K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

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K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby KaijuX » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:08 am



Author: MM Raids Again
Word Count: 1,902 words
Posted: June 27th, 2019


“Any more of your blundering and you’re through.” The harpy-like, shrill voice of an Asian woman spoke quick and harshly. She narrowed her gaze, turning around and burning holes through a walking skeleton of a man with her dull gray eyes. “My country may be more forgiving than I am, but I will not hesitate to put you down should you waste any more of my time.”

Her words had no effect on the older gentleman. His pale lips formed a smile that revealed what remained of his teeth, rotten and decayed. His eyes were even duller than the woman’s, no doubt from remaining underground for decades at a time. He tilted his head and removed his fedora, “Please, my lady, Element X is being mined as we speak. There is no need for such barbaric threats here.”

She turned around, looking at the displays mounted on the walls. “Manda and Kamoebas. This is all you have tamed in this past year?”

Dr. Who stepped closer, standing next to her. “Mechani-Kong’s hypnosis has them both under my complete control. They are but a mere test. Soon we will have something even more powerful.”

“Do you honestly expect to enslave the likes of Godzilla?” She questioned, standing upright and crossing her arms doubtfully.

“Such a mission is a suicide run.” The International Judas retorted sharply, “I plan on unleashing something this world has never seen. Something’s strength augmented by the raw power of Element X, my dear.” He moved a few feet away from her, typing a few commands into his machines, “It has been six months since your last visit. I knew you expected something.”

A third screen became active. Her brows lifted and head tilted, unsure of what she was looking at. It was locked away in the ice and appeared to be another monster, but one unlike that of any other. It appeared to be like a prehistoric Triceratops, but another entity was attached to its back. This other entity was armed with scythe-like claws and a bizarre, almost insect-like head with a single, bulbous eye and ivory mandibles.

“What… What is that?” The woman asked.

“I’ve called it Kamagidon.” Dr. Who answered quickly, more than proud of himself. “We were digging for Element X and found it instead, possibly guarding the largest mass of it ever recorded.”

“Is it alive?”

He nodded out of her line of sight. “Its vitals are… more than strong. I’ve decided that, since you’re visiting, today would make a good day to introduce it to the modern age of technology.”

She looked at him, “You’re going to awaken it?”

Dr. Who nodded again, “Come.”

In a few minutes, the two stood outside. Snow fell from the Antarctic sky, but it was the calmer time of year. She tightened her fur scarf while Dr. Who stood firm like a statue, arms crossed as the robotic call of his mechanical minion rang. The ground shook as a titanic shape crossed through the falling snow. It was Mechani-Kong, freshly reconstructed. Escorting it, several orange and yellow helicopters.

“Mechani-Kong will blast open its tomb. Just watch. And then, he’ll hypnotize it. In no time, Kamagidon will be as loyal as a family dog.” The mysterious woman didn’t answer.

Mechani-Kong approached the icy tomb. It looked down, eyes scanning the area with built-in lights. It didn’t take long for it to locate its quarry.

Dr. Who brought a transmitter up to his cold lips. “Do it, Mechani-Kong!”

The robotic ape gripped two of its grenades from its belt, one with each hand. It lifted them and dropped them, allowing them to roll down a small hill. Just as they detonated, it repeated the process. Blinding flashes of smoke and fire spread out, catapulting chunks of ancient ice through the heavens. Several shockwaves pounded the area, nearly making the woman collapse. Dr. Who, however, remained unfazed. “Keep going!”

The helicopters overhead pulled up higher and shined search lights into the white clouds of dust and snow…

Then it sounded.

It was a horrible roar. Or roars, rather. They were unearthly. They were something alien. Mechani-Kong dropped two more grenades down the slope. But something flicked them back! The robot turned its upper body and looked behind it, just in time to see the grenades detonate a few dozen meters behind it. Smoking craters were left in the ice. It turned back, mouth opening and lamp on its head flashing with multiple colors.

“Okay, Mechani-Kong. It seems our friend is awake! Bring it under control!”

A towering abomination waded through the cloud of smoke and snow, slashing at the air with scythes. For once, its full visage was revealed. It was a rusty red in color. It was like a demonic centaur, but with two heads. Kamagidon shrieked again. The insect-like mandibles on its upper skull parted and a series of shard-like energy blasts launched. The attacks pelted Mechani-Kong, covering its metal hide in a series of explosions. The machine stumbled back while pulling up another grenade. It tossed it at the feet of the alien kaiju. It quickly detonated, making the thing rear up on its hind legs.

“I suggest we move inside now, my lady.” Dr. Who spoke as if bored, turning away from the fight.

“Will we be safe inside?”

“Safer than out here, Miss.”

Mechani-Kong lunged, driving its full body ahead. It tried tackling the alien, but its lower head thrust forward. Its three horns drove into the belly of the robot, ripping through the armor. The machine fell back, driving its foot into the lower head’s chin. Kamagidon shrieked and stumbled back for a brief moment. Then its upper torso brought forth its scythes, swinging them downward like picks. Mechani-Kong barely rolled away, allowing the weapons to embed themselves in the ice. It reached down, plucking out another grenade from its waste band. It tossed it.

Kamagidon clapped its scythes together, catching the explosion between them. It then detonated, forcing the blades apart and shattering parts of them. The claws were turned broken and serrated in several areas, dripping a strange, green fluid onto the darkened snow.

