K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

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K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

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Author: TitanoGoji16
Word Count: 5,098 words
Posted: May 22nd, 2019


"Gee, Baboo, remind me again why we're here?" asked the goofy voice of Squatt, minion of intergalactic sorceress Rita Repulsa, who provided the service of... something. It wasn't quite clear exactly what Squatt did for Rita, but he had been under her employ for over ten thousand years, so it must have been something.

"Oh, Squatt, for the last time...!" his vampiric comrade responded in an exasperated voice. "We're looking for something we can use to destroy the Power Rangers so Empress Rita won't be mad at us anymore!"

The two had failed in their latest mission for Rita and this time the witch had lost her temper and patience with them even more than usual. She kicked them out of her lunar palace and told them not to come back until they could make themselves useful. For nearly two days, the alien duo wandered the barren landscape of the moon, intent on finding something that would help them do just that. Unfortunately, as they were on the moon, they didn't find very much. Just as they were about to give up hope, they happened upon a large, alien facility of some kind. They were surprised by the discovery. It was old, but not ancient, having been constructed only a few decades prior. With nothing to lose at this point, the two entered the compound and began to explore. They were greeted by a ghastly sight - Not only was the place run down, covered in dust and cobwebs from moon spiders, but there were also a surprising amount of bodies laying around throughout the building. They appeared to be human, though the two couldn't be sure as they had all decomposed into skeletons by now. The only thing left on them were the bright silver jumpsuits they wore when they were alive. A few of the skeletons wore matching helmets with handlebar-like protrusions on the sides.

"Boy, this place sure is creepy," Squatt gulped, chewing on his fingernails in nervousness as they explored the facility.

"I hate to admit it, Squatt," Baboo said, looking around. "But when you're right, you're right." He was starting to grow as frightened as his stout compatriot.

After a long period of wandering aimlessly, the two passed through a large doorway and stepped into an enormous hangar. The room was dark, with only a small beam of moonlight shining through the cracked hatch at the top of the hangar providing any illumination. As Baboo started to look around, Squatt gasped.

"Wow, this place is huge," Baboo marveled, momentarily forgetting how scared he was as he was genuinely surprised by the size of the hangar. "I don't know what these guys were storing here, but it must've been gigantic. This place is easily big enough to hold a Zord! Ooh, what if they were keeping a Zord here? What if the Zord is still here? Oh, Squatt, if we brought Empress Rita her own Zord, she'd welcome us back with open arms! She'd promote us for sure! You might even get that box of donuts you've been wanting!" Pausing for a moment, Baboo realized that his friend wasn't being as chatty as he usually was. "Squatt, you're being uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal," he said, turning around to face him. "Uh, Squatt...?"

Baboo got a feeling of dread as he looked at Squatt, who was frozen in place, shaking in fear as he pointed at something behind Baboo. Something very tall. Baboo gulped as he slowly turned around to see what his companion was pointing at.

Baboo gasped as he saw what Squatt saw.

Standing on the platform of the middle of the hangar was an immense mechanical being. Its armored plating was almost entirely silver. Its lifeless, orange eyes stared ahead blankly. Red 'ears' sat on either side of its head. Three rows of fins ran down its back and down the tail that extended from its backside. Intricate patterns adorned its torso. Its fingers ended in missiles rather than claws. On each of its upper arms read "MG3."

For a moment, Baboo stood there, dumbstruck at the sight. "Huh. How'd I miss that?"

"W-w-what is th-that...?" Squatt stammered, still pointing.

"I don't know," Baboo admitted. "But it looks like a Zord! Let's go see if we can find a control console or an instruction manual somewhere."

With that, Baboo rushed off to try and find something helpful. It took Squatt a second to snap out of his stupor, but once he did, he hurried after his friend. It took them a little while, but they eventually made their way to a higher level in the hangar, entering a command room of some kind. Walking up to what appeared to be the room's main control panel, Baboo gave it a brief look over.

