Guardians of the Multiverse

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Guardians of the Multiverse

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The Yakuza

Ever since the multiverse theory was discovered and proven to actually exist, one race has been there since the very beginning: The Yakuza. This race of proud deities were one of the original founding members of the multiverse's creation. Their incredible power and wisdom greatly helped to shape the multiverse into what it is today. Before long, the Yakuza made a name for themselves that spanned countless realms and star systems, becoming one of these most revered and respected races that had ever been created. However, what use would having all of this power and gravitas be without an empire to reinforce it with? Soon enough, about four million years after the multiverse's creation, the Yakuza had both created and sustained their very own realm within the cosmos. At first, said realm wasn't all that large nor impressive for the first three thousand years or so. But, over time, and as the Yakuza reproduced and spread their influence across the galaxy, the realm grew into a powerful and unshakable empire. The vice-like grasp that the Yakuza now wielded had soon begun to create angst from the other deities and gods; even the Olympians themselves were beginning to fear the sort of power that the Yakuza held. How could a newly formed species gain so much in so little time? Such a prospect had never occurred before, and to this day, has never happened to that extent again.

The Yakuza went on to prosper and flourish beyond their wildest dreams; it was as though they ruled a third of the cosmos by themselves. The best part of it all was: they were peaceful and serene. For millions of years, there were no wars, no political squabbles, no power trips... Nothing of the sort. The Yakuza remained in their pocket of the multiverse for the most part, trying their best to not intrude on other races. It was a time of renaissance and plentifulness. Soon, the Yakuza clan went on to name their realm after the elite, godly warriors that would eventually be created to defend not only their home, but the entire multiverse as well. Their realm would be forever be named: The Realm of the Ninja.

Realm of the Ninja

"As close to heaven without actually being there, as it can possibly get".

This is the phrase that every single being of different shape and size seem to always use to describe their visit to the Realm of the Ninja. Unsurprisingly enough, they are never far off. Even the angels that live within the gates of heaven have stated such, and for good reason. The Realm of the Ninja is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places that exists in the known multiverse. The skies are completely clear 90% of the year, the air crisp and pollution free, and this sense of overwhelming majesty and awe seems to just fill the atmosphere. Exotic foliage that is exclusive solely to this realm only, covers the seemingly infinite sea of land and fields, while the angelic golden star of Orion casts its glow elegantly upon the the realm. Mountain chains of all shapes and sizes stand tall in the distance, wrapping around the proud kingdom that sits in the very middle, like protective arms to shield it from any and all danger. Invisible to all, but equally felt in its presence, is the magical barrier that protects the Realm of the Ninja from potential invasion, and locking it away from any entry besides that of portals from its citizens. The kingdom itself is absolutely massive and quite expansive, having taken close to five thousand years to full complete. It is comprised out of nothing but the most powerful, durable, and mystical materials and properties currently known. So reinforced in fact, that not even that of a planetoid object the size of Orion could budge the kingdom from its position. In it, houses citizens of the Yakuza, 500,000 and growing every single day. While such a number may not seem like much compared to other civilizations, it is plenty for this specific realm, and allows for everyone to know and become close with one another. Highly advanced technologies are perfectly married with old traditions, which keeps the Yakuza on the cutting edge of the newest advancements and discoveries in technology. Within some of the mountains, sit dozens of beautiful smaller villages and towns where everyone else stays.

The mother of the Yakzua clan, as well as the mother of all dragons, Tiamat, envisioned the Realm of the Ninja in to be a true paradise. She wanted it to be everlasting and gorgeous and flourishing with life, even in its darkest of days. After a thousand years of back and forth pleading with the father of the Yakuza, and her husband, Marise, Tiamat was granted her wish, and her perfect world was born soon after. Everything in the realm, every rock, every blade of grass, every leaf, every stone... All of it was perfect. However, like everything else in life, all good things must eventually come to an end, and the downward spiral of the Yakuza was soon at hand. While the Realm of the Ninja remains as beautiful and heavenly as it has always been, the horrific history that the Yakuza had suffered through still lingers. This was all because of the actions of one, single being. And the consequence for these horrible actions? The age of civil war had begun.

The Fall

They say that power corrupts both the mind and the soul. For eons, Marise didn't believe such to be true, until he got a taste of what true power was really like. With the Yakuza clan now have been established as one of the most powerful races in the multiverse, and the Realm of the Ninja completely settled in, Marise and Tiamat had an empire of unheard proportions. For Tiamat, having such was more than enough, and was a blessing that she didn't dare take advantage of. However, Marise wasn't satisfied. For him, it wasn't enough to have just one, single empire. No, he wanted more, much more. Soon, Tiamat began to notice a shift in her husband's behavior, and it deeply concerned her. Gone were the days of Marise being well mannered and compassionate to both their people, and those of different races. In its place, was a growing and merciless tyrant, blinded by the prospect of total domination. Marise's reign of terror spread throughout the Realm of the Ninja, shattering the sense of freedom and replacing it with dictatorship. Tiamat was both horrified at her husband's cruel change of heart, and livid by Marise going against all that they had worked so hard for. She was all but powerless to do anything, though, for Marise threatened her with an ultimatum that she couldn't bring herself to go against. He warned her to either obey and bow to his rule, or be exiled from their realm, and in turn, the people whom she loved so dear, permanently. Tiamat couldn't bear the thought of leaving her land and her people behind, and as such, she was forced to yield to the monster that Marise had become.

With his grasp firmly locked on their own world, Marise had soon set his sights on other nearby realms. With ease, Marise had brought said civilizations to their knees, slaughtering their leaders and any who dared opposed him. By the time 500 years or so had passed, Marise's influence had spread across a third of the entire multiverse, with hundreds of thousands of realms under his control. By the time he had reached Olympus, Marise possessed so much power, that he single handily wiped out nearly all of the Greek gods, and forced any that remained to retreat from their own home. Tiamat had had more than enough of her husband's destructive actions, and needed to act fast before the entire multiverse was under his control. As such, without Marise knowing, Tiamat combined her own power with the incredible forces from the entire multiverse, to give birth to four, extremely special, and vaunted children. These were her guardians... Her protectors that would grow to become the heroes of the entire multiverse.

These were the ninjas.

The Ninjas

"They are the perfect warriors".


The ninjas are a group of godlike beings whose powers and abilities surpass anything that the multiverse has ever dreamed of; real life supermen and women. They were Tiamat's perfect creations, and the ones destined to protect the multiverse from whatever evil that so threatened it. Four of them were born, three brothers, and one sister, all magnificent and beautiful. Tiamat was so proud of what she had created, that she immediately imprinted on the ninjas as her perfect children. The first two were the quickest to have been born, due to Tiamat's power being at its peak at the time; only a year was between them, as a result. Because Tiamat poured so much of her energy into her first two children, especially her firstborn, the last two took quite a deal longer to form. Because of this, there is a 3 million age difference between Tiamat's first and middle child, and a considerable 8 million difference for the first and last child. To her surprise though, such didn't seem to matter at all to the ninjas; they all immediately formed an unbreakable sibling bond with one another, and one that is even more powerful to this very day.


It was quite difficult for the first few million years, as Tiamat was forced to hide her newly made children from Marise until all of them were born. On multiple instances, she had to leave the ninjas behind in order to stand by Marise so he wouldn't grow suspicious from her many prolonged absences. This is something that Tiamat still regrets having to have done even today. Unfortunately, Marise's suspicions eventually came to a head, and he discovered the ninjas hiding deep within the mountains of their very own realm. Tiamat was so scared that the tyrannical being would kill them out of spite for her secrecy. However, Marise spared them all. In fact, he instantly accepted the young ninjas as his own children, for in his mind, he could train them to become his greatest assets. Marise sensed overwhelming power surging through the firstborn, and as such, dedicated most of his time to raising him to become a ruthless warrior. Tiamat was again, livid at the prospect of Marise turning her children into monsters, but also again, she was powerless to do anything. Eventually, because of her insubordination for the sake of protecting her children, Tiamat was forcibly cast out of the very home she helped create, and left her beautiful creations alone with what had become the father of chaos.

For millions of years, the ninjas suffered at the hands of their father, with Dante getting the very worst of it. Marise would beat the young boy for hours each and every day, until his flesh was literally peeled off, and his bones broken every which way. Then, once he recovered, Marise would have him train endlessly until the sun set and rose again on a new day. He put Dante through many other grueling tasks of both physical and psychological torture. Dante's siblings always had an idea of what he was going through, but they never knew just how bad it got, and were helpless to do anything to help him. They could only watch on and tend to Dante's wounds when Marise was through with him for the day. Dante, even to this day, has never told them the whole truth of what their father use to do to him.

At last, however, the multiverse granted the ninjas relief from Marise's wrath. Dante watched as Marise slowly descended into madness, and the one who gave he and his siblings life, and nurtured them with all her strength, be exiled from their home permanently. With Tiamat out of the picture, Marise was finally free to reign over the Realm of the Ninja as he pleased. However, that rule only lasted for a few million years before the last of the original deities finally had had enough of Marise's antics. As such, on Dante's 18 millionth birthday, Marise was sealed away in a magical coffin forever, and cast out into the cold depths of space. His influence on the multiverse was no more. Dante, his siblings and his people were now free. Now 18 million years old, Dante was ceremoniously made king of the Yakuza, and the leader of his ninja siblings.

At first, the weight of such a newfound responsibility was just too much for the young ninja to bear, and after the ceremony was over, Dante took off into space under the cover of night. He stayed gone for 7 months, with no one having any idea of where he ran off to. His siblings were even starting to question whether Dante would ever return, but their wise Aunt, Beatrice, gave them reassurance. Dante just needed time to find himself first before accepting such a monumental responsibility. And sure enough, 7 months later, Dante returned home, and he wasn’t alone. With him was both his future girlfriend, Aphrodite, and a newfound maturity and acceptance of the responsibilities he now bore. Determined not to follow in his tyrannical father's footsteps, Dante swore to one day bring absolute peace to the multiverse and salvage his people's reputation no matter the cost.

Now, the ninjas have long since repaired the image of themselves and more importantly, their people, and have become the Guardians of the Multiverse. Even with their Mom gone, these four young and brave souls know that she would be proud of what they’ve become.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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A conversation between brothers 1

It was a cool, winter evening in the Realm of the Ninja. Flurries of cotton-like snow descended from the sky in a gentle manner, and the star of Orion prepared for another slumber, its light cast upon the land in an orange and purplish hue. The proud kingdom stood tall as always, with the gargantuan mountains loomed in the distance. The ground was as white as the puffy clouds that billowed overhead, covered in thick, and plushy snow. The microscopic, crystal flakes that lied within the frozen liquid sparkled and dazzled in the sunlight. It was always a rather peaceful and quiet time around this time of year for the Yakzua, the only real audible noise being that of a subtle wind that whispered sweet nothings across the land. It was a, "hushed silence", as some would say.

While the majority of the people of this realm were all snuggled up inside the kingdom's walls, there were two souls that chose to remain outside, and watch the sunset instead. Sat atop on of the higher points of the mountains, were Dante and Evron. The two would always come up here in the evenings to watch the sun fall, especially during winter season. In fact, all four ninjas would usually watch it together, but both Ubel and Daeva had decided to take a raincheck this time, and were off somewhere within the kingdom.That was fine, as it had been a long time since neither Dante nor Evron got to just hang out together without anyone else around. Of course, even though Evron himself would never admit such, he did enjoy these moments, as few and far in-between as they were. So there he and Dante were, just watching a magnificent star say farewell until the break of morning, with only a few brief words uttered here and there between them.

"Dante." Evron suddenly muttered.

"Hmm?" Dante responded, never taking his eyes off the view.

Evron turned to look at him, "Why did you never tell me about how Dad abused you so much?" He asked. His red eyes held a tinge of concern within them.

Dante took his eyes away from the sunset to stare back at Evron, his expression being one of surprise for the latter suddenly asking something like that. He could tell that Evron was expecting a really good answer to his question, but with how sudden that he springed such a question on Dante, the former was fumbling in his mind about what exactly to come up with. Dante took his eyes away from his brother and stared down at his feet. "I didn't think that it would be something that you would've wanted to know about." He said.

Evron raised an eyebrow, "Are you serious? You actually believed that I wouldn't have wanted to know that my BROTHER was getting beaten within an inch of his life everday? Are you seriously that dense, Dante? I mean, come on man, don't give me that bullshit." Evron retorted harshly.

Dante looked at Evron in confusion, "How am I in any way lying to you? What difference would it have made if I did tell you, Daeva, or Ubel about it, huh? What could the three of you have actually done to stop it?" Dante threw back.

"I don't know, but we would've at least figured something out, and maybe even got some help. But instead, you kept this poop from us for years, Dante! Do you understand how that makes me feel?" Evron responded with growing frustration.

"Just what exactly aren't you getting, Evron? Do you not see how bringing up that horrifying part of my life makes ME feel?!" Dante exclaimed with glowing green eyes.

Evron remained silent and turned away, shaking his head.

Dante managed to calm himself down some, and gazed down at his shaking hands. "Dad didn't just beat me, okay? He pummled me mercilessly for hours on end, making sure that my bones were broken, pieces of my flesh were stripped away, and that I could barely move, let alone breathe. It was...It was almost like he... Enjoyed breaking me. He relished in seeing me cry out for help and gasp desperately for whatever oxygen my punctured lungs could take in. Those were without a doubt, the worst moments in my entire life, and they still haunt me to this day. To think that your own father, whom you tried to bond with, look up to, and ultimately give the benefit of the doubt to... Would do something that cruel to his own child, I..." Dante's voice broke, causing his words to trail off into nothingness. He took in a deep, albeit shaky breath, held it for a few moments, before dispelling it out from his lungs. Dante glanced over at Evron, whom was now staring right back at him with a look of newfound empathy and trepidation.

"That's why I didn't tell any of you guys about it for so long, because I knew that if I did, and Dad somehow found out... He would do the same to all of you that he did to me. I just... I couldn't bare the thought of my own siblings going through that, and knowing that it would've been my fault. It would've been my fault if he had hurt any of you, and I just couldn't live with myself if he... If he..." Dante's voice became thick, his throat tightened, and his eyes welled. He chewed on his bottom lip and blinked rapidly, his chin quivering. The air around the two ninjas was quiet enough to where they could both hear the droplets of tears pattering into the snow.

Evron placed a hand on Dante's shoulder, "Don't do that to yourself, alright? It's okay, I understand now, and I'm not mad anymore." He said in a soft, comforting voice.

Dante wiped the tears away on his sleeve and slowly shook his head, just trying to hold them in. "I've made so many mistakes, Evron, with all of you. I wasn't there when I should've been, and I let you all down so many times." He muttered, his voice heavy.

"And neither me, Daeva, nor Ubel hold that against you, Dante. We don't care about any of that poop; you're here now, and that's all that really matters in my book." Evron responded. He positioned his face so that he'd be looking right into Dante's eyes when he said this. "You are an amazing brother, don't ever forget that."

Dante allowed for a miniscule smile to slip, and he pulled Evron in for a firm and warm embrace.

"I love you, big bro." Evron said muffled through Dante's shirt.

"I love you too, always." Dante murmured.

They soon pulled away and bumped fists with one another, and watched as Orion finally set behind the horizon, filling the night sky with billions of dazzling stars and galaxies alike.

"Wanna go mess with Daeva?" Evron offered.

Dante laughed, "You bet." He said, and with that, the two ninjas leapt off the moutain peak and shot through the sky, back towards the kingdom.

As this day comes to an end, a new one will soon be upon the Realm of the Ninja.



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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Suits and Ties
Part 1

In a galaxy millions of miles away from the Realm of the Ninja, one of the largest parties in fifteen, different sectors was taking place. It was a gathering of individuals from nearly every species within the multiverse, co-mingling and simply enjoying one another in a giant, incredibly beautiful venue. This was the Universe Club: an event that happened every ten years, and was also, incredibly exclusive. It was miracle if one was ever invited to engage in such festivities. The only real, "catch", was the fact that said party was a formal one; only an array of suits and flowing dresses were ever allowed. Such was a microscopic rule when you were even invited to one of the biggest events in the multiverse. As such, when the ninjas themselves were invited to partake in the Universe Club, they immediately accepted the offer.

They arrived within the late evening hours of the party, and were instantly greeted by a venue that spanned at least fifty miles across, and covered to the teeth in polished marble, giant pillars that were forty feet high carved out of pearl, golden flooring, silk wrapped tables, leather furniture, etc. It was a sight to behold; hundreds of thousands of beings from different civilizations and races were all gathered in one, single place. There was no fighting, no hostility, and no tension. It was simply an avenue of pleasantry, warmness, and food, lots and lots of food. The Universe Club also lasted for 24 straight hours, so no one needed to feel pressured into arriving at a set time if they didn't want to. The ninjas themselves were all dressed accordingly for the special occasion, of course. The boys were donning specially tailored suits of the highest quality materials possible, with Dante's being a pearlescent white with golden accents, Ubel's a deep red with a violet tie, and Evron wearing a chocolate brown suit with a jet black bowtie. Daeva had chosen to go with an extraordinary, coral blue short dress, with tiny diamonds placed throughout, and silver leather heels.

As the four of them stepped inside of the venue, they all released a collective, "Wooooow", in complete awe as they looked around. The ninjas weren't too worried about anyone there realizing who they were; most only really knew who the ninjas were by their respective armor, and not the faces behind them.

"I've never been to a party like this before." Ubel uttered. The other three nodded in agreement; the ninjas weren't all that popular around the mutliverse, of course, so events like these had always passed them by up until now.

"Yeah, something's a little fishy about this, though, don't you think?" Evron questioned. "I mean, just think about it: we're essentially the 'bane' of existence, according to, well... Everybody. And yet, here we are, invited to one of biggest parties in the mutliverse."

Dante shoved his hands inside his pockets and pursed his lips. "Who knows. Maybe people are starting to come around a little bit, and see that, hey, we aren't as horrible as we're made out to be." He said with hopeful optimism. "In any case, we do need to stay on our toes; danger of the biggest kind possible ALWAYS seems to follow us wherever we go. Isn't that right, Dae-" Dante was cut off as he looked for Daeva, only to find her gone. He looked all around, until he saw a large crowd gathered in one place. Dante sighed as both he, and his brothers knew exactly what was going on.

Like everywhere else she went, Daeva was ravenously saught after by both men and women for her extraordinary beauty, and the same thing applied here. Almost all of the men at the party had surrounded Daeva, as well as quite a few women as well; the rest were merely looking on in annoyance and jealousy. There would be a lot of divorces after today, that much was certain.

"Why am I not surprised?" Ubel exasperated.

A whistle from the other side of the room soon caught they boys' attention, and they turned to find the real Daeva sitting at one of the tables by herself. She had been sitting there for around five minutes now, give or take; the person that the group was crowded around was simply an after image. She gave a small wink and motioned for her brothers to join her. The group of ravenous, and equally perverted individuals would lust after Daeva's after image for at least a little while longer. The boys looked at one another and snickered, before heading over to the table.

"That little trick of yours never gets old, sis." Dante praised with a smile.

Daeva flicked a lock of her hair proudly. "Just an added bonus when you're the fastest thing in the multiverse." She playfully boasted.

Evron rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah, we know, princess." He grumbled and shot an annoyed glance over at the crowd. "Damn perverts. If any of them try anything funny with our sister, they'll be hearing from me; I know that much."

"Calm doowwn, space Rambo, Daeva knows how to handle herself. Besides, it actually feels nice to not have to fight everyone for a change." Ubel pointed out, before stuffing his mouth with the different breads, rice, and meats that were placed all across the table.

"Hmph, I guess." Evron mumbled. He turned his head to the left and found Dante at one of the many, expansive bars scattered across the venue, ordering himself a drink, likely a cocktail. Evron furrowed his brow, and turned back to Ubel. "What the hell is a 'Rambo', anyway?"

Ubel slowed his chewing and shrugged. "I don kna." He responded with a mouthful of food.

Daeva looked at him weirdly. "Chew your food first, fatty." She calmly scolded.

Ubel quickly finished chewing, swallowed, and hooted. "Whoo! I can only imagine how good everything else must be!" He gleamed and patted his stomach. "Anyway, I don't really know what a 'Rambo' is; it's just something I picked up from Earth. All I know is that it is NOT a compliment." He said with a smirk.

"Ugh, screw you, fatass." Evron threw back and took a chunk out of a large piece of meat. "The food is pretty good, though." He silently agreed.

As the three ate, Dante finally made his way back over to their table, now holding a plate of drinks in his hand. "I come bearing gifts!" He exclaimed.

Ubel looked at the plethora of empty glasses that were stacked on the bar, and his jaw dropped. "My Yakuza, bro, how many drinks did you have?!" He demanded.

Dante raised an eyebrow at Ubel, before looking back at the bar. "I don't know, like, thirty?" He nonchalantly responded. "Anyway, I have what is as close to an Orion cocktail as possible for Ubel and Evron." He said and handed the shot glasses to them. "Aaaand, a nice glass of Cranberry juice for Daeva."

Daeva opened her mouth in disbelief. "What?! Really? I can't even have anything alcoholic at a party like this?!" She questioned.

"Nice try, Peri, but you're still only 16 million. What would I look like serving an underage ninja, huh?" Dante mused.

Daeva pouted her bottom lip, "An overprotective, but 'caring' older brotherrr." She grumbled and took a sip of her juice. She perked up a little bit, "At least it's fresh."

"It's a shame Aphrodite couldn't make it, Dante. She just had to go and catch a cold the night before, huh?" Ubel said.

"I know." Dante sighed. "But she would have been preetty angry with me if I hadn't come. She's been to this thing a few times before, and wanted me, and all of us really, to experience it." Dante smiled at the thought of Aphrodite: his heart and soul back in their realm, waiting for him to return. "When we get back, the first thing I'm gonna do is make her a nice bowl of soup and wipe her cute little nose."

"Oooh my Yakuzaaa, the two of you are so gushy and cutesy, that it physically hurts me to hear about it." Evron groaned.

Dante rolled his eyes. "I'd like to make a toast." He stated and raised his glass up in the air. "To the best, most perfect party we've ever gone to. May tonight be one to remember for years to come!"

"Amen to that." The other three joyfull agreed, and tapped glasses with each other.

Suddenly, right before the ninjas were about to down their beverages, the wall facing them exploded in a cloud of marble and concrete, flinging them across the room. A wave of panic and terror instantly washed over the entire venue, everyone screaming bloody murder, and desperately trying to find a way out and/or a place to hide. As the dust settled, the culprit of the sudden attack soon revealed themselves. At least three dozen, incredibly skinny, smooth featured, and white robots rushed into the room. They soon began to open fire upon those who were either fleeing, or caught out in the open, and vaporized them into burning cinders. The robots continued destroying the gorgeous avenue, and slaughtering any and all within their sights.

The ninjas quickly picked themselves back up and formed a tight nit circle back to back. The cold, merciless machines had them surrounded on all sides, and held them at gun point.

"At long last, we have finally found you again." One of the machines soon spoke out in a very emotionless, disjointed, yet eerily calm and collected voice. "It took quite a while, what with how needlessly expanisve this reality is, but none of that matters now, does it?"

Ubel glared at the robots, clenching his teeth. "Synthians." He growled.

"You just had to go and jinx it, didn't you?" Evron muttered to Dante with a soft smirk. He for one, was itching for a fight.

"Yeah, that sounds about right, doesn't it?" Dante responded, eyeing the Synthian that spoke to them.

"I jinxed it." Dante mumbled.

