What if MUTO Prime and Shinomura were awoke by Ghidorah?

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What if MUTO Prime and Shinomura were awoke by Ghidorah?

Postby Mr_Krenicboy » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:55 am

What role would these two Titans have if they were in KOTM? In an alt universe where they weren't killed by Godzilla years before. They'd have a third alpha I think to deal with in Prime. Shinomura would I believe be completely rogue and wouldn't follow any other Kaiju or Ally with any. Godzilla, have still been hit in this scenario by the Oxygen Destroyer, would go to heal or die.
If Prime hadnt ruptured his back in Aftershock, then I believe his breath wouldn't be as powerful and as frequent in use as was in KOTM. Tbh, Ghidorah could've beat a 2014 Godzilla in Antarctica. However, I'ma assume Gojira can take the bomb with as 2019 Goji did. His durability can't much lower.
Meanwhile, I can assume a bit of a war occurs between Ghidorah and Prime. Prime I think can count exclusively on aid from the new MUTO. Ghidorah will either take a lone MUTO Prime or a MUTO duo. Prime is a deadly adversary so it has a chance of vanquishing Ghidorah especially with aid and if Ghidorah doesn't have Rodan to count on.
Shinomura could either end up being a non-factor if it faces Ghidorah or a revived Godzilla as the swarm has little resistance to breath attacks. Shino could aswell end up being the biggest threat if it absorbs enough radiation from the nukes the military attempted to lure the Titans away from cities with.
Or even if Shinomura kills a Titan(or multiple, It has a good chance of with the limited agility of creatures like Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah, even Mothra and Rodan. Shino can inflict damage with it's tendrils which it's enemies will have a hard time against. Shino as a colony, should heal quickly from physical blows from others. Even Prime couldn't seriously harm it)
and gets radiation needed for its growth there.

In all this, I don't think Godzilla and Mothra(thus humanity) win. Godzilla's new dorsal plates were a result of his battle with Prime. Without that encounter, he's simply weaker. Most likely it's:

Ghidorah kills Prime, then Shinomura, then Godzilla & Mothra if they didn't die already(G by Ghidorah in Antarctica or the bomb)
Prime kills Ghidorah, but then can't take Shinomura with no energy blasts. Shinomura consumes Prime.
If Prime killed Ghidorah, perhaps it laid eggs in the Hydra. However, Shinomura would find that carcass immediately and consume it aswell. At this point, we have a Shinomura that as Awakening described, "could cover the whole sky".
Shino would then pick off all other Titans for food.

The only ways either Ghidorah or Shinomura (whichever comes out on top) could be stopped is use of the Orca perhaps by Maddie where the military can deploy another O2 Destroyer. Prime and Godzilla surprisingly have less chances of surviving compared to Ghido and Shino. And Ghidorah more than Shinomura as Shinomura has to start off as energy beam fodder before consuming its way to being unstoppable.

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Re: What if MUTO Prime and Shinomura were awoke by Ghidorah?

Postby Gigantis » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:00 am

R.I.P The world. Ghidorah wins and terraforms it,then laughs with glee all the way to another planet.

A guy who randomly stumbled upon this place one day, invested much too much time into it, and now appears to be stuck here for all eternity..and strangely enough, i do not regret it!

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