"Hmm. Aside from the dust, this thing doesn't look broken..." he mused. Blowing off a large cloud of dust, Baboo stepped up and started pressing buttons and flipping switches. Nothing happened. "Aw, come on, you old hunk o' junk!" he barked, kicking the console. Suddenly, the sound of whirring machinery was heard as the computers in the room came to life for the first time in decades. "Yeah! We're in business, baby!" Baboo said excitedly, rubbing his hands together. "Alright, now let's see here..."

Squatt fidgeted around for a few minutes as Baboo looked through whatever he could find, hoping to find something about the giant robot in the hangar. Squatt reached down and opened his satchel, pulling out what looked like a foot long Gummi worm, except that the thing was clearly alive and moving. As he had missed breakfast that day, Squatt began devouring the worm, which squealed at first but was quickly cut off.

"Ah, here we go!" Baboo declared. "I do believe I've found it! Here's all the information about that Zord in there."

Having finished the worm, Squatt walked up beside Baboo, looking over the technical data his friend had brought up. He spotted what could only be the massive machine's name, though it sounded odd to him.

"Metcha-godzilla?" Squatt asked, tilting his head as he looked to Baboo.

"No, Squatt!" Baboo scolded, slapping his fat friend on the head, his palm clanging loudly against Squatt's helmet. "Mechagodzilla!"

"Ow!" Squatt whined, rubbing his head. "Well, whatever his name is, what is he?"

"This doesn't seem to have a 'what,'" Baboo admitted, looking through the information. "But it does have a 'how' - As in, how to control him and have him destroy the Earth!"

"Oooh, how do we do it?" Squatt asked excitedly.

"It looks like this thing is already programmed to destroy a major city," Baboo told him. "We just have to alter it slightly so that he destroys the right one." The 'winged monkey,' as Rita often called him, entered a series of commands into the console. "There! It was programmed to destroy Tokyo, Japan for some reason," he told Squatt. "I simply replaced the coordinates for Tokyo with the coordinates for Angel Grove!"

"Oh, goody, goody!" Squatt cheered, clapping. "Can I be the one to send him there?"

"Sure thing, mi amigo," Baboo said, stepping aside. "Just press that big red button there."

"Hee-ha, you got it," Squatt said, stepping up to the console. Making a fist, he slammed it down on the aforementioned button, which lit up instantly upon impact. "Destroy Angel Grove, Metcha-godzilla!"

* * * * *

The high pitched cry of the alarm snapped Alpha 5 out of his boredom. The robot had been polishing the Viewing Globe, as things had been rather quiet ever since Rita's last attack. Dropping his cleaning supplies, he rushed over to the main hub of the Command Center. He began activating various controls in the main console, trying to pinpoint exactly what was happening.

"Oh, aye-yi-yi, what's going on now?"

High overhead, a pair of pillars flashed twin bolts of lightning, causing the large glass tube in between them to illuminate. As if summoned by the lightning, a large, ghost-like face appeared within, overlooking everything in the room.

"Alpha, what is happening?" the large blue face asked, looking down at the droid. "I am sensing a severe disturbance in the Morphin Grid."

"I don't know, Zordon!" Alpha replied. "I'm scanning Angel Grove and the surrounding area and nothing is showing up!"

"Realign your scanners, Alpha," Zordon instructed him. "I sense something physically approaching the Earth from the moon."

"Right away, Zordon!" the robot acknowledged, nodding as he did as the sage told him. After a moment, Alpha froze, going silent.

Zordon raised an eyebrow. Alpha responding to a potential threat with anything other than his usual 'aye-yi-yi' was unsettling. "Alpha...?" he asked after another moment of silence.

Had he been physically capable of it, the blood would have drained from Alpha 5's face. "Zordon..." he began, lifting his head so he could look the wizard in the face. "Mechagodzilla has just launched from a secret base on the dark side of the moon! It's heading directly for Angel Grove!"

Zordon's eyes widened with shock. "What?! Impossible!" he protested. "The Third Planet was absorbed into the black hole decades ago and the remnants of its people are nowhere near this sector of the galaxy."