To be continued...

Suits and Ties
Part 2

The ninjas were surrounded at all sides, with more and more Synthians pouring into the vineyard by the second. Whatever guests that remained were all cowering behind burning furniture, or bunched up together in the farthest corners of the hall. The ninjas kept their eyes locked on the emotionless machines both standing, and floating before them, and slowly summoned their respective weapons to their sides. This was not a night where they felt like fighting, aside from Evron, of course. However, if it came down to that, then the ninjas would defend these helpless beings with all of their power.

"What do you want from us?" Dante harshly demanded, his green eyes glowed brightly with anger.

The Synthian that had spoke before cocked its head to the side like a curious dog, and began twirling its slender white fingers. "Want? This isn't about what we want from you, Dante." It responded methodically.

"It's about what we need from you, and your siblings." Another robot continued.

Evron rested Shikoro on his shoulder and yawned in boredom. "What the hell are you unholy abominations spewing on about?" He inquired irritantly. "Are you here to fight us, or what?!"

The, "main" Synthian turned its gaze towards Evron and cocked its head to the side again, as if in confusion from the ninja's brash question. "Fight you? Oh no no no, we're not here to fight you." It said. "We have come here to continue our gathering of information about you; the four of you have been avoiding us for far too long now, thus, the information that we currently have on you is sadly... Outdated."

"Sooo... A fight, then?" Ubel countered dryly.

The hexagonal machine turned its triangular head to Ubel, giving the that same blank, featureless stare that it gave to Evron and Dante. "In your primitive language... Yes." It answered coldly. Suddenly, the Synthian collasped its left arm into its Photon Emitter, and quickly took aim at Ubel. The cannon hummed to life, sucking in the oxygen around it, and prepared to melt Ubel's skin down to the bone.

Ubel instinctively covered his face with the hammer end of Soul Ravager, but after several seconds passed, and nothing have happened, he looked up to see the Synthian bisected down the middle and twitching on the floor. Dante, now standing in front of Ubel, swiftly wiped his Twin Jewels clean of Synthian fluid, and glared daggers at the rest. For what seemed like minutes went by, neither party made a move, merely eyeing one another, and daring for the opposing side to do something, anything.

A snicker from Evron caused the army of robots to all stare at him. The former clenced the hilt of Shikoro tightly, causing for the entirety of the blade to glow red with his power. Evron grinned slyly, "Who's next?" He taunted. That was the tipping point. In seconds, the Synthians swarmed the ninjas from all sides, aiming to box them in and not allow any route of escape. Unfortunately for them, however, the ninjas were quicker, A LOT quicker.

By the time the Synthians had rushed the powerful warriors, Daeva had already blitzed through a third of their ranks, slicing and ripping their surprisingly tough bodies apart with needle precision. Ubel and Dante were focused on keeping the machines away from the now screaming civilians, vaporizing and cutting down any robots that foolishly tried to get past them. One Synthian fired a large concentration of photons at a group of women, only for it to be parried by Ubel's hammer. The shot glanced off the weapon and into a nearby wall, reducing it down to molten sludge. Dante stopped what he was doing, looked at the destroyed wall, and then back at the civilians.

"GO!!!" He screamed, motioning for them to run through the newly created hole in the wall. The innocent people didn't hesitate to oblidge, and rushed for the exit, while Dante and Ubel kept the Synthians at bay. The former leaped up in front of one that was attempting to chase the civilians, punished it with a 720 roundhouse kick to the cranium, and sent it careening end over end through a wall. Dante then splayed open his right palm, and golden energies began to swirl and twinkle around it. With a forceful push, Dante unleashed the built up energy at the fallen Synthian at speeds reaching light speed plus, instantly eradicating it into glowing cinders. Ubel planted a fist straight through the chest of one machine, and then used his other hand to clench the side of its head, and tore its body in two. Dodging the incoming high kick from one behind him, Ubel grabbed hold of the Synthian's leg, swung it and the rest of the being over his shoulder, and swiftly flattened it several yards into the ground with a savage plow from Soul Ravager.

Daeva couldn't be touched, wiping out two or three robots before they could even register what had hit them. Traveling at hyperspeed, Daeva easily dodged the incoming blows and fire from them as if they were completely still. Using Swift Retribution as an anchor, Daeva pole vaulted herself high into the air, and started to spin like a top. The sheer momentum that she carried was enough to shred whatever Synthians that were in her way, apart. Stopping on a dime, Daeva then turned to see Evron brutally tearing through a mass of the featureless mechs with both hands and sword alike.

Using the serrated teeth of Shikoro, Evron carved deep into the Synthians' metal flesh, and ripped massive chunks out of them. He was covered in the blue liquid of his fallen enemies, and an enthusiastic grin made it clear that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Suddenly, in the midst of kicking one robot off his blade, Evron didn't see another charging its Photon Emitter in time. By the time he looked in its direction, the destructive beam had already been fired, and Evron had less than a milisecond to try and block most of it with his blade. The beam was fortunately dissipated by Shikoro, but some of it still managed to hit its mark, and hurled Evron outside. He flopped painfully to a stop about a 100 yards away from the venue, and slowly turned over on his back. His chest was smoking, and parts of his suit had been singed away, revealing burnt skin underneath.

"Arrggh, damn, I forgot how much that hurt!" Evron groaned achingly.

As Dante was quickly mopping up the remaining stragglers, one Synthian crawled towards him, its legs and upper torso having been separated. Half of its face was melted off, and sparks were flying from it. Dante turned and leered down at the damaged machine, and pointed a hand out in front of it.

"This... This is just the start." The Synthian began, its voice crackling and fading in and out. "We have much more in store you... Dan... Dan... Dan.." The robot's words were forever cut short as Dante vaporized it with another energized beam.

"What was that? You didn't finish." Dante mocked. With a deep sigh, he proceeded to squeeze the Twin Jewels until they dissipated into golden flurries of raw energy, and went to check on his siblings. "Are you guys alright?" He called out to Ubel and Daeva

"Well, aside from a torn dress that will take hours to fix, yes." Daeva responded with a playful grin.

"All good here." Ubel confirmed.

Dante nodded, "Good. Now, let's out of here; I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for be-" Dante stopped and furrowed his brow. "Wait, where's Evron?" He asked.

One. Just one remaining Synthian straggler had managed to limp its way outside the venue, and believed that it was home free. Sadly for it, Evron stood in the way of it, and that freedom. The ninja stood crossed armed in front of the machine, a smirk tracing across his face.

"And just where the hell do you think you're going?" Evron demanded.

"I didn't say you could leave." Another stated to the side of the Synthian. Before the latter knew it, it was surrounded by a gang of Evron dopplegangers, and couldn't figure out which was the real one.

"Your primitive tricks won't fool me for long, ninja." The Synthian hissed. Not even a second after stating such, the machine felt a sharp pain slam through its, "mouth", before its sight was suddenly divided. The Synthian, having now had its head split in two, crumpled to the ground as the life seeped away from its cold, blue eyes. Evron gazed down at the pathetic thing from behind, and snorted.

"Piece of poop." He spat. Evron turned to see his siblings walking towards him, and grinned. "The hell took you guys so long?" He taunted.

The four ninjas turned back to gaze at the ruined venue, burning before them.

"What a night this was." Dante muttered.

"We couldn't even go to a party without things turning into... This." Daeva sighed.

Ubel put an arm around her and rubbed her shoulder. "It's okay, sis, we can always come back in the next ten years."

Daeva stared up at him, "Ubel...that was literally the worst piece of reassurance that you've ever given in your entire life." She responded.

"I know." Ubel jeered and quickly removed his arm.

"Uh, yeah, if we're ever even invited again." Evron dryly pointed out.

Dante sighed and looked at his siblings. "Come on guys, let's go home." He smiled, opened his palm, and created a swirling green portal to their dimension. The ninjas slowly walked through the portal one by one. Dante was the last to go in, and took one final look at the remains of the Universe Club, before he himself walked into the vortex, leaving the once beautiful venue behind.

"A lot of times, people ask me why my siblings and I continue to fight for a multiverse that constantly makes it clear that it hates us, that it wishes we never existed, and would rather see us fail than succeed."

Dante, Evron, Ubel, and Daeva are all seen going their separate ways for the night, and returning to their respective rooms after having wished each other good night. Daeva slipped on her leggings and a tank top, and plopped down on her back into her bed. She stared up at the painted portrait of their mother, Tiamat, smiling down at her. A soft smile curved across Daeva's lips, and she soon closed her eyes and allowed for sleep to overtake her.

"Why fight for those who would persecute us later?"

Evron sunk his head into his pillow and groaned at both the stinging pain in his chest, and at the prospect of yet another, ruined night. He shuddered at the thought of having to go and see Hale in the morning.

"And to that, I always give those people the exact same answer."

Ubel sat on one of the window sills in his room and stared up at the night sky, gazing at the brilliant glow of the moon above. Tonight might have been more... Action packed than expected, but Ubel didn't really mind it too much now. As long as he had his siblings, not even the worst night in history could keep him down. Ubel's violet eyes glowed softly as a grin formed on his mouth. He wondered what Molly was doing. Maybe... Maybe he would call her in the morning.

"No matter what challenges the multiverse throws at us, no matter if our allies turn against us, and no matter if everyone in existence becomes our enemy... We will fight like we always have, and protect those who can't protect themselves."

Dante is the last to enter his room, carrying in his hand a big bowl of fresh, hot soup. He finds Aphrodite curled up in his bed, sleeping soundly. The ninja prime smiled sweetly and quietly made his way over to her. Dante gently rested the soup down on the diamond nightstand by the side of the bed, and sat down next to Aphrodite. He bends down and plants a delicate kiss on her soft, and supple scalp. He rubs his fingers through her elegant, silver hair. Aphrodite slowly begins to stir, and soon awakens to find Dante smiling down at her. She rubs her eyes and returns the expression, reaching up and locking lips with him. A sneeze comes from Aphrodite's red nose, and Dante wraps a comforting arm around her. She laid her head on his chest, and intertwined her fingers with those of his free hand. Dante takes his arm away for a moment, reaches for the bowl of soup, and shows it to Aphrodite. She smiled enthusiastically, and sat up to eat it. Dante takes the silver spoon out, blows on the hot liquid, and gently feeds it to her. He takes another spoon full, twists the spoon around like that of an airplane, making the appropriate noise as well, and causing both of them to laugh.

"We are ninjas: the guardians of the multiverse. We will never forsake the innocent, we will never turn away from the weak, and we will always fight with all of our resolve. Always."

The End.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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House of Horrors


Part 1

The ninjas rarely get distress calls involving anything. That is why when a call came in involving a homicide, they were a tad suspicious. In any case, not ones to ever turn down someone in need, Dante and Ubel set off to investigate, even after both Evron and Daeva heeded them not to. All four of them knew how... Off this seemed, what with the mysterious caller pleading for them to come immediately to a place they had never even heard of. Plus, it was Friday the 13th; even the ninjas knew the weight of such a day.

Dante and Ubel arrived to the distant location in record time, both wanting to get the mission over with. Upon touching down, they could immediately feel that something wasn't right, as well as see it. For starters, the entire area was eternally dark and depressing, with thick clouds hanging above, just stuck in one place it seemed. Secondly, whatever foliage that may have been alive at one point, was now dead and rotting and stripped away. Finally, and what was undoubtedly the most important piece, was the worn down, abandoned, and ghostly shell of a house that sat front and center in the realm. The house looked as though it hadn't been lived in nor touched for several decades, at the least. The inky black holes where the windows used to be, now looked like eye sockets, bottomless pits that never saw an end. Because of its drab, gray coloration, the building essentially disappeared into the landscape, and billows of heavy fog wafted in every direction, cutting off visibilty even more. There was a muddy trail that snaked directly to the unwelcoming house, or from, depending on one's perspective.

The two ninjas, both geared up in their respective armor and weaponry, gazed up at the enormous home. They weren't exactly scared, but they didn't exactly feel in complete control either. Ubel glanced over at Dante, his eyes carrying subtle angst in them. He knew there was something wrong with this place, something sinister, and he didn't like it. Dante did his best to calm Ubel by resting a hand upon his shoulder, and giving his brother a firm nod of steely determination. They had a job to do, and the faster they got it done, the sooner they could get out of there and never look back. As such, the godly warriors took out their weapons and headed up the pathway and towards the door.

Upon reaching the splintered and mildew covered door, Dante took point and ever so gently pushed on it with his elbow. At the first couple of inches, the door remained eerily silent, but then, as if it had passed some kind of threshold, a dull and lazy, "CREEEAAAK", rang into the blackness. Dante's eyes shut as he cringed deeply; whatever or whoever was inside surely would've just heard that, with how deathly quiet everything was. Dante shot Ubel a quick look that said, "crap", before they inched their way deeper into the house. Even though it was as black as death itself in there, both ninjas could see just fine; their natural, hyper sensitive eyesight greatly coming in handy for situations like this. Upon entering, the first immediate sensation was the overwhelming stench of blood, and aging mold. The wooden floor was ripped up in large areas, and rotting away, making it tricky to walk across. Dust floated all around, whatever furntiture that was left had been torn apart and strewn everywhere, the walls were peeling. The only sources of light were the glowing eyes of both Dante and Ubel, but even those didn't account to much right now, what with them both keeping their eyes dimly lit to not attract any unwanted attention. To make matters even more eerire, it had begun to shower outside, and picked up rather quickly. Lightning cracked and boomed above, briefly illuminating the entire house, before the darkness reclaimed its position.

Dante and Ubel soon came upon the main stairway that led to the upstairs bedrooms, but to the left and right of them were also two separate rooms that they hadn't checked yet. One room looked to have been used for a dining room at one point, while the other was clearly a kitchen, or it used to be, evident from the grimy refrigerator set laying on its side in the far left corner. Dante turned to Ubel, "I'll take the kitchen on the left, you take the dining room." He whispered. "There's a hallway that separates both rooms from each other in the back. When we're done searching, we'll meet back up there, okay?"

Ubel nodded, and they both temporarily went their separate ways deeper into the black abyss. Ubel inched his way through the barren dining room area, his head on a constant swivel as he surveyed every corner and seam. It didn't take too long for Ubel to come to the conclusion that, aside from an overturned, dusty marble table, and some broken glass, there was nothing in there.

Dante continued into the claustrophobically small kitchen, trying his best not to bump into the cabinet and rusted metal countertop that stood on either side of him. His attention was drawn to that old refrigerator that was just lying there in the corner, seemingly untouched for decades. It was the perfect place for someone or something to have possibly hidden something inside. "Ubel, you found anything?" Dante inquired telepathically.

Ubel slowly shook his head, "Nothing here, the whole room has been completely ripped up." He responded and rested Soul Ravager upon his shoulder. "Whatever case of homicide we're looking for, I really don't think it's down here." Ubel gave the room a final sweep just to be sure, and suddenly, something in the far right corner caught his eye. With his brow furrowed, Ubel went over to get a closer look. It was a piece of old, stained paper that was folded up; whatever ink that had been used to write the contents on the other side, had bled through to the back. Ubel raised an eyebrow, "I know I checked this entire room." He thought to himself. Regardless, the ninja leaned his massive hammer against the wall, cautiously reached down, picked the paper up, and unfolded it to read what was on it.

As Dante came within inches of the broken down refrigerator, he put one of the Jewels back into its scabbard so he had a free hand to work with. Cleching the hilt of the other katana tightly, Dante slowly extended his hand towards the rusted door handle. He wrapped his armored fingers around it ever so gently, positioning his body as far away from it as he could. With a forceful tug, Dante yanked open the refrigerator door, and was met with a rush of putrid smelling blood and flesh. Something fell out of the fridge and plopped onto the floor. Dante looked down at it, and instantly indentified it as a severed arm. The most disturbing part, was that said arm looked almost... Human. Those were extremely rare to see this far out in the multiverse, enough to not even be mentionable. Dante turned his gaze from the bloodied arm to rest of the contents inside of the fridge, and he immediately winced, shut his eyes and gulped quietly.

"Ubel, I think I found what we were looking for." Dante muttered solemnly, and forced himself to look back inside. Aside from the arm that had fallen out, inside the fridge was an entire body, carved up into pieces, and jammed firmly in there. Bare legs, feet, a bloodied head with no nose and no eyes, genitals, and whole organs... All packed inside this one refrigerator. Dark red blood slowly began to seep out and puddle onto the floor. Dante took two fingers and dabbed up some of the blood, in order to examine it more closely. "The body has been chopped to pieces, and stuffed inside this old refrigerator. This isn't just the work of some rageful beast or demon, or whatever. This... This was much more calculative. Something sinster is definitely going on here." Dante said with notable disdain. "The kill is pretty fresh, too, probably not even a day old. Whoever did this is probably still in the house, so watch your back at all times, Ubie." Dante continued internally.

Dante soon looked up from the gruesome scene and furrowed his brow; Ubel hadn't responded back. "Ubel? Ubel, did you hear me?" Dante called out again telepathically. Again, there was nothing, only the unsettling, continous rumble of thunder above. Wasting no time, Dante shut the refrigerator door, dashed out of the kitchen, and shot into the dining room next door. He looked all around, spinning in circles, checking and rechecking again just to make sure he wasn't going crazy, and... His fears were confirmed. Ubel wasn't in there, in fact, Dante couldn't even sense nor feel his energy signature anymore. The ninja prime darted out of the dining room and back towards the entrance of the house, now beginning to yell his brother's name aloud. Dante's nervous and desperate screams echoed throughout the house, bouncing off of the walls, and were seemingly ricocheting right back to him. Dante stopped his calling to listen, for anything, even the slightest pin drop would do. He flinched slightly as the door to the house suddenly slammed shut with a commanding, "CA-CUNK". Dante turned on a dime, his Twin Jewels at the ready for anything... But what he found... Was nothing. There was nothing next to the door, nothing inside the living room, the kitchen... Nothing. There was no sign of life anywhere in the entire house, except him. Suddenly, a single, dull bang sounded off right above him, and then what sounded like muted footsteps followed. The sounds of the footsteps continued all the way towards the edge of the stairs... And then stopped. For several long, and excruciating seconds, there was total silence; not even the thunder outside boomed. Then, as quickly as they stopped, the sounds of the footsteps continued once more, this time heading back slowly deeper into the upstairs portion of the house.

Dante turned his gaze towards the broken down staircase leading to the upper level of the house. His grip on his swords tightened, his glowing green eyes narrowed, and his brow hardened. Slowly, Dante inched towards the stairs, while carefully listening out for anymore noises. He reached the bottom of the staircase and hesitated briefly; he just stared off into the choking blackness that was the upper level. Dante took in a deep breath, held it for a few moments, exhaled, and focused up. He would find his brother, if that was the last thing he did. Dante placed one foot on the rickety step... And that is when he heard it.

To be continued...

Part 2


Dante turned his gaze towards the broken down staircase leading to the upper level of the house. His grip on his swords tightened, his glowing green eyes narrowed, and his brow hardened. Slowly, Dante inched towards the stairs, while carefully listening out for anymore noises. He reached the bottom of the staircase and hesitated briefly; he just stared off into the choking blackness that was the upper level. Dante took in a deep breath, held it for a few moments, exhaled, and focused up. He would find his brother, if that was the last thing he did. Dante placed one foot on the rickety step... And that is when he heard it... An absolutely chilling, blood curdling, nightmare-inducing scream echoed through the entire house, almost knocking Dante off his feet from the sheer intensity of it. It sounded as if a person was literally being skinned alive, and then dipped in acid. Dante's steely resolve had been shaken, and his entire body shuddered at the thought of having to go up there, but if that's where Ubel was, then he had no choice. He wasn't leaving here without his little brother by his side. As such, Dante slowly continued to inch up the stairs, taking one step at a time. Each step creaked and moaned something horrible, as much as the ninja Prime tried his best to remain silent. Not that such mattered now; whoever or whatever was here, was already well aware of Dante's presence. As he ascended up the deteriorated stairs, the house seemed to grow even darker the further Dante went, which seemed impossible. It was as though the shadows themselves had begun to move, closing in on Dante with silent efficiency, slowly wrapping their inky claws around his entire being.

Finally, Dante reached the upper hallway of the house, of which was so claustrophobic, that it felt like the walls on either side could cave in on Dante at any minute. The walls themselves were cracked and fractured everywhere, with large pockets of black mold clawing its way up and down the sides of them. Each step that Dante took on the old wooden floors, caused them to flex and creak under the pressure. Strangely enough, for as long of a hallway as this was, there didn't seem to be any real doors to any rooms on either sides of the walls. The only door that was immediately clear, was a dingy red one... All the way at the end of the hallway. As Dante moved along, he began to notice something rather strange: every single time that he took a step, the distance between himself and the door seemed to almost increase further and further. It was as if the hallway itself was stretching, or, more disturbingly yet, as if it was nothing more than an illusion of the mind. Still, the ninja Prime persisted, occasionally darting his eyes from side to side, up and down, in order to watch his flanks. It didn't exactly matter, though; there was barely enough room for two people to walk side-by-side without literally touching shoulders. Dante's attention was suddenly turned to something bizarre on both sides of the hallway.

He took a moment to stop and study it in more detail, and discovered it to be a line of text written in big, blood red letters. Dante could swear that they hadn't been there a second ago. In any case, the text contained five, simple, yet crystal clear words: LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Dante narrowed his eyes; there was obviously something else going on here than just a homicide.

"Dante." A familiar voice suddenly called out.

Dante turned towards the source, and his eyes widened in surprise. There, standing in front of the worn red door...Was Ubel. The ninja was smiling warmly at Dante, his helmet was off, and he began walking towards his older brother.

"Ubel!" Dante exclaimed with excitement. "By the Yakuza, I was so worried about yo-" Dante's voice trailed off as he soon started to notice something... Off about his brother. For starters, even though Ubel was standing right in front of him, Dante still couldn't sense his energy at all. Plus, the distance between he and the red door now looked like it had gotten closer than before. Dante then looked into Ubel's eyes. For some reason, they didn't have the usual spark and energy in them, and they weren't glowing. Dante narrowed his eyes a bit, and kept his guard up just in case.

"I'm so glad I found you, bro! I somehow managed to get lost up here, and couldn't reach you. I couldn't even sense you." Ubel remarked, and confused look written on his face.

Dante didn't reply back for a moment, not really knowing what to say. "Ubel's" story was painfully flimsy, and he wasn't buying a word of it.

Ubel's smile slowly faded as his brow furrowed in concern. "Dante? Arrre you okay? You don't seem to be looking too good." He said, and motioned towards the door. "Come on, there's a really nice sofa in here for you to lay down on. Pretty ironic for this house, eh?"

Dante remained silent, merely keeping his eyes firmly on his, "brother". After several, painful moments of absolute silence, Dante finally broke it. "What are our other two siblings' names?" He inquired.

Ubel raised an eyebrow, "Huh?" He replied.

"You heard me. What are the names of our other two siblings? Tell me, right now." Dante calmly demanded.

Now, it was Ubel's turn to remain akwardly silent. Finally, the ninja scoffed and said, "Are you serious right now? Daeva and Evron." He jeered. "Man, you really DO need to lie down for a while. Now, come on, I'm starting to get worried about you."

Dante didn't move an inch. Underneath his mask, a subtle smiled formed on his lips. "What's the name of the girl you love?" He asked.

Ubel gave him strange look. "Huh?"

"What's the name of the girl you love?" Dante asked again.

Ubel sighed with growing irritation. "Seriously, Dante, ENOUGH with the dumb questions alright? Now let's go, so you can get some rest." He stated with notable exasperation.