The alien bellowed again, storming ahead just as Mechani-Kong righted itself. The robo-Kong swung with a hard fist, smashing it into the bulbous eye of the top skull. The lower head roared and it spun about, revealing Stegosaurus-like plates and spikes on its tail. The blow hit like a studded baseball bat, ripping into Mechani-Kong’s chest easily and exposing its inner workings. Its upper mandibles again open fired, showering the damaged chest with energy blasts. Mechani-Kong wailed and waded ahead, bringing up its mechanical knee and driving it into the abomination’s midsection. The creature slumped, swinging wildly with its damaged scythes. At the same time, its lower jaws lashed out and clamped around the machine’s left knee. Several of its teeth broke while others broke through the armor.

Mechani-Kong tripped but grabbed the swaying scythes, bringing Kamagidon down with it. The alien remained on top of it, its lower jaws biting at its torso repeatedly. The machine brought down its right hand and grabbed the last of its grenades. As the alien’s frenzied jaws attacked it, it stuffed its hand – and the grenade – into its snout! A second later, Kamagidon’s upper head screamed in agony. Its entire body lifted up and flew back, its lower head now a mangled mess of broken bones, torn flesh, and burnt meat. Likewise, Mechani-Kong’s right hand and arm, all the way up to the elbow, was gone – now a twisted mess of steel and sparking cables.

The alien fell onto its side, spewing gore from its broken face, which had been blown out like a blossoming flower.

“You got it, Mechani-Kong! Use your light!”

The robo-Kong sat up. The lamp on its head surged with power and began to flash. Kamagidon shrieked as it stood back up on its four legs. Its head tilted as its green eye starred down at the automaton. For a moment, it seemed as if it was working. The alien’s arms fell limply to its sides. Its head tilted, strands of alien goo dripping from its tusk-like mandibles…

“Yes! Good! Keep it going, Mechani-Kong!” Dr. Who’s voice rang in the controls of the machine.

Kamagidon began to slump, its front legs giving underneath it. The machine climbed to its feet as the voice of Dr. Who boomed through the speakers in its mouth. “Kamagidon! You will do as I say!”

A smirk crossed the woman’s face, “So it worked.”

The alien hissed, lowering its head as it was brought underneath Mechani-Kong and Dr. Who’s commands…

“See. And you doubt-“

A sudden blow to the back of Dr. Who’s head sent to skeleton of a man collapsing to the floor. He reached back, clutching his throbbing skull as the woman stood above him. In her hand, she held a sort of gun. But it wasn’t any type of gun that Dr. Who had ever seen before. “And you never even asked what country – or even planet – I was from.” She giggled, turning away from the man.

She lifted the weapon and fired on the control panel. A jagged bolt of energy washed across it, burning through the machines like a hot knife through butter. Displays exploded into sparks and shards, showering the tiled floor. Dr. Who crawled away, coughing as he breathed into the rolling smoke that began to hug the floor.

Mechani-Kong’s hypotonic light began to dim. The flashing of light ceased, allowing Kamagidon to wake up from its daze. It shrieked, standing back up with a furious roar. Its claws parted as wide as its arms would allow before scissoring together. The head of Mechani-Kong flew into the air, following by a trail of smokes, fire, sparks, and circuitry. Its body fell back in a heap. Its head fell next to it with a thunderous clang…

The woman stepped over the crawling form of Dr. Who. “We thank you for all your hard work, doctor. Good job.”

“You-You will never get away with this.” The mortal declared as his base rocked from another hidden detonation.

The woman smiled wildly, “Oh. I think we – the Garogas Empire – will.”

She opened the door, allowing the cool wind from outside to fill the room and extinguish some of the blaze.

Already, she could see UFOs flocking around the triumphant form of Kamagidon. “ A great addition to our Terro-Beast army.”


A few hours later, Dr. Who remained outside of his destroyed complex. Even his captured kaiju had escaped in the chaos of the sudden raid by the Garogas Empire. How did he not see this coming, he wondered. It’d take years, possibly decades, to rebuild and start anew. It was time he did not have…

“Dr. Who.” An unfamiliar voice declared, causing the thin man to look up from his seated position on the entrance stairs of his complex.

Approaching from below was a human, or what appeared to be a human. He was dressed in a silver jumpsuit with boots and short cut hair as black as night. His flesh had a strange green tint to it, as if something else was beneath it. His right eye had a strange mark on it, possibly a scar.

“Who are you?”

The man didn’t answer, just grinned toothily. “Me and you, along with a few others, have the same enemy…”

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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby Gigantis » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:13 am

While it kinda still does suck this wasn't in the KWC, at least o'l Kamagidon is getting some recognition :) and it's a nice match to boot!

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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby KaijuX » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:14 am

This is probably the the second-to-last "was meant to be a KWC match" I have on-hand. And while it was regretfully revoked in the wake of "no more TV monsters", I think it was for the better. As much of a meme the dude sparked in the KWC community, I earnestly have doubts anyone would write matches for him; let alone find a wide variety of images for him. That said, I do have the banner that would've been associated with the match for anyone curious. ;)

Yes, I'm aware that it's set in the Arctic and not Antarctica... But I just threw this up on a whim. May go back and edit it later once I make an Arctic card.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby soulgodzilla » Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:11 am

While I understand the denial of Kamagidon due to the lack of any good images, but goddamn, this match almost makes me want the poor guy to get in the KWC.

But aside from that, it’s a pretty good match, wasn’t expecting Dr Who being used by a Garoga while it’s disguised.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby UltimateDitto » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:25 pm

Very interested to see where this goes, if it does continue!
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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby HillyHulk » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:30 pm

Nice fight while having an intriguing plot.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #48 - Kamagidon vs. Mechani-Kong

Postby kaijufanforever » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:31 am

shame he wouldn't be KWC... but this is just as good

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