asked.

Suddenly, a terrifyingly loud roar echoed across the city. A huge bolt of blue fire struck one of the spider robots, sending it flying into a building five hundred feet away. "What?!" bellowed Tarkon, whirling around. Godzilla was slowly stomping toward them, his spikes flashing. Another lethal beam blazed out of his mouth, blasting dozens of warriors into dust.

The shocked aliens automatically backed up, and Robin yelled "Titans, go!" He threw his smoke grenade down, blinding the Simians. The other Titans fired, scattering the apes, and Raven created a gigantic energy bird around them, blocking a barrage of laser fire. The bird took to the air, flapping away at top speed. The spider robots opened up on Godzilla with their missle launchers, but he ignored the weapons and incinerated the robots.

"Damn!" roared Tarkon, squeezing his gun and crushing it flat. "Withdraw!" he barked into his communicator. The hovering transports lowered their orange tractor beams, and the warriors rushed into them, and were sucked back up into the ships. Godzilla bellowed triumphantly, but then a piercing scream assaulted his ears.

Necks and tails writhing continuously, King Ghidorah swooped down over the suspension bridge, lightning crackling from his mouths. The searing bolts struck the bay, sending clouds of steam and boiling water into the sky. The bridge rattled as the monster passed over. He flapped toward Godzilla, roaring a challange.

Godzilla replied with his own earth-shaking bellow, and swept his train-sized tail, sending tons of debris flying like so much confetti. Ghidorah slowly landed in front of the dinosaur, his huge wings flapping and creating powerful gusts of wind that battered Godzilla. The dragon was enormous, over a hundred feet taller then Godzilla. The dinosaur squinted, and growled angrily. His spikes began to flash, and he spat fire.

Ghidorah howled in shock as the devestating blue beam slammed into his chest, blowing him back a few blocks and into one of the few remaining skyscrapers. The building shattered, collapsing onto the three-headed alien, burying him alive. Godzilla roared in triumph, but his enemy wasn't down yet.

The pile of debris exploded, and Ghidorah reared up out of it, all six of his eyes glowing evily. Lighting blazed out of each mouth, striking Godzilla and sending him staggering back, smoke pouring from large burns on his chest and stomach. Ghidorah howled again, and leaped into the air. He swooped down towards Godzilla, kicking him hard in the face with both feet. The giant reptile roared, and toppled over, smashing a huge crater into the ground as he landed. Ghidorah fired more lightning, ruthlessly blasting his fallen foe. He flapped his wings once, lifting up into the air, then smashed back down on Godzilla. He repeated this brutal attack again and again, trying to crush his enemy. After a dozen bone-smashing stomps, the dragon backed off, knowing that no living thing could have survived that kind of beating. Except Godzilla.

Roaring defiently, the King of the Monsters stood up, bruised, broken, but far from beaten. His shattered ribs were already healing, and he charged toward the surprised alien. He slashed Ghidorah's chest with his claws, tearing deep gashes in the golden scales. Blood sprayed from the wounds, and the dragon retaliated by burying his razor-sharp fangs in Godzilla's head. The dinosaur snarled in hatred, and repeatedly punched Ghidorah in the chest. The dragon let go, and backed up, blasting lightning at his opponent's face. Godzilla ignored the attack, and responded with atomic fire. The beam hit the alien's stomach, and he skidded back a few hundred feet. He doubled over, groaning in pain, but Godzilla wasn't done yet. He lunged at Ghidorah, and slashed it's heads with his claws. He backed up a few steps, spun around, and tail-whipped Ghidorah in the chest. The brutal impact lifted the alien off his feet, and sent him flying. He smashed down almost a thousand feet away, and just lay there groaning.

Godzilla roared in victory, and watched the dragon, waiting to see if it would get back up.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Cherma was watching the battle from the makeshift control center he and his men had set up in their office building. He could see that both monsters were extremely powerful, though Godzilla seemed to be winning.

"Nice ta see Ghidorah gettin' his butt kicked," growled Reemos.

"He deserves it," said Zarbek.

Suddenly, the whole room started glowing black, and a swirling portal opened up in the celing. Korsov aimed his gun at it, but held his fire when he saw the Titans drop through. "You guys okay?" he asked them.

"Yeah, but damn that was close!" replied Cyborg. Beast Boy walked over to the window, and looked out at the huge monsters. Godzilla was slowly walking towards Ghidorah, who was apparantly out cold.

"That three-headed idot's only been here a few hours, and Godzilla already took him down!" he laughed. "That's just pathetic."

Suddenly, Ghidorah leaped up, smashing Godzilla in the chin with all three heads. The shocked dinosaur was thrown backwards, blood and broken teeth spilling out of his mouth. Ghidorah screamed, waving his heads crazily. He spat more lightning bolts as he flew up into the air. Godzilla got back up, roaring furiously. He shot atomic fire at the alien, but missed.

"Wow," said Beast Boy. "They're freakin' invincible! Godzilla's gonna win, though."

"I dunno, I'm voting for Ghidorah." answered Cyborg. "Look at him: he's a hundred feet taller and he can fly. Big G ain't got a chance!"

BB wasn't convinced. "Dude, we blew off his head and he grew it right back! If that's not unstoppable, I don't know what is."

"Wanna bet?" asked Cy.

"You're on, Cyborg! Loser does the dishes for a week!"

Raven shook her head. "Will you two ever stop arguing?" she asked.

"No," they replied.

Meanwhile, Robin was asking Cherma what he knew about Ghidorah. "Does he have any weaknesses? Anything we can exploit to kill him?"

"None that I know of," the Tamaranian replied. "His scales are extremely hard to penetrate, and he can quickly heal most wounds. Not as fast as Godzilla, but fast enough."

Robin nodded and said "Yeah, I was afraid of that. Well, for now, he's Godzilla's problem, so we'll just focus on taking down the Simians."
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 10

Simian Mothership

Emperor Korm stood on the bridge of his flagship, watching the battle below on several huge computer screens. The bridge was a large, round room with computer consoles all around the perimiter. A cylinder-shaped hologram projector sat in the center of the room, and a semi-transparent, green image of Earth hovered above it. Red dots marked the location of his troops, and yellow ones showed where human military forces were concentrated. Several Simian officers were scattered around, performing various tasks.

Korm glared angrily at pictures of the Teen Titans and Godzilla, as they tore his troops apart. He wasn't happy about the way the battle was going. We should have gathered more information about the humans before attacking, he realized. Well, it didn't matter. The second, much larger fleet was arriving now, and brought with them another monster, the lethal cyborg Gigan.

King Ghidorah was fighting hard, but Godzilla was too powerful for even him to defeat. Gigan will change that, he thought confidently.

"Sir? Admiral Shrakk's fleet is ready, sir," said a sergent, from behind Korm. He turned around, and replied "Good. Call Tarkon and tell him to fall back. Get Ghidorah out of the way, too. We'll attack Godzilla from here, with this ship's artillery. If he somehow survives that, our monsters will finish him off."

The sergent saluted. "Yes, sir!" he barked, then hurried off to obey his orders.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

The Titans had returned to the Tower, to strategize. Cyborg's power cell was low, so he had to recharge, and Robin needed to reload his utility belt. Cherma and his guards had come back too, and were in their ship. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven monitored the computer, watching the monsters as they tore each other apart. The Simians had apparently retreated, to let Ghidorah finish off Godzilla.

Suddenly, the alarm started blaring. Rae pushed a few buttons, and a mass of red dots appeared in the northern part of the city, which had been mostly left alone so far. "Oh crap," she said. "Get Robin!"

Starfire flew out the door and into the hallway, nearly running Robin and Cyborg over as they came around a corner. "The Simians?" asked Robin.

She nodded. "Yes, they have returned in force, and are attacking the north side!"

"Aw, man! That's where the jail is!" yelled Cy.

Raven and Beast Boy came out of the living room, and Robin said "We have to stop them now! Titans, go!"

.................................................................................................... ...................................

A Simian tank rumbled up a low hill, towards the Jump City Prison. The pilot had no idea how many dangerous criminals were inside the building, all he saw was a good target for his vehicle's laser cannon. He drove straight through the tall chain-link fence, aimed at the nearest wall, and fired. The huge, red beam smashed through the concrete wall, and, by sheer chance, tore through the control room.

The tank pilot grinned as he examined his handiwork. A twenty-foot hole had been blown in the wall, and clouds of smoke and dust billowed everywhere. Suddenly, something huge appeared in the cloud, and charged towards the tank. "What?" he growled, aiming the cannon at the dark form. He started to pull the trigger, but was too slow. A living statue smashed into the tank, sending the fifty-ton vehicle skidding backwards like a toy. Sparks flew from the controls, and the pilot pushed the hatch open, climbing out. He pulled his laser pistol out of his belt, and took aim at his concrete foe. But before he could fire, it swung a huge fist at him with the force of a wrecking ball, and crushed his skull like it was made of glass.

.................................................................................................... .................................

"Whoa!" said Jinx, as the glowing blue energy door of her cell vanished. Are they letting me go? she wondered, as she stepped out into the hallway. She looked around, expecting to see a battalion of heavily armed guards surrounding her. To her surprise, the corridor was empty, except for a confused-looking Gizmo.

"What the snot just happened?" he asked. Jinx shook her head.