Dante rested his hand on his hip. "Answer my question, and I'll go." He said.

Ubel groaned harshly. "Fine, alright? Since you’re acting like a damned stubbron brat, I'll play your little game." He growled. "Her name is Holly, okay? You satisfied now?"

Dante tighted his grip on both of his swords. "Wrong answer." He stated dryly.

Ubel recoiled. "What?! No it's not, that was right!" He roared.

Dante calmly shook his head. "No, it isn't, and the real Ubel would know that for a fact. The real Ubel would also never swear at me, nor anyone else, and would never get this impatient." He shot back. "I'm giving you one chance to come clean; lie to me, and that's your life. Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?"

The imposter stared blanky at Dante for a moment, their eyes darkening with growing anger. Suddenly, they began snickering, which soon turned into a sickeningly wet chortle. They gazed deeply into Dante's intense, green eyes, and purred, "Oh, you'll see him soon enough."

Suddenly, the shadows all around Dante began to literally reach out and grab ahold of him like dark hands. The ninja Prime was caught off guard and struggled desperately to get free, but it was no use. The shadowy grips were vice-like, and felt as though Dante was trying to move through molasses. Soon, Dante began to feel himself being dragged closer and closer towards the red door. He roared and screamed as he tried with all of his might to break loose. All of his powers had been completely negated, and he was now essentially a large, immovable rock, being carried beyond his will. The towering imposter of Ubel was waiting by the door, turned the handle, and opened it, revealing an endless expanse of blackness. As Dante neared the entrance, the imposter suddenly began to shudder and twist into an entirely different shape. Dante's eyes widened as the true form of the imposter soon came to light. "You?!" Dante gasped.

A voracious grin traced across her lips. "Welcome ninja, to the final night of your life." She mused, and slammed the door shut.

The hard sound echoed throughout the entire house, and the entire realm for that matter. A flash of lightning lit the skies above, followed by a guttural roar of thunder. And then... Silence... Silence of the purest kind, followed.

To be Continued...


Dante struggled with all of his might to free himself from the chains he was now trapped in, and locked to an old, wooden chair. He grimaced and growled, spat and hissed, just trying to loosen the restraints even a little, but it was no use. Eventually, with a defeated sigh, Dante slumped down in the chair, cursing to himself. His mind was running through every possible outcome that could've happened tonight. The biggest two being: either he and Ubel would make it out of this hell hole alive, or would die a bloody death at the hands of... Her. Just the thought of their captor made Dante's stomach turn, his blood boil. It wasn't all that surprising, necessarily, now that Dante had thought about it more, but it did honestly throw him off guard at first. The ninja prime also thought about where in this decrepit house Ubel was; he was past the point of worried now. And the possible notion of... Her, having done something to him, made Dante all the more livid.

"Getting a little frustrated, are we?" A soft voice suddenly called out from the shadows, giving Dante pause. He looked in the direction of the voice, and located the source standing crossed armed in the corner of the tiny room. Eventually, she emerged from the shadows, and loomed over the ninja prime, a sadistic smirk running across her lips. "If you hadn't already noticed, your ninja powers don't exactly work in this house. My influence nullified them the second you and your brother stepped foot inside.

Dante leered at her with intense, glowing eyes. "I promise you, you won't get away with this... Cytherea." He growled through gritted teeth.

Cytherea, now having been revealed, pouted her lips while caressing Dante's cheek, digging her nails deep into his skin. "Ooh, I'm pretty sure I already have, sweetheart." Cytherea casually said. "In fact, I'm almost shocked that I managed to trap not one, but TWO ninjas this easily! You guys really are suckers for innocent lives, aren't you?"

"So, you're telling me that you killed and multilated an innocent being... Just to get to us?!" Dante angrily demanded.

Cytherea considered the question for a moment, though already knowing the answer. "Pretty much, yeah." She grinned. "You wouldn't believe how easy it was luring a lustrous teenager to wherever I desired, just by offering him sex."

Cytherea chuckled to herself, and plopped down onto Dante's lap, hanging an arm around his shoulder. "Though in all honesty, I was just trying to get you here; I wasn't expecting one of your wide-eyed siblings to tag along as well."

The Blood assassin clicked her tongue, "I'm not complaining, though; this just means that I'd have gotten rid of two ninjas in one fell swoop. Heh, I wonder how your other two siblings will react when they find you and your idiot brothers' bodies lying in pieces on the ground." Cytherea giggled.

Dante couldn't do anything else but glare daggers at her. If looks could kill, his certainly would at this moment."What have you done with Ubel? I swear, Cytherea, if you hurt one hair on his head..." Dante hissed.

Cytherea looked at him. "You want to see him before you die, do you? Aw, that's sooo sweet. I was just going to spare your brother the horror of him seeing you killed, but I do agree with you, Dante: you should have an audience for your death!" She jeered, patting Dante's cheek, before jumping to her feet. With a snap of her fingers, the middle of the floor seemingly caved in as a conglomeration of shadow arms rose forth, in their possession, one Ubel strapped firmly to a chair. He appeared to have been knocked out cold, evident by his head drooping to his chest, a tail of drool running from his bottom lip.

Dante's eyes widened in horror. "Ubel!!! Ubel, are you alright?! Can you hear me?!!" He desperately called out, but was met with no response. He glared at Cytherea. "What did you do to him!!!"

Running her fingers through Ubel's hair, Cytherea nonchalantly shrugged. "Nothing much, just drugged him to the point where anyone else would overdose a thousand times over. You guys sure as hell can take A LOT of nasty stuff before you finally go under, I'll give you that much."

"You son of a... The second I break out of these chains, you're dead, and I won't make it quick!" Dante growled.

"I don't think you're in any position to make threats, Dante." Cytherea mused. "See, you don't get it: you're not getting out of this in any way, shape, or form. My sister may have an obsession over you, but I on the other hand... I despise you and your kin. I would much rather see all of you dead, before seeing one of you married to my sister." The Blood assassin gagged in disgust.

That was when revelation struck Dante's mind like the lightning outside. His scowl turned into a subtle smirk, and he raised a curious eyebrow. "Wait a minute, so you didn't tell your sister what you were doing?" He asked.

Cytherea blinked, "...Noooo...Whyyy?"

Dante casually shrugged, "No reason, it's just that I know how obessed Aerowen is with me, and all; I wonder how she would take the news of my death."

Cytherea narrowed her eyes, "What are you trying to get at, exactly?"

Dante was about to answer, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Ubel had begun to stir. The latter shook his head vigorously to clear his vision, and found Dante sitting across from him. Ubel was about to speak, when he noticed his brother's very subtle motion not to, and to instead wait for his signal. "I'm just saying you know, what's gonna happen when, and you and I both know she will... When Aerowen finds out that it was you who was responsible for killing me? I'm just guessing here, but I reeeally don't think she'll be too happy about it." Dante continued.

The Blood assassin's eyes slowly widened in growing fear; Cytherea hadn't thought about that, and the horrific reprecussions that Aerowen would surely bring on her. The wrath of her older sister was scarier than anything Cytherea could ever dish out. She began shuddering just thinking about it. "No... No, no I-You won't fool me with your tricks, ninja! I won't let you!!" Cytherea screamed.

Dante remained calm, feeling Cytherea's influence becoming weaker and weaker by the second. "No tricks here, Cytherea, I'm just telling it how I see it. The minute Aerowen finds out what you did... You're done." He retorted.

Cytherea clutched both sides of her head, and began stressfully pulling her hair, murmuring the word "no" again and again, and slowly backing up. She whipped her head back and forth, apparently hearing Aerowen's voice in her head, and seeing her all around the room. She began sweating bullets, trembling violently with evergrowing terror. Her influence over the run down house had all but dissipated at this point. Cytherea continued to back up slowly, straight into the direction of an awaiting Ubel. Once she was within reach, Ubel immediately took his chance, and gave her a firm shove to her back with his foot, and in the direction of Dante. The ninja Prime shattered his chains, jumped to his feet, and planted a savage kick square in Cytherea's chest. The blow sent the assassin flying straight through a wall, and several more, before finally coming to a stop, lying in a massive hole in the final wall, and out cold.

Dante then immediately turned his attention to his weakened brother, catching him after Ubel broke free from his own restraints. Dante knelt down beside him, grabbing Ubel's face, and transferring some of his own energy into him. "Ubel, Ubel speak to me, are you okay? Please say something, anything!" Dante pleaded.

Ubel wearily opened his eyes and stared into Dante's. A weak smile crossed his lips. "Wha-what took ya, huh?" He wearily asked. Dante returned the smile, and threw one arm of Ubel's over his shoulder, and hoisted him up. Suddenly, the entire house began to shake and rattle violently, groaning in misery.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Dante said, and shot himself and Ubel towards the nearest wall. They splintered it with ease, and leaped outside of the shuddering house. It was still pouring down rain, and the thick black clouds weren't going away any time soon it seemed. The two ninjas stood in front of the house, watching intently as it slowly crumbled to the ground, cascading decades upon decades worth of dust and debris every which way. Several, grueling seconds later, complete slience had reclaimed the land once more. Only the pitter patter of rain drops made any real noise. Dante stared at the large pile of rubble, and sighed deeply in relief.

"Do you think the psycho is still alive under there?" Ubel asked.

Dante nodded, "She's survived worse, unfortunately; we'll defintely be seeing her again. That is, unless Aerowen has anything to say about it."

“Crazy witch.”

Dante looked over at Ubel, smiled, and squeezed on his shoulder. With his other hand, Dante created a swirling, green portal in front of them. "Let's go home, I'm dying for more of that stuff you brought from Earth. What is it called again... Cundee??"

Ubel snickered, "Candy, bro, and I'm having serious cravings for some too."

"Well, let's get home before Daeva and Evron eat it all, eh?" Dante mused as they strolled through the portal.

"OH, and you have GOT to try these things called, 'Sour Gummy Worms'. I'm telling you man, those things are soooo good." Ubel raved.

"...But why would I want to eat a bunch of worms?" Dante asked, clearly confused.

"They're not real worms, bro." Ubel chuckled.

And with that, the portal collapsed in on itself, and the ninjas left the mysterious, bizarre, and incredibly eerie realm behind for good. It had been quite a Friday the 13th for Dante and Ubel, but, in the grand scheme of things... It was simply another day for the ninjas. Now, if only Ubel could get his siblings to understand what the point of Halloween was...

Back in the hellish realm, the large pile of rubble began to stir. Suddenly, Cytherea burst out from underneath, sending debris in every single direction. She slumped down to the ground, clutching her still agonizing chest from the kick Dante had given to it, spewing every curse word she could at her lost prey. The Blood assassin looked up, and immediately, her eyes grew to the size of baseballs. Cytherea was met with the instantly famlilar feet and legs of...

"Tsk tsk tsk. Oh, Cytherea, just what the hell did you do this time?" A familiar voice asked.

Cytherea slowly craned her head upward, and instantly began to shiver upon seeing the face of her big sister, Aerowen: the Blood Queen. Aerowen's cold blue eyes dug into Cytherea's very soul, and the look on her face said it all: she wasn't the least bit pleased. Her long, inky black hair shimmered as rain droplets bounced off of it. Cytherea gulped as she tried to come up with anything to explain what she'd been doing, but all she could sputter out was, "Lady Aerowen, I-I uh..."

Aerowen held up a hand. "Don't say a word, I already know what exactly you did." She stated dryly. "What, you didn't really think I wasn't watching you this entire time, did you?"

All the color drained from Cytherea's face, her stress sweat mixing with the rain drops. She collapsed to her knees at Aerowen's feet and began to plead. "P-please my queen... Please, have mercy on me! I swear, I will never try to harm him again! Please, please don't punish me!"

Aerowen remained silent for a moment, merely allowing her glare to strike fear into the heart of her wimpy sister. "You should already know what I'm going to do to you, sis." She muttered, and grabbed Cytherea by her neck.

"No... No please, not that, anything but that!!! Aerowen!!!!" Cytherea screamed and pleaded as Aerowen drug her through portal that she'd created, and back home.

The End... Happy Halloween.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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It was a beautiful, sunny day in the Realm of the Ninja. Orion was high up in the sky, beaming down magnificently upon the land. The air was toasty and filled with the subtle aroma of cinnamon and the sweetness of fresh roses. The sky shined with a crystalline blue tint; not a single cloud circulated across. A consistent, and cool wind swept across the realm, causing the leaves, grass, and flowers to dance in place. Such an afternoon like this also brought along a bustle of activity within the kingdom itself. The Yakuza were busy doing various different tasks such as: cooking, repairing and crafting different weapons, partaking in different festivals, etc. It was a day filled with celebration, family gatherings, and happiness all around. The ninjas themselves were even enjoying today, albeit in a much more... Feminine way. After winning a bet, Daeva had since went on to decide what her brothers' punishment would entail, and for them... It was the most horrific, most diabolical, and most cruel act possible. So there they were, in Daeva's room, slumped on her bed, with the former standing across from her brothers with an enthusiastic smile on her face.

"Um, Daeva? Do we reeaally have to go through with this?" Dante questioned nervously.

"Couldn't we have done anything else? And I mean, ANYTHING? Please?" Ubel pleaded."

"Yeah, why in the hell are you making us do THIS of all things, huh? Just what kind of sick, twisted game are you trying to play here?!" Evron demanded.

Daeva glanced up at all three of them and started to snicker, "Hey, don't be mad at me just because YOU three lost the bet. Plus, you said I could do anything I wanted if I won, remember?" She countered.

Evron snorted, "That bet was rigged from the start." He grumbled.

"Everything is, 'rigged' to you whenever you don't win, Evron." Dante said, rolling his eyes.

"Whatever, and we would have won if somebody hadn't tripped over a damn stick." Evron retorted, looking past Dante, at Ubel.

Ubel looked at him in disbelief, "Me? At least I'm not the one who tried to cheat at the START of the competition. I mean seriously, who cheats at the start of a competition?!" He threw back.

"Uh, the one who wants to win, obviously." Evron tried to justify.

"No no, I think it's the one who's usually the worst that cheats the most." Dante taunted with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up, Mr. 'I'm so perfect, I can never do anything wrong, I'm the greatest ninja ever! Huehuehue!" Evron rejoindered while mocking Dante's voice.

Dante sucked on his index finger and quickly fed it into Evron's ear. The latter ripped his head away and smacked Dante's hand to the side, now with a disgusted look on his face.

"EW! Get that damn thing away from me, you weirdo! I don't know where your slimy finger has been!" He exclaimed.

Dante giggled, "In my mouth, obviously. Huehuehue!"

Daeva watched on with sheer amusement; what would she ever do without these three? "Well, regardless of who might have cheated or whatever, you three still lost the bet. Sooo, you know what that means, don't you boys?" She mused.

Dante, Ubel, and Evron all simultaneously shuddered in their skin.

"That's riiight! You all are going to be wearing..." Daeva stopped as she went to fetch the items off of her center, diamond table, and held them up for her brothers to see. "Makeup!" She finished glowingly.

The boys groaned.

"I thought you said that you were a, 'natural beauty', sis. So what's with the makeup?" Ubel questioned.

"Oh, I am. All of this is Aunt Beatrice's." Daeva responded.

"Lovely, we're not only gonna be wearing lipstick and eyeliner, but it's from our Auntie's." Evron pouted.

Dante turned to Daeva, "So, what are we working with here, sis? I kind of want to know what exactly I'm gonna be wearing on my face." He asked.

"Well, I'm glad you asked, Em!" She said playfully. She then pointed to the first product, "We have an assortment of different lipsticks, eyeliner, eye shadow, toner, blush, eyebr-"

"Cut the semantics, Daeva, and let's just get this over with!" Evron hissed.

Daeva narrowed her eyes at him, before smirking. "Okay, Ruby Red, since you're so eager... I'll start with you." She said and starting walking towards him.

Evron tried to backpedal as far as he could, "No no, wait! That's not what I mean-

"Done!" Daeva sung.

Evron's eyes widened in complete surprise, "What?! Wait a just a damn second here!" He exclaimed and stomped over toward's Daeva's enormous mirror. An audible gasp escaped his lips, then a shriek in horror followed. "Daeva... What the hell did you do to me!?" He screamed and whipped around. His lips were now painted a glossy black, his eye lids the same shade, with deep red blushing on his cheeks, and a black bow clipped on the right side of his hair. Daeva couldn't do anything but cover her face, hiding her laughter.

Dante and Ubel, on the other hand... They were both in tears and rolling on the floor. Both were weazing and gasping for breath, cackling relentlessly at the ridiculousness before them.

Evron gritted his teeth, "It's NOT funny!!! I look like a goddamn... Dammit, what do you call those freaks on Earth, Ubel?!"

Ubel could barely speak, let alone breathe, but he finally managed to squeak out, "clowns."

"Yeah! That's right! I look like a goddamn CLOWN!!!" Evron roared.

"Maybe...Maybe you could... Maybe you could join them!" Daeva gasped before she herself collapsed on the floor. Her, Dante, and Ubel were all but crying at this point.

Evron growled and was about to scream again, but stopped and smiled devilishly. "Laugh while you still can, boys, but don't forget that you two are next." He mused, rubbing his hands together.

Ubel and Dante's laughter soon ceased, and the stared at one another, then at Evron, then at Daeva. They both gulped and got to their feet. Daeva stood to hers, went over to her table to get different supplies, and gave both of them a sneaky grin.

"Get ready, you two." She uttered and began to approach them.

Evron chuckled, "Yeeessss, goood, gooooood." He jeered.

Dante and Ubel shut their eyes, awaiting their fates.

"All done!" Daeva exclaimed proudly.

Both ninjas opened their eyes, slowly turned to look at one another, and widened their eyes as big as they could get. Both screamed in horror, before sprinting over to the mirror, where they promptly screamed in horror again.

"My... My face!!!" Dante shouted and turned to face Daeva and Evron. He now had emerald green lipstick, eye shadow that matched, gold blushing on his cheeks, and his long black hair was neatly tied into a long ponytail.

"My beautiful face!" Ubel exclaimed. He had bright red lipstick, violet eye shadow, red blushing, and a purple bow clipped front and center in his hair.

A harsh, throaty, and howling laugh came from Evron as he bent over, almost as if he was about to puke. He pointed a stiff finger towards his brothers while clutching his stomach, sobbing with laughter. "You... You guys plan on stalking some street corners tonight? Make sure the lucky guy pays well!" Evron taunted with a high pitched cackle. Daeva pretty much tackled him to the floor afterward, both doubled over.

Dante and Ubel could only cross their arms and take it, sour looks dominating their faces. They glanced at each other, and before long, started cracking up too. Eventually, all four ninjas had calmed down some. Evron was relentlessly challenging Dante to arm wrestle, only to beaten again and again, Daeva was busy reading one of her books, while Ubel was staring at himself in the mirror.

"I don't know you guys," Ubel murmured before turning around, "I honestly think I could pull this look off." He said.

Evron looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Are you serious?" He asked.

"Well, at least a lot better than your ugly mug." Ubel mocked.

Evron jumped up from Daeva's bed and laughed. "Please! If anyone can wear this crap without looking like a complete idiot, it's me!" He pointed a thumb to himself.

"I think BOTH of you are kidding yourselves, because we all know that I'm the one that looks the best." Dante stated confidently.

"Well at least my eye shadow looks the best!" Evron countered.

"Pfft, and? Nothing could fix that mess you call a face. My blush, on the other hand, is absolute perfection." Ubel threw back.

"Umm, nooooo, MY blush is the one that's flawless. Besides, it's the lipstick that brings everything together, and mine is definitely the best between us." Dante affirmed.

As the boys began to argue, Daeva could only shake her head and continue reading her novel. Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded through the hallway.

"Hey guyyys, everyone is waiting for you outside; what's taking so lon-" Aphrodite's words trailed off as she poked her head into the expansive bedroom. She looked at Dante, then Ubel, then Evron, and finally Daeva, before repeating the motion again. Finally, she held a hand up to her mouth and giggled profusely. "You guys lost another bet?" She asked.

The boys all simultaneously murmured, "yeah."

Aphrodite giggled some more while shaking her head. "Well, when you're all finished up here, everybody is waiting for you to make an appearance at the shinobi festival." She said before looking at Dante again. She smiled sweetly, "You look absolutely adorable, my love." She purred, blew a kiss at him, and disappeared off deeper into the kingdom.

Dante smiled warmly after her, before glancing at Ubel and Evron. "I guess that confirms it." He shrugged and started heading after Aphrodite. "Come on, sis!" He called at Daeva.

"That doesn't confirm anything, Dante! I am the prettiest between the three of us, and that's final!" Evron exclaimed while he and Ubel quickly followed after him.

"No, I am! Do you see this blushing? It's on point!" Ubel countered.

Daeva set her book down, stood up, and stared after her brothers for a moment. She snickered to herself. "What would I ever do without them in my life?" She asked herself, before quickly hurrying after them.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Home sweet Home
Part 1

It's always a slow and uneventful day in the Ninja Realm whenever it rains, and today was no different. It had been absolutely pouring for hours now, with no sign of easing up anytime soon, which firmly kept everyone inside. While the Yakuza were all off doing whatever they individually pleased, the ninjas, three of them at least, were knee deep in their own equivalent of, "Go Fish", that was a popular game on Earth. Evron, Ubel, and Daeva had literally done everything else they could've thought of to ease their ever growing boredom, and this game was their last resort until the rain stopped. It was currently a close game, with Ubel in the lead, Daeva in a close second, and Evron in dead last. Evron peered over his hand of cards at the others, trying to sneakily get a glimpse of what kind of cards they were working with.

"I see you, you little cheat!" Daeva suddenly called out, giving Evron a dirty look. "Eyes on your own cards, Ruby Red, or you're disqualified!"

Evron looked at her in disbelief, "Wha- disqualified?! How the hell do you get disqualified from DragonTails and Void's Tears?!"

"By cheating as much as you do, that's how." Daeva retorted while throwing a card in the middle of the golden table.

Evron huffed and grumbled some insults under his breath, causing Daeva to hurl a spoon at his head.

Ubel held up a hand, "alright alright, settle down children, and let's get back into this. Since I'm in the lead, I get to go first, right?"

Evron sighed, "you already know you do, Lavender Breeze, so quit rubbin' it in and get on with it!" He exclaimed.

Ubel shot him a toothy grin, "well, in that case..." Ubel leaned forward in his chair, "do either of you have any Mystic Void's Tears???"

"Nope." Evron remarked with a smirk.

"Sorry, Ubie, looks like you get burned by the dragon!" Daeva taunted.

Ubel groaned, "Dang! I swear both of you guys always cheat whenever we get to this part."

Daeva hung her jaw open to look playfully offended. "I would never cheat! It goes against everything I stand for!" She denied.

Evron scoffed, "please, Peri, you're the one that cheats the most out of all four of us!" He argued, before he slyly took out one card from his deck and made it disappear into thin air, underneath the table.

Daeva pointed a finger at him. "Ah HAH!" She shouted.

"What?! What'd I do?!"

"I caught you clear as day, Evron, you are NOT slick, big bro! You know, for a master tactician, you're woefully bad at being sneaky." Daeva accused.

"Okay, WHATEVER, alright?" Evron threw back, "I don't have to cheat in order to beat you two, I've just been going easy just so it wouldn't be so one-sided."

"Is that why you're in dead last?" Ubel murmured under his breath.

"Shut it, Ubie!" Evron snapped.

Ubel held up his hands, "just saying."