Alpha hit a few more buttons before responding. "Initial scans of this Mechagodzilla's Space Titanium reveal that this is not a new creation. It must've been constructed during their last invasion in 1975. But why would it be attacking now?"

"It must have been discovered by Rita," Zordon realized.

Alpha flipped a series of switches. "Bringing Mechagodzilla up on the Viewing Globe now." The crystal ball lit up and quickly generated an image of the deadly machine, its rocket boosters coming to a halt as it landed on the outskirts of Angel Grove. "This is bad," the droid said. "Even Godzilla was barely enough to stop this thing and sensors indicate he's currently asleep at the bottom of the Pacific!"

"Then we have no choice," Zordon said. "Contact the Rangers immediately."

"But Zordon, the Zords will be no match for Mechagodzilla!" Alpha protested.

"Unfortunately, we have no choice. Dino Zord power is the only chance we have now."

"Oh, aye-yi-yi! What a day this has turned out to be!"

* * * * *

"You WHAT?"

The entire lunar palace shook as Rita Repulsa screeched at her minions.

Squatt and Baboo huddled against each other, trembling. They weren't quite expecting this reaction.

"We, uh, sent an evil Zord down to Earth to destroy the Power Rangers...?" Baboo tried.

"And who exactly gave you permission to do THAT?" Rita demanded. "You think you two can just act on your own without my say so?!"

"Empress Rita, we did this for you!" Squatt pointed out. "Honest!"

"Yes, exactly!" Baboo added. "We sent down a powerful monster to destroy the Rangers for you, my Queen! And if he loses, then hey, we didn't spend any of our time or resources on it!"

Rita stood there for a moment, glaring at them, thinking. Her two minions hesitated and looked at each other, unsure.

"Uh, Empress...?" Baboo asked.

"You two better be right about this," she said finally. "If this thing manages to destroy the Power Rangers, maybe I'll take back what I said about you two being total useless losers!"

* * * * *

"Ho-lee poop," was all Zack could muster. The other Rangers couldn't even put that much together as they watched Mechagodzilla begin to open fire on their city.

"As you can see, Mechagodzilla is far more powerful than any of Rita's monsters," Zordon informed them.

"You will have to be extremely careful, Rangers," Alpha added. "The Zords' defenses can only take so much before giving out completely and Mechagodzilla is more than capable of pushing them to their limits!"

The Rangers turned from the Globe to face their mentors.

"We can handle this metal imposter, Zordon," Jason reassured them as he and his team got into position.

"Yeah!" Tommy added. "This Dragonzord rip-off is history!"

"Please be careful, Rangers," Zordon advised them once again. "Do not hesitate to call on the full power of the Ultrazord should you find it necessary. Now go, and may the Power protect you."

As one, the teenagers grabbed their Power Morphers.

Jason gave the command. "It's Morphin' Time!"







In a blast of energy, they were gone.

* * * * *

By the time they arrived, Angel Grove was already an inferno. They had barely rematerialized when they had to dodge an oncoming chunk of concrete, leaping out of the way as it shattered against the street.

"Jason, he's tearing the city apart!" Kimberly cried out.

"Not for long, Kim!" their leader responded.

Together, the five primary Rangers raised their arms into the sky. "WE NEED DINO ZORD POWER, NOW!"

From the four corners of the globe, the ancient war machines known as the Dino Zords answered their owners' call. The Pterodactyl burst from an erupting volcano, soaring into the stratosphere. The Sabertooth Tiger came speeding out of the deepest parts of the South American rainforest. The Triceratops came barreling out of the Sahara desert. The Mastodon rushed out of an iceberg in the barren, Arctic tundra. And finally, the earth itself split open, freeing the mighty Tyrannosaurus from the magma below. With mindblowing speed and supernatural ability, the Zords were already closing in on the Rangers' location.

"Let's go!" Jason commanded, leaping up to meet his Zord, taking his place in the Tyrannosaurus' cockpit. "Rangers, log on!"