"I have no idea," she replied. "Where's Mammoth?"

The pint-sized criminal pointed at another cell, which was fortified with a huge metal door. "That one," he said, walking over to it. He knocked on the door, and yelled "Hey, ya big idiot! The forcefields are out!"

A gruff voice, muffled by the door, said "Yeah? Then get outta the way!"

Jinx and Gizmo backed off, and the door shattered, revealing the hulking form of Mammoth. "What's goin' on?" he asked.

"Good question, but if we can escape, we should do it fast, before the Titans get here," Jinx answered.

"I need my gear!" said Gizmo. "I think all the confiscated crud's in a room on the other side of this wall."

Mammoth raised one huge fist, and punched the wall, smashing a huge hole through it. Gizmo walked in, with Jinx right behind him. She looked around, seeing all kinds of weapons in glass cases lining the walls. She saw Mumbo's wand, Control Freak's remote, and hundreds of others. "Sweet, there it is!" said Gizmo, opening one of the cases. He pulled out his deceptively small computer-backpack, which was filled with enough weapons to make him a walking arsenal. He quickly put it on, pushed a button, and huge metal spider legs extended out, lifting him up off the ground. Machine guns lifted up over his shoulders, and he put on his goggles, which had a targeting reticle for the guns. "Heh heh heh, bring it on Titans!" he laughed.

Jinx said "Alright, let's go. Mammoth, I want you out front, and Gizmo and I will cover you." They obeyed, started out into the main hall, and headed for the door. After a few seconds, Mammoth stopped and said "What is that?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Jinx, confused.

He turned and looked at her. "That sound. Listen." She and Gizmo listened for a second, and then they heard it. A strange, gurgling snarl was coming from somewhere nearby. Gizmo walked down the hall a few feet, and looked into a doorway.

"Snot!" he yelled, backing up. A huge, purple shape lumbered towards him, growling menecingly. It was Plasmus, in all his disgusting glory. "Get away from me, ya ugly blob!" Gizmo screamed, firing his machine guns. The bullets ripped through the twenty-foot sludge monster's chest, and out his back, pelting the wall behind him. Plasmus growled, as the bullet holes refilled themselves with slime. "Ah crud," muttered Gizmo.

"Attack pattern Al....." Jinx started to say, but was interupted by a deafening explosion. What looked like an overturned tank smashed through the wall, skidding right between Plasmus and the H.I.V.E agents. They looked through the hole it had made, and saw that the prison's parking lot was on the other side. The four confused super-villains walked outside, and were greeted with the sight of Cinderblock, who was holding another tank over his head. Dozens of armored gorillas were firing red lasers at the statue, but he ignored them, and threw the tank. It flew about a hundred feet, and crashed into the forest, snapping pine trees like twigs. Cinderblock roared, stomping towards the apes, but a third tank fired it's enormous cannon at him. A huge red beam caught him in the chest, hurling him backwards and into Plasmus. The blob was splattered everywhere, and Cinderblock was unconcious.

"Get ready," said Jinx, as the gorillas closed in on them, guns leveled.

"What do you hairballs want?" asked Gizmo.

One of the apes aimed it's gun at him. "Your heads," it replied. It's finger was tightening on the trigger, when a huge, blue explosion appeared out of nowhere, scattering the apes like leaves in a tornado.

Robin and Cyborg dropped down out of the air, the former throwing a disk at the aliens, the latter blasting it with his sonic cannon. Another sonic boom tore a dozen more apes apart, as Starfire, Raven, and a green velociraptor landed and encircled the H.I.V.E agents. Raven put up a dome of black energy around everyone, shielding them from the gorillas' retalitory laser barrage.

Oh crap, thought Jinx, preparing to fire a hex bolt. Robin pulled his bo-staff out of his belt, and turned to face her.

"Wait," he said. "We don't want to fight, we just want to talk."

Jinx was caught by surprise, but she tried not to show it. "About what?" she asked cautiously. This was unusual, because the Titans had long since given up trying to get her to surrender. Whenever they fought, Robin tended to shoot first, and ask questions later.

"Look," he said. "I'm just gonna get straight to the point: this is an all-out war. The Simians want to take over Earth, and kill every living thing on it. If we have to fight you, we'll win, but even if you would escape, the Simians would track you down and incinerate you. If you help us fight them, however, there's a much bigger chance you'll survive. Your choice."

Jinx hesitated, unsure of what to say. Gizmo didn't. "Yeah, well what're we gonna get fer helpin' ya? Thrown back in jail to rot? I don't think so."

Jinx nodded, and said "He has a point. We die fighting now, or sitting in that damn jail cell in eighty years? What's our incentive?"

"I can't hold this much longer," said Raven, as a Simian gunship opened fire with it's battery of laser cannons, pounding her forcefield.

Robin glared at the sorceress, and yelled "Dammit, Jinx, we don't have time for this! Will you help or not?!"

She smiled slightly, because it looked like it was taking all his effort not to hit her. Good she thought, I hope he is mad, the stupid piece of.... "Answer my question first: why should we help you?"

For a second, Robin looked like he was going to beat her over the head with his staff, but restrained himself. "Fine," he grated. "If you help, we'll shorten your sentences as much as we can. That good enough?"

Jinx wasn't sure she could believe him, but decided to take the chance. "Deal," she replied.

Robin looked relieved, and said "Thanks. Raven, when I say 'go' drop the shield, and everybody hit as fast and hard as you can. Jinx? You got that?"

She quickly sized up the situation, and said "We'll take that gunship, you guys deal with the infantry."

Robin nodded, raised his staff, and yelled "Titans, go!"

Raven dropped the shield, and the Titans attacked, pounding the Simians with their various weapons. "Beta Maneuver!" ordered Jinx, and Gizmo blasted into the air with his jetpack. He streaked over the ship, throwing an EMP grenade at it. The explosion neutralized the shields, leaving it open to attack.

Mammoth turned his back on the ship, cupped his huge hands, and lowered them to the ground. Jinx ran at him as fast as she could, and stepped into his hands. He pushed up hard, flipping her up over his head, and sending her flying towards the ship. She flipped several times in midair, hit the ship's hull with her feet, kicked off, and shot it with a bright pink hex bolt. She fell back to the ground, landing into a series of graceful backflips. When she stopped, she looked up, to see that her bad-luck spell had done the job. Pink flashes rippled along the ship's hull, accompanied by small explosions. After a few seconds, it detonated in a fireball that lit up the sky.

"Nice shot!" growled Mammoth, and they charged at the infantry, as Gizmo layed down a barrage of cover-fire with his machine guns.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Robin leaped at a Simian, smashing it in the face with his staff. He looked up, as Starfire swooped over him, raining starbolts down on the alien army. He hit another ape in the face with a flying kick, leaped over another, spun around, and cut through it's spine with a birdarang. More of the aliens fired at him, but he spun his staff, expertly blocking the deadly beams. Star came up behind him, and killed the apes with a barrage of well-aimed starbolts.

"Nice shootin', tex!" said Beast Boy, coming up behind them. "These stupid monkeys are getting pathetic. We just started, and they're already dropping like flies!"

He was right. Robin looked around, and saw that, despite their vastly superior numbers, the Simians were losing miserably. Plasmus had pulled himself together, and was smacking aliens left and right. A tank fired at him, blowing a huge hole through his stomach, but he refilled it with sludge, and spat a blob of green acid at his attacker. The tank's armor was burned away in seconds by the corrosive slime, and Plasmus roared triumphantly.

"Fall back!" shouted the Simian commander, and his last few soldiers retreated. Plasmus turned his attention to the Titans, spitting acid at Robin. He flipped backwards, avoiding the acid, and threw a freeze disk at the monster. Plasmus growled angrily, as half his slimy body froze solid, and Jinx shot him with a hex, causing him to fall asleep, and turn back into his human form.

"I guess today isn't your lucky day," she told him. Robin looked around, making sure the Simians were gone. In the distance, he could hear Godzilla and Ghidorah roaring. That was when he saw a small transport ship lifting off, as Gizmo shot his machine guns at it. The bullets bounced off the ship's armor, and it started to get away.

"Titans, stop that ship!" yelled Robin. Starfire flew up to it, grabbed onto the top, and pushed down as hard as she could. Cyborg fired his wrist cable, which was tipped with a magnet. It stuck to the ship's hull, and Cy started dragging it to the ground. The ship's engines flared, and it tried to get away, but Beast Boy, an eagle, flew up to it, landed on top, and became an elephant. The extra six tons were just enough to force the ship to the ground, where Raven pulled open the hatch, and boarded it. Seconds later, she came back out, telekeneticly dragging the unconcious two-man crew behind her.

"Cyborg, see if you can figure out how to work this thing," said Robin.

"Piece of cake," Cy answered, climbing into the hovering craft. Since Cy wasn't pulling anymore, BB turned into a whale to hold the ship down.

Robin turned to Jinx, and said "We're going to try to attack the Simian Mothership."

"I assume that you're putting us back in jail now?" she asked.

He sighed, and said "Yes. But, since you helped us, I'll try to cut your sentence down to just a few years."

Even with his promise, Jinx still didn't seem satisfied. Why am I not surprised? he thought.

"You'll 'try'? What if we don't go back in willingly?" she asked.