"Look, but in all seriousness though," Daeva began, "I really hope that Dante and Aphrodite are okay over in Mount Olympus. Who knows what kind of state it's in after... You know." She stated solemnly.

Evron and Ubel looked at her, then each other with concerned looks in their eyes. "Yeah." They both said.

"We shouldn't worry too much, alright? This is Dante we're talking about; big bro can handle himself, and so can Aphrodite." Ubel reassured. Seeing that Daeva still looked a bit worried, he rested a hand on top of hers. "Hey, they'll be fine, trust me. Whatever dangers might be up there, are nothing that Em and Aphrodite couldn't handle." Ubel said with a comforting smile, his violet eyes glowed warmly.

"Yeah, I mean come on sis, we're ninjas, for Yakuza's sake. Dante's a Prime, and Silver Top is a Greek goddess. They'll kick whatever or whoever is up there's asses all over Olympus!" Evron confidently affirmed.

Daeva smiled at both of them and sighed deeply, "you're right, you're right. I don't know where my head was for a second. I guess all this rain is finally trying to get to me, ya know?"

"I hear that." Ubel agreed before pinching Daeva's cheek. "Don't worry so much, though, alright? And plus, if they DO somehow need help, they've got the three of us to back them up, right?"

Daeva nodded and grinned, "right."

"Alright, well, now that we're done being all 'mushy mushy', how about we get back to this game so I can kick your asses, eh?" Evron challenged.

"Pfft, whatever, Chili Pepper, I'm gonna make sure you stay right there in last place!" Ubel retorted.

"And I'm about to knock you down to second, Ubie!" Daeva stated.

And so, as the three ninjas engaged in an innocent game to pass the time, as the rain continued to pour over the Realm of the Ninja... The Ninja Prime and the Greek Goddess were across the multiverse, in what had been one of the most beautiful and grand places in all of existence... Before Marise... Before he tore it all down.


Mount Olympus

There they both stood, Dante and Aphrodite, face-to-face with the once grandiose and powerful empire of Olympus. Now, it and everything else around was devoid of any and all color. Thick clouds of smoke still billowed from the raging fires that once burned, swarms of enormous insects buzzed around in every direction, and the oceanic waters flooded the areas below Mount Olympus, what with Poseidon's influence no longer existing. Aphrodite stood there frozen at the foot of Mount Olympus, staring at what used to be her home in anguish at what it had been reduced to, yet steely determination to get their mission done. Dante looked her, noting the expression she held, and wrapped his armored fingers in-between hers. Aphrodite was broken free of her trance and stared at the ninja, whom she could tell was smiling at her just from his glowing green eyes alone. This made her feel calmer and safer, and she returned the expression.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Dante asked.

Aphrodite looked at him, and then up at Mount Olympus once more, and sighed heavily. She finally nodded, "I'm sure... I have to do this. For the sake of my family's legacy, I have to do this." Aphrodite stated.

Dante nodded and wrapped an arm around her. "Okay then, and just know that no matter what happens up there, that I'm with you now and forever."

Aphrodite smiled sweetly at him, planting a kiss on the side of his helmet. "Thanks, honey, and vice versa... No matter what."

Dante smiled under his mask, before he gently lifted her in his arms, and prepared to take off. "Ready when you are." He said. Aphrodite gave a single nod that she was, and without wasting any time, Dante shot towards the peak of Mount Olympus at light speed. Neither of them knew exactly what they would find once they reached the top... But they were prepared for anything.

To be continued...
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Our love is here to Stay

It was a truly wonderous, spring night in the Realm of the Ninja. The sky, uninterrupted by any intrusive light, was filled with billions of twinkling stars, and glimmering galaxies. Comets raced across the scene, leaving their sparkling dust trails behind. Ryu, the moon of this realm, hovered above, its milky white light cascading across the land. The air was lukewarm, and crisp as always. The winds were slumbering, in their place being nothing but the peaceful silence of night. Within the kingdom itself, every soul was fast asleep, allowing for their dreams to sweep them away to whatever reality they pleased. The ninjas themselves had been pulled in by the gentle touch of slumber, all except one. Within the kingdom's ballroom palace: a hall the size of a football field, was Dante. He sat at the very end of the room in front of a large piano. The beautiful musical instrument was made entirely out of ceramic, creating a lovely mirror finish. The keys were solid gold with fine comet particles sprinkled intricately on the faces.

The hall itself was covered from head to toe in polished marble and diamonds. The ceiling hung fifty feet in the air, and was etched with various images of the Yakuza and the ninjas. Parrallel to Dante's right side, were twelve enormous windows at least thirty feet hight, and all lined with specially made ceramic and titanium composites. On a night like this, the moonlight pierced through said windows, and caused for the marble structure of the hall to seemingly glow. It was a gorgeous sight to behold. But there Dante was, sitting at the main piano, playing a lovely and serene melody that he learned long ago. He couldn't sleep at all tonight, as much as he tried; his mind wouldn't slow down to rest. Something deep down had been worrying Dante for over four months now, be he could never pinpoint what it was. The only thing he knew was that it scared him. He hadn't even told any of his siblings, nor Aphrodite about it, out of fear of them worrying. Usually, whenever Dante couldn't sleep, he would come in here and spend a few hours just playing. It was a great way to destress and let whatever tension that was built up be flushed away. There was just something so simple, yet so elegant about a piano that oozed personality and grace.

Dante's fingers swept past every single key, striking them with unmatched precision. The strokes were calm and collected, careful and timed. With every successful note, the piano hummed soundly, becoming an extension of Dante's own being. He closed his eyes and merely allowed his body to take control, the music transporting his mind to a place of calmness and serenity. It was place where no war existed, no evil, no death, and no chaos. Dante thought about his future with Aphrodite, and how they would one day embrace one another in holy matrimony. He saw his siblings being accepted for who they were, and living in happiness. In short, Dante saw peace... peace of the eternal kind. As he played, a svelte figure watched from behind, a gentle smile laid on her face. The sweet music caressed her ear drums and covered her skin in goosebumps. Eventually, Dante struck the last note and rested his hands in his lap. Soon after, he heard soft clapping coming from behind.

"That was amazing, hun." The figure praised.

Dante didn't even have to turn around to see who it was. With a smile, he opened his eyes, rose from the piano, and turned to see Aphrodite approaching him. She was dressed in a white, silk night gown, and her silver hair gleamed proudly in the pale moonlight. The two beings wrapped their arms tightly around one another, and remained that way for what felt like an eternity. Finally, they broke away and Dante reached up and carassed Aphrodite's smooth chin.

"Thank you. I'm sorry sweetheart, I didn’t wake you, did I?" Dante asked.

Aphrodite shook her head, "No, when I was reaching out for you in bed, you weren't there. I figured I'd find you in here, though." She said, smiling.

Dante returned the expression, but his eyes revealed how exhausted and stressed he really was. Aphrodite's smile slowly faded as she quickly took note of this.

"But, I know that you also come in here whenever you can't sleep. Is everything okay?" She asked with concern.

Dante didn't answer right away. He didn't want to lie to Aphrodite, especially when seeing how worried she had now become. With hesitation, Dante slowy shook his head and embraced Aphrodite, nestling his head in her bossom. Something inside of him had finally made Dante become vulnerable, and he broke down. It was akin to that of a child crying out for help. Aphrodite rubbed her fingers through Dante's hair, while massaging his back. She knew what it was like to feel powerless and scared, and for the love of her life to be feeling this way, one of the most powerful beings in existence... It worried her dearly.

"Every time I close my eyes, I see nothing but death and tragedy. I feel this darkness brewing, and I try so hard to push it away... But I can't...I just can't." Dante looked at Aphrodite through tearful eyes. "How can I be a good leader to our people, a good brother to my siblings, and a good man to you... If I can't even control my own mind?"

Aphrodite took Dante's face in her hands and stared into his eyes, wiping the tears away. "I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and scared, Dante, like you are powerless to do anything to stop what is coming. But I also know how strong, compassionate and dedicated you are, my love." Aphrodite calmly reassured while squeezing Dante’s cheeks. "You inspire me to be a better person every single day, and all of those around you. As far as I'm concerned? You are the kindest, selfless, and most humble person that I know, and the best man that girl could ever ask for."

Dante took Aphrodite's hands in his and squeezed them tightly. "I don't know what I would ever do without you in my life. You inspire me to be a better person everyday." Dante said warmly. He smiled softly, "I love you so much, Aphrodite."

The goddess smiled sweetly, "I love you too, Dante... Always and forever." She mused.

Dante pulled her closer to him. "Forever and always." He affirmed, shared a tender kiss with her. Aphrodite clenched his chest and pulled him closer to her body. Their lips danced in perfect unison and harmony, and their forms seemingly became one in the cool glow from the moonlight.

True love is phrase that is tossed around with haste and distreatment. Love comes and goes all of the time in life, and a lot of times, ends in heartbreak. However, when it came to Dante and Aphrodite, the love that they shared with one another was something truly special and ever growing in its power. It was a love that would always remain, even in the darkest and most difficult times. It was here to stay, and that was a beautiful thing.



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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Don’t Leave

It always saddens the heart to know that people are so quick to judge and hate others for the most baffling reasons. They spew words that sting like arrows, and do things for the sole purpose of breaking someone down, when they have no idea what that person might be going through, and how their words can deeply affect them. Everyone has their own problems, and no one is in any way, perfect. It is never acceptable to cut someone down when they are dealing with any form of depression, because it can easily lead them to the point where they no longer want to go on. Someone could seemingly have it all from an outsider looking in; they could have all the money and power in the world, but still feel completely empty inside. They feel lost and helpless when everyone they encounter turns them away, and makes that person feel as though they have nowhere else to turn. They no longer wish to live, and believe that they would finally have peace in death. By the time someone comes along who truly cares about this lost soul, and wishes to see them prosper in life, it is far too late. Another life has been lost because of the cruelness of others, and the ignorance that they have towards one’s personal demons.

Ubel was nearly a victim of this long ago, when he temporarily attended a multiversal school of academics for nearly a year. He had entered into the equivalent of high school. It was an overcast afternoon, and it had come time for lunch at the academy. As all the other students walked together to head down to the cafeteria, Ubel, like all days, walked alone and sat by himself when he eventually got there. For a few weeks now up until this point, Ubel had been eating with his professor in his classroom. Today, however, said professor was needed in another part of the school, leaving Ubel at the mercy of the entire student body, 6,000 strong. He got his food, sat down at his usual table, and kept his head low just to hopefully remain inconspicuous. Then, Ubel felt a cold, and wet liquid splatter on his back. Someone had thrown a carton of sour milk at him, and there was a roar of laughter afterward. Ubel merely kept his head down and continued eating.

“That’s a nice look for you, you ugly bastard!” A male voice called out from behind, granting another bout of laughter.

Ubel remained silent.

“Yeah, it really drives home how disgusting you and your entire race is!” Another voice called out. More laughter followed.

Again, Ubel did nothing; he just continued eating.

“Why don’t you just get the hell outta here, huh? Did you actually believe that you would make any friends here?” Another voice chortled. “You’re just a worthless freak, scum of the multiverse!”

“No one likes you!”

“You’re a monster!”

“Go AWAY!”

“Piece of poop!”

“Yakuza trash!”

“Worthless goddamn ninja!”

All of these taunts and insults, and many more were hurled at Ubel with no sense of quitting. More old and rotten food was thrown at him, and cold laughter filled every orifice of his psyche. Up until today, Ubel took it without any reaction on his part; he was taught to be strong and fearless in the face of evil, so simple heckling was not a problem. Seemingly, anyway. Words hurt in ways that even physical injuries cannot. They hit deep and marinate for much longer. A papercut is nothing compared to losing an arm. Everyone has their limits. No matter how strong you may be, there is always a limit, and Ubel had reached his. Tears began to drip from his chin and onto his lunch, and he quickly got up from his seat, and ran out of the cafeteria. He could still hear the storm of cackling in the background, and even as he flew away from the campus, he could still hear it. It was as if such had been burned into Ubel’s mind, carving its way deep into his inner thoughts and clawing away at his emotions. A trail of tears was left in his wake as he flew through the vacuum of space. Dante had warned Ubel about enrolling in any real school system; he knew just how mean and cruel kids could be. Ubel blamed himself for not listening to reason; it was all his fault for how those students treated him. They were right: he was nothing more than a freak of nature, and scum of the multiverse. He was a monster.

Ubel arrived back in the Realm of the Ninja, headed straight for his room, and shut it forcefully behind him. He went straight to his dresser and looked up, finding his katana hanging overhead. Ubel removed it from its post, unsheathed it, and stared at it. He ran his fingers across its folded, and black shape, his tears pattering onto it. Ubel dropped to his knees and screamed bloody murder. His voice was cracked and choked, his breaths gasped and short. He just cried, cried, and cried, and cried there in the middle of his room.

After a few minutes, Ubel took in a few deep breaths, and managed to calm himself down enough to focus on the task at hand. He raised the sword up in the air, took his other hand and wrapped it around the handle, and turned the blade around where it faced him. Ubel then slowly moved the blade closer and closer to his chest, until the tip of it was pressing against his heart. Ubel clenched his teeth and shut his eyes; his palms were sweaty and his hands were trembling. He applied a bit more pressure, allowing for the tip of the blade to slowly work its way into his chest. A few gasping and pained grunts left Ubel’s throat, and he began to hyperventilate as the blade went further and further in. Before long, Ubel had reached his heart, and could feel it thumping wildly inside of him. This was it. Ubel took in one last, trembling breath, before he began to apply a little more pressure…

That is when a knock on the bedroom doors stopped Ubel from going any further. A familiar voice soon followed. “Ubel?” It called out. It was Dante. The stainless-steel doors slowly began to open, and Dante poked his head out from behind them. “How was your day at-“Dante’s question was silenced as he watched in horror what his brother was doing. His green eyes widened to the size of baseballs and glowed brightly. He looked around at all the blood that had seeped onto the floor, before turning back to see Ubel covered in his own blood, and staring at him through tear-soaked eyes. It seemed like it was all happening in slow motion. Dante dashed over to Ubel and knelt down in front of him, constantly reassuring him that everything was going to be okay, while simultaneously removing the blade ever so gently out of his chest. Luckily, Ubel hadn’t pierced his heart, but had Dante came just a second late…

Finally, Dante had gotten the katana out of his brother’s chest, and threw it across the room. He looked on in disbelief at what Ubel had done to himself, before staring into his violet eyes, of which were dimly lit. “Ubel I… Wha… What did you do?!” Dante asked in a shocked, horrified voice.

Ubel just stared back at him. His chin was trembling, his teeth were clenched, and his face was red and drenched with sweat. His eyes were pouring. With a choked gasp, Ubel collapsed into Dante’s arms and sobbed. It wasn’t even a normal sobbing, but instead was more of a muffled scream of internal agony. Dante could feel Ubel’s heart breaking as he held him. Dante just held him there, caressing his head with one hand, rubbing his back with another, and allowing for him to cry. His eyes were closed, little tears beginning to rush down his own cheeks. Dante’s hands were covered in the blood of his little brother. In his mind, he knew he should have been there to protect him, and the fact that he didn’t, and didn’t also see what Ubel was going through… That hurt Dante the most.

He gently shushed in Ubel’s ear. “It’s okay, we’ll get through this together, alright? Just don’t leave. Please, don’t leave.” Dante murmured delicately.

They sat there for hours, their tears intermingling together, and never letting one another go. Depression is a very real, and very powerful force. It can affect any and everyone, even ninjas. If you ever need help, or feel as though you just can’t go on any longer, please reach out. There is someone that cares, and your life is so precious.

Please, don’t leave.



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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Ubel's Earth Journal Entry 1: October 6th: 1973

Holidays and Traditions

So there's this human holiday coming up where people literally spend an entire day, dressed as monsters, demons, and... People wearing tights? They also have these bizarre, orange plants with the most disturbing faces carved into them. They kinda look like whenever Daeva tries to make a rice and bean casserole. Plus, you have to say this phrase just to get a bagful of sweets. This nice old lady that I met named, Veronica, tried explaining the whole thing to me, but I still don't really get it. I dunno, human holidays are weird, yet...Charming. Besides, all of the kids seem to be really excited for this, "Halloween", so who am I to judge, right? But that holiday isn't the one I'm REALLY excited for, though. Get this: humans have this other holiday tradition where you literally just spend the entire day eating food! Now THAT is something I can get behind. Veronica also told me about another one where apparently, this fat, magical elf rides around in an enchanted sleigh, handing out gifts to the entire world. That's cool, but I'm just waiting on this, "all you can eat" holiday to come around. I do kind of want to find this elf guy though, to be honest.

On a completely different note, did you know that Earth's solar eclipses only last for a few minutes!? The ones back at home last for at least a few days, or more depending on the date. Pretty uneventful, if you ask me. I keep forgetting how different things are here. They're not "bad", per say, just... Different, and that's okay. The seasons change a lot faster, too. Like, the leaves are already changing colors and falling off trees, and it hasn't even been a full year yet! What's really funny (and a little annoying), is how fragile everything is here. Let's take yesterday as a prime example: ALL I did was flick the side of some big, human vehicle, and it exploded to bits! Like, what the heck?! I feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time! Eh, it is what it is, I guess; those are really just tiny nitpicks, and I'm feeling pretty grumpy right now. I always get like this whenever I'm hungry. I should really eat something... Anyway, I'll try to right back as soon as I can, though it's been a little tricky when you're also trying to help protect this beautiful place.

Anyway, that's all for now, I guess. I'll try to get more interesting things about Earth down soon. For now, though, it's time to find somewhere safe to train; just because I'm on a different planet doesn't mean that I get to skip out on training. Dante would... Calmly lecture me about the, "importance of keeping both your mind and body in tiptop condition", and I'd rather not have to listen to that. Love ya, big bro. In any case, gotta run!

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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Home sweet Home
Part 2

The peak of Mount Olympus, what was once one of the cornerstone landmarks in the multiverse, and the pinnacle of craftmanship and excruciating elegance, now laid in complete and utter ruin as Dante and Aphrodite finally reached the top. They set down right in front of the towering outside doors, leading into Zeus’s personal throne room. The double doors looked to have been once carved out of a single piece of marble, with dozens of precious stones carefully molded into them. Now, these doors were nothing more than charred and cracked hunks of stone that appeared to be barely supporting their own weight. Aphrodite gazed at the entrance to her father’s quarters through saddened eyes, as hard as she tried hiding it in front of Dante.

Dante, noticing this, took the goddess’s hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. This got her attention, and eventually rescued Aphrodite from the dark thoughts that had started to overtake her mind. She looked at Dante and found him with his helmet off, revealing a calm and understanding smile, one that knew all too well what had happened to her home and her family, and one that would make sure it would never happen again. Aphrodite slowly returned the expression as the cloudiness in her mind began to fade.

“Ready?” Dante inquired calmly.

Aphrodite nodded, “ready”, she said and placed her free hand on the doors, giving them a gentle push. With a series of creaks and groans that sounded like an animal being skinned alive, the ruined doors clumsily folded inward, revealing a room that was as large as a football field. Tarnished gold covered the floor, collapsed and cracked marble pillars sat in every corner, the ceiling was made entirely of stained glass that had been shattered and tainted with smoke, and framed pictures of Zeus and the other gods and goddesses lined the walls. And, at the center, sat the impressive throne of the king himself, made completely out of gold, etched with Greek inscriptions, the armrests carved to look like lightning bolts, and was lined with a red cloth that ran from the seat, all the way down to the bottom step about 20 feet away. It, curiously enough, had not been ruined unlike everything else.

Dante and Aphrodite toured the expansive throne room in somber detail. It was so deathly quiet in there, that their footsteps echoed through the entire room. The former gazed around at everything in total awe, as even though everything had been all but decimated, it all somehow still held a beauty to it. Aphrodite looked mainly at the photos lining the right side of the hall; most of them were of her and her mother and father when she was a child. Things like Aphrodite’s first meal, her learning to walk, her first archery lesson, gardening with her mother, Dione… These paintings… These memories… They were irreplaceable. When she and Dante had done what they came here to do, she wouldn’t be leaving without these pictures; they were the only things truly worth saving now. Aphrodite looked again at the one of her and her mother gardening together, seeing just how happy they looked there, and felt warm tears start to run down her cheeks.

Dante walked slowly up beside her, looked at her intently. These tears that Aphrodite shed, they weren’t just of loss… These were tears of eons worth of pain finally boiling to the surface. A pain that only came from having everything be completely ripped away from one in and instant, and one that Dante felt as though he inadvertently caused. His father, Marise, he was the one solely responsible for the demise of Olympus. But, seeing as Dante was his son, the former felt this overwhelming torrent of guilt wash over him from the very moment he and Aphrodite came to Olympus. There was absolutely nothing that he nor his siblings could’ve done to stop this; they hadn’t even been born yet. Though, it all came back to Dante being the son of that monster, and that was enough to make him feel personally responsible for what Aphrodite was currently going through.

“Aphrodite…” Dante murmured as he looked her with heavy eyes, ones that bore endless regret and sorrow from what he’d witnessed today. “I… Am so, so sorry for everything that my kind has done to you and your people. The crimes my father committed, the acts of utter cruelty, it… It’s unspeakable.”

Aphrodite sniffed and shook her head, whilst still looking at the painting. “None of this was your fault, Dante, none of it. This, and everything else in Olympus, was the doing of that monster.” She stated.

“And I am the son of that monster.” Dante argued through a shaken voice. “I feel ashamed to even be standing here, in a place, in a realm that my Dad mercilessly destroyed. It’s sickening to think that at one point in my life, I even looked up to him, trusted him.” Dante growled and looked at the painting. “You lost your entire world because of the actions of one member of my kind, and being here in this place, in this realm… It’s hard for me to not feel somewhat responsible.

Aphrodite looked at him through tear-soaked eyes, seeing the genuine sorrow awash on Dante’s face, and the burden that he carried on his shoulders. She turned from the painting, took the Ninja Prime’s hands into hers and looked him squarely in his glowing green eyes. “I may have lost my family and my original home eons ago, but I have surely found a new one with you and your people… Our people.” Aphrodite warmly reassured. “Who your father was, is not who you are, or will ever be. You, Dante, are the kindest and purest person that I have personally ever known. And, I have found something with you that I’ve never found anywhere else, not even here in my own home… I found love, a love that is like nothing else I have ever experienced. And that, that is worth more to me than anything else in the entirety of Olympus could ever.

Dante felt a smile grow bigger and bigger on his lips, and he pulled Aphrodite in for a loving kiss whilst wrapping his arms tightly around her. Once they pulled away, he tenderly wrapped a loose strand of her silver hair behind her ear and pinched her chin. “I don’t know what I’d without you.” Dante said warmly.

Aphrodite grinned, “neither do I.” She playfully remarked, which got a laugh out of them both.

Aww, how sickeningly cute that was.” A slight and airy voice suddenly mocked from seemingly out of thin air. Dante and Aphrodite looked in every direction to try and locate the source of the sudden intruder, but to no avail. It was then when they found themselves quickly being surrounded by an inky black substance. Pools of the stuff covered every inch of the throne room, the walls, the ceiling, the throne itself. “Unfortunately, you two are trespassing on private property, and the punishment for such a crime… It isn’t a merciful one.” The voice said again, this time seemingly from every angle in the room.

Aphrodite frowned, “I recognize that voice, but it can’t be… Can it?” She asked and summoned her bow.

Dante quickly formed his helmet around his face and summoned his twin katanas. “So do I, and sadly, I think it might just be. Be ready.” He stated.