Almost simultaneously, the Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers did the same, landing in the cockpits of their own Zords.

"Zack here! We can do this, guys!"

"This is Billy! All systems go!"

"Trini here, ready to rock!"

"Alright, guys! Let's recycle this tin can!"

Surging with power from the Morphin Grid itself, the Zords began to transform and reconfigure themselves, coming together, locking into place. Limbs were formed and armor snapped on as the five Dino Zords formed a new machine, one capable of taking on Mechagodzilla one on one. The Rangers appeared in this new Zord's cockpit, housed in the mighty machine's head. As the new configuration was brought to full power, the Rangers heard the onboard computer make the familiar announcement that struck terror in most monsters' hearts:

"Megazord activated!"

Down below on the ground, Tommy was not sitting idly by. Normally he waited to see if the other Rangers could win the fight without him, coming in as back up only if needed, but from what Zordon had said, this was to be one of their greatest challenges yet. As such, he would waste no time in joining the fight.

"I call upon Dragonzord!"

Bringing the mouthpiece of his mystic Dragon Dagger to the lips of his helmet, Tommy began to play the musical device, emanating a familiar, six note tune that sounded as if being played by a trumpet. Seconds later, a large form surged through the waves of Angel Grove Harbor. Instantly, the waves broke away, revealing the mighty Dragonzord, a hulking green, gold, and black mech that resembled an ancient, mythical reptile. Swinging his powerful tail behind him, the Dragonzord made a beeline for Mechagodzilla.

"Alright, Rangers, let's take him out!" Jason commanded.

Striking a battle pose, the Megazord charged the alien robot. But Mechagodzilla moved far faster than they were expecting, turning to face the combined machine and unleashing a shot of its rainbow colored Space Beams. The blast hit the Megazord hard, detonating against its Pterodactyl chest plate and sending the mighty machine crashing to the ground. Just as the Megazord managed to get back to its feet, Mechagodzilla fired again, but this time the Zord jerked to the side, allowing the rainbow beam to fly harmlessly past its head. Unfortunately, this allowed the beam to completely destroy the building directly behind the Megazord.

"NO!" the Rangers cried out, cursing their maneuver. The Megazord lunged forward, ready to engage Mechagodzilla in hand to hand combat. The mechanical Godzilla brought its right hand up to strike, but the Megazord knocked it aside, then bashed Mechagodzilla in the face with its mighty fist. Sparks flew as the two metals collided, causing Mechagodzilla to stagger back. Before the Megazord could press its advantage, Mechagodzilla fired its Space Beam again, catching the Megazord in its left shoulder and once more bringing the metallic warrior to the ground. Mechagodzilla fired again, but the Megazord rolled out of the way, causing the beam to explode against the pavement.

The Megazord was quickly back on its feet. "Mammoth Shield!" Jason called out. In a flash of light, the head of the Mastodon Dinozord appeared in the Megazord's hand, now a shield for the mighty machine. Spotting the new target, Mechagodzilla unleashed its Space Beam, but things did not go as expected for the alien robot. The multicolored blast was absorbed into the symbol between the Mastodon's eyes and fired back, striking Mechagodzilla in the chest and knocking it to the ground.

"Alright!" the Rangers called out, happy to have finally found an effective defense against the robot's attack.

But Mechagodzilla had other weapons up its sleeves.

In an instant, the evil machine was upright. Extending its right arm, Mechagodzilla's hand spun around before locking into place, its Space Finger Missiles locked and loaded. With a burst of fire, the four projectiles launched, hitting the Megazord with explosive force, sending it careening back. But Mechagodzilla wasn't done yet, raising its left hand and blasting the Megazord with even more of its missiles. Buildings around the Megazord exploded and the Mammoth Shield was sent flying out of its hand. One final round sent the Megazord crashing through a nearby building, sparks and debris erupting everywhere.