Robin glared at her. "Don't start. Like I said before: if we have to fight you, we'll win. Don't make this harder on yourself."

Suddenly, Starfire yelled "Look out!" and grabbed Robin and Jinx, pulling them out of the path of a huge bolt of lightning. A loud, whistling scream shook the ground, and Ghidorah flew overhead, blasting the occaisional building.

"What the hell was that?!" yelled Mammoth.

Robin was about to answer, when the sky was lit up by huge red lasers, blasting down out of space to hit something on the ground. Starfire flew up into the air, hovered for a moment, then came back down. " It is Godzilla. The Simian fleet must be attacking him from orbit!" she reported.

"That's why Ghidorah isn't fighting anymore. They must have told him to back off," said Robin.

"There is more," interupted Star. "Hundreds of their ships are on the way, and they will arrive here momentarily."

"Don't these guys ever quit?!" growled Robin. He turned to Jinx, and said "You can stay out of jail a little longer if you'll fight them."

She grinned, and said "Fine."

Robin wasn't done though. "Don't you even think about trying to escape. Raven is telepathic, and can find you no matter where you try to hide. I'll give you a Titan communicator, and when we get back, if you don't answer, we'll hunt you down and tear you apart. That clear?"

"Like you even could!" she replied. "And you're exaggerating about Raven, but don't worry, I'll answer."

Robin didn't completely trust her, but didn't have time to argue any more. "Titans, move!" he ordered, and they boarded the transport.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 11

Raven walked into the stolen transport's passenger area, which was a square-shaped room large enough to hold thirty Simian Warriors and their equipment.. Starfire and Beast Boy were right behind her.

Robin and Cyborg were in the cockpit, piloting the transport towards the Mothership. BB and Star probably would have been there as well, but there wasn't enough room. Raven was looking forward to (hopefully) a few minutes of peace and quiet, so she could meditate. The last few hours had consisted mainly of tearing through swarms of alien apes, so she was more than ready to relax for a little while. She knew that getting on board the Mothership wasn't going to be easy, and she would need to be ready for anything. Star and BB were talking, but Raven tuned them out, and began to levitate. "Azereth....Metrion....Ziiinthos..." she whispered.

After about five minutes, a loud, piercing siren went off, breaking her concentration. Cyborg's voice blared out of speakers on the ceiling, shouting "Hang on, y'all! We got company!"

Raven walked over to the viewport on one of the walls, and her eyes widened in shock. Dozens of Simian ships blazed past them, glowing bright red as they plunged through the atmosphere. But that wasn't what surprised her. An enormous, dark blur shot past, dwarfing the transport. It went by so fast that Rae couldn't make out the details.

"Dude, what was that?!" yelled Beast Boy.

"I do not know, but I fear it was nothing good," answered Starfire.

Raven silently agreed.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Jinx ran up 19th Street, trying to find cover before she was fried by a Simian spider robot. Red lasers pounded everything around her, and she leaped through a broken grocery store window, ducking to the right as a laser punched through the wall behind her. The resulting explosion collapsed half the ceiling, and blew a crater in the floor. A few shelves had been destroyed, and piles of burnt cereal boxes and smashed soup cans littered what remained of the floor.

"It went that way!" she heard a Simian shout, and two of the apes charged through the shattered wall, guns at the ready. One saw Jinx, and fired. She rolled aside, barely avoiding the deadly beams. She shot a hex at the wall next to them, causing it to explode, and knock the Simians off balance. They quickly recovered, and fired again, but another volley of hex bolts destroyed their weapons. Jinx turned around, and ran towards the back off the store, hearing the aliens shouting threats behind her.

She ran along the tops of the shelves, making sure she stayed in plain sight. As she'd hoped, the Simians followed her, smashing through the shelves like living wrecking balls. Once she had them where she wanted them, she spun around, and fired a hex at the ceiling above them. It collapsed, burying the apes in an avalanche of debris. She ran back outside, seeing that Mammoth and Gizmo were fighting a spider.

Gizmo circled around it, pounding it with his machine guns. The bullets did little damage, but they were only meant to be a distraction. Mammoth charged at it, delivering a crushing blow that shattered a leg. He repeated the attack on another leg, and then backed off. Gizmo fired a pair of missles at it, striking it's laser cannons as they fired. The resulting explosion tore the robot apart.

Jinx joined them, and they prepared to finish the battle, but the infantry, even though there were still at least a hundred of them, were retreating.

"What're they runnin' from?" growled Mammoth, but a deafening roar answered his question. Jinx turned around, and saw an enormous dinosaur looming over the remains of a hotel. "Oh. That's what they're runnin' from," said Mammoth.

Godzilla slowly lumbered towards them, the spikes on his back flashing blue. A bolt of blue fire shot out of his mouth, reducing a Dairy Queen to a smoking crater. Suddenly, Jinx noticed something coming down out of the sky behind the monster. Seconds later, it smashed into the back of his head, and disappeared in a green flash. With a surprised roar, he toppled over, slamming face-first into the ground and skidding straight at the H.I.V.E. agents.

When he hit the ground, he caused a small earthquake that flattened many of the nearby buildings. Jinx was thrown backwards several feet, and landed hard. She felt a burst of pain as her head hit the pavement, then nothing.

.................................................................................................... ...............................

General Tarkon stood on the roof of a building, watching through his binoculars as Godzilla came to a stop, only inches away from the super powered criminals. The small one had used his jetpack to stay out of harm's way, but the other two had been knocked down. The large one stood up, apparantly unharmed, but the female looked unconcious. Her huge teammate picked her up, and ran as Godzilla began to rise. The giant reptile looked around for his attacker, roaring angrily.

Tarkon smiled, knowing that if Godzilla wanted a fight, he would certainly get one. With another blinding green flash, the evil cyborg monster Gigan appeared in front of Godzilla. Gigan was a bizzare creature. He was covered with green and gold scales, and resembled a bipedal dinosaur. He had three large, yellow, fan-shaped wings on his back, a buzzsaw in his stomach, and huge, razor sharp metal hooks instead of hands. A single glowing, red eye stretched across his face, and he had a metal beak, with sharp, curved mandibles on either side of it. Gigan crashed his claws together with a thunderous clang, and let out a roar that sounded like an electronic parrot. Godzilla roared back, and raised his claws, ready to fight.

Tarkon knew that Gigan could shred the dinosaur with ease, but Ghidorah was waiting nearby, just in case. Suddenly, the cyborg attacked, lunging at Godzilla, and burying a hook in his shoulder. Godzilla roared in pain, but retaliated with a hard punch to the alien's face. Gigan squawked, and pulled his claw loose, tearing a huge gash in the dinosaur's shoulder. Green blood sprayed from the wound, but it began to heal almost immediately. Godzilla's spikes flashed, and he shot atomic fire. Gigan was caught by surprise, and blown back almost half a mile, but his tough, heat-resistant scales withstood the blast. Growling angrily, he got back up, and charged. He slammed into Godzilla, swiping his claws with surprising speed and incredible force. The dinosaur staggered backwards, blood pouring from a dozen gaping wounds. Gigan struck again, but Godzilla caught his claw, swung him sideways, and threw him to the ground.

Godzilla's wounds were healing quickly, and he raised one huge foot, and stomped down hard on Gigan's chest. The cyborg screamed, and tried to get up, but Godzilla kicked him, keeping him down. The reptile was about to stomp again, but Gigan suddenly vanished in a green flash. Godzilla was blinded by the flash, and tripped, falling hard. He roared, and started to get back up, but Gigan appeared above him, and landed on his back, pinning him down. Godzilla thrashed, trying hard to stand, but the alien raised a claw, preparing to slam it down on his head. That was when Godzilla raised his four hundred foot tail, and smashed it into Gigan's legs, tripping him. The enraged dinosaur stood up, and kicked the alien as hard as he could, throwing him across five blocks. Gigan rolled a few times before coming to a stop, and lay still. Godzilla roared, but kept watching his fallen opponent for signs of movement.

Tarkon growled angrily, and activated his communicator. "Send Ghidorah back," he ordered. He now realized that Godzilla could defeat either alien monster individually, but together they would surely kill him. As he watched, Gigan began to stir, and Godzilla started towards him, spikes flashing. The dinosaur opened his mouth to breath fire, but was suddenly hit in the back by a barrage of lightning bolts. He fell to the ground, and his shot went wild, blasting a distant skyscraper in half.

Perfect timing thought Tarkon, as Ghidorah swooped down, landing behind Godzilla. The dinosaur climbed back up, growling as he did so, and surveyed his opponents. To the left was Gigan, who was smashing his claws together and sqawking. To the right was Ghidorah, writhing his necks and slowly flapping his enormous wings.

Godzilla's spikes lit up, and he roared, as the alien monsters began to attack.

.................................................................................................... ..............................

"There it is y'all!" Cyborg said into the transport's intercom system. The Simian Mothership hovered before them, surrounded by dozens of smaller (but still huge) battleships and destroyers. Cy was awed by the huge fleet, and it suddenly occured to him that, compared to these behemoths, his ship was very small and lightly armed.

Beast Boy's voice came over the intercom, saying "Um, how exactly are we gonna beat these guys? I mean....look at this! There's gotta be fifty ships here, and I don't really like those odds."

Cy agreed, and turned to Robin. "Dude's got a point," he said. "We have one anti-infantry laser cannon, and a few light missles. We wouldn't even break their shields!"