The duo soon found themselves surrounded by darkness, with only the glow from Dante’s eyes and blades casting any light in the room now. It had gotten eerily quiet now, enough for the heartbeats of the goddess and ninja to be audible. And then, as if it was being sucked down a massive faucet, the pitch blackness swiftly withdrew itself away into a singular source. When all of it had been erased, that same source immediately made both Dante and Aphrodite tense up, and their hearts to sink. Sitting cross legged in Zeus’s throne, and holding his infamous bolt in one hand, was a tall and slender figure with long inky black hair, piercing blue eyes, and very little amounts of clothing. She was a being Dante and Aphrodite knew all too well, and one they’d hoped to never see again.

Aerowen”. They both said.

To be Continued...
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Date Night

Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1985
10:00 PM

It was a warm, starry night in the hills of Los Angeles. The city was alive with bright, neon lights pulsating through the streets, and the famous Hollywood sign shined down in the far distance. Several miles away from the city, on a secluded hilltop overlooking it all, sat a parked car. It was a vintage car, a 1979 baby blue Chevelle, to be exact, with its chrome wheels and sparkling paint job. Its convertible hood was down, and in it sat what appeared to be a couple out on date night, currently exchanging sweet nothings and not-so-tender kisses with one another. The boy had on a red track jacket with what looked to be his school's letters printed in big, white letters on it, and some pressed light blue jeans. His brown hair was slicked back from some top shelf hair grease, and his brand name sunglasses where currently getting smushed by the bosom of his enthusiastic lady. She herself had on a white skirt that bloused at the bottom, with some knee high socks to match. Her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair laid against her neatly fitted, black bow on top. They both looked to have been in their late teens, early twenties at the most. When they finally pulled away from one another, the girl allowed for an eccentric giggle to slip.

"Why does it feel like we're in a movie or something?" She asked.

The boy wrapped an arm around her and leaned against his seat. "Because, we're in Hollywood, baby! That means..." He turned and looked at her, grabbing a hold of her face. "We're automatically movie stars!"

The girl laughed ferociously and went in for another kiss. The boy quickly removed his jacket and tossed it out on the ground, helping his honey to unbutton her infernal skirt. Suddenly, the line of tall bushes behind them started to rustle. The girl pulled away and peered through the side mirror on her side, while her hungry boy toy continued getting familiar with her neck.

"Sssh, did you here that?" She asked, keeping her eyes on the bushes.

"What, hear what?"

She pointed towards the bushes, "I could've sworn those bushes moved a second ago!"

The boy took a quick glance at them, rolled his eyes, and pulled her attention away from them. "It was probably just the wind or something, don't worry about it." He impatiently concluded.

The girl looked like she wasn't buying it, but her adolescent mind was much too focused on something else than to worried about a little squirrel, or something, rummaging through the woods. She nodded and locked lips with him again, vigorously undressing, whilst helping him to at the same time. A few seconds later, there it was again; the tall, thick bushes behind the couple started to rustle, more aggressively this time. The girl pulled away once more, much to her boyfriend's annoyed displeasure.

"There it is again!" She exclaimed. "Tommy, I don't think I'm comfortable being here anymore. Something's definitely out there."

The boy, now identified as Tommy, groaned and face palmed. "Oh my God, Sandy, nothing is out there, alright? You're just being paranoid."

Sandy looked away from the bushes and turned her head to the side. "Well... Maybe." She half-hardheartedly agreed, chewing on her bottom lip."

Tommy pinched her chin and pulled her face to his. "Look, if there's any peeping little perverts out there watching us, I'll kick their asses so hard, they'll never get a boner again." He jokingly reassured her. “Now come on, you and me got some business to take care of.” Tommy flirted whilst kissing on Sandy’s ear.

Sandy smiled and giggled, before locking her lips with Tommy's once more. They continued on, uninterrupted for a few minutes now, whatever it was that may have been behind those bushes, seeming to have gone away. Perhaps, maybe it simply was just the wind, or a squirrel that was causing all of the ruckus. But then, behind those tall, thick bushes... Came forth a low and guttural growl. It was loud enough that both Tommy and Sandy heard, and felt it resonating through their bodies. They immediately looked in the direction of the noise, whatever feelings of sexual tension were now completely dissolved. They both shivered as fear began to build up inside of them. Sandy wrapped her arms tightly around Tommy's neck, as he himself clenched one of her hands in a vice like grip. There they sat, in the baby blue, 1979 Chevelle, with the convertible top down... Just watching those bushes, waiting for anything, anything at all to happen. Then, what felt like an adult bull had just been dropped on the hood of the car, caused both of them to shriek and whip around to lay witness to something utterly grotesque.

It walked on two, scaled legs of greenish coloration, supported by three taloned feet. It's arms were properly muscled and just as scaly as its legs. In fact, the thing's entire body was covered in said triangular formations. It's three fingers were adorned with razor sharp claws at the ends, and serrated spikes on the knuckles. Its chest was broad and stocky, as well as its thick, veiny, and curiously gilled neck. Its dull pink lips curled back to reveal at least a dozen, 5 inch long fangs, dripping with purple saliva. The creature glared at the young couple through two, yellow eyes with slit pupils. The beast was at least 7 feet tall, and appeared to weigh as much as a full grown rhino, evident from the front of the baby blue Chevelle, with the convertible hood down, now pressed firmly to the ground. The creature was festering in its ugliness, and it was absolutely rancid too, smelling like old road kill mixed with rotten eggs. The monster opened its terrible maw, and bellowed a roar that immediately sent both Tommy and Sandy out of the car, and high tailing it towards the woods, leaving whatever stripped clothing and other personal items behind. Even through their petrified screams of terror, they could still hear the sounds of the creature's footsteps behind them, almost sounding like a group of horses galloping.

Tommy looked back to see the horrifying hellbeast quickly gaining on them, though seemingly holding back to stalk its adolescent prey. As Tommy whipped back around, he was met with Sandy standing in place like a statue. Not having enough time to stop, Tommy crashed into the girl and sent them both crashing to the cool ground. Tommy groaned in pain as he slowly dragged himself onto his back. He looked over at Sandy, and frowned.

“Hey! Why the hell did you stop, Sandy?! We need to ru-” Tommy stopped as he saw that Sandy was staring at something. He turned his head to follow her gaze, and soon saw what she was looking at: two, huge, metallic red and armored feet. Tommy gulped before slowly contorting his body, to peer up at whoever was the owner of said feet.

What Tommy and Sandy were met with, was an incredibly tall and muscular... Man, dressed head to toe in thick, broad armor. Torn, black scarf tails flew from the back of the figure’s helmet, and his glowing, violet colored eyes were locked firmly onto the approaching beast.

“You two love birds get to safety. I’ll take it from here.” Ubel ordered gently.

Tommy and Sandy stared at Ubel, then at one another in complete shock. They seemed to be frozen in place for the longest time, until the howl of that horrific monstrosity shook them of their trance. The couple quickly did what Ubel said, and dashed off deeper into the woods. Seconds later, the tall beast burst forth from a patch of bushes, ready to rip his human targets into chunks of flesh, but immediately lost all bloodthirsty passion when its eyes found their new target. The monster almost seemed to shrink in its posture, like that of a defeated wolf tucking its tail between its legs. The beast hissed harshly, baring those vicious fangs, and claws at the ready to strike.

“That’s far enough.” Ubel stated with a firmness in his voice, eyes glowing intensely.

The monster growled, agrily snapping its jaws.

“What are you, exactly?” Ubel calmly asked.

More hissing and growling ensued.

Ubel folded his arms, “Where did you come from? I thought that Earth would be one of the few places that didn’t get a lot of visitors?

The creature pointed one of its wrinkly fingers at Ubel, and gurgled, “Neeeennnjaaaa!”

“...Yeaaah, that’s... That’s what I am alright. And you are?” Ubel responded, mocking the monster a bit.

Yet more growling and now spitting was the response Ubel got.

“Gross. Now, why were you chasing those two, innocent humans, huh? I don’t know where you came from, or how exactly you got here, but it’s not cool to just go around eating people.” Ubel scolded.

The monster licked its chapped lips; if it couldn’t feed on its original quarry, then a ninja would surely be the next best thing. And, with how big this one was, the creature would have a month’s worth of food to savor.

Ubel narrowed his eyes, “Here’s what’s gonna happen: You’re either going to stop hunting and killing human beings to satisfy your own sick cravings, go back where you came from, or, you’re gonna deal with me. Your choice.”

The grotesque reptilian bared its fangs and barked loudly, splaying its razor sharp claws.

“Last chance,” Ubel threatened and held out a splayed hand towards the creature, “leave... Now.”

The beast let loose a hellish bellow, lept into the air and into the trees, using them as cover. The monster zipped all around Ubel at incredible speeds, appearing like a shadow fading from one branch to the other.

“So, it’s fast.” Ubel thought, keeping a close eye on the thing as it circled him.

Without warning, the unholy spawn charged Ubel from behind, aiming a taloned claw right at his neck. The creature must have been greatly surprised when, in the blink of an eye, the ninja had it by the throat. Howling, spitting, and gurgling curses, the demonic entity desperately tried to claw at any part of Ubel it could reach, specifically his eyes. Its claws dug into his armored gauntlet, as its legs kicked and twisted in the air. Ubel raised an eyebrow, studying the thing closely.

“You’re not the only one of your kind, are you? There are more of you out there... Can you tell me where they are, and more specifically, if they’re on this planet?” Ubel inquired. “Dante’s Soul Search technique would reeaally come in handy right now...” He thought to himself.

The beast merely spat and hurled throaty insults towards the ninja, whilst still desperately slashing and biting at his face.

“Tell me where your people are and I’ll let you go, I promise. Cross my heart, even though I still don’t know what that means.”

Of course, the thing wasn’t having it, and reached a clawed appendage out as far as it could to slash at Ubel’s eyes. Finally deciding that he had had enough antics for one night, Ubel pressed his other hand against the monster’s chest, and, with an incredibly lazy amount of force, pushed against the creature, and sent its body hurtling through the air for miles. Ubel then looked up at his other hand, to find that he was still holding the beast’s now decapitated head within his palm. The gruesome abomination still had a look of utter shock on its face, until its yellow eyes eventually glazed over, and its forked tongue hung freely from its disgusting maw. Ubel sighed heavily, before vaporizing the head in his hand.

“You can come out now!” He called out.

Seconds later, Tommy and Sandy slowly eased out from behind a large tree, and cautiously made their way over to the large ninja.

“That... That thing, is it... Did you kill it?” Sandy asked, her dirty blonde hair now all frizzy, her black bow crooked.

Ubel nodded and smiled warmly through his eyes, “You too won’t have worry about that thing ever again.” He assured.

Tommy was shaking as he crossed his arms tightly to his chest. “So, what do we do now? I mean, we were just chased by a goddamn MONSTER through the woods, dude! That’s not something you can just... Write off, you know!” He exclaimed.

Ubel waited until he finished, before he turned around, and faced the direction from which the couple first came. “Go home, finish your date, and be with your families. Neither of you saw anything here tonight, alright? It’s for your own safety.” Ubel replied calmly.

Tommy’s mouth dropped in disbelief. He looked to Sandy for an answer, but she herself was still in shock from the whole thing. “Are you serious?! We almost got eaten by a skreeonking swamp...THING, and you want us to go home and act like all of this didn’t just happen?! And just who, or what the hell are you anyway?! NO, alright, we’re going to the police, because this poop is skreeonked up, man!”

Ubel slowly turned back around to face them both, his eyes now glowing brightly... Alluringly, even. “You two are gonna take your car, go back home, finish the rest of your date, and forget that any of this ever happened. Okay?” He stated firmly.

Both Tommy and Sandy’s faces went from terrified and hysterical, to calm and relaxed, almost as if they had been put into a trance-like state. “Yeah... Yeah, o-okay. That sounds like a plan to me.” Tommy agreed.

“We’re uhh, we’re gonna go.” Sandy said, pointing in the direction of that baby blue, 1979 Chevelle, with the...

“That sounds like a good idea.” Ubel nodded, and watched as the young couple walked slowly back to their car to try and salvage the rest of their would-be date. Perhaps, Tommy would get lucky after all.

Once he made sure that they’d left, Ubel softened his brow and relaxed his shoulders. “Man, some vacation this turned out to be. First a swarm of killer aliens with acid for blood, and now this? I’m starting to think that Earth is a giant magnet for all of the weird crap. Darn those vacation pamphlets and their liiies.” He sighed to himself. “Well, at least I was here to keep those two from being a gourmet meal for that... Thing.”

Ubel looked down as something soon caught his eye. At his feet was a small pool of the monster’s blood, yellow in coloration. It soon began to steam up, before randomly combusting into flames. Ubel watched on curiously as the flames slowly burned away some of the ground, before he casually stamped them out with his foot. He rested a hand on his hip.

“Hmph, and here I thought that this would be a, ‘normal’, planet.” He mused, and with that, shot into the sky and and exploded through the air at supersonic speed.

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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Peace through Tyranny

Realm of the Ninja
2:00 PM

Within the walls of the largest training room of the kingdom, both Evron and Daeva were hard at work doing highly intense regimes, pushing themselves to the brink. Evron was currently wailing and kicking away at multiple, diamond hard dummies, while Daeva was blitzing through various trials in the wind tunnel. All four ninjas would normally train like this three times a day, but today was different. Instead of breaking the training up into different parts throughout the day, Evron and Daeva combined everything into one, grueling session. They hadn't stopped nor slowed a bit since they began three hours ago. This type of training was reserved for important moments only, and this was one of those times. The ninjas had a mission, and they needed to be ready.

A swirling green portal suddenly appeared in the center of the room, and Dante lazily dragged himself through. Daeva and Evron immediately stopped their work and went over to him. The Ninja Prime looked mentally exhausted; for hours now, he had been knee deep in a battle of differing ideals, moral values and opinions with gods of different realms and universes. A good 80% of these gods were as pompous and condescending as they came, each treating their opinions as unarguable fact, which made for a meeting that ended being a colossal waste of time, and a hair ripping experience for Dante.

"Sooo... How'd it go?" Evron asked.

Dante gave him a look of defeat that said it all.

"I figured." Evron muttered, rolling his eyes.

"It was a complete waste of time; none of them even cared about anything I had to say!" Dante said, frustrated.

Evron shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, Em? Elder gods are all a bunch of pretentious, crotchety assholes with nothing better to do than sit on their asses all day and get themselves off on how 'perfect' and 'amazing' they are." Evron huffed.

"You can say that again." Dante agreed.

"I told you that going to that crap was gonna be a huge waste of time. You just can't reason with gods."

"On another note," Daeva piped in, "why didn't you ask us to come along?"

"Because they only needed one of us to go, I’m the oldest, Evron couldn't care less, and you’d be a distraction." Dante affirmed with a playful wink.

Evron gave Daeva a look that said, "Told you so", to which the latter responded by sticking her tongue out.

"In any case, even if we all went, it still wouldn't have made a difference; they would say the exact same thing that they said to me, accept to all of us." Dante said as he leaned against a nearby window and sighed heavily. "Oh well, at least it wasn't a total loss."

Evron raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Well, now I know that most gods are a bunch of arrogant pricks with guts the size of boulders." Dante grinned.

Evron smirked and chuckled, "such an idiot."

Daeva cleared her throat to get the boys' attention. "Look alive, you two, we've got a mission to do." She stated and turned to Dante. "Remember the Everettians?"

The latter nodded, "yeah, those incredibly kind and peaceful mountain giants we met years ago." Dante remembered with a fond smile. Soon however, that smile faded into a saddened and angered frown. "The last time we heard from them, they'd been overthrown by a tyrannical dictator."

"Zephyr and his army." Evron confirmed. "The Everettians have apparently been fighting to take back control of their home, but since they're not the most... 'Capable' fighters out there..."

"They need us to help finish the job." Daeva finished.

Dante folded his arms, "And where is Ubel? Still on that mission?"

"Mhm, he just told me that he wouldn't be back for another day or so. That witch is apparently a toughie to find." Daeva said.

"Looks like it's up to the three of us then," Dante remarked, "the Everettians deserve to live in peace without someone barging in on their home."

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" Evron demanded, cracking his knuckles. "I've been itching to kill some evil assholes lately!"

Dante smirked and shook his head, "alright, let's gear up, we're leaving in ten."


Everette: Realm of Ice
10:50 AM

Snow and ice covered every crevice of this small realm, the former falling at a consistent rate nonstop. The temperature was several thousand degrees below zero, and the air itself quite literally creaked and crackled from the cold. This was Everette: The realm of eternal ice. It was a rather small realm, comparatively speaking, and yet it possessed some of the lowest temperatures in the known multiverse. 99.8% of the land was covered in solid snow and ice; the other two percent were a few tall mountains in the far west, and a stone, multi-layered castle in the far north. For several years now, Everette had been ruled under the iron fist of a merciless dictator: Zephyr: a seven foot tall gargoyle with the power to control the land around him. Zephyr's might was completely unmatched by the peaceful, Sasquatch-looking people of this realm, and whatever freedom fighters that had tried to oppose him were quickly slaughtered by his legion of bloodthirsty soldiers. Over the last three years however, Zephyr's power has started to wain, and his hold on the land beginning to slip. Using this opportunity to rise up against their ruthless leader, the Everettians waged civil war against Zephyr's army, desperately fighting to free themselves from his grasp. With steely determination, they managed to dwindle Zephyr's forces down considerably and weaken his foundation a great deal; the Everettians just couldn't make the final push to finish the job. That is why the summed up the nerve to contact their closest allies for support, and the ninjas were obviously happy to help.

Now, at the highest mountain peak of Everette, Dante, Evron, and Daeva, all suited up in their respective armor and gear, were preparing for battle. Dante looked down the mountain, and at the war that raged below. Massive explosions shook the land every few seconds, dying screams and savage gunfire filled the air, and bouts of thick smoke billowed in the sky. The Ninja Prime glared at the monstrous gargoyles ruthlessly slaughtering the ones he and his siblings called allies, and cracked his knuckles. Zephyr and his army would pay dearly for all of this.

"So what's the plan here, Dante?" Evron suddenly spoke up as he gazed down at the carnage below. "We're not just gonna sit up here all day, are we? I'm ready to kill those evil bastards and go home."

Daeva peered up at Evron from the rock she was sitting on. "We've literally been up here for five minutes, Ruby Red." She retorted.

"Well, it SEEMS like we've been up here a lot longer, thank you very much." Evron snarked. "I mean the Everettians are getting destroyed down there and- Holy Yakuza! That guy just lost his goddamn head!"

Daeva rolled her eyes back as far as they could go. "You... I don't even know how to describe you, bro." She said.

Evron looked at her, his helmet covering his annoyed stare. He grunted and glanced at Dante. "Yo Dante, you there? Are we doing this or what?" Evron called out and slapped him on the back.

Dante was shaken from his trance and gazed over at Daeva and Evron intently. "Sorry sorry, I was just... Thinking." He said. "Now, what we're going to do, is we'll go in behind enemy lines and take out as much of the opposition as we can. This way, we'll have the element of surprise over Zephyr's army, and they won't even know what hit them. That should be enough for the Everettians to make the final push and the tables, while we make a push inside of Zephyr's castle. Once we find and kill him, we'll help clean up the rest of his legion if the Everettians need it. Clear?" Dante stated firmly.

Daeva nodded slowly, "sounds like a plan to me." She remarked and hiked herself to her feet. She then socked Evron in the arm, "ready to go, 'killer'?" Daeva taunted.

Evron wrapped an arm tightly around her neck, "nice and simple. I like it, now let's get down there and finally kick some gargoyle ass, eh?" He said and touched helmets with Daeva.

With that, Evron and Daeva both leaped off the edge of the mountain and shot towards the raging war below. Dante stared after them for a moment and smiled to himself; what was he going to do with those two? In any case, not wanting to let Evron and Daeva have all the fun, Dante swan dived off the mountain and blasted after them. As the ninjas descended down the mountain, Dante spotted Zephyr's castle at the bottom of a deep ravine about 12 miles north of their position. It was a straight shot, but there was an entire wave of enemies standing in their way. Fortunately, they wouldn't be much of a problem. The Everettians had managed to do a good job at holding the enemy back, and were busy tearing gargoyles in half with their bare hands, and bludgeoning others with their ice sickle spears and arrows.

"There!" Dante called out psychically and set a waypoint on the castle."That's our target, you guys ready?"

"I've been ready!" Evron yelled.

"Ready!" Daeva said.

The ninja trio continued their high speed descent, dodging incoming artillery and laser fire and readying their respective weapons. Once they got within 50 feet of ground level, they pulled up at the last minute and unsheathed their blades.

"Engage!" Dante shouted and proceeded to tackle a gargoyle, katanas first, and cleaved the reptilian being in two. Dante went on to bisect and eviscerate fifteen more surprised foot soldiers, before throwing one of the Jewels of Valor straight into a gargoyle's chest. The Ninja Prime dashed toward the dying being, ripped the sword away, flipped over the beast's head, and used that same blade to behead him. Dante's immense momentum carried him further down the hill that the battle was waging on. A squad of twenty gargoyles opened fire on the powerful warrior, unloading massive amounts of laser and bullet fire at him. Dante slid, twisted, and danced around all of it with ease. He then teleported right into the enemy's face and spun like a top at super light speed. The beastly soldiers tried desperately to run, but were immediately turned into bloodied chunks. Dante stopped on a dime, wiped the Jewels clean, and continued forward, killing hundreds of the animalistic beings, and saving a myriad of Everettians from certain death.

While all three ninjas may have landed at the same time, that didn't mean that they were all at the same point. Daeva had already covered 6 of the 12 miles that they needed to cross the second she touched land. She didn't hold her speed back a smidgen and blitzed through a sea of gargoyles with one fell swoop. Daeva surged toward a dozen soldiers at hyper speed, Swift Retribution at her side. The gargoyles were quite literally halted in place from Daeva's point of view, but on their end, all of them were preparing to obliterate her with their rifles. It was far, far too late for them, though. Daeva was already two miles away by that time, and her after images had done an excellent job of tripping the soldiers up. Time finally managed to catch up to the gargoyles, and they all suddenly erupted into a cloud of blood and sliced off limbs. Daeva used Swift Retribution as a makeshift pole to vault herself feet first at a gargoyle. The ninja then twisted like a screw, and, as the beast let out a chortled screech, she pulverized it into ground beef. Daeva went on to charge a quick Ultimate Technique, and literally blinked out of existence. Suddenly, she appeared right behind 50 confused foot soldiers half a second later and wiped her blade clean. The monsters collapsed into cleanly sliced peaces, and Daeva flicked her hair proudly at her work before she continued onward.

As Daeva was clearing through the opposition miles away, Evron lagged behind assisting Dante and the Everettians mop up the rest of the foot soldiers in the area. One larger Everettian scooped Evron up and launched him at a group of gargoyles several yards away. With a growled shout, Evron hurled Shikoro Ken into one solider's head, and then ground pounded three more. Using his Fists of the Accursed, Evron went on to mercilessly punch enormous holes into his enemies, ripped out their hearts, and tore them apart. The ninja snatched Shikoro Ken out from the twitching gargoyle's skull, dashed forward, and cleaved two more that were trying to tackle Dante from behind, in half. Evron held out his right hand and shot Dante a look. The latter quickly nodded, grabbed a hold of it firmly, and proceeded to casually hurl Evron a mile forward, directly into the face of an unsuspecting reptilian. Evron plunged his sword straight through its neck and slashed upward, brutally tearing the head in two with a wet and juicy, "RIP!" Dante then sailed over Evron and sliced three more soldiers down the middle. The ninja brothers charged together after Daeva, whom of which had slowed her speed down so they could finally catch up. The ninjas had at last reached the end of the hill, and without hesitation, they dived off towards the massive castle in perfect unison.