Mechagodzilla let out a metallic screech as its foe fell, clearly hurt. Stepping closer, the robot from the Third Planet loaded another round of its deadly missiles, ready to finish the Zord off once and for all.

A flash of silver caught Mechagodzilla's visual receivers. Before the mechanical imposter could react, a large drill smashed into its face, knocking the robot to the ground in a burst of sparks. Growling angrily at his downed foe, the Dragonzord approached the Megazord and helped it up.

"You alright, guys?" Tommy asked via his communicator.

"We're alright for now, but watch out!" Jason warned. "This guy hits hard!"

Just as Mechagodzilla returned to its feet, it now found itself face to face with two Zords. United in purpose, the Megazord and Dragonzord struck battle poses and advanced on Mechagodzilla. With a mechanized shriek, Mechagodzilla accepted their challenge and charged. The three war machines came together and began to trade blows, the resulting metallic clanging echoing throughout the entire city. While it preferred to rely on its weapons, Mechagodzilla was no slouch at melee combat, chopping the Megazord's chest and waist with its hands, knocking it away. When the Dragonzord swung around and attacked with his tail, Mechagodzilla deflected that as well, sending the drill crashing into the Megazord's chest plate. With the Dragonzord distracted, Mechagodzilla fired a blast of its Space Beam, sending the reptilian Zord stumbling back.

"Oh yeah?" Tommy asked, watching the fight unfold. "Dragonzord Missiles, fire!"

With another quick tune from the Dragon Dagger, the Dragonzord locked his hands into position as he loaded finger missiles of his own. Firing from the Zord's fingers, the red missiles exploded against Mechagodzilla's Space Titanium hide, sending the machine staggering backwards. Not allowing the evil robot a chance, the Megazord stepped forward and charged up destructive energy within its dual head horns. Feeding that energy into its central crest, the Megazord unleashed a powerful, lightning-like blast, hitting Mechagodzilla hard and knocking the already off-balance machine to the pavement.

"Alright!" Jason said, clenching his fist.

"Jason, let's finish him!" Trini called out from her seat.

"You're right," the Red Ranger agreed, nodding. Looking to the sky, he called out "We need the Power Sword, now!"

Descending from the clouds, the silver weapon fell from the sky. Allowing it to plunge into the street before it, the Megazord plucked it from the ground as if it were Excalibur, brandishing its unbeatable blade against the evil machine.

If it was capable of it, Mechagodzilla would have narrowed its eyes at the Zord and its weapon. Charging forward, the Godzilla robot prepared to break the sword in two and beat down its wielder. Just as the evil machine was within range, however, the Megazord swung the Power Sword horizontally, slashing Mechagodzilla's chest. Sparks flew as the sword succeeded in damanging the robot's Space Titanium, eliciting a shriek of fury from the mechanical beast. Raising the sword high into the air, the Megazord prepared to bring it down onto its foe. Moving quickly, Mechagodzilla lifted its right arm into the air, sparks bursting as its forearm blocked the Power Sword's descent. The two mighty machines braced themselves, pushing against the other, unwilling to relent.

"Jason, look!" Billy said, pointing to Mechagodzilla. Indeed, the Power Sword had cleaved into the evil robot's arm, its edge nestled within a small gash.

"Alright, Rangers! Keep it up!" Jason commanded.

The two metallic warriors struggled back and forth, until the Megazord finally gained traction, pressing forward and worsening the slash within Mechagodzilla's arm. The Third Planet's weapon screeched in concern. If the sword were to make any more headway, the evil machine could very well lose its arm. This would not stand. With a clicking sound, a secret compartment opened within Mechagodzilla's chest, a panel flipping open and revealing a red orb within. The orb quickly lit up and fired a jagged bolt of lightning, hitting the Megazord hard and sending it stumbling back, the impact point scorched and smoking. Seeing his ally forced back, the Dragonzord roared and charged Mechagodzilla, but the evil machine's head suddenly spun a full 360 degrees!