Robin nodded, pushed the intercom button, and said "That's why we're not going to fight if we can help it. We'll try to get into the Mothership's hangar, and capture the Emperor from there."

"What if they refuse to let us on board?" asked Starfire.

Raven answered that question, saying "Cyborg, if you can get us close, I can teleport us onto the ship."

Cyborg pushed a few buttons on the control panel, and plugged one of his fingers into a socket. A few seconds later, he told the rest of the team "I just downloaded the Mothership's layout and other info, and I'm transfering into your communicators. See if it worked."

They all said yes. Suddenly, a deep voice came over the intercom. "Attention transport crew. Identify yourselves, and state your intentions. We have not ordered anyone to return."

Cyborg turned to Robin, and said "Should I answer them? I know the ship's service number, and I can tell them we got damaged or something."

"I guess it's worth a try," his friend replied.

Cy shrugged, and contacted the Mothership. "Uh, this is Transport 733-992, and we suffered severe damage while fighting the Titans. We need immediate repairs."

After a short delay, a Simian voice responded. "Negative. Our scanners have revealed only minimal damage.....and that you are humans. Prepare to die."

"Damn you," replied Cyborg, and then shut off the intercom. The collision alarm started blaring, and he looked at the sensor display. "We got three bandits, comin' in fast!"

"Get us close!" yelled Robin, and Cy punched the accelerater. The transport shot forward, rapidly nearing the Mothership. Three fighters streaked towards them, opening fire with their laser cannons. The ship's shields withstood the blasts, but were almost completely drained.

"Figures," muttered Cy, as he transfered more energy to the shields. Another laser struck the forcefield, and was deflected. The fighters blew past, then took up a position behind them. A barrage of lasers pounded the aft shields, slowly draining them away.

Cyborg dodged from side to side, trying to avoid the lethal beams, but the pilots stayed right on him, firing relentlessly.

.................................................................................................... .................................

Raven knew that they were in trouble, because the whole ship was rattling. A small explosion ripped through one wall, sending sparks flying everywhere. She concentrated on the fighters outside, and said "Azereth, Metrion, Zinthos!"

A bird made of black energy burst from her hands, passed through the transport's hull, and flew towards the fighters. In the darkness of space, the Simian pilots couldn't see the bird until it was too late. It tore through two of the ships, blowing them apart. The remaining ship refused to back off though, and continued shooting until the bird came back and sliced it in half.

.................................................................................................... ..................................

Robin sighed with relief, and said "Thanks Rae." But more fighters were on the way, accompanied by a huge destroyer. It aimed it's battery of laser cannons at the transport, and started to fire, but stopped when a huge explosion lit up it's hull. He looked out the viewport, and saw dozens of missles streaking up from Earth. They hit several Simian ships, but caused little damage. However, they provided a distraction, allowing Cyborg to get close to the Mothership. "Looks like the military's finally helping," said Cy.

Robin pushed the intercom, and yelled "Raven, now!"

The whole ship glowed black, and he suddenly found himself in a metal-walled corridor, with blue lights along the ceiling. The other Titans were there as well.

Cy checked his arm computer, and said "It worked! We're just outside a storage room."

Robin studied the map on his communicator, and he said "Okay, the bridge is this way. Let's go!"

They started walking down the hallway, and for several minutes, nothing happened. As they rounded a corner, Robin said "So far, so good."

That was when a peircing alarm went off, and a deep voice echoed through the ship, shouting "The Titans have gained entry to the ship! All security forces to Corridor G-16, immediatly!"

"Don't you pay any attention to action movies?!" yelled Beast Boy. "You say 'so far so good', and then you get shot!"

Robin ignored the changeling, got out his bo-staff, and said "Get ready!" Suddenly, a metal door slammed down behind them, and a dozen Simian guards came charging up from the other direction, already firing their guns. Raven managed to put up a weak shield and block the first few shots. Star and Cyborg returned fire, while Robin and Beast Boy (now a bull) charged. They quickly tore through the first wave of aliens, but more kept coming. The Titans fought hard, but in the cramped hallway, and with their backs against the door, the alien barrage was slowly pushing them back. "Sonic Boom!" yelled Robin, throwing a disk. Cy shot it, and most of the Simians exploded. Rae blasted down the last two, but another door slammed down in front of them, trapping them in the narrow hall.

"Star, burn it down!" ordered Robin. She nodded, aimed her hands at one door, and started shooting. The starbolts hit the door hard, but did no visible damage. For almost a minute, she blasted as hard as she could, adding more power until the beams would have melted a tank. Unfortunately, the door wasn't even scratched. "That's not working," said Robin. "Beast Boy?"

The shapeshifter backed up as far as he could, became a rhino, and charged. He smashed the door going full speed, but just bounced off. He demorphed, and rubbed his head. "What's this stupid thing made of?" he asked. Cyborg scanned it, and whistled.

"Solid adamantium! Not real thick, but completely invincible."

"I'll teleport us," said Raven. "Azereth, Metrion, Zin...Aaaahh!" she was cut off as a laser struck her in the back. She collapsed, and the others saw a small turret gun hanging out of the ceiling. Robin destroyed it with a birdarang, but now they were stuck. Rae wasn't hurt, but she was out cold. Suddenly, blue gas started spraying out of vents on the walls, and the Titans began to pass out.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 12

As the chamber quickly filled with gas, the Titans began to lose consciousness. Beast Boy managed to become a fly, and get up onto the ceiling, above the gas. The others were already out, and he knew that he couldn't help them yet. After a few minutes, the gas stopped coming, and was sucked back into the walls. One door retracted, and four Simians walked in, guns leveled at the unconscious heroes. BB stayed completely still, praying that they wouldn't see him.

The aliens picked up the Titans, and carried them away. More were waiting outside, and kept their weapons at the ready. Beast Boy tried to follow them, but flies have terrible vision, so he couldn't see them very well. Screw this, he thought, and landed on one ape's head, instantly becoming a flea. Fortunatly, it didn't notice, and kept walking.

For what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, BB sat motionless, until he thought the tension would kill him. Suddenly, the Simian stopped.

BB hesitated a moment, but leaped off the ape's head, becoming a dragonfly in midair. He flew up to the ceiling, and landed upside-down, sure that the aliens had seen him. But they hadn't. He'd chosen a dragonfly because they have the best eyes of any insect, and he wanted to see what was going on. Though his compound eyes slightly distorted the image, and the colors were wrong, he could still make out most of the details.

He was in what appeared to be the brig, and his friends were being placed in forcefield cells. Their communicators and Robin's utility belt lay on a table nearby. At least twenty heavily armed guards were stationed all around the walls of the semi-circular room. Once the Titans were secured, the room's large doors slid open, and a huge Simian wearing red robes marched in, flanked by the two largest apes BB had ever seen They wore red armor and carried huge axes with blades on each end, and had an assortment of smaller weapons in their belts.

That's gotta be the Emperor!, he realized. But he resisted the temptation to attack, because he knew the guards would probably fry him long before he could kill their leader.

A Simian wearing what looked like a lab coat stepped up to the Emperor, and said "Here they are, sir!"

"I can see that, fool," growled the Emperor. "Where is the fifth one?"

One of the guards hesitated before replying. "Um....we're not sure, my lord. These were the only Titans we could find."

Korm obviously wasn't happy with this news. " Idiots!" he bellowed. "It is a shapeshifter, and probably became an insect! I want this whole damn ship searched until it is found!"

The scientist backed up, looking terrified, and turned to some of the guards. "You heard him! Go!"

The guards rushed out of the room, not wanting to be near the Emperor when he was angry. Korm glared at the scientist, and growled "Tell me what you know about these Titans."

"Yes, sir. This one calls himself 'Robin' and appears to be the leader of the team. He doesn't seem to have any powers, but is extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat. He is very fast and agile, and actually defeated General Tarkon one-on-one. His belt is filled with a variety of weapons, which he can employ with great skill."

Korm nodded, and said "What about the others?"

"This is 'Cyborg'. He is a mixture of human and machine. His mechanical parts give him incredible strength, far greater than that of our warriors. His right arm can transform into a large cannon, which projects a beam of blue energy. He is very tough, and can withstand great damage. He has missle launchers in his shoulders, and several other weapons and tools in various compartments all over his body."

"This is 'Raven'. We believe she is one of the 'Azerathians' we've heard rumors about. She has strange powers, including flight, and some sort of black energy emitted from her hands. This energy can be used to move objects, or create powerful forcefields."

"'Starfire' is a Tamaranian, but is gifted with rare abilities. She can fly, survive in space with no protective equipment, and project beams of green energy from her hands and eyes. Also, she is even stronger than most of her species, at least twice as powerful as our strongest soldiers."

Korm looked happy to hear all this. "Good. If we can capture the accursed shapeshifter"- Fat chance! thought Beast Boy- "we will have control over the five most dangerous warriors we've ever encountered."

By now, the Titans were starting to wake up. "Where am I?" asked Robin.

Korm grinned. "The last place any human should ever want to be. I am Emperor Korm."

"What, you think I'm scared of you?" spat Robin. "Where are my friends?"

"In cells next to yours. Except for the shapeshifter. He escaped, but is being hunted down and killed as we speak!" replied the ape.