They had held back on Zephyr's army, but now... They would not show him the same kindness. The castle was only a few hundred feet away now, and the Everettians would soon be free at last.


The ninjas burst through the gray, brick ceiling of Zephyr's castle with an earth-shattering, "CHOOM!". Immediately upon touching down within the structure's walls, they were shrouded in complete darkness; only the soft glow from their eyes cast any light at all. The type of darkness that consumed the interior was a strange one, not like any that the ninjas had come in contact with before. It was almost, "inky", and thick in its blackness, as if it could reach out and choke them at any moment. Still, the trio advanced through it without fear, their eyes easily piercing through the fog of nonexistent color. The chipped, cracked, and molded walls that surrounded the ninjas were narrow and claustrophobic, forcing them to creep forward in a single file line through the aging castle. They kept their eyes trained on every possible direction at all times; Zephyr could have been lying in wait, ready to strike at any moment. The makeup of the interior was not unlike that of an elaborate labyrinth, with several hallways leading to dead ends, and too many forks in the road to count. To make matters even more difficult, the news of Zephyr's swift deterioration meant that locating his energy signature was like finding a needle in a haystack. Even for a Prime like Dante, such a task was proving to be trickier than he'd previously thought.

Evron was growing more and more exasperated and impatient by the minute. "Dammit, where the hell is this ugly bastard? It's like a freaking maze in this dump." He groaned.

"Whining isn't gonna make this any easier, Evron." Daeva tried pointing out.

Evron sucked on his teeth. "I'm just saying, if we reach Zephyr and find that he's dead, I'm gona be pissed. The sickly old fool is probably clutching his still beating heart for all we know."

Dante remained silent, even with Evron's constant grumblings starting to grate on his nerves. He needed to keep his mind tuned with the makeup of the castle, so that he could hopefully find the aging war lord through this mess. Dante himself was growing a little frustrated as they went on, but he couldn't let his emotions run rampant just because things were proving to be more tedious than anything.

"Hey, Dante... You find Zephyr's location yet?" Evron suddenly asked.

Dante sighed quietly through his nose. "No." He responded.

"Oh, oh.... How 'bout now?" Evron asked again, trying to get a rise out of him.

"Nooo, Evron." Dante said again, a bit dryer now.

"Ah, I see........ What about now???" Evron asked a third time.

Dante whipped around and shot Evron an irritated glare, his eyes now glowing brightly. "If you ask me that ONE more time, I swear I'm gonna take my sword and shove it up-"

"GUYS, GUYS!" Daeva shouted telepathically, causing for her brothers to stop and face her. "I've got a bead on Zephyr's signature! It's weak, but I think I know where he is, come on!" She said and sprinted off around the corner.

Dante and Evron stared after her, both baffled. They looked at one another for a moment, before rushing off after her through the inky darkness.

Within a hundred yards, Dante and Evron stopped on a dime as they found Daeva standing in front of a pair of enormous double doors, at least fifty feet high. Dante stepped up closer to the doors and shut his eyes.

"Yeah, he's in there alright." Dante muttered and reopened his eyes. He turned and looked back at Evron and Daeva. "You two ready?"

"Let's get this done so we can finally blow this pit and go home." Evron said dryly.

Daeva rolled her eyes. "We're ready." She said and elbowed Evron in the side.

Dante turned back to the wooden doors and cautiously outstretched a hand towards them.

"COME, NINJAS, COME AND MEET YOUR FATES." A growling, yet choked voice suddenly boomed from the other side, shaking the entirety of the castle.

The ninjas looked at one another, before nodding, and Dante erupted through the doors. Wooden splinters were sent flying every which way, revealing quite an expansive, but fairly empty room. In the very middle was a tattered and stained red carpet, that led up a few marble steps, and finally stopped at the base of a throne built entirely from the bones of fallen Everettians. Slumped within this throne was the being of interest that the ninjas had come all this way for: Zephyr. He was considerably bigger than the ninjas, around fifteen feet in height, and packed with muscle the size of truck tires. He was navy blue in overall coloration, with black stripes running down his arms, legs, and horizontally across his broad chest. Zephyr's impressive wings were bright red, leathery, and torn in different places. In fact, the cruel being's entire physique was that of someone long past their prime. His body was riddled with blood sucking cysts, his protruding fangs discolored and blunt. Zephyr's right eye was permanently shut from a nasty infection, his tri-formed horns that adorned his cranium were chipped and cracked, and his legs were nothing but sunken skin over bone. He seemed to be on some kind of life support, evident from the five thick tubes that were latched to his chest, and the large breathing apparatus behind his throne.

Suddenly, at least twenty gargoyle foot soldiers emerged from the shadows, rifles and plasma casters pointed at the ninjas.

"Daeva." Dante uttered calmly, eyeing the monsters.

"Already took care of it." She said nonchalantly, now standing at the foot of Zephyr's throne, and wiping Swift Redemption clean of blood. Seconds later, those same gargoyles collapsed to the ground in pools of thick blood, and a red sea of limbs.

Zephyr choked up a sadistic cackle, his chest violently pulsating after every breath. "Impressive, oh powerful warriors." He croaked, purple drool running down his maw.

"How the mighty have fallen." Evron taunted as the ninjas slowly approached the being. Dante took point, and pointed one of his blades right at Zephyr's skinny throat.

"Your reign of tyranny is over, Zephyr; the Everettians are no longer your puppets to control." Dante scolded. "You've lost."

Zephyr merely chuckled at this, it was clear that he wasn't at all afraid of the godly beings that stood before him. He wasn't afraid of death. "Do what you please, Ninja Prime. Do you actually believe that you will be looked at as some kind of hero for killing me?" Zephyr mocked.

Dante lowered his blade a bit and narrowed his eyes.

"You did, didn't you, little warrior? HA! Your so-called 'friends' out there may thank you for ending my reign, but DO NOT think for a SECOND that they truly see any of you as allies." The king gargoyle chortled, coughing up blood. "Your kind will never be anything more but the bane of the multiverse's existence; a thorn in the very balance of all that is, and will be."

Dante sneered. "Pretty big talk from a being that is about to meet his end." He shot back. "We've long since earned our place in the mulitverse."

"We're the Guardians of the damn Multiverse, prick." Evron piped in. "And what are you, huh? You're nothing but a king who has fallen hard from grace. It's hilariously tragic, really."

Zephyr glared daggers at Evron, before he eventually set his sights on Daeva. The festering being licked his chapped lips, "You are incredibly lovely, my dear." He mused. "If only I was in my Prime, I'd turn you into my bride."

Daeva smirked underneath her helmet, "you just keep believing that." She muttered.

Dante narrowed his eyes at Zephyr and raised a katana to his throat. "Any last words?"

Zephyr smiled big as more blood oozed from his mouth. "The truth shall be revealed, little nin-"

A massive stream of red energy suddenly enveloped Zephyr's head, instantly melting it and his entire upper body down to burning ash, and eradicating his throne. All that was left of the fallen king, were his thin and spindly legs, of which were melting away themselves. Zephyr's words had been cut for good. Dante and Daeva both peered at Evron, wide eyed. The latter shook his left hand free of the bouts of steam that were rolling from it, and met their stares with the permanent cold glare from his visor.

"What? You were taking too long!" He exclaimed.

Dante blinked in disbelief. "You don't just cut someone off while they're still talking!" He fired back.

"Uh, you do if that someone is a power hungry TYRANT. Besides, he was starting to piss me off! The pretentious, condescending bastard." Evron countered. "Daeva, please talk to your big brother here, I'm done with this place." Evron muttered dryly and shot through the roof of the castle.

"Wait! NO, we are going to talk about this...Evron!!!" Dante screamed and took off after him.

"No, we're not! Get the hell away from me, you freak!" Evron shouted from afar.

Daeva stared after them and massaged the bridge of her nose; her temple pulsating. "Unbelievable." She muttered to herself, before blasting off towards them.

As the ninjas zipped higher into the sky, and through a portal that Evron created, the remaining Everettians below cheered, whooped, and howled in victory as the the castle of Zephyr collapsed. The ape-like beasts waved proudly at their allies' swift exit; they were forever in the ninjas' debt for what they did today. Whatever they needed, the Everettians would be there to support them by any means necessary.

They were friends, after all.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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A conversation between Brothers 2

It was a beautiful summer day in the Realm of the Ninja; the birds were chirping their melodious tunes, the sun was high in the sky, the flowers and grass were in full bloom and saturated in their vibrancy, and the land smell of fresh summer air. Around the side of the kingdom were Dante and Ubel hanging out together in one of the former's many gardens, while Evron and Daeva were out in a different realm fetching something for the ninjas' Aunt Beatrice, and Aphrodite was inside teaching all the children how to make her famous cupcakes. Dante was busy tending his lovely flowers while Ubel sat atop a polished steel table, playing his favorite, acoustic guitar which he named, "Lydia". Ubel strung a song that he'd learned on Earth, one by the likes of Bon Jovi himself, and Dante tried his best to hum along to it whilst watering and toiling different plants. The garden that they were in was huge and equally impressive, with luscious flowers and plant life of all different varieties covering every little inch of space they could. In the center was an empty space carved out of marble, with polished steel tables for people to sit and leather wrapped umbrellas to shield their heads from the summer heat. Due to not being bothered by extreme heat, and more so to get into the summer spirit, Ubel had on a navy blue tank top that was laced at the edges with strips of carbon fiber, and a pair of jeans that were rolled up to his ankles. Dante on the other hand, wore an orange V-neck and a pair of gray shorts.

Before long, Ubel had stopped playing and sat Lydia down in the chair closest to him. "Hey Dante, I've a question for ya." He said.

Dante peered over his shoulder to acknowledge his little brother, and continued watering the flowers in front of him. "I'm all ears, Ubie."

Ubel slid leaned forward on the table to touch the leaves of a small tree in front of him. "What is your favorite memory of Mom? And I mean like, favorite favorite." He curiously asked.

Dante pondered hard about the question as he went to refill his pale with more water. "Hmmm, 'my favorite memory of Mom'..."

"Yeah, and it's gotta be the all time one too, no cop outs." Ubel pointed out.

Dante thought some more about it for a good minute. Then, his face lit up with a warm smile as he found the answer and chuckled. He turned to Ubel, "This was about a month or two before she was banished, but she took me out to eat at this really fancy restaurant in a realm faaar from ours, right? And, you know, me still being a teenager, I had no idea that places like that existed! So, we go to the restaurant, get our table... And we just... Talk, we talked and talked for hours. We didn't even touch our food until like, 30 minutes after we got it, because we were talking so much." Dante gleamed and then laughed. "The waiter, and even the chef thought something was wrong with the food, because we hadn't touched it for so long."

Ubel grinned, "So, what exactly did you and Mom talk about that distracted you guys for that long?"

Dante shook his head and shrugged, "That's the thing, Ubie, I have zero clue what all we talked about for that long. I like to think that it was less about what me and Mom were talking about, and more so just the fact that we were finally getting to spend some time together after... Father had both of us under his thumb for so long." He said, his smile fading some for a second, but it immediately widened again as Dante thought more of their mother. "We were finally free, if only just for a little while."

Dante went back to watering the plants as Ubel awaited for him to finish telling the story. "And then, after Mom and I left that restaurant, we traveled to different realms, saw different lands and civilizations, the likes of which I'd never seen before in my life. Heck, even today, the places that Mom showed me are some of the most beautiful in the whole multiverse, I swear to Yakuza." Dante continued with an air of excitement in his voice. "That's why we were gone so long, you remember you and Evron asked me where I had been, because Aunt Beatrice was out and Daeva was being a little demon child?"

Ubel laughed as he plucked on the strings of Lydia, "Oh yeeaah, I do remember that. And, you just told me and Evron that you and Mom had been out." He retorted and started to laugh even harder, "Mom really went to town on Daeva's behind that night, didn't she?"

Dante giggled, "She sure did! Peri didn't even come out of her room once the next day... Or use the bathroom."

Ubel snorted, "She couldn't even sit on the toilet! Her butt was the same color as a freaking apple!"

Dante roared with laughter as tears rolled down his cheeks, and nearly knocked a row of miniature roses over. Ubel had his head deep in his hands as he laughed silently to himself, wheezing even. When they had finally calmed down some, both their faces were flush from laughing so hard. Dante reached down and picked up the pale that he'd dropped in his fit of giggles and went to fill it up. He did a quick take at Ubel over his shoulder, "So what's yours, eh? What's your best, or favorite memory of Mom?" He asked.

Ubel gently hopped off of the table and toured through some of the garden. He smiled, "Definitely one of the last times that we were all together with her, and she read us that book, remember? The one with the old woman who was forced to leave her family and went on to live in solitude?" Ubel answered solemnly.

Dante slowed his pouring and his emerald green eyes glowed dimmer. "She was trying to tell us then, even a year before Mom was banished, she knew... And was trying to tell us."

"It was such a great time, that evening was; we all ate cookies that Mom baked herself, played games, told stories, stayed up late..." Ubel's smile faded from his lips. We just didn't seem to register that story she told us, because we were all having too much fun." Ubel said.

Dante gazed at him and hung his head. "Yeah."

Ubel went and sat down in the table he was at prior, and sighed deeply with sadness in his violet eyes. "And now, after all this time, we still haven't gotten a chance to see her. Just one more time, one more time I'd like for us to see our Mom again, Em. If, she's even still... You know..."

Dante went over to him, pulled a chair out and placed in right in front of Ubel. The Ninja Prime took a seat and rested a gentle hand of his brother's shoulder. "She is, Ubel... I know it. And, one day soon, we're going to find her, the four of us. You, me, Evron and Daeva... We're going to find our Mom, and we're gonna break the curse that keeps her from coming back home." Dante calmly reassured as he looked Ubel in his eyes. "We're bringing Mom back home, little bro, and everything is gonna be even better than it was before, right?"

Ubel slowly perked up again and his eyes glowed brightly. He smiled softly and nodded, "Right."

Dante smiled back at him, "There he is." He mused and gave his fellow ninja a soft smack on the cheek. "Now, play us something nice out here, will you?" He said and stood to go back to tending to his garden.

Ubel grinned, "You got it, big bro." He stated and took Lydia in his arms. "This is a little song that the humans called, 'Here comes the Sun'."

And with that, Ubel began to expertly play that famous tune from The Beatles, as the Ninja Realm's own sun shined brightly in the crystal blue sky.

The End



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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Home sweet Home
Pt 3.

Dante glared up at the hourglass figure of Aerowen plopped right in the middle of the late Zeus’s personal throne. The Queen of Blood Assassins was wearing nothing but a leathery brown sports bra, leggings that stopped right at her upper thighs, and a single leather glove on her right hand. Aerowen’s cold blue eyes peered at Dante with a great sense of allurement, whilst they pierced through Aphrodite’s very soul. Within her gloved hand was Olympus’s most powerful weapon: Zeus’s lighting bolt. What was practically a nuclear warhead in lightning form, not too many beings had the capability of wielding that weapon. But, one way or another, Aerowen held it in her grasp and had it under her control.

Dante frowned at her, “What are doing here, Aerowen?” He asked.

“And what exactly do you mean by, ‘trespassing’? You don’t own this land.” Aphrodite stated dryly.

Aerowen smirked at the goddess, “Oh contraire, I do own Olympus now.” She retorted. “You see, little miss orphan, when Olympus fell at the hands of your boy toy’s father, the gods of this realm were no longer in control. Meaning, this realm was up for grabs to anyone who was strong enough, smart enough, and clever enough to run it. And, when the time was right, I did just that.”

Dante furrowed his brow, “But why? Why would you want to control a place that’s been completely decimated?”

“Think about it, my love. Once other races hear that the, ‘great’, Olympus has found a new ruler, beings will come far and wide to trade different resources and even become a part of my new stronghold.” Aerowen twirled the lightning bolt through her fingers, “I have many plans for this dump, and when I’m finished, the newly restored Olympus will be one of the biggest foundations in the known multiverse.” She jeered.

“We’re not letting you or you people desecrate an inch of this realm! Olympus will not be touched by anyone!” Aphrodite exclaimed.

Aerowen glanced at her from the corner of her eye, and then set her lustrous sights on Dante. “You know, you could always join me, Dante; a realm this expansive would need both a king and queen to successfully control it.” She mused with a flirtatious smile and leaned forward in her chair. “We could finish what we started all that millennia ago.”

Dante shook his head in disbelief and wrapped a protective arm around Aphrodite. “You know I can’t and won’t do that, Aerowen; my life is different now, and for the better.” Dante firmly threw back. “I’ll never follow nor be with you, and that’s a promise.”

Aphrodite gazed at him with lovingly, before her attention was redirected from a sigh out of Aerowen.

The latter pouted her lips, “Shame, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do this, love, but…” Aerowen trailed off and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, assassins began rising from the floor, the walls, the ceiling… Everywhere. Soon enough, before Dante and Aphrodite knew it, they were surrounded at all sides by thousands of assassins with their weapons drawn. “Kill them.” Aerowen ordered, and without hesitation, her army charged their invaders with ruthless intent.

Dante immediately grabbed Aphrodite’s hand with the intent to teleport them from out of the throne room, but Aerowen had different plans. With terrifying speed, the Blood Queen launched herself from her position and made a beeline straight towards Aphrodite. Before Dante could make the teleportation happen, Aerowen ripped the Olympian goddess from his hands and took her for a ride deeper into the throne room. Dante reached out his hand towards her, “Aphrodite!!!”, he screamed before thousands of bloodthirsty assassins were on him. They forced the Ninja Prime to go on the defense, and Dante had no other choice but to take the fight outside. He exploded through the cracked double doors and sped across the sky at super light speed, with a plethora of dagger wielding, red armor wearing, female warriors lagging behind. When he decided that he had enough room between himself and his opponents, Dante landed, turned on a dime and charged the assassins with his super heated katanas at the ready. The former expected this, but what they weren’t expecting was when Dante launched one of the jewels like a boomerang at them. While most of the assassins managed to dodge out of the way, a handful were unfortunately cleaved apart and ignited into flames by the sheer heat of the blade. Then, Dante held out his right hand, and in an instant, golden energies swirled and danced within his palm. They converged and built up more and more until they rotated around the ninja’s entire hand, and then, with a forceful “HMPH!”, Dante unleashed the golden particles into a massive column of pure energy. The beam sped towards the cloud of assassins at light speed and enveloped a third of them in a blinding light. Vaporized into nothing but their individual atoms, whatever assassins that weren’t fast enough to dodge the beam, were. Even with a third of their ranks having already been dwindled down, the warriors kept coming; they would kill this invader and bring his head to their queen. Dante summoned the blade he tossed back into his one free hand and braced as the wave of assassins roared towards him.

Back inside the throne room, a brutal 1-on-1 brawl raged between a devilish queen and an Olympian goddess. Aerowen was ruthless in her fighting style, with her overwhelming and unpredictable strikes not giving Aphrodite any room to breathe. The former used Eternal Fracture: twin daggers made from the bones of a demon king, with the ability to siphon the life force from their victims, to slash, stab and swipe at Aphrodite. The latter used Bow Olympia: a powerful bow gifted to her by Apollo, with arrows capable of felling small buildings with explosive force, to block and parry Aerowen’s incoming attacks. They darted around the throne room trading blows, with Aerowen getting a few kicks and slashes in here, and Aphrodite responding with a quick blow to the head from her powerful bow, there. The Blood Queen easily caught a roundhouse kick from Aphrodite and hurled a punishing fist into her gut. The blow knocked both the wind and blood out of her, and Aerowen used the window of opportunity to send the goddess spiraling into a wall with a savage knee to the chin. Aphrodite slumped to the ground as blood seeped from her mouth and nose, but Aerowen wasn’t finished. Before Aphrodite knew it, the head assassin was on her like a vicious predator. She grabbed the former tightly by the throat and forcefully dragged her head through the wall until Aerowen got to the end, where she then hurled Aphrodite through a pillar and into another end of the room.

Aphrodite lied there motionless in a pool of her own blood. The dark clouds that hung in the air cast Aerowen in shadow as she stalked towards her fallen enemy, with only flashes of lightning illuminating her thin form. Aerowen summoned Zeus’s bolt within her gloved hand, snatched Aphrodite up by the scruff of the blue leather jacket she wore and held the bolt within an inch of her stomach; sparks of electricity licked at her flesh.

Aerowen moved Aphrodite’s slumped head to and fro, whilst smirking sadistically. “We still there, sweetheart? Tell me you didn’t give out already.” She mused.

Aphrodite woozily rose her head to meet Aerowen’s stare, her vision was hazy and going in and out every time she exhaled. “You… You wil… Will never r…Rule this…Lan-” She choked as more blood drooled from her mouth.

Aerowen snickered as she applied more pressure to Aphrodite’s neck. “Do you want to know a little secret, orphan? When Olympus was felled at the hands of Marise, your father wasn’t the valiant hero that bravely stood against him as the legends state. No, no… That is nothing more than a myth.” Aerowen hissed before positioning her lips right by Aphrodite’s ear. “Instead, Zeus got to his knees and begged for his life, pleading for Marise not to kill him. Your daddy went out like a coward… A pathetic, ennoble, coward.”

Something awoke inside Aphrodite: Anger, denial, grief… It all combined into a force that unleashed whatever internal strength resided within her. Aerowen’s cruel words stabbed through her subconscious like a hot knife through butter, melting her emotional state down to just one sole survivor: Rage, and it was boiling. Aphrodite suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs, grabbed the hand that Aerowen had around her throat, ripped it away with newfound strength and buried a foot deep in the Blood Queen’s chest. The blow surprisingly knocked the wind from Aerowen and caused her to drop the lightning bolt. Aphrodite staggered to her feet and glared at the latter through tear-soaked eyes. She rushed Aerowen and delivered another kick to the gut, and then reeled back and punched her square in the face. Aerowen crashed to the floor but quickly relocated her footing, but before she could attack, she found herself staring down the barrel of Bow Olympia. Aphrodite pulled the massive, glowing orange arrow back as far as it could physically go and released. The arrow shot from the bow with so much force, that it created a shockwave large enough to shake the whole room. Aerowen summoned Eternal Fracture, and brought the blades in front of her face to block the arrow, but to no avail. It slammed into her with enough force to send the assassin careening across the room, through the wall closest to her, and out into the open. And then, silence… Silence surrounded Aphrodite once more. Her arms were shaking, and she looked down to find various little nicks and cuts all on her arms and legs. Aerowen must’ve landed more hits with those blades than Aphrodite thought; no wonder her energy felt like it was leaving her by the minute. Still, she couldn’t rest, not while Aerowen still had a bunch left in the tank, and Dante as well. With a small groan, Aphrodite balanced the large and heavy bow in her arms and readied herself; she needed to keep her wits about her with a master of shadows like Aerowen.

Speaking of the devil, out from within the shadows came a bunch of elongated arms that were darker than night. They reached out and grabbed at Aphrodite with a surprising swiftness. The arms grabbed a hold of her arms and legs and torso, trapping the goddess in vice-like grips of which she couldn’t get free. Aphrodite struggled and screamed with all her might, but to no avail; the shadowy appendages had her right where they wanted her.

You know, once I finally kill you, I will have two things that are rightfully mine…” Aerowen’s voice suddenly echoed from each direction of the throne room. “I will have a new stronghold in the form of your destroyed homeland, and even better… I will have his majesty himself to rule it alongside me.