Firing its Space Beam, Mechagodzilla blasted both Zords. The Megazord crashed to the ground as the Dragonzord stumbled back, but the underwater mech wouldn't be put down so easily. Recomposing itself, the Dragonzord lunged towards his foe. Mechagodzilla didn't have a chance to activate its weapons before the Dragonzord reached it and began striking at the evil machine with his fists. Mechagodzilla was overwhelmed at first, but quickly retaliated, landing several blows with its missile-tipped hands. The Dragonzord swung around, gashing Mechagodzilla's side with his tail drill. Mechagodzilla managed to fire a round of its missiles at the Zord, but his shield-like chest plate took the brunt of the blast, and the Dragonzord moved in to attack again. Behind Mechagodzilla, the Megazord had gotten back to its feet.

"Okay, Rangers, let's hit 'im from behind while Dragonzord has his attention!" Jason said. "Cranial laser!"

Once again, the Megazord began to charge up the lightning-like blast in its head horns. This time, however, Mechagodzilla sensed the attack, spinning its head around to look at the Zord head on. Seconds later, the Megazord fired its attack, but this time Mechagodzilla was ready for it. Firing its rocket boosters, the evil robot soared into the air, causing the Megazord's laser attack to strike the Dragonzord instead, knocking the green machine to the ground.

"Aw, man!" Tommy cried out.

"No way!" the other Rangers gasped.

As the Megazord made its way to the Dragonzord and began to help him to his feet, Mechagodzilla landed nearby. It faced its two foes, who were already preparing for another assault. The Third Planet's ultimate creation decided it was time to finish this fight once and for all. These robotic creatures were strong and could win this battle. Mechagodzilla would not allow that and took a step forward, bracing itself. The killer machine raised and spun both of its hands, its eyes began to glow, its mouth opened, and its chest compartment flipped open.

"Jason, look out!" Billy cried. "We need to--"

Before the Blue Ranger could finish his warning, Mechagodzilla unleashed everything it had at the Zords. Space Beams, Cross Attack Beams, Desto-Fire, and missiles of all shapes and sizes burst from the titanium terror, engulfing the Zords in fire and explosions. The Power Sword went spiraling from the Megazord's hand, clanging against the pavement. The Dragonzord let out anguished cries as the numerous weapons exploded all around him. By the time Mechagodzilla let up with his assault and the smoke cleared, the two Zords collapsed to the ground, their hulls charred and smoking.

"Shields are gone!" Zack called out.

"Power is nearly depleted!" Billy reported.

"Jason, we need to pull back!" Kimberly cried.

Rearing its head back, Mechagodzilla let out a screech of victory. Stepping forward, it raised its right hand, once again preparing to destroy the Zords with one final blast of its Space Finger Missiles.


The sound of Zordon's voice boomed across the sky and suddenly a new contender was on the battle field. A massive, tank-like Zord emerged from the mist, firing the large twin cannons on its back. The blasts hit Mechagodzilla hard, flooring it in a single shot. This new machine was Titanus, the Carrier Zord, and he was the strongest of the Rangers' Zords. Growing closer, Titanus spat forth a trio of fireballs from his mouth, blasting Mechagodzilla and keeping the machine from rising, eliciting an angered shriek from the evil creature.

"Titanus is giving us the chance we need, Rangers!" Jason realized. "Let's get Megazord on his feet!" Working the Zord's controls, the Rangers righted their Zord. With a quick audio command from his Dagger, Tommy re-engerized the Dragonzord, causing him to quickly rise as well. His Zord back on its feet, Tommy leapt into the air, taking his place in the back of the Megazord's cockpit. With all six Rangers together, they gave the command:


Raising into the sky, the Dragonzord split in half. Leaping up, the Megazord took its fellow Zord onto its head and shoulders, serving to increase its own power and mass, forming the MegaDragonzord. With its fellow Zords ready, Titanus left Mechagodzilla behind, opening the secret compartment in his back. Falling down from the sky, the MegaDragonzord fell into Titanus' compartment and held the golden chain that acted as the Carrier Zord's reigns, as if a mighty warrior riding his steed into battle. This was the Ultrazord - the Rangers' ultimate weapon.