"No! Release us at once, you zamflark!" shouted Starfire.

Korm shook his head. "Silence, you miserable troq. Why in all the galaxy would I free you?"

Star fired her eye beams, but the forcefield stopped them. The others were also trying their best to get loose, but couldn't even move.

Korm laughed at them. "Struggle all you like, Titans!" he growled. "You're mine, and no amount of thrashing can save you! The more you fight, the stronger your cells become!"

Beast Boy continued to watch all this from the ceiling, but knew he couldn't intervene. Not until the Emperor was gone, anyway.

Suddenly, a sequence of beeps echoed through the room. "What is that?" asked Korm.

"This, sir," replied the scientist. "It is Robin's communicator."

The Emperor took the small machine, and pushed the button that answered it. Cherma's voice blared out of it, yelling "Robin! The Simians are down here in full force, and they're storming the Tower!" The sounds of laser fire and explosions could be heard in the background. " There's too many of them! The automated defenses are gone! We'll keep 'em busy as long as we can, just get the Emperor!" Someone shouted in the background, and Cherma yelled "Reemos, the door! Lock the...." But a loud explosion cut him off, and the transmission dissolved into static.

For a few seconds, no one said anything, until Korm chuckled, and said "Your pitiful resistance on the ground is being crushed! Even Godzilla will be dead shortly, and there is nothing any of you can do about it."

The door opened with a hiss, and a warrior stepped in. "Sir, Admiral Shraak says that his ships will be in position soon. Estimated time: eight minutes."

Korm nodded, and turned back to the Titans. "In eight minutes, we will begin incinerating your cities from orbit. Within a few hours, you vermin will be extinct!"

"You won't get away with this!" said Raven.

Korm ignored her, and left the room, his bodyguards right behind him.

Finally! thought Beast Boy. He buzzed down to his friends, and resumed his human form. "You guys okay?" he asked.

"Beast Boy! You are undamaged!" exclaimed Starfire.

"Good to see you dude!" said Cyborg. "How long you been in here?"

"The whole time. I was a dragonfly on the ceiling," BB explained.

"The security cameras!" yelled Robin. "The guards will see you!"

"Dude, it's okay! I already looked for cameras, and there aren't any," said BB.

He walked over to the control panel beside the cells, and tried to figure out how to shut them down. After a few seconds, he gave up, and turned into a gorilla, raising his fists up over the panel.

"Wait!" shouted Cyborg. "Don't smash it yet. If they don't have security cameras in here, they're probably monitoring the room's energy output. If the forcefields go out, the guards are gonna come investigate."

"Cyborg's right," agreed Robin. "We can't fight them forever."

Beast Boy demorphed, and said "Helllloooo! Did you guys not hear Korm?! We have eight freaking minutes 'till these jerks start turning Earth into swiss cheese!"

"We cannot merely sit here while our home is destroyed!" agreed Starfire.

"When did I say we were doing that?" asked Robin. "Beast Boy, in my belt, there are a few electric disks. Get them out."

The green Titan picked up the belt, and started digging through the many compartments. "Which ones are they?" he asked.

"The yellow and black ones," answered Robin. "There should be three of them."

Beast Boy found them, and said "Now what?"

"There are two buttons on each one. Push the green one five times, then the red one once, and sit them on the floor."

BB pushed the buttons, put the disks in the middle of the room, and backed away from them. "Okay, now what?"

"As soon as they go off, smash the control panel," ordered Robin.

Beast Boy waited ten seconds, then the disks started to flash. He turned into a stegosaurus, and tail-whipped the panel. His three-foot spikes easily punched through the thin metal, and the whole thing exploded in a shower of sparks and circuitry. The forcefields flickered, went out, and the Titans cheered.

"We are free!" shouted Starfire. "But should not the guards be attacking us?"

"Not yet," answered Robin. "The disks are emitting an energy field that should be enough to duplicate our cells for about two minutes."

"Yeah, well in five minutes, those battleships are gonna fry every city on Earth!" said Cyborg.

"We have to get to the bridge," said Robin. "Once we're there, Raven and Beast Boy can go to different parts of the ship, and provide distractions. Cyborg can figure out how to shut down the fleet, while Star and I ensure that no Simians get in to stop him. Raven, teleport us."

"On it," she replied. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!"
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 13
A building exploded as Godzilla was hurled through it. The mutant dinosaur roared angrily, and stood back up, his chest covered in smoking burns. His spikes flashed, and he shot a bolt of fire at Ghidorah, knocking the dragon back a few steps. Godzilla growled, and turned his attention to Gigan.

The battle had been raging like this for almost an hour. One of the aliens would attack Godzilla, and he would fight it off. Unfortunatly, the other would always step in and draw his attention away before he could do any real damage. The injured monster would fall back to recover, while it's ally kept Godzilla busy. The King of the Monsters was incredibly tough, but was gradually beginning to tire.

Suddenly, a bright red laser struck him in the face, blasting a huge chunk of flesh off the side of his head. He was partially blinded by the flash, but he could still make out the cyborg monster, as it clashed it's claws together. Gigan's eye glowed red, and another laser lanced out of it, tearing into Godzilla's stomach.

He shook his head, trying to clear his vision, and charged at the alien. He had taken three steps, when he was body-checked by Ghidorah. He skidded a few hundred feet, but managed to stay upright. The three-headed dragon stomped towards him, screeching and shooting lightning from each mouth. Godzilla growled a little from the pain the bolts caused, but otherwise ignored them. He swiped his claws at Ghidorah, tearing a few small gashes in the dragon's chest. It roared, and snapped it's razor-sharp fangs at his head. He grabbed one of the writhing necks, and sank his own fangs into it. Golden blood spilled out from between the broken scales, and Ghidorah screamed in pain.

Suddenly, Gigan attacked Godzilla from behind, repeatedly slamming his hooks into the dinosaur's back. Godzilla howled in pain, and tail-whipped the cyborg in the stomach, knocking it down. He dropped Ghidorah's crippled neck, and turned to face Gigan.

Ghidorah backed off, his unconcious right head hanging limp. Gigan stood up, spread his wings, and blasted into the air. Godzilla bellowed angrily at the alien creature, and attacked with his atomic fire. Gigan dodged the blue beam, turned sharply, and swooped down at the dinosaur. Godzilla roared again, and his spikes started to flash.

The saw in Gigan's chest began to spin, and he blasted low over Godzilla, tearing a gaping hole in the reptile's head. Godzilla staggered backwards, trying hard to stay on his feet, when a barrage of lightning struck him in the chest.

Ghidorah screamed triumphantly, and fired again. His injured neck had mostly healed by now, and he was ready to keep fighting. Godzilla roared at him, but Gigan came back, repeating his buzzsaw swoop attack.

Godzilla toppled over, blood pouring from his head. He started to get back up, but Ghidorah and Gigan opened fire, keeping him pinned down with a devestating barrage of lightning bolts and red lasers.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

"Eat crud!" yelled Gizmo, as he fired a volley of missles at a group of Simians. The aliens scattered, but the explosion hit most of them anyway. When the smoke cleared, a few of them were starting to get back up. They aimed their guns, and opened fire. Gizmo blasted into the air with his winged jetpack. What looked like a video game controller was attached to his backpack, and he rapidly pushed the many buttons, expertly dodging the lasers.

As the apes fired at Gizmo, a wave of pink energy struck the ground at their feet, knocking them off balance. Mammoth charged into them, scattering them like bowling pins. One turned and shot him in the arm, but the laser had little effect. "Bad idea," the giant snarled, and punched the alien, throwing it into the wall of a resturant. The resiliant ape tried to stand, but Mammoth wrapped one huge hand around it's neck, lifted it up, and squeezed, effortlessly crushing it's spine. He disdainfully tossed it aside, and it crashed through the wall, and skidded across the floor, flattening several tables.

Behind Mammoth, three more Simians aimed their guns. Before they could fire, a barrage of hex bolts and yellow lasers struck them, killing one and wounding the others. Jinx and Gizmo leaped down out of the air, landing on either side of Mammoth, ready to fire again. "Wait," he said. "I want these two." He walked up to the apes, cracking his knuckles menecingly. "Nighty-night," he growled, and smashed their heads together, killing them instantly.

More lasers rained down from the roof of a hotel across the street, knocking Mammoth to the ground. Gizmo took off again, firing his wing-mounted laser cannons. The searing yellow beams struck one ape in the chest, sending it flying backwards. Two of the aliens retaliated, firing relentlessly at their attacker.

Gizmo spiraled up into the air, trying desparatly to evade the increasingly accurate gunfire. One red beam struck his left wing, blowing a hole through it. He screamed, and crashed into the roof, skidding for about twenty feet before coming to a stop. Both of his wings had been torn off in the crash, and he was barely conscious. Four Simians came towards him, guns leveled.

Suddenly, Jinx came flying up onto the roof, courtesy of Mammoth. She flipped over the startled aliens, dodging a few badly-aimed lasers, and fired a hex bolt. The Simians screamed as the roof collapsed beneath their feet, dumping them into a hotel room. The combined force of their impact and another hex destroyed the floor, and they fell to the ground level, landing in the lobby. They were badly injured by the fall, and none got up.