Aphrodite grimaced, “You will have neither!” She spat.

Aerowen suddenly revealed herself from a large black hand rising from the ground and opening its palm to dispose her. Her cloths were tattered and shredded from the blast of the arrow, making her that much more indecently revealing, and blood trickled down from her left eye and mouth. Aerowen took Zeus’s bolt within her hand once more and raised it over her head. A toothy grin formed across her lips, “I’m sure Dante will be heartbroken when you’re gone, but don’t worry, one night with me will make him forget all about his little orphaned pet.” She cruelly stated and charged up the lightning bolt to its maximum capacity. The throne room shook and groaned violently as sparks of electricity ripped and tore it apart. The heat from the bolt was so hot, that it melted Aerowen’s leather glove straight off and was fiercely burning her hand. She didn’t care, she ignored the pain; there was only one thing Aerowen wanted right now.

“Now, join the rest of your family in HELL!!!!” She roared and hurled the lightning bolt with all her might. The room exploded in a blinding white light, a pillar of lightning of about a mile wide, erupted into the sky and touched the stratosphere. Electrically charged shock waves were sent barreling across the entire landscape, and an enormous heatwave washed over the entire realm. Then, as quickly as it’d begun, the explosion had ceased, and the realm of Mount Olympus had returned to its now normal, ruined state. Zeus’s throne room had been completely destroyed, and now, only a burning crater lay in its place. Aerowen was nowhere to be found, and as for Aphrodite, she’d surprisingly remained in the exact same spot from before. Because, wrapped around her, acting as a shield, was Dante.

He had his arms wrapped firmly around as much of Aphrodite as he could, with his back to the explosion when it happened. The Ninja Prime had arrived in record time and managed to save both the love of his life, and something else as well. When everything had gone quiet again, Dante slowly lifted his arms away from Aphrodite to check and see if she was okay, and for the most part, aside from the initial wounds of her fight, she was. Aphrodite peered up at Dante, dazed and confused, but her eyes clearly held eternal gratitude and appreciation in them.

Dante looked at her worryingly, took his helmet off and set it to the side, and caressed her cheek with the back of his armored palm. His armor was still smoking from the blast, and one could even hear the pearl, gold and carbon fiber that made up the suit still cooling. “Are you okay, honey? Are you hurt at all?” Dante asked anxiously.

Aphrodite merely gazed into his glowing green eyes and inadvertently started tearing up. She lunged at him, wrapped her arms firmly around his neck, and buried her head in his shoulder. “I am, now that you’re here.” She quietly answered.

Dante could do nothing more than smile and embrace her tenderly. There the two of them sat in that crater for ages, embracing the other with not a care in the world, as the wind started to howl around them. Dante finally separated from Aphrodite and carefully looked her over. He frowned, “Your wounds…” He murmured.

Aphrodite checked herself out and saw all the little cuts and slashes in her flesh, along with the many bruises. She looked up at him, “I’m fine, babe, I’m just a little weak from having had my energy stolen.” Aphrodite reassured.

“Right, Aerowen has those special daggers of hers.” Dante grunted. “Here, take some of my energy.” Dante took ahold of Aphrodite’s hand, and in an instant, emerald green particles traveled from his palm, up through her arm and into her body. Aphrodite could immediately feel some relief and re-invigoration from just that little bit of energy.

“Thanks, Em, I really needed that.” She warmly said and started to her feet. Still a bit woozy, Dante helped her the rest of the way up and then lifted the goddess up in his arms.

“Let’s get out of here.” He stated and reached out with a hand to create a portal home, but something stopped him.

Dante felt a powerful source of energy approaching from behind, and when he turned to meet it, he and Aphrodite found Aerowen suddenly standing before them. She had a slump in her posture now, her inky black hair was torn and matted, her face was covered in blood and dirt, whatever clothes she wore prior had now all but been burned away, with only a tiny strip of her sports bra hanging below her bosom. And, the leather clad hand that Aerowen used to wield Zeus’s bolt with, was seared black up to her elbow from the heat of the weapon. She panted heavily whilst glaring daggers at Dante and Aphrodite. She looked at the former and outstretched a finger.

“M…My girls… What did you do with my girls?!” Aerowen demanded.

Dante stared intently at her, “… I sent them to meet The Riverman in Hell.” He stated.

Aerowen gritted her teeth so hard, that blood began to drip from her mouth. “You… Both of you will die for what you’ve done today! You trespass on MY property, you slaughter my women, and you destroy my throne??!! Unacceptable, do you hear me?! UNNACCEPTABLE!!!!” Aerowen screamed at the top of her lungs. Without hesitation, she summoned Eternal Fracture in her hands and slowly and painfully stalked towards Dante and Aphrodite.

“Dante…” Aphrodite murmured.

“It’s alright, I’ll handle this.” Dante said and gently lowered Aphrodite to her feet.

“But, babe, I-” Aphrodite was cut off as Dante planted a quick kiss on her lips.

Her gave her a smile, “Trust me.” He stated psychically and started towards Aerowen.

Aphrodite wore a look of worriment on her face. “Dante!” She called out psychically. “Be careful, hun… And kick her ass.”

Dante looked back at her and nodded tenderly; he would make sure of it. Then, the Ninja Prime summoned both his helmet onto his face, and his Twin Jewels of Valor into his hands, and prepared for battle.

Aerowen grinned and cracked her neck. “Come then, my love, let’s dance together.” She flirtatiously challenged. And then, in less than the blink of an eye, the most powerful of ninjas and the Assassin Queen launched themselves at each other.

To be Continued…
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Part 1

This… This was a time of despair, chaos and misery. One of the last strongholds in the multiverse, Valhalla itself, had been taken. What had once been a sprawling city of beauty, peace and tranquility, had been reduced to a sea of molten rock, fire and brimstone raining from above. Towering infernos rose forth from the ground and stretched into the sky, dark and luminous clouds cast overhead, and molten lava swept across the land. Valhalla’s heavenly city, one that dwarfed the likes of Earth’s own New York and San Francisco 2-1, was nothing more than a mess of gray, fractured buildings, a nest for fires that burned unchecked, and… In the very center, sat a looming and despicable looking spire that reached the atmosphere. It was a hodgepodge of molten rock, burned steel and the bones of hundreds of thousands of those unfairly slain by the force that caused all of this.

And what force did cause all this anguish, this senseless destruction and violent misery? Hell. The forces of Hell itself had risen from the depths to smite the last remaining strongholds in the multiverse, starting with Valhalla itself. And, since Olympus had already fallen at the hands of both the Father of Chaos, as well as the ninjas’ own Father, Marise, that made things easier for the demonic plague to weaken the foundation. After they succeeded here in Valhalla, they would begin to spread their influence across the entire multiverse, until finally, the forces of Hell would set their terrible sights onto the source that kept the entirety of existence intact: The Core of the Multiverse itself. And, at the head of this utterly enormous army, was Nevel: Chief Knight of the greatest of fallen angels, Lucifer. If Nevel and his forces succeeded in corrupting the core, then existence itself would be changed forever. Fortunately, there were two forces of good and justice that, with all their power and will, would not allow that to happen. The demons would not leave the sanctity of Valhalla; their campaign of terror would end there. On the other side of the coin, were the forces of Heaven: The Archangels, warriors of light created to defend the multiverse from any and all demonic forces. They were only summoned when times were grim, and there was no better time for their services than now. These Archangels, they were only one of two major groups that would help in wiping out this demonic infestation.

The other players… They were equally as important as their light companions, and, while there were only four of them, these brave warriors would play a key role in this coming battle. These players were the Ninjas. They had heard of what had happened to Valhalla and the plans that Nevel had set in motion. At first, the ninjas didn’t plan on getting involved, believing that Heaven’s army and any other civilization that wanted to help would surely be enough. But, after both finding out that it was only the former that would be standing up against this powerful threat, and receiving a personal request from Heaven’s own Michael himself to join their forces… The ninjas agreed. And so, as the rest of the multiverse held its collective breaths, the Angels of Heaven and the ninjas were about to face off against the demons and monsters of Hell. This was one of the biggest and most brutal wars in all existence, and was the war that permanently cemented the ninjas as the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Day 1.
12:30 PM.

The air was heavy and thick from toxic fumes polluting the atmosphere. The whole landscape was all but completely dark, aside from the orange glow of magma flows on the surface and embers dancing in the air. Massive winged creatures that looked like demonic gargoyles, bats and harpies flew across the sky by the hundreds of thousands. Their cries sounded like nails running down a chalkboard, mixed with the agonized screams of someone being skinned alive. The towering pillar that acted as a base of operations for Nevel, stood tall in the center of Valhalla’s main city; its peak cleared way the clouds. Millions of undead foot soldiers and demons of all shapes and sizes roamed the streets constantly, making the possibility of sneaking in all but impossible. And, unsurprisingly, the legions of Hell were gearing up for war; they knew forces of good would be knocking on their door, it was only a matter of when now. Let them come. At one of the balconies on Hell's Peak, saw Nevel leaning against the magma encrusted railing, gazing out at all the destruction he had wrought. Nevel wasn’t an ordinary demon, he couldn’t be if he was the right hand of Lucifer himself. No, Nevel was a Knight of the Devil: warlords that campaign across the multiverse, devastating and conquering worlds, whilst speaking the gospel of Satan. They were ludicrously powerful and mercilessly bloodthirsty, and Nevel was the undisputed best-of-the-best. He wore a black, demonic knights’ armor with blood red inscriptions of Lucifer’s laws engraved all over it. His helmet resembled that of a bull, with long metal horns protruding from them, and a grated mouthguard that constantly had steam billowing from it. His eye holes were as dark and empty as a void, but his eyes themselves were glowing orange embers that burned with eternal hatred. Massive spikes covered his shoulder guards, and razor-sharp metal talons covered both Nevel’s fingers, and toes.

Nevel watched as his minions marched through the ruined streets and sharpened his claws together. He was waiting for the angels to come, for he wanted, no, desired a fight. Nevel wanted to bathe in more blood, and whose better but that of those Holy heathens. Nevel outstretched his arms, threw his head back and roared like a lion from Hell towards the sky. Let. Them. Come!

And, as if to answer Hell’s boastful challenge, the black clouds soon parted, allowing for a massive pillar of light to break through all the way to the ground. The legions of Hell turned away, repulsed at the intense beam, some even hissing in disgust. Nevel watched on curiously and anxiously, for he knew now that it was time. Soon after the pillar of light broke through, beings of eternal grace and holiness charged through, their pure white wings gleaming across the land. They rode atop glowing white Pegasi that were dressed in golden armor, as well as the angels themselves. They came from the sky by the hundreds of thousands, all ready and determined to cleanse this realm of its corruption. War horns blared across the entire landscape from both sides; the clash was inevitable now. Leading the charge of the angels was Michael himself, dressed in polished sliver armor with golden streaks throughout. He was a large and imposing man, with short dark brown hair, a set jaw and steely grey eyes. But Michael was as gentle and kind as they came, only becoming solemn during times like this. He and his army of archangels lined up side by side on a large hill overlooking the North part of the city. They were all ready and waiting to go; all they needed now was for their fellow allies to join them.

Not ones to keep allies waiting, a swirling green portal, indicating that of Dante’s energy, broke through the vail of reality behind the angels. Seconds later, the four warriors marched out of the vortex, their expressions all set and determined. This was as serious as it got for them, and the ninjas felt the weight of it the second they exited from the portal. They were all suited up in their respective armor, and the four of them were honestly ready to end this war before it even began. But, deep down the ninjas knew that this was going to be a marathon, rather than a sprint. In any case, Michael rode to the back in order to greet his powerful allies and got down from his Pegasus to bow in respect; the ninjas did the same.

Michael gave them a soft smile, “Lord Dante, Prince Evron, Prince Ubel, and Princess Daeva… It is both an honor and a privilege to meet the four of you. Though, I wish that our first meeting was on lighter conditions.” Michael spoke warmly.

Ubel smiled underneath his mask, “Likewise.” He said.

“We’re just happy that we can been here to help out in any way we can.” Dante echoed.

Michael nodded, but his smile soon faded to a grim frown as revelation set in again. “We will be fighting an uphill battle here, I am afraid.” He stated and looked towards the city, seeing the millions of demons and creatures that infested it. “Even with as many warriors as we have gathered, we are still sorely outnumbered.”

Evron followed the angel’s gaze and noted the sheer number they were up against. “I can see what you mean. But, a good bit of those guys should be just mindless fodder anyways; we take them out, and that should dwindle their ranks at least a little bit.”

“And that’ll in turn give us room to start focusing on the bigger targets. We’ll chip them down until they’re weak enough for us to deliver a critical blow. That way, when we do start inevitably losing allies, we’ll at least still be in a good place.” Dante affirmed.

“But we need to be fast about all of this.” Daeva pointed out. “We can’t let the legions of Hell get any breathing room, unless we want to be overwhelmed.”

Ubel folded his arms, “The second that happens, the second we get absolutely steamrolled, fodder or no. Those guys are sitting by the millions; that’s nothing to snuff at.”

Michael listened on intently, carefully processing every little detail that the ninjas were saying. When they were finished, the angel simply sighed through his nose and nodded his head in agreement. “It is a sound plan indeed, my friends, but I-” Michael’s words were cut short as horns from the opposing side blared across the realm. It was a horrible noise, one that sounded akin to metal being shredded and the world coming apart at the seams. All eyes were now focused on the ruins of the Valhallian city, and especially on one being whom was levitating in the air.

Nevel’s dark figure cast a shadow on the angels and ninjas below. He stared straight down at each and every one of them, hungry and parched to feast on their flesh, and drink their souls. The knight outstretched his hands to the sides of himself and growled feverishly. “ANGELS! Welcome to the final minutes of your pathetic existence! I shall personally see to it that each of your skulls decorate the throne of my master, and for your souls to be fed to the three-headed hell hound!” Nevel roared deeply, his voice resonating the very bones of every being attended. He turned his sights to the ninjas and grumbled in disdain and hatred. “And as for the four of you… You were fools to try and help these heathens, ninjas! Your power may be great, but you are NO MATCH for what is about to transpire on this day! Your bodies, your souls shall be ou-”

“YEAH, YEAH, CUT THE BULLSHIT SPEECH ALREADY, IT’S NOT EVEN THAT GOOD, LET ALONE INTIMIDATING!” Evron suddenly yelled, cutting off Nevel oh so rudely. “You think just because you’ve got this huge army, that we’re scared of you?! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Buddy, we’re goddamn NINJAS, we beat idiots like you on a casual Friday!”

Evron splayed his arms wide, “If you really think you and your army can handle me, my siblings, AND our holy as hell friends over here, then come on!!! You’re a big man, you and your pathetic army, fight us!!!!”

Dante, Ubel and Daeva could only grin at each other and at Michael, whom was just as amused. Somehow or another, Evron had managed to get a rise out of the archangels, as they too were shouting and screaming proudly at Nevel and his legion, echoing the ninja’s words.

“FIGHT US!!!” They roared.

“FIGHT US!!!!”


“FIGHT. US!!!!”

Nevel looked on in disbelief; these… Heathens dared to oppose his might?! Inexcusable! Deplorable!!! They would regret ever coming to fight the legions of Hell! ALL OF THEM!!! Nevel bellowed so loudly that it shook the entire realm like a monstrous earthquake. “SILENCE!” He screamed. “You ninjas DARE mock me?! ME?! I swear it, when I am finished here, your families and the ones you love most will be raped and slaughtered! DO YOU HEAR ME!!! ALL OF THEM SHALL BURN.”

Dante’s eyes glowed brightly and intensely, as did those of his siblings. He looked at Michael, “Let’s kill these abominations.” Dante sneered and summoned his twin katanas.

“Yeah,” Evron said and cracked his neck, before summoning Shikoro Ken: A serrated edged katana into his hand, “this guy is starting to piss me off.”

As Ubel summoned Soul Ravager: Hades’ hammer, and Daeva summoned Swift Redemption: a featherweight longsword, Michael nodded firmly and ordered for his men to ready their golden lances and bronze shields. Then, before he returned to his own horse, Michael turned to the ninjas again with a hopeful look in his eye.

“Ninjas, I know now that what I am about to ask you is… Difficult for you to agree to, but… Would it at all be possible for the four of you to utilize your full strength in this battle?” Michael inquired.

All four of them looked at the angel in both surprise and shock. They honestly couldn’t really believe that he’d just asked them that.

“Michael, I… I don’t think you fully understand just what you’re asking of us right now.” Ubel said.

“If we go all out, no chains attached, then…” Daeva trailed off as she looked to Dante for support.

“We would not only destroy the legions of Hell, we would inadvertently destroy you and your men, and this entire realm. Nothing would be left.” Dante stated grimly before shaking his head. “I’m sorry, Michael, but that’s just… That’s out of the question.”

Michael slowly nodded and gave a little half smile, “No, no, it is my fault for asking; I was not aware of just how serious such a topic was for the four of you. You will accept my humble apology, I hope.”

Evron went up to the angel and patted him on the shoulder, “No hard feelings, Mikey, you meant well.” He reassured in Evron’s way of reassuring someone. “Now, let’s kill these demonic bastards.”

Michael gave a single, and firm nod and motioned for the ninjas to follow him up to the front lines. There, the veteran angel mounted his Pegasus, summoned his enormous javelin and shield, and raised his arm holding the former into the air. “Angels, ninjas, hear me! We will all fight until our last, undying breath! We will cleanse Valhalla of the corruption that Hell has forsaken it with! And we will SLAY every. Last. Demon. HERE!!!” Michael cried, causing for his men to echo his cries proudly and defiantly towards the demons.

The ninjas prepared themselves in their own way, albeit a simpler one. Dante looked his siblings, “You guys ready?” He asked psychically.

“Ready.” Daeva acknowledged.

“I’m ready.” Ubel echoed.

“Let’s go.” Evron sounded off.

“Alright, let’s win this war, for our home… And for the multiverse!” Dante shouted.

“For the multiverse!” His siblings echoed.

Nevel readied his own forces, all of which were starving to feast on the bones of their enemies. The multiverse would learn to fear the name, ‘Lucifer’. Starting here… Starting now. “Legion of Hell, I say to you now… KILL THE HEATHENS!!!!” Nevel bellowed at the top of his lungs. And, in seconds, every single demon spawn roared, chortled and hissed, and charged the forces of good with blood lust in their veins.

Michael pointed his lanced arm forward, “CHAAAAARGE!!!!” He screamed and dashed forward on his winged stallion to meet the aggressors head on, with the archangels right behind, bellowing their war cries to the stars.

And, last but not least, the ninjas waited for Dante to give the call…

“… ENGAGE!!!!” The Ninja Prime screamed, and with the order, the four ninjas erupted from their positions, blitzing past the angels and right into the snarling faces of their demonic opponents. And, when these two forces: Good and Evil collided, the realm of Valhalla literally exploded into complete and utter chaos.

To be Continued…
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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The Blood Queen

Devil's Peak:
8:45 AM

The winter air was chilled and crisp, the winds were harsh and sharp, and the land was white and slick. Far away in the distance was a red and silver tower, a tower that stretched 4,000 feet in the air. The shape of it was like that of a wine bottle: curvaceous and slender. This was Devil's Peak: The proud capital of the Blood Assassins. It usually overlooked a seemingly endless valley of multicolored foliage, but the grueling winter season now had everything covered in snow and ice. Perched at the very top of Devil's Peak stood a tall, and slender woman. Her inky black hair hung low, and her cold blue eyes lashed out at every snowflake. She gazed out at the sea of ice before her, pursing her tight lips with ponder. Her eyes widened in surprise upon the flurries of snow creating a face, THAT face. The face of her obsession, her allurement, her idée fixe. The woman clenched her eyes shut and reopened them, now finding nothing to see, just the gentle flakes of snow dancing in the wind.

Aerowen sighed and caressed her bare skin. For as cold as the weather was at the moment, she didn't seem to mind; all but her bosom and upper thighs was exposed to the elements. She had been out here, standing in the same spot for hours now, lost within the depths of her own mind. She thought of him, and she thought of him a lot. Aerowen glanced over her shoulder into her room. It was a massive space, at least half the total size of a football field, and covered in various pieces of leather furniture. A soft, orange glow remained consistent throughout the entirety of it, giving the room a unique warmness to it. The walls were plastered to the brim with rather... disturbing items. They were pictures of all shapes and sizes, pictures of him. Aerowen's sweetest sin. Her own little definition of obsession. The woman smiled lustfully at the pictures, continuing to caress her body sultrily. A part of her despised just how much she loved him, but she simply couldn't help it. She wanted him. She needed him. It was sickening.

The stainless steel double doors to Aerowen's room glided open, revealing a petite redheaded woman wearing a purple robe. She had rich hazel eyes, a face covered in freckles, and a pointed chin. This was Cytherea: Aerowen's second-in-command and little sister. Cytherea stood at the edge of the room for a few moments, eyeing the overwhelming amount of photos with notable disgust. She sneered and headed to the balcony where Aerowen stood.

"Lady Aerowen." Cytherea bowed respectfully. "My apologies for interrupting you, but the council wishes to discuss your plans of the conquest."

Aerowen gave her a momentary sideways glance, before fixing her gaze back on the ice covered land. "Tell me something, Cytherea." Aerowen replied. Her voice was smooth and light.

"Of course, my queen, anything." Cytherea quickly said.

"Why are we still going through with this?" Aerowen questioned.

Cytherea looked on in confusion, furrowing her brow. "Because m'lady, it is your wish to-"

"It was MOTHER'S/b] wish to rule over the multiverse, not mine!" Aerowen hissed, quickly silencing her timid sister. "I couldn't care less about ANY of this, and am only even going through with this conquest to shut the damn council up. Ruling over the entire multiverse isn't my goal. It never was."

"Please forgive me, my queen I... I was completely out of line." Cytherea begged, whimpering on her hands and knees.

Aerowen glanced down at her sister and slowly knelt down to her level. She massaged Cytherea's face and grabbed a hold of her chin, gently raising her head up to see the girl's frightened eyes. Aerowen gave her a smile.

"Hey, I'm sorry for snapping at you, Cyth. I didn't mean to, okay? You don't have to be afraid of me." She said in a reassuring manner, and pinched her sister's cheek.

Cytherea hesitantly nodded, and Aerowen then responded by hugging her tightly.

"Now, you go tell those old bastards to give me a minute, and I'll be right down. Can you do that?"

Cytherea nodded vigorously. "Yes ma'am, I'll do so right away." She stated with determination and hurried off the balcony, and out of the room.

Aerowen stared after her and her smile instantly faded away, gaining way for a vicious scowl. "Idiot." She murmured softly. The council was really starting to piss her off about this campaign; they were lucky that she didn't just slaughter them all. Aerowen gazed at one of the many portraits of him, hanging on her walls. She moved over to it and rubbed it up and down with her fingers.

"We will be together again soon, my love... I promise." She whispered, and licked the photo sensually.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Ubel’s Earth Journal Entry 2: February 4th, 1976.

The girl with raven Hair

I see her standing there, in my thoughts, my dreams, and my subconscious. When I see her in person, my heart flutters and tells me to go just for it, but something inside of me always resists. My mind tells me to let it go, and to stay away. How could someone like her ever fall for someone like me? How could she feel attached to someone who will still be here, when she’s long gone? How could I? And yet, my heart always counters with the prospect of: none of that matters. "If these feelings that you experience whenever you’re around this girl are genuine, then you should at least try, right? What does it matter if you’re still around when she no longer is? Focus on the now, and worry about the future when it gets here. You care about her, and she cares about you." It tells me. I want to tell her how I really feel, and it always kills me a little more whenever I don't. But, how would I even go about it? What would I say? What would she say? How would she feel? It's so frustrating, why can't I just open up and feel the tiniest bit vulnerable?!