"Ultrazord sequence complete!" Jason announced.

No longer being attacked, Mechagodzilla got to its feet and prepared to retaliate, but jerked back in surprise as it saw the now massive foe it was faced with.

As one, the Rangers called out "LOCK ON AND FIRE!"

Mechagodzilla shrieked before quickly being engulfed in an all-out assault that rivaled its own, pelted by missiles, fireballs, laser blasts, lightning bolts, and energy from the Morphin Grid itself. Smoke and flame erupted all around the killer robot as the Rangers unloaded their arsenal against it. The faint sound of Mechagodzilla's metallic cry could be heard somewhere amongst the explosions. Soon, the Ultrazord ceased its destructive attack, its mission complete.

"Good job, Rangers," Jason said as the team started to celebrate. "That was a tough one, but with enough teamwork and perseverance, we---"

A blue glow could be seen peeking out through the smoke.

The Rangers watched on, uncertain.

Finally, the smoke cleared, revealing a damaged but intact Mechagodzilla, safely encased within his swirling blue Defense Neo Barrier.

The Rangers gasped in shock.

"No way!" Zack cried.

In an instant, Mechagodzilla deactivated its barrier and stepped forward. The Rangers had no time to react as Mechagodzilla once again unleashed every weapon in its arsenal, hitting the Ultrazord hard. The mighty Zord, the most powerful the Rangers possessed, lasted only mere moments under the assault before exploding violently into its various component Zords. The Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Titanus, and Dragonzord all collapsed to the ground, badly damaged and out of power. The Rangers fell from their Zords' cockpits, their mighty machines all but useless now.

"The Zords!" Kimberly cried.

"What do we do?!" Trini panicked.

In bright flashes of light, the seven Zords suddenly warped and disappeared, sent back to their respective hiding places.

"We've gotta get back to the Command Center," Jason said. "Zordon will know what to do."

In six beams of light, the Power Rangers teleported back to their headquarters. The Zords gone, Mechagodzilla let loose with an electronic victory screech.

* * * * *

"Well, hot-diggety-dog!" Baboo declared, beaming proudly.

"Wow, Metcha-godzilla actually beat the Power Rangers!" Squatt said, clapping excitedly.

"Well, of course he did, Squatt!" Baboo said, looking at his friend. "Did you think we couldn't pull this off?"

"Uhh..." Squatt started, scratching his head as he did his best to think real hard before answering.

"I don't believe it!" Goldar snarled as he stepped up behind the two lesser aliens. "You two, defeat the Power Rangers? Impossible! Nothing more than luck! And furthermore--"

"Luck or no luck, a win is a win," Rita interrupted as she entered the room, silencing Goldar as she waved dismissively at the armored warrior. "Which is more than I can say for you, Goldilocks!"

Goldar snarled in response.

"Finster, start making Putties!" Rita ordered. "With the Rangers out of the way, it's time to make the Earth mine, with Angel Grove as its new capital!"

* * * * *

"Aye-yi-yi, this is just terrible!" Alpha sighed as he went over the schematics in the main computer. "The Zords can be salvaged, but it will take time to fully repair and recharge them. Time Angel Grove doesn't have!"

"And even if we could repair them instantly, would it even do any good?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, that Mechagodzilla wiped the floor with the Zords," Tommy agreed.

"He was able to evenly match the full power output of the Ultrazord!" Billy said, still in disbelief.

"Rangers," Zordon began. "As you can tell, Mechagodzilla is indeed a powerful foe, quite possibly the strongest you have faced yet. But despite the outcome of today's battle, I still fully believe you can overcome and defeat him. However, such a victory may not be possible with Dino Zord power alone."

"'Alone?'" Trini asked, confused. "Zordon, what else is there?"

"Trini's right," Zack agreed. "If this guy can top the Ultrazord, that's sort of game over, isn't it?"