Gizmo had mostly recovered from his crash, but his whole body ached. He extended his spider legs, and leaped to the ground. Jinx followed him, and they both ran for their lives as the remaining Simians fired down at them. The aliens had brought in five tanks now, and they rolled up the street towards Mammoth. He charged at them, as their huge cannons fired at him, blasting the pavement apart behind him.

He slammed into the lead tank, lifted up the front end, and flipped it onto it's back. He grabbed onto the next one's cannon, and swung it into the damaged hotel, bringing the whole structure crashing down. The other three tanks opened fire, and one laser struck the ground right in front of Mammoth. The explosion blew him back fifteen feet, and he hit the ground hard. Jinx and Gizmo rushed to his side, firing at the nearest tank. A hex bolt and four missles hit the vehicle, crippling it. The disabled tanks were blocking most of the street, which prevented the remaining two from getting a clear shot. Unfortunately, the infantry had no trouble getting through, and dozens of them were pouring towards the H.I.V.E. agents.

"Fallback Maneuver Alpha!" shouted Jinx, firing hexes at the road. It collapsed, effectively stopping the Simians' advance. They could still fire across, though, but that was where Gizmo came in. He tossed a small, round machine to the ground, and an orange forcefield burst out of it, blocking the lasers. This was only a temporary solution of course, so the three criminals were now running for their lives.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

A glowing, black portal opened up in a corner of the room that housed the Simian Mothership's Main Power Core. Beast Boy appeared out of it, and looked up to see cylindrical generators as big as houses, three on the floor and three on the ceiling. Huge flashes of purple energy arced between the enormous machines every few seconds, sending off showers of sparks each time. A few guards were scattered around the room, but none looked very alert.

This should wake 'em up! thought Beast Boy, turning into a spinosaurus. He gave an earsplitting roar and charged into the nearest generator, smashing a huge dent into the side. A piercing alarm began to wail, and the guards came running. BB smiled mentally as they stopped dead in their tracks, staring apprehinsively at the fifty foot long monster they were about to attack.

"It's the shapeshifter!" bellowed one of the Simians. "Fire!"
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 14

Command Bridge, Simian Mothership

The bridge's huge, adamantium blast doors slid open, as Emperor Korm strode in, flanked by his two enormous bodyguards. The technicians snapped to attention, and Korm dismissed them with a wave of his hand. "As you were," he rumbled. He turned to the sergent in charge of the bridge. "Give me a progress report," he ordered.

"Yes sir. Admiral Shraak's fleet will be ready momentarily, sir." He pointed at a row of huge monitors, which showed images of human buildings. Korm saw the Pentagon, the White House, the Empire State Building, and about a dozen more, all with large, red targeting reticles over them. The hologram of Earth was covered red dots marking the location of each targeted city.

Another monitor turned on, revealing Admiral Shraak. The grey-furred ape stood on the bridge of his enormous battleship, the Annhialator. He was sixty three years old, but he was still the most brilliant tactician the Simian fleet had seen in centuries.

Shraak had recently led an assault on the Nebula M Spacehunter, which had been populated by large, sentient cockroaches. They had created Gigan, and had relied completely on the cyborg for defense. However, as far as the Simians were concerned, Gigan had been the Roaches' only major achievement. Their entire planet was filthy, and most of their technology was nothing special.

In fact, Gigan was the only reason Shraak had bothered with the insects at all. In a short and decisive battle, his troops had stormed the Roaches' capital city, and captured the devices used to control Gigan. Once this was accomplished, the troops had withdrawn, and Shraak's fleet had obliterated every population center from orbit. Then, with Gigan under his control, Shraak had proceeded to Earth, where the newly captured cyborg would be teamed with Korm's monster: King Ghidorah.

"Are you ready to proceed, Admiral?" asked Korm.

"Almost, sir," Shraak replied. "We have to move five more ships into position over the cities known as 'Osaka', and 'London'. About four minutes left, sir."

Korm nodded. "Good, Admiral. Contact me when you are ready."

"As you wish."

The monitor shut off, and Korm turned to inspect the targeted human structures. Another one turned on, revealing Osaka Castle.

Suddenly, the alarm went off, and a technician shouted "Sir, we've found the shapeshifter! It is attacking our Main Power Core!"

Another monitor turned on, showing the image of a huge, green reptile with a fin on it's back. It was roaring at a small group of security guards, who had their weapons aimed at it.

"Excellent!" said Korm. "I want it kept alive, if possible."

He turned and rushed out the door, his guards trailing behind him.

As the doors closed, the entire bridge glowed with black light, and the Teen Titans fell out of the ceiling.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

"Titans, go!" yelled Robin. He pulled an explosive disk out of his belt, and threw it at the nearest Simian. The startled ape was blown across the room, and slammed into the wall.

Two guards fired at Robin, and he rolled aside, dodging the lasers. A pair of starbolts destroyed the aliens' guns, and Starfire swooped down on one of them. It swung a huge fist at her, but missed. She fired her eye lasers at it, striking it in the chest and throwing it against the ceiling. Robin attacked the other guard, punching it's face ten times in two seconds, and kicking it's legs out from under it. With the guards out of the way, Starfire destroyed a small control panel beside the doors. "The entrance has been secured," she said.

Raven took out the technicians, and Cyborg went to the nearest computer console.

Starfire flew over to him. "Do you require assistance?" she asked.

"Not right now," he replied, pushing a few buttons on the console.

Robin saw a Simian being attacked by a green rhino on one of the monitors.

"Raven, go help Beast Boy," he ordered. She nodded, and sank into the floor.

A few seconds later, five glowing, black crates flattened a pair of Simians on the monitor.

Cyborg typed frantically, as he tried to bypass the protection programs in the Main Computer, which were so far doing a good job of blocking him. No matter what he tried, it would simply say "Access Denied."

Robin was observing the various buildings being targeted by the Simian Fleet. "Hurry up, Cyborg," he said. "If they open fire, they can wipe out half the most important buildings in the world with their first shots!"

"I'm trying!" Cy answered. "They have one hell of a firewall here, and nothin' I try is...Hey I got it!"

"You're in? Can you shut down the fleet?" asked Robin.

"I think so....Aw, man you're not gonna believe this!"

"What will we not believe?" asked Starfire.

"All their soldiers are semi-mindless clones! Y'all remember the Clone Troopers from Star Wars?"

"Yes," said Robin.

"No," said Starfire.

"Well, these guys are the same way. They're being mind-controlled from up here, and they'll do whatever they're told."

"Can you tell them to stand down?" asked Robin.

Cyborg nodded. "Yeah....but I got a better idea."

.................................................................................................... ...................................

"Freeze, humans!" ordered a Simian spider robot.

"Make me, robo-wimp!" yelled Gizmo. "I'll turn ya into spare parts!" With that said, he fired his missle launchers at the towering machine. Two missles struck it's front pair of legs, staggering it. It retaliated with it's huge laser cannon, barely missing Gizmo's head. He activated his jetpack, and flew for his life.

Jinx was backed into a corner by a battalion of infantry, who were determined to win this time. She ducked under a barrage of lasers, and they singed her hair. She retaliated with a hex that destroyed several of the aliens' weapons. They roared angrily, and charged at her. She rolled aside, narrowly avoiding a brutal punch. There was a huge hole in the wall where her head had been a split-second ago.

Two more Simians lunged at her, forcing her back. She punched one in the face as hard as she could, but it barely slowed down. Jinx leaped over the apes, spun around, and shot one in the back. It suddenly occured to her that she'd never directly hit a person with one of her hexes, so she wasn't sure what would happen.

Unfortunatly for the alien, the spell had the same effect on him that it would have on anything else. With an agonized scream, he was blown apart, showering everything around him with blood and fur.

"AAAAAHHH!" screamed Jinx, as the Simian's intestines landed on her face. She slipped in a pool of blood, and fell flat on her back. She pulled the guts off, and flung them away with digust. "Note to self:" she muttered, pulling a chunk of the ape's liver out of her hair. "Never shoot people standing four feet away from you."

"A better idea: Don't move," growled a deep voice from behind her. She instinctivly whirled around, and saw half a dozen laser rifles an inch from her face. A huge Simian grabbed her by the head, lifted her up, and threw her across the street. She slammed into Mammoth, knocking him off-balance. Two Simians took advantage of this to blast the giant with their guns. He smashed into the wall behind him, and fell to his knees.

Gizmo swooped low over the aliens' heads, blasting them with his machine guns. He killed a few of them, but they returned fire, and a lucky shot blew off his jetpack. He screamed, and dropped like a rock. Before he could hit the ground. though, a Simian grabbed him, and tossed him at his teammates, who were both struggling to get up. Mammoth caught him, and sat him down.

About twenty Simians surrounded the H.I.V.E agents, guns leveled. A vehicle that resembled a bus with no windows or wheels suddenly arrived, hovering a few inches off the ground. A large door opened in it's side, and a black-armored ape stepped out, flanked by three soldiers. "I am General Tarkon," the Simian growled. "This is the only chance I will give you to surrender. Yes, or no?"

Jinx hesitated for a second, then asked "What happens if we say yes?"

"You will be taken aboard our Mothership, where you will join the Titans in the brig. What happens next is up to Emperor Korm. However, if you choose not to surrender, we will kill you right here."

"Great," muttered Jinx. If what he'd said about the Titans was true, then she knew that there wouldn't be any help coming. "What's your Emperor usually do with prisoners?" she asked.