This girl, she's... She's one of a kind, really. No one else had ever put aside any judgement and stereotypes aside before, and just saw me as... A person. The kindness and compassion that she's shown myself and my siblings is unlike anything I've ever seen before. She accepted them for who they were, and she accepted me for who I was. How could a ninja ever fall for a human? Well, take a long look at me. That's how. Even her name clouds my judgement, and dominates my thoughts, and yet... I don't mind it. "Molly". I get a tingly feeling deep within my gut, and I like it. Whenever she's around, my hands turn clammy, my heart beats faster, and my eyes glow bright. That strong and everlasting feeling of affection for someone... What word does that even describe, exactly? It's the same kind of feeling that I have for my siblings, but different at the same time.

I have to tell her how I really feel. She needs to know that I...I love her.




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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Home Sweet Home

The sky exploded as Dante and Aerowen collided, casting the entire realm of Olympus in blinding light and shaking it violently. Two of the most powerful warriors in the multiverse raced across the sky at light speed and above, trading quick and violent blows as well as parrying one another’s potential attacks. Aerowen was ruthless in her assault, no longer fighting intelligently or strategically; she was merely acting on instinct and blind rage now. She used her Eternal Fracture daggers to hurl a blindingly quick flurry of slashes and stabbings towards Dante, not giving him any room to breathe. Dante read her attacks like a book and was easily able to casually dodge, block and parry them all. Aerowen was fighting sloppily now, and Dante saw it clear as day. He was severely holding back on the assassin Queen, not even doing much attacking himself, bobbing and weaving as Aerowen used what little energy she had left to blindly throw everything she could at him. The two of them had fought on numerous occasions in the past, both together as allies, and now as enemies. So, it really was as though Dante and Aerowen were engaged in a deadly dance as the latter previously described. Both knew each other’s moves almost telepathically, and had Aerowen been in tip top shape here, there would have almost been a certain, “grace”, to their fight

As Dante continued to dodge any and all her attacks, occasionally backing Aerowen off him by dealing a casual kick to her chest, the latter screamed like a banshee in frustration and hurled one of her daggers right at the ninja’s face. Dante used one of his large katanas to block the weapon and saw as Aerowen tried to bludgeon his stomach with her other one. Using his free hand, Dante caught her arm, stopped it cold and re-positioned it above Aerowen’s head. She growled and spat from her blood drenched face, whilst trying her hardest to push down against Dante’s vice grip, aiming the dagger straight down to run it through his helmet. But it was no use trying; the Ninja Prime’s arm didn’t budge more than an inch.

“Come now, Dante, we really shouldn’t be fighting… like... this.” Aerowen said through gritted teeth. “We should instead be busy rebuilding and then ruling this land under new authority! Imagine it: You and me finally together as we should’ve been from the beginning, ruling Olympus, my realm and yours as husband and wife!”

Dante remained silent as he glared into Aerowen’s cold blue eyes, but she kept going. “That washed up goddess with no home and no family will never take care of you the way I would, you and I both know that. Drop her now, and we can have a future that you would’ve never known possible!” Aerowen mused with a psychotic grin. Said grin soon faded into a deathly scowl, “Last chance.” She threatened.

Dante narrowed his eyes before leaning in close to the assassin. “Aerowen… I wouldn’t stand by you if you were the last woman in the multiverse. I’m sure of that.” He coldly replied and forcefully shoved her away.

Aerowen flew backwards through the air like a speeding bullet, before she caught herself and glared molten hot daggers at the Ninja Prime. “Fine, if you don’t want me…” She stopped mid-sentence as blood red energies started converging and building around her. Then, in less than the blink of an eye, Aerowen blasted head first towards Dante like a shooting star. “THEN NO ONE CAN HAVE YOU!!!” She roared and aimed to rip straight through him with the force equivalent to an atom bomb.

As Dante prepared to intercept the attack, something suddenly slammed into Aerowen with a large explosion and sent her spiraling out of the sky. Dante looked on in surprise before gazing down at the area where that had come from. Standing several hundreds of feet below him, was Aphrodite, having had used her powerful bow to knock Aerowen from the air with perfect precision. The goddess was a master marksman, after all. She smiled and waved up at Dante, to which he responded back in kind.

“Nice shot, honey!” He praised psychically.

Aphrodite laughed, “Thanks! I just finally got sick of hearing her mouth!”

Dante descended to meet her, “You okay?” He asked.

“I’m still a little banged up, but nothing I can’t handle.” Aphrodite reassured.

Dante nodded, “Ready to get outta here?”

“Mhm, but not before we make sure that Aerowen never comes back again.” Aphrodite firmly stated.

As if having heard her, the Blood Queen landed violently several yards away from them, kicking up dust and debris every which way. She glared at both Dante and Aphrodite through bloodshot eyes and breathing hard like an angry predator. “No one is going anywhere.” She hissed and wiped blood drooling from her mouth. “You’re going to have to kill me in order to make me leave this realm; this is MY territory now, and you two will be buried here!”

Dante looked on at Aerowen with a total lack of interest; he was so done with this, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Olympus. He turned to Aphrodite and smiled under his mask, “Let’s show her the door, eh?” He mused.

The goddess nodded with fiery determination and held out her left hand. “Babe, give me a boost, will you?”

Dante looked at her in surprise; she wanted to get a, what now?

“Just trust me on this, okay?” Aphrodite stated with a firmness in her voice. Dante stared intently at her for a moment but nodded obligingly and took her arm in his hand. Gently, the Ninja Prime threw the Greek goddess up several hundred feet into the air above Aerowen, to which Aprhodite used as a vantage point to hurl an arrow from her bow towards the weakened assassin.

Aerowen managed to dodge out of the way of the explosive projectile but was blindside by an uppercut from Dante that erupted her into the sky and into the arms of an awaiting goddess. Aphrodite used the blunt end of Bow Olympia to brutally smack Aerowen square in the face, sending her crashing back down to the earth. She slammed into the dirt with enough force to bounce her back a few feet into the air, and Dante swiftly delivered a sideways kick that careened Aerowen away for miles. Wasting no time, Dante immediately teleported towards Aphrodite, took her hand and sped towards Aerowen at super light speed. Once they were close enough, the Ninja Prime let Aphrodite go and they proceeded to wail on Aerowen as they all blazed across the landscape. They exchanged blow for blow, kicking, punching and just working like a well-oiled machine to not give Aerowen any breathing room to counter. After about a minute of their unrelenting assault, Dante noticed that Aerowen was finally slipping in and out of consciousness and decided that it was time to end it.

So, Dante grabbed hold of Aphrodite’s arm once more and swung her body like a large club. The latter extended her right leg out to plant it directly into Aerowen’s cheek, before she spun out of the way and allowed for Dante to come in and deliver punch with about a quarter of his power behind it. The punch landed square in the Queen assassin’s chest and literally stretched her back outward and caused a miniature shockwave to explode from it and forcing large amounts of blood from her mouth. Had Aerowen not been as powerful as she was, a blow like that would have erased her entire lower half. The ground beneath her fissured and followed her as she hurtled through the air for several miles without any sign of slowing down.

Dante stared after her, then with a quick flash of green light from his eyes, opened a quick portal behind Aerowen to a random location in the multiverse. The Blood Queen flew into the portal like a comet and disappeared, before the vortex then gently collapsed down into millions of tiny green orbs. “Do you think I hit her too hard?” Dante asked Aphrodite.

The latter stood beside him and just shrugged, “Well, Aerowen did say that we’d have to kill her for her to leave. But, knowing her, she’ll be fine… Eventually.” Aphrodite said nonchalantly.

Dante chuckled and made his helmet disappear off his head and turned to take Aphrodite’s hands into his. He gazed into her jewel-like eye and found himself quickly getting lost in their warm beauty. Shaking himself from his trance, he gave her a sweet smile and murmured, “I have something for you.” And then, Dante held out his hand, closed his eyes and summoned a portrait into it. When it finally came into existence, Dante reopened his eyes and tenderly rested the picture in Aphrodite’s arms.

The latter gasped in disbelief as she gazed at it. It was the painting of her and her mother, Dion, gardening together! She looked up at Dante in disbelief; how… how did he manage to…

“I managed to save that one before Zeus’s throne room was destroyed; I know that painting means a lot to you.” Dante warmly stated. He frowned, “I’m sorry I couldn’t save any more, if I had gotten there fast enough, I could’ve-”

Dante found himself get cut off as Aphrodite wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. She felt herself start to tear up but held them back as best she could. “This means so much to me, Dante… Thank you, sweetie.” She whispered. Dante grinned softly and hugged her tight.

He finally pulled away, outstretched his right arm, splayed his hand open wide and green energies started to swirl around it. When enough was built up, Dante gently shot them from his palm and created a long distance portal back home. He looked at Aphrodite, took one of her hands into his and motioned with his head at the vortex. “Ready to go home?” He inquired.

She smiled at him and nodded, “Ready”, she said. As such, with them together, Dante and Aphrodite walked into the large swirling portal and disappeared, leaving the ruins of Olympus behind to finally rest in peace.

Hours later, back in the Realm of the Ninja…

As the rain still poured outside in the Ninja realm, Evron, Ubel, Daeva and Aphrodite all sat together at a large golden table in the main hall of the kingdom. They were playing yet another game of DragonTails and Void’s Tears to pass the time, while Dante eloquently played a stainless-steel baby grand piano beside them.

“Sooo basically, Aerowen was being a crazy female dog like always?” Evron asked as he threw a card in the middle of the table.

Dante looked back at him in shock, “Evron!”

Evron held up his arms, “What?! Am I lying?”

Dante paused for a moment to think, before he finally yielded and said, “Carry on.” And went back to playing.

Aphrodite shook her head, “I’d go far enough to say that she acted even crazier than normal. She must’ve really thought that she was going to rule Olympus.”

Daeva peered from behind her cards with a confused look, “Where’d you guys send her to, anyway?”

Dante stopped playing and pursed his lips as he thought about it. Eventually, he just shrugged, “I dunno, the multiverse is a pretty big place.” He mused with a smirk and continued to play.

Evron snorted.

“Well, I’m just glad you two are back to share in the mind-numbing boredom of today, with us.” Daeva said with a goofy grin.

Ubel, having had been silent the whole time, suddenly slammed his entire hand of cards down on the table and threw his arms up in the air. “Oh YEAH! Guess who just won again… This guy!” He exclaimed and celebrated in his seat. Evron, Daeva and Aphrodite all moaned and groaned and threw the rest of their cards onto the table.

“Hey, don’t be mad just because I’m a master at this game, alright?” Ubel taunted.

“Master of cheating.” Evron muttered.

Dante snickered to himself before casually peering out of the window in front of him. His green eyes suddenly lit up and he whipped around and pointed. “You guys check it out! It stopped raining!” He said. Sure enough, the rain had indeed finally stopped, and the evening sun was shining warmly across the entire realm.

Daeva leapt from her chair and pointed towards the nearest exit, “Come on, let’s get out there! I’m starting to get stir crazy in here.” She said.

Evron shrugged his shoulders, “I could use some fresh air.”

Ubel followed closely behind, “What should we do?” He asked.

Daeva pondered for a second, before her eyes lit up excitedly. “You guys wanna race?” She asked slyly.

“NO.” Evron and Ubel both answered.

As Dante went to follow them, he stopped as he noticed Aphrodite staring out of the window. He went up to her and rested his arms on her soft shoulders and nuzzled one of her ears. She giggled. “You coming?” Dante asked softly.

Aphrodite nodded, “Yeah, it’s just…”

Dante furrowed his brow and rubbed on her shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

Aphrodite turned to face him with a large smile traced across her lips. “It’s good to be home.” She warmly stated and pecked him lovingly on the lips. Dante grinned before taking her hand and leading her outside.

Once outside, they all started to just hang out and relax with one another, with Ubel strumming away at his favorite guitar, Dante and Evron engaged in yet another bet, and Daeva playing referee whilst Aphrodite watched on and giggled as she took up the role of peacemaker. It really was good to be home.

The End.
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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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What 4th Wall?

On a rather quiet and sunny day in the Realm of the Ninja, the ninjas themselves were currently sitting at a table atop of the highest balcony of the kingdom. They had been there for over an hour now... Just sitting, and doing... Not a whole lot, actually. There was occasional bouts of conversation, of course, but overall... It was literally just them sitting at a table, doing absolutely nothing at all.

"......Has anyone else noticed that we're pretty much NEVER in our armor anymore?" Daeva suddenly asked.

Evron snorted, “Well, that's what happens when we basically have an ape writing for us all the time."

"Be careful, though, because we used to fight NONSTOP, remember? Just so whoever is out the could get their sick kicks." Dante shuddered. "It's almost like we're just some absurdly overpowered plot devices, or something."

"It doesn't help that we always have to fight these ridiculous demon god, cyborg... Things, because someone decided to give us everything, plus TWO kitchen sinks." Ubel pointed out, sighing deeply.

They all agreed on that front.

"By the way, who in Yakuza's name decided it'd be a good idea to have not one, but TWO weird chicks who both possess as much power as us, living in the kingdom with us?" Evron demanded. "I mean really, one of them wears a damn shark mask like it's her actual, damn face for Yakuza's sake!"

"Excuse me, but don’t you have a thing for the girl with the shark mask?" Ubel mused.

“What?! Nooo, I don’t!”

Daeva winked at Ubel, mouthing the words, “he does”.

“Hmph, well at least I didn’t make one of those girls a surrogate sister to us.” Evron grumbled.

Daeva shrugged, “What can I say? She’s a sweet girl, and I’m protective over her. Plus, don’t act like you don’t love her too, captain McMeanStud.”

“Number 1: That nickname isn’t sticking. Number 2: Fine, whatever, she’s... Okay.” Evron stubbornly agreed.

"Well, all I know is, is that I keep seeing these same three numbers popping up in my dreams every night." Dante said.

"What numbers?" Daeva asked.

"One...Sixty...Five? Whatever that means?"

"Those have to be the stupidest set of numbers I've ever heard." Evron scoffed.

"Even dumber than the guy who put us on steroids, plus MORE steroids?" Ubel offered.

"Not that dumb."

"Oh well, it looks like whoever, or whatever is out there will just have to deal with it. We are ninjas, after all." Dante stated. He turned to stare towards the entrance of the balcony, and furrowed his brow. "What? It's our day off." He spat.

Evron reached into his jacket pocket, took out a a ruby-embossed, cuban cigar, and began puffing on it. "Yeah, so why don't you assholes scram and leave us to our... Whatever we do when we're not working. I dunno, that's never been written for us before."

Dante blinked once, then twice, and gazed at his siblings with a bewildered look. "You guys hear that?"

"Uhhh, hear what?" Ubel asked, whilst sipping on a glass of whiskey.

"THAT, that... Noise, i-it almost sounded like..." Dante's shoulders sunk, his eyes darkened in fear.

"Like what, bro? Is everything alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Daeva said, clenching Dante's hand.

The ninja Prime was silent for a moment, trying desperately to figure out if what he heard was actually true. After awhile, Dante finally just sighed and said, "It's nothing, nevermind."

Ubel sipped on his drink some more, "You sure? Because we can always-"

"It's nothing, Ubel, really. I'm fine, alright?"

Evron leaned back in his chair, still puffing on the incredible cigar that was magically placed inside of his jacket. "Pfft, you are losing it, and we're not even at that part of the story yet." He mused.

Dante rolled his eyes, "Oh, shut up."

With that, the ninjas went back to doing what they had been doing beforehand... Which was nothing... Absolutely nothing at all. Just sitting at a table, aaand... That's it. Not much else to it.




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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse

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Enemy of my Enemy

Part 1

Night had fallen upon the ninja realm once more, and the kingdom was enveloped in peaceful tranquility. The sky was alive with billions of twinkling stars, galaxies, and planets alike. Ryu cascaded its milky white, lunar glow down upon the land from above, and the kingdom's own lights cast a warm glow. Inside, everyone was going about their business as usual: telling stories to the children, having slumber parties, eating, drinking, and just enjoying one another's company.

Evron rested against the balcony railing outside of his room. He scanned his eyes across the entire landscape, making note of all the different vegetation, streams, waterfalls, etc. The vibrancy of the colors were still apparent, even in the darkness of night. His red eyes glowed gently in the blackness, reflecting off the moonlight shining from above. He was puffing on a large, Cuban styled cigar just to have something to do while he sight saw. Cigarettes didn’t really do much of anything to the ninjas and were purely a once-in-a-blue-moon thing that Evron himself did.

It had been a long and rough day today; the ninjas had sloughed through a dozen different missions, in six different realms and galaxies. All of them, of course, were brutal and mind numbingly long, with most of them being large scale civil wars, galactic disputes and espionage BS. And, with the ninjas down one due to Ubel being off on his own mission, that made everything that happened today that much more monotonous. Oh well, just another day in the multiverse. In any case, Evron was doing his best to blow off some steam and relax, when all of a sudden, an instantly familiar voice popped into his head.

“Hey, Evron, what are you doing, you sleeping?” Dante asked telepathically.

Evron took another puff of his cigar and blew the smoke from his nose. “I was thinking about it, why?” He jeered.

“Well, don’t get comfortable yet, bro... We’ve got another mission.

Evron groaned loudly, “You’re kidding... At this hour?!”

“Well, at whatever hour their realm is in, technic-”

“Semantics, Dante.” Evron quickly retorted, cutting his fellow ninja off. “Like, what the hell, did everyone and their brother decide that today was the national, ‘let’s all be massive assholes’, day or something?”

“I don’t know, Ruby Red, just another day in the multiverse, I guess.” Dante calmly replied. “Besides, it’s not like we haven’t had days like this before, a lot of times even worse.”

“Ehhh, touché... Just who is it that we’re helping, anyway?”

“I’ll fill you in once you’re down here, so hurry up, we’re leaving in 5.” Dante stated.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming! But first, I’ve gotta brush my teeth, wash my face, maybe even take a shower...”


Evron snickered, “I’m just messing with ya, bro. Jeez, learn how to take a joke sometimes, Em.”

“Oh, I can take a joke... When it’s a good one.” Dante mused.

Evron’s jaw hung slightly agape in offense, “What?! That was a great joke, the hell are you on about?!”

“It really wasn’t.”

“It was too, you just can’t appreciate good humor even if it bit you right in the a-”

“Look, we can argue over your inability to tell a decent joke later, alright? Just get your slow behind down here, Daeva and I are already suited up and waiting!” Dante exclaimed.

Evron emitted a deep sigh of exasperation, “Okay, Dad, I’m on my way.” He grumbled and cut the psychic link between him and Dante. He went on to take one last puff from his cigar, before disintegrating it in his hand and teleporting out of his room.

When he arrived in the main lobby of the kingdom, Evron, now donning his armor, was immediately met by Dante and Daeva all geared up and ready to go. Dante crossed his arms.

“Finally, took ya long enough.” He taunted.

Evron rolled his eyes, “Oh, shut up. So, what's this all about?” Evron inquired as the three of them made their way towards the front entrance of the kingdom.

"Government overthrow. A nation was apparently seized and taken under control by a group of radicals, zealots, and terrorists." Dante replied.

"A complete seizure? This has to be more than just a small group." Daeva pointed out.

"An organization then." Evron confirmed.

"Mhm, which means we need to get there before there's nothing left to save." Dante said.

"Who are we helping, exactly? Daeva asked.

Dante was silent.

Evron and Daeva glanced at one another, and then back at Dante.

"That bad, huh?" Daeva inquired.

"That would be an understatement, sis. We're helping the Ash Samurai clan." Dante muttered.

Evron groaned, “What?! Ewww, are you serious?! UGGGH, screw this, I’m going back to bed!” He exclaimed and turned to go back to his room.

“You weren’t even in bed to begin with.” Dante retorted.

“I was thinking about it!” Evron snapped. “In any case, those guys are the worst! They don't know how to handle their own crap without us, they're pathetically weak, and yet have the biggest, most self absorbed egos that I've ever seen!”

"Sounds like someone I know." Dante taunted.

"Hey! I may be arrogant, but at least I can handle my own poop, alright!"

"Ugh, didn't they also vandalize a side of the kingdom too at one point?" Daeva asked.

"Yeah, they... Drew things that I'm not even gonna mention. It took me and Ubel an hour to deep clean that crap off." Evron shuddered.

"Look, I know the Ash samurai are complete jerks, but they asked us for help, and it sounded like they were serious this time. We at least need to go to their realm and check it out." Dante jeered. "And, if we get there and find our they’ve been stringing us along, then we'll leave and never help those idiots again. Deal?"

Daeva and Evron both gave a hesitant and single nod, whilst still groaning on the inside. Dante nodded back, “Alright, let’s get this done.” He stated firmly and pointed a splayed hand towards the floor, as green particles of energy swirled within his palm. Dante proceeded to open a rotating vortex right within the polished flooring, and waited for Daeva and Evron to jump in first. Once the both of them did, he fit his helmet snugly over his head, and fell backwards into the portal. Seconds later, the swirling conglomeration of energy gently dissipated into beautiful, green orbs of light, and the ninjas were gone.

Ash Samurai realm
2:05 AM

The ninjas arrived to their designated location in record time. When they stepped forth from the exiting portal, they found themselves in the middle of a massive hallway. The floors were made out of ceramic and polished steel, and the walls out of finely cut brick with hand engraved lettering etched into them. Twin, serpentine dragons snaked across the floor, the vibrant reds and oranges of their scales shimmering in the moonlight. This must have been the main castle of the Ash clan, evident by all of the massive portraits hanging from the walls, and the towering stone statues placed neatly in each corner. It would have been quite a beautiful place to spend time in, if it wasn't for the fact that nearly everything in the building had been smashed to pieces, or torn apart in some way. The pictures were all shredded to bits, the statues cracked and splintered, glass littered the ground in every which way from the blown out windows above, and the flooring looked as if it had been pounded mercilessly by artillery fire.

Dante’s eyes glowed dimly as he looked all around. A frown traced across his lips, underneath his mask.

“This is no normal Coup d’état.”

“Yeah, but what Coup d’état is, honestly?” Evron pointed out.

“Fair point, but something else is definitely going on here, something sinister.”

“Guys...” Daeva called out, motioning towards a room she was standing in front of. The boys made their way over and immediately saw what Daeva had been shaken by: A warehouse-sized room, filled with dozens of bodies littering the ground. The corpses were all twisted, mangled, and mutilated beyond recognition; severed body parts were strewn every which way. The stench of rotting flesh was overwhelming, and sticky old blood stained the floor.

“What the hell...” Evron grimaced.

Dante eased his way inside, and knelt down to get a closer look. “This wasn’t just the result of a huge battle. No, no this... This is a massacre.” He muttered with disdain.

“Look at how all of the bodies are positioned, they didn’t all just naturally fall that way. This was strategic, someone planned this.” Evron made mention.

Dante rose to his feet. “We need to find whoever did this, and fast.”

“I’m sensing an odd energy source a few rooms over.” Daeva suggested.

“Then that’s where we’re headed. Let’s move.”

Daeva and Evron obliged and followed closely behind Dante. The three of them inched ever so quietly through the long hallway, weapons drawn and at the ready. But, unbeknownst to the ninjas, they were about to enter into something that none of them would have ever expected.

To be continued...
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