"For the Dino Zords, yes," Zordon said, nodding. "Which is why we must grant you new, more powerful Zords."

"New Zords...?" Jason asked.

"Zordon, how?" Kimberly added.

The wise sage looked down at his team. "With the Power of Thunder."
Mechagodzilla (Showa)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by soulgodzilla »

Well, I gotta say, I’d had fun with this match. I still have yet to watch Power Rangers, but at least it kinda had the same thing with Match 4 of how you can at least get the idea of the monsters/mechs that you don’t know allot about.

Also, I was surprised that Mechagodzilla was able to win this one, since I thought that he might lose. Overall, good job there TitanoGoji16. Curious to see if you’ll write a sequel to this.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by UltimateDitto »

Really interesting match, enjoyed reading it! Although my knowledge on the dino thunder characters is limited, I had a lot of fun reading this one :D
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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by SoggyNoodles2016 »

Finally! A Power Rangers match.

This ruled. Lot of fun. My only real nitpick is just calling Mechagodzilla's attacks by Space Beams or Destro Fire or so on didn't jive well. Great match, anyhow, Titanogoji.
GodzillaVsRayquaza wrote:Yes, Heisei Godzilla is incapable of feeling fear. The scream as he plummeted into Mt. Mihara, that was a war cry. The part where he clearly reared back and frantically unleashed atomic rays as Biollante’s mass of tendrils came at him, he was completely stoic. At no point did he feel fear as Super Mechagodzilla crippled him and unleashed burning lasers upon his form, that was just anger the whole time. Not a single drop of fear.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by HillyHulk »

This was pretty good, very fun battle between these two. I hope we get the sequel soon.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by Venom 2009 »

This is a very good match! :D
I hope there is a sequel where Mechagodzilla fights the Thunder Zords.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Damn! I totally thought he was gonna lose, but Mechagodzilla wiped the FLOOR with the Power Rangers!
Really well done. Can’t wait to see if there’s a sequel!
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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Really good match in terms of story, characters, and action. Good first match for the Zords.

Can’t wait for the sequel, if one’s actually being planned.
King of the Monsters wrote:You guys, this Godzilla was clearly the next GINO from the point its silhouette was revealed on that poster and it wasn't just the Heisei Godzilla. Any true fan would feel the same way.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote:Man, I can't believe this series that started as a condemnation of nuclear weapons, Cold War arm races and called for humanity coming together MIGHT DARE TO BE (le gasp) political

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Re: K.W.C.E. #45 - Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus vs. Mechagodzilla (S)

Post by TitanoGoji16 »

Dang, I meant to post here much sooner than this, but life kept popping up and distracting me. I'm glad everyone liked the match! It was a really fun one to write and I'm rather proud of it. It was especially fun writing the opening sequence with Squatt and Baboo in the Third Planet Spacemen's abandoned base.
soulgodzilla wrote:Curious to see if you’ll write a sequel to this.
HillyHulk wrote:I hope we get the sequel soon.
Venom 2009 wrote:
I hope there is a sequel where Mechagodzilla fights the Thunder Zords.
ShinGojira14 wrote:Can’t wait to see if there’s a sequel!
GodzillavsRayquaza wrote:Can’t wait for the sequel, if one’s actually being planned.
That's currently the plan! No idea when I'll actually be getting around to writing it, though.
UltimateDitto wrote:Although my knowledge on the dino thunder characters is limited
*Mighty Morphin

;) :P
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote:My only real nitpick is just calling Mechagodzilla's attacks by Space Beams or Destro Fire or so on didn't jive well.
...What else am I supposed to call them? :?
ShinGojira14 wrote:
Damn! I totally thought he was gonna lose, but Mechagodzilla wiped the FLOOR with the Power Rangers!
Hey, he's a lot tougher than Pudgy Pig. ;)
GodzillavsRayquaza wrote:Good first match for the Zords.
I'm honestly kinda surprised that there hasn't been a Zord match before now, with as many as there are.
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