"He kills them. Slowly. However, I believe he is planning to put the Titans under mind-control. If you three are lucky, he will do the same with you." He paused, and leveled his gun at Jinx's forehead. "Either way, you lose," he finished.

"Yeah...about the mind-control thing. Tried it once, didn't like it," said Jinx. She turned to her teammates. "What do you two think?" she asked.

"I ain't gonna be no damn puppet," growled Mammoth.

"What he said, ya freakin' snotmunchers!" agreed Gizmo.

Jinx nodded, and her eyes turned pink. She aimed her hands at Tarkon, and said "Bring it on."

The Simian shrugged, and said "Kill them."
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 15

Emperor Korm hurried towards the Main Power Core, with two Royal Guards and twelve regular guards behind him. As he approached the door, though, his communicator suddenly went off. He answered it, and a guard's face appeared on the tiny screen.

"Sir, the Titans have escaped from their cells!" he said.

"What?!" bellowed Korm. "Where are they?!"

"Unknown, sir. But don't worry, we'll find them."

"Yes you will, or I'll kill you all!" Korm snarled, and shut off the communicator. Two of his guards had entered the Power Core, and one now ran back out.

"Sir!" the guard shouted. "The Titan 'Raven' has joined the shapeshifter!"

Korm let out a deafening roar, and yelled "Kill them both!"

"Understood, sir," replied Sergent Gamma-97. "Gamma Squad, go in first and clear the way."

The regular guards raised their guns, as Gamma-97 stood beside the blast doors. He typed the access code into the control panel, and the doors slid open. Gamma Squad charged in, guns blazing.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Beast Boy became a rabbit, and dove behind a stack of metal crates, as a dozen Simian guards fired at him. The boxes withstood the first few shots, but he knew they wouldn't last forever. He turned into a bat, flew out from behind the crates, and up to the ceiling, as lasers blasted everything around him. The ceiling was covered in a tangle of pipes and wires, so he became a monkey, and climbed up into them. Suddenly, a laser destroyed a wire a few feet away from him, and sparks flew everywhere.

Beast Boy leaped sideways to avoid the sparks, and began leaping and swinging from wire to wire. After a few seconds, the guards apparently lost him, because they stopped shooting.

"Come out and fight, coward!" he heard the Emperor shout. "You can't hide forever!"

BB turned back into his human form. "I don't need to hide forever!" he replied. "And you should probably duck, moron."

Korm turned around, just in time to see a black crate flying towards him. He ducked, but the box still grazed him, knocking him to the floor. More crates rained down onto the guards, scattering them like bowling pins. Raven flew up towards the ceiling, a forcefield surrounding her. The remaining guards opened fire, but the shield withstood the barrage.

"Beast Boy, go for the Emperor. I'll cover you!" she said.

Several of the pipes glowed black, and exploded, raining a variety of chemicals down on the aliens' heads. As the Simians dove out of the way, Beast Boy dropped to the ground. He turned into a cheetah, and charged towards Korm as fast as he could. Two guards tried to stop him, but were struck by bolts of black energy, and sent flying.

In seconds, he was right on top of Korm. He roared and leaped, aiming for the Simian's face. Korm was faster than expected, though, and ducked. The green Titan hit the ground behind Korm, and skidded to a stop. He turned around, now back in human form, and saw that Korm was aiming a pistol at his head.

"Die, scum!" the ape bellowed, and pulled the trigger. BB morphed into a hawk, and the shot singed his feathers as it passed. He flapped hard, quickly gaining altitude, as more lasers blazed past him. When he was about forty feet up, he folded his wings, and dove. Just as he was about to hit, he became a hippo.

The Simian dove out of the way, and accidently dropped his gun. It skidded underneath a generator, out of reach. BB landed, and demorphed. "You ready to give up, dude?" he asked, grinning. "It's gonna be kinda hard to shoot me without your gun!"

"Never!" screamed Korm. "I don't need a weapon to kill you!"

Beast Boy shrugged, and said "Suit yourself." He became a tiger, and prepared to attack, when a barrage of lasers slammed into the ground beneath him. The resulting explosion knocked him off his feet, but he instantly rolled over, and leaped back up. He roared at a cluster of guards, who were standing on a large platform attached to the side of one generator. They kept shooting, and he was quickly forced back by the deadly beams. As he was turning around, one struck his hip, leaving a smoking burn several inches wide. He half leaped-half fell behind a huge pipe extending from the generator, and reverted to human form.His morphing powers enabled him to heal minor wounds by simply transforming, but the burn wasn't completely gone. It was still the size of a quarter, and hurt like hell.

He could hear Korm laugh sadisticly, and say "This is the price you pay for your arrogance, human. None can challange the Simian Empire, and hope to succeed. Surrender, and your death will be quick. Painful, perhaps, but qui-AAAHH!"

Beast Boy looked out from behind the pipe, and saw Raven hovering a few feet off the ground, her hands glowing black. Korm lay against the side of a generator, struggling to get up. "Damn," the Simian wheezed, gasping for breath. "That, Raven, was your last mistake."

"Shut up," she replied. The guards opened fire on her, but she put up a forcefield to defend herself, and lifted up several feet. She aimed her hands, and the shield flew at the platform, enveloping it in black light. She tore the platform away from the generator, and threw it at Korm.

He dove forward, and the platform missed him by inches. He struggled to his feet, holding a pistol one of the guards had dropped. He fired at Raven, but she blocked his shot with a forcefield. She sent a blast of black light at the Simian's head, forcing him to duck, and swooped down to where Beast Boy was sitting.

.................................................................................................... .................................

Korm pulled his communicator out of his belt, and contacted the bridge crew. "Bridge, respond," he said. He waited a few seconds, but there was no reply. "Respond!" he growled again. Still nothing. Why won't they answer? he thought. Unless...the Titans!

Korm pushed another button on the communicator, and the Power Core's door slid open. However, nothing came through, or so it appeared.

"Orders, sir?" asked a voice from behind him.

"The Titans have captured the bridge, Major. You and your men destroy Raven and the shapeshifter. I will take the second sqaud, and liberate the bridge."

"Yes, sir," replied the voice, and Korm left the room, as a dozen invisible Royal Guards prepared to attack.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

The pain in Beast Boy leg made it hard to focus, so he couldn't transform. "Hold still," Raven told him, and her hands glowed blue. She pressed them against the burn, and started to heal it.

For a second, the pain only intensified, and BB screamed. "Aaaah! Dude, what are you trying to do, kill me?! Aaaa-hey, it's better!"

"Brilliant, Holmes," said Raven.

"Attack!" bellowed a voice, and a twelve Royal Guards suddenly appeared out of nowhere, weapons at the ready. One raised it's ax over Beast Boy's head, and brought it crashing down.

The shapeshifter rolled aside, and the deadly blade struck the floor an inch away, showering him with sparks. He became a kangaroo, and kicked the ape in the stomach, knocking it down hard. He turned to see Raven lift two more guards into the air, and throw them against the side of a generator. "Move!" she yelled, and Beast Boy turned into a pteranodon. He flapped his ten-foot wings, and took off, as a missle exploded beneath him.

Raven flew up behind him, keeping a shield between herself and the deadly accurate fire of the Royal Guards. Several more, equipped with jetpacks, streaked up to surround her, firing laser-shooting miniguns.

As she struggled to defend herself, Beast Boy attacked one guard. He swooped down at one, striking it's gun with his talons. It roared, and shot backwards several feet, pulling a pistol out of it's belt. It didn't get a chance to fire, though, because BB rammed into it from behind, becoming an octopus on impact. He wrapped his tentacles around the guard, struggling to keep it still, but it was stronger. "Release me, fool!" it bellowed, freeing one arm, and elbowing it's captor in the face.

Realizing that the octopus wasn't going to work, Beast Boy tried a different approach. He became a Black Mamba, one of the most dangerous snakes on earth. He coiled himself around the Simian's neck, and sank his lethal fangs into it's forehead. The venom began to take effect almost immediatly, and the alien howled in agony.

BB morphed into a parrot, and flew away from the guard, as it slammed into a generator. It was still screaming and thrashing, but it was quickly beginning to slow down. Beast Boy swooped down to help Raven, who was pinned down in a corner by a small army of guards. He looked around for Korm, but the Emperor was gone. He landed among the apes, becoming an elephant. The guards scattered, as BB lashed out with his trunk. He grabbed one by the leg, and tossed it aside like a toy.

"Regroup, and keep fighting!" roared one of the Simians. The nine remaing guards .quickly obeyed, aiming a wide variety of weapons at the Titans.

Raven tore a large pipe loose from the ceiling, and hurled it at the apes, but they evaded it, and attacked. Raven was once again forced to put up a shield, and was kept on the defensive. Beast Boy turned into a fly, and buzzed towards the aliens. When he was close, he became a charging moose. One guard reacted faster than he'd expected, though, and grabbed onto his antlers.

BB pushed with all his might, but the alien fought back with equal power. He turned into a gorilla, swinging a fist at his enemy's head. The guard caught his hand, and aimed a punch of it's own. Beast Boy blocked the attack, and the two apes pushed against each other as hard as they could.

"Ignorant...scum...." growled the alien. "No...Earth...ape..is..a..match...for..a ...Simian..Warrior!"

You wish!, thought Beast Boy. Unfortunatly, the ape was right. It slowly began to force him back towards the wall. Suddenly, it pulled it's right arm back, surprising Beast Boy and causing him to loose his balance. It gripped his left hand tightly, and spun in a semi-circle. As it turned, it let go, hurling BB against the wall beside Raven.

He slid to the floor, and demorphed, gasping for breath; the impact had knocked the wind out of him. "Dude," he wheezed. "I hope...Robin's doin' better than us!"

Raven saw a pair of Simians aiming rocket launchers at them, and focused the last of her energy on getting herself and Beast Boy to the bridge. The floor beneath them glowed black, she swept her cloak over them both, and they disappeared into the portal she'd created.

.................................................................................................... ...................................

Major Jirbak of the Royal Guards grinned triumphantly as a pair of missles exploded on the Titans. This time they were dead, without a doubt.

But, when the smoke cleared, he didn't see their bodies. "They escaped," he muttered. The Emperor would not be pleased.

Jirbak's hand shook slightly as he activated his wrist communicator. Korm's face appeared on it.

"What is it?" asked the Emperor.

"The Titans...disappeared, sir," Jirbak replied.

"They're on the bridge. Assemble your troops, and report there immediatly."

Jirbak nodded, relieved that his commander wasn't angry with him. "Yes, sir!"

He turned to his troops, saying "Move out!" The troops obeyed, and followed Jirbak as he headed for the bridge.
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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Chapter 16

Jump City

"Kill them," growled General Tarkon, as he blasted his rifle at Jinx's head. The sorceress ducked, and returned fire. Her hex destroyed Tarkon's gun, and blew the alien back into the side of his transport. "Kill them!" he repeated, seeing that none of his soldiers had moved.

"No, sir," said one Simian, as he turned to face the General. He raised his gun, and calmly shot Tarkon between the eyes with a stun laser. Two more of them rolled the unconscious General over, and put handcuffs on his wrists. The others leveled their weapons at the H.I.V.E. agents, but held their fire.

"Uh...you just shot your crudsuckin' boss," said Gizmo.

"Affirmative," replied the nearest Simian. "We received new objectives from the Mothership: Capture the General, and keep you three where you are."

"Not gonna happen," said Jinx. "Attack Pattern Al-." Before she could finish, the communicator Robin had given her went off. She answered it, and saw Robin's face on the screen. "So, you're still alive, huh? Too bad." she told him.

"Likewise. Those soldiers around you are mind-controlled clones. We took over their Command Bridge, so we're controlling them now."

Jinx was impressed, but didn't show it. "Good for you," she replied sarcastically. “We were winning down here, you know.”

Robin grinned. “Of course you were. Well, now that there’s no Simian Army left, your job’s finished. Beast Boy and Raven are dealing with the Emperor, and as soon as they’re done, we’ll come take you to jail.”

“Come on,” Jinx said. “We risked our necks to help you. Just call off the aliens, let us go, and we’ll never bother you again.”

“Thanks for the help, but you’re still criminals, and you’re still going to jail. Robin out.” The communicator shut off.

“Jerk,” muttered Jinx. Her hand flashed pink, and the communicator exploded. She turned to Mammoth and Gizmo, and said “Bird-brain wants us to stay here and wait for him to take us in.”

“We gonna listen to ‘im?” asked Mammoth, cracking his huge knuckles.

“Hell no,” she replied. “Attack Pattern Alpha!”

“Freeze!” roared a Simian. Mammoth ignored him, and charged, scattering the aliens like bowling pins.

Jinx fired a hex from each hand, blasting down two more Simians, and followed Mammoth. The remaining aliens regrouped, and opened fire, but Gizmo fired a forcefield beam at them, trapping them in an orange energy globe.

“See ya later, snot brains!” he yelled, extending his robotic legs.

“We got company!” said Jinx, as a pair of gunships swooped down over the rooftops.

“Let’s take Tarkon’s ride,” suggested Mammoth, pointing at the bus-like transport.

“I’ll drive!” said Gizmo, racing in through the open hatch, Mammoth and Jinx right behind him. He retracted his legs, ran to the cockpit, and climbed into the pilot’s chair. He figured out the controls in about five seconds, and hit the accelerator. The transport blasted forward, and charged down the street, as the gunships opened fire.


“Crap,” said Robin, as he watched the H.I.V.E. members escape.

“You actually thought they’d listen to you?” asked Cyborg.

“No. Doesn’t matter, though. We’ll catch them later. Hey, what’s that?”

He pointed at a red light flashing on the control panel. The screen showing Beast Boy and Raven’s battle with the Emperor shut off.

“What has happened?” asked Starfire.

Cyborg pushed a few buttons on the control panel, and said, “The security cameras are offline.”

Suddenly, a swirling black portal opened in the ceiling. Beast Boy dropped out of it, followed by Raven.

“Friends!” shouted Starfire, giving them both a rib-cracking hug. “I am overjoyed to see that you are undamaged!”

“What happened to Korm?” asked Robin.

“Uhhh…” said Beast Boy, nervously rubbing the back of his head.

“He got away,” finished Raven. “Beast Boy was shot, and Korm must have escaped while I was healing him.”

“Yeah,” agreed Beast Boy. “We got jumped by a bunch of those Royal Guard dudes before we could go after him.”

“Well, he won’t get too far,” said Cyborg. “I got the hangars locked up, and guarded by clones. He’s not leaving this ship.”

“Good,” said Robin. “Raven, Beast Boy, rest for a minute, then, we’ll search every inch of the ship. Korm’s going down.


“Die, traitor!” bellowed Emperor Korm, as he blew a clone’s head off. A pair of Royal Guards charged into the remaining clones, swinging their double-headed axes. The clones were torn apart in seconds, and Korm continued, stepping over the bodies.

Korm had come to realize that the clones were not a good idea. The Titans must have been controlling them, because Korm now had to tear through his own army to reach the bridge.

The Royal Guards, however, were not clones. They were normal soldiers, albeit amazingly well trained ones. They were the most dangerous warriors in the Simian Army, and were the Emperor’s personal bodyguards. He was currently leading a dozen of them to the bridge. They had used a control panel in a security checkpoint to shut down the security cameras, so they had the element of surprise. This time, the Titans would pay dearly for resisting him. Of that, Korm had no doubt.

As the small army approached the adamantium doors that led to the bridge, Korm stopped, and said “Set your rifles on medium power. When the doors open, saturate the bridge with fire. Medium power won’t damage the machinery, but it will kill every living thing in that room.” The soldiers set their weapons, and leveled them at the door. Korm pulled a small remote out of his belt. He aimed it at the door, and pushed a button, but nothing happened.

“They’ve jammed the doors,” he informed his troops. “We will use the Emergency Entrance.”

As they turned around, another group of Royal Guards came around the corner, led by Major Jirbak.

“My Lord,” Jirbak said, saluting. “The scum have locked the doors, I assume?”

“Yes, Major,” replied Korm, returning the salute. “Hopefully they have not discovered the Emergency Entrance. We will use it, and take the Titans by surprise. This time, they will die.”

“Yes, sir.”


Cyborg frowned as he examined the control panel that activated the doors. Or, more precisely, what was left of it.

“You really tore this thing up, Star. Nobody’s getting in or out of here through it.”

“But we do not require the door to exit the room. Raven can merely teleport us,” she replied.

Cyborg nodded. “Yeah, I guess so. This way, we don’t have to worry about the Simians taking their bridge back while we’re lookin’ for ‘em.”

“You ready to go, Raven?” asked Robin.

She had been meditating, but she opened her eyes, and said “Yeah. What about Beast Boy?”

The changeling had turned into a bloodhound, and was sleeping under a computer console.

“We’ll have to wake him,” Robin replied. He nudged the green dog with his foot, and said “Beast Boy, get up. Time to..”

A loud crash interrupted him. Part of the ceiling fell to the floor, and Emperor Korm dropped through, followed by an army of Royal Guards.

“Five more minutes…” muttered Beast Boy, demorphing. Cyborg picked him up, and showed him their visitors. “Or not,” BB finished.

The Titans quickly prepared to fight. Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven charged up their various weapons, and Robin took a pair of modified birdarangs out of his belt. He pushed a small button on each one, and they extended, forming short swords. He quickly spun them around, and said “Last chance to surrender, Korm. You gonna take it?”

“Or are we gonna have to kick your butt?” asked Beast Boy.

The Emperor chuckled, as he aimed his rifle. “Your arrogance is entertaining, humans. You seem to believe that you can actually win.” He turned to his troops, and growled “Attack.”

Robin raised his swords, and yelled “Titans, go!”
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Re: Teen Titans: Monster Wars

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^ And that's the aforementioned evil cliffhanger. I got to that point, and realized that if the Simian Royal Guards were as badass as I'd tried to make them out to be, the Titans would have no chance at all against them in a small, confined room like the Bridge. The only viable option would've been to have Raven use an expanding forcefield to crush the Simians, but that would've been boring. So I gave up, instead.

This was probably a good thing, as I couldn't decide what to do with the rest of the ending. I had 'plans' for a sequel, but they involved Slade creating an army of human-sized Godzilla clones. Yeah. I think that's one abomination the world is lucky to have done without. :lol